TMW – Chapter 1666 – Hidden Killing Intent – WN

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TMW – Chapter 1666 – Hidden Killing Intent – WN

Chapter 1666: Hidden Killing Intent

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Jiang Yuchan naturally did not dare act impetuously in front of Ghost Doctor. He had yet to recover from his injuries, so he still relied on Ghost Doctor.

“The poison in Lin Yun’s pills appears to be ineffective. From the looks of it, the Nine Orifices Essence Yang Pills consumed by the Blood King have also been cleansed of their poison,” Luo King said to Ghost Doctor.

He found his own words incredulous. Using poison as a solution was just too rare!

As a Ghost Thearch who studied poison, probably no one could match Ghost Doctor in all of the Chaos Heavens. How did Yi Yun actually resolve the poison?

Ghost Doctor said, “For him to have the ability to refine such phenomenological pills in the Heaven Fey City, it’s not impossible for him to resolve my poison.

“He definitely uses some trick! Be it pill refinement or the removing of poison, all of his astounding acts must have been accomplished using some unknown secret.

“And this secret is very useful to us. When the time comes, I can share the secret with you.”

Luo King felt the allure.

He had already offended Yi Yun; now that Ghost Doctor was willing to aid him, it was indeed the best time to deal with Yi Yun.

“Alright, I will find an opportunity,” Luo King said to Ghost Doctor.

After Ghost Doctor left, Jiang Yuchan said gloomily, “Grandfather, you might have promised Ghost Doctor, but how are you to deal with Lin Yun? He just entered Ruins Emperor Palace and is now someone the Ruins Emperor is relying on. If we were to touch him, wouldn’t we anger the Ruins Emperor?”

Jiang Yuchan had fallen into despair after learning this news. He felt that it was impossible for him to exceed Yi Yun’s standing for the rest of his life.

If his standing and strength were both inferior to Yi Yun’s, how was he to seek revenge?

“Do you really think that the Ruins Emperor wishes to protect him?” Luo King said lightly.

Jiang Yuchan was taken aback. “Why do you ask?”

“Leadership is rendered ineffective by subordinates that grow in power. Lin Yun’s talent is heaven-defying. He has yet to become a Godly Monarch, but he is already capable of stirring up a storm in Heaven Fey City. Wouldn’t it be worse when he becomes a Godly Monarch? When the time comes, perhaps Jiang Jiuzhu will not be his match either!

“Do you think Jiang Jiuzhu will trust a person like him that cannot be controlled, especially when he’s human? That he will like him?

“Furthermore, with Lin Yun’s close relationship with Jiang Xiaorou and Blood King, what if he insists that Jiang Xiaorou is made crown designate with the Myriad Form Shura Pills as condition? Then, the ancient Heaven Fey might one day lose its independence. Do you believe that Jiang Jiuzhu would be willing to risk such threats?”

“Grandfather, so you are implying that?” Jiang Yuchan’s heart stirred. He never thought too deeply about it.

“Lin Yun’s Myriad Form Shura Pills might stimulate the ancient Heaven Fey’s bloodline. They can allow young geniuses to enjoy an enhancement to their bloodline and can be useful to Fey Thearchs. This gives Jiang Jiuzhu no choice but to rely on Lin Yun.

“Lin Yun is like a fruit tree with thorns. Although the fruits are extremely sweet, one can injure themselves if they aren’t careful when plucking the fruits! Furthermore, the more he develops his strength, the sharper his thorns become!

“If we pluck off all the thorns on this fruit tree and allow it to only bear fruit without pricking anyone, Jiang Jiuzhu would probably be filled with gratitude towards us.”

“Grandfather, what you said makes sense!” Jiang Yuchan’s eyes lit up. He was unaware of the Ruins Emperor’s thought processes without being in his position, so when he heard the Luo King’s explanation, he immediately felt enlightened. “Then, when do we take action?”

Jiang Yuchan felt somewhat eager.

