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TMW – Chapter 1639 – Fey Blood Plains – WN

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TMW – Chapter 1639 – Fey Blood Plains – WN

Chapter 1639: Fey Blood Plains

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“Father, this is my younger brother, Yun’er. He has cultivated for less than a thousand years,” Jiang Xiaorou hurriedly informed the Blood King. Having seen the Blood King testing Yi Yun, she was worried that Yi Yun had been injured. She quickly tried to protect him.

The Blood King looked at Jiang Xiaorou in exasperation as he said with a little jealousy, “Rou’er, does he need your protection? Why don’t you take a look at those mercenaries of yours at Soft Clouds Mountain Manor? All of them have been repressed by him. Even Marquis Bi Lin has returned to hide in the Bi family to be away from his hostile edge. Even against me, he easily resolved my attempt to take him down a peg. Do you think he has suffered at all?”

Upon hearing the Blood King’s words, Jiang Xiaorou laughed happily. Yi Yun had done so naturally because of his powerful abilities. She was obviously happy about him being strong.

“Senior Blood King.” Yi Yun cupped his fists. “I would like to borrow some resources to purchase some precious herbs to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pill! This pill will also be of great help to Sis Xiaorou. However, these herbs are overly rare. They can only be purchased under the Treasure Fey Pagoda’s name, but even that influence is limited. Only a Golden Feather Immortal Pistil has been found to date.

“Senior Blood King, allow me to be so presumptuous as to seek your permission of releasing a Fey Thearch decree, listing out the treasured herbs that require purchasing across the entire Fey race.”

After Yi Yun said that, he bowed again. Just the Treasure Fey Pagoda’s name alone was insufficient. Many big family clans did not heed it. Although the Treasure Fey Pagoda was the biggest conglomerate, there was always the second and third biggest conglomerate behind it. All the Treasure Fey Pagoda did was take up twenty percent of the market transactions volume.

Furthermore, Heaven Fey City still had the biggest martial colosseum, the biggest intelligence organization, the biggest bank, the biggest beast colosseum, biggest security company, and biggest Crystal Refinement Master Association, etc!

Every faction that led a particular domain was independently not weaker than the Treasure Fey Pagoda. Furthermore, the Crystal Refinement Master Association had greater influence than the Treasure Fey Pagoda.

The Treasure Fey Pagoda itself was not enough to make everyone heed their requests. However, the result would be different if it was done in the Blood King’s name.

Even in all of the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins, the Blood King was one of the strongest Fey Thearchs.

“You are even pulling me into your plans.” The Blood King looked at Yi Yun, his eyes flashing with a glint. This punk sure is arrogant. Typically, even young juniors who had very good relationships with Jiang Xiaorou would be shuddering in fear while standing before him. Yet, Yi Yun was daring enough to make such a direct request.

Furthermore, the things Yi Yun wanted were practically priceless. After the Blood King announced a Fey Thearch decree, the family clans would produce the items to gain his favor. As such, the Blood King would be indebted to them.

“You previously mentioned to Rain Numinous that you will earn the Chaos Crystals needed by yourself?” The Blood King looked at Yi Yun.

“Yi Yun said, “I’ll probably only be able to earn a thousand or two Chaos Crystals. I do not dare guarantee earning more than that.”

“A thousand or two Chaos Crystals?” The Blood King laughed. “I believe I don’t have to be Blood King any further. I should just give you my title. Earning a thousand or two Chaos Crystals in such a short span of time… Do you know that the entire Treasure Fey Pagoda’s annual profits only amounts to a thousand Chaos Crystals? And I only take a forty percent cut.”

The Treasure Fey Pagoda did not fully belong to the Blood King. It was simply placed under his control. He also had other estates aside from the Treasure Fey Pagoda.

Furthermore, the expenses incurred by the Blood King’s subordinates, together with what he required for cultivation, resulted in great expenditures. He was only getting a stable income at the moment.

Yi Yun said, “The materials needed for the Myriad Form Shura Pill are just too precious. My imploring of you to announce a Fey Thearch decree is already an unreasonable demand. I have to prove my strength after all. In addition, I might clash with the Luo King’s son, Jiang Yuchan. I hope you would be able to hold down the situation for me.”

“The Luo King!?” A cold glint flashed in the Blood King’s eyes. “Don’t worry and go ahead with it. As long as it’s within the rules of the Heaven Fey City, I guarantee you that no one will try anything against you.”

“Alright!” Yi Yun nodded. “With your promise, I’ll be able to carry out my plans with an easy heart.”

There was not much idle talk when warriors met. After Yi Yun achieved his goals, he led Jiang Xiaorou away immediately.

The first place he came to after his departure was the Fey Blood Plains!

The Fey Blood Plains was a faction under the Luo King’s control. The Luo King had three main estates under his name—Nine Tribulations Veranda, Fey Blood Plains, and City North Manor. Among the three estates, the Fey Blood Plains was the most important one.

The annual income of the Fey Blood Plains was Treasure Fey Pagoda’s equal or more.

The Fey Blood Plains was also the biggest beast colosseum in Heaven Fey City!

The Fey were bellicose and good at battle. Every viewing of an intense battle made ardor and zeal course through their blood.

Therefore, the biggest beast colosseum had countless visitors every day. Just the entrance tickets were a huge form of income.

“It’s here, the Fey Blood Plains!”

The Fey Blood Plains was a kilometer wide. The spectator stands were built a thousand feet tall. It easily accommodated millions of audiences.

Just Yi Yun’s arrival at the Fey Blood Plains made him hear resounding beast roars. It left his lifeblood churning.

“This Fey Blood Plains is like the ancient Roman Colosseum of my previous life, but the battling opponent is a powerful Fey beast.”

With this in mind, Yi Yun paid the entrance fee with Jiang Xiaorou and entered the Fey Blood Plains.

Every battle in the Fey Blood Plains would allow for betting on the battle’s outcome. This was the Fey Blood Plains’s biggest source of annual income.

“Yun’er, are you planning on betting that you would win, so as to bankrupt Jiang Yuchan?” Jiang Xiaorou asked.

Yi Yun shook his head. “The Fey Blood Plains isn’t dumb. That method won’t work.”

The Fey Blood Plains limited a person’s bet. It could not exceed ten Chaos Crystals. Furthermore, the Fey