“This Lin Yun has a death wish. He even has the wish to use the Fey Altar to transcend the Heavenly Tribulations at such a critical point in time. The Fey Altar is a sacred land of our ancient Heaven Fey, so how can a human be allowed entry? Jiang Jiuzhu was forced to agree to Lin Yun’s conditions, so he’s definitely unhappy about it. If we mess up Lin Yun’s Heavenly Tribulation and make him suffer failure, his body will crumble and that will be the end of his martial path. He might even drop in realm, never to rise again!

“And if such a thing should happen, Jiang Jiuzhu will appear infuriated on the surface, but actually feel delighted deep down!

“That old fox, Jiang Jiuzhu, wishes to have his piece of the cake without taking any risks. By taking action for him, we are helping him shoulder the blame.”

The Luo King knew the Ruins Emperor for too long. He knew Jiang Jiuzhu’s character—suspicious and one who did not take risks. He enjoyed instigating his opponents against each other as he sat out to reap the future spoils.

“Then, are we going to be Jiang Jiuzhu’s vanguard just like that?”

“How can that be possible?” Luo King’s eyes flashed coldly. “Didn’t Ghost Doctor say that Lin Yun has a secret? Since Jiang Jiuzhu isn’t one who takes risks, he would not dare attack Lin Yun when things remain unclear. Such a person only wants to reap the spoils without taking the risks. He can win petty gains, but he will never accomplish anything major!

“All we need to do is snatch the secret that Lin Yun has and we will be in control of everything.”

“Grandfather, what you said makes sense!” Jiang Jiuzhu’s heart raced. If everything went smoothly, the crown as Ruins Emperor was even possible for him!

When news of Yi Yun’s entry into the Fey Altar spread, many people came to pay him a visit even if many Fey were envious. After all, just the standing which Yi Yun had demonstrated made him an important figure in Heaven Fey City.

For the next two days, Soft Clouds Mountain Manor bustled like a city. Many people sent congratulatory gifts, but Yi Yun left all these matters and guests to Jiang Xiaorou to handle.

The relationships in Heaven Fey City were complicated and he naturally had no interest in involving himself in the intrigue.

He quietly waited for the third day to arrive.

The Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins’ Fey Altar was similar to the Heaven Fey City’s array cores.

Every time the Fey Altar opened, it would greatly drain the accumulated lifeblood powers. However, there were nine array cores in Heaven Fey City, but only one Fey Altar. It made the rarity of entry evident.

“Punk, it’s extremely dangerous to transcend the Heavenly Tribulations in the Fey Altar. Even Fey geniuses can have their bodies collapse and turn to dust. You have to be careful in transcending the tribulation. I have prepared some treasured herbs for you. They can fortify your body at critical moments.”

Blood King took out an interspatial ring and handed it to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun received it and scanned it with his perception. The treasures inside… had probably wiped clean everything in Treasure Fey Pagoda.

Among the many Fey Thearchs, the Blood King was not considered rich. The refinement of the Myriad Form Shura Pills previously had placed him in debt. The treasures in the interspatial ring were probably worth ten to twenty thousand Chaos Crystals. It was unknown what the Blood King pledged to obtain this round of resources.

After all of this, the Blood King would probably take a few centuries to recover.

“Thank you, Senior Blood King. After this Heavenly Tribulation, the Ruins Emperor has made me agree to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pills again. I will obtain ten percent, and when the time comes, I’ll definitely repay you.”

Without the Blood King, it was impossible for Yi Yun to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pills so smoothly.

“Senior Blood King, I have a request that you help guard my tribulation transcendence,” added Yi Yun.

“I’d have gone even if you didn’t mention it.”

Blood King nodded. It was impossible to predict what was on people’s minds. It was not that he could not predict that the Luo King would attack Yi Yun, but that Yi Yun would be relatively weaker and in his most dangerous state when transcending the tribulations.

With the principle that precaution averted peril, the Blood King would definitely do his best to guard Yi Yun while he transcended the tribulations.

An uneventful night passed. Early the next morning, Yi Yun opened his eyes after a night of meditation. Today was the day he transcended the tribulations. He had made immense amounts of preparation for this day!


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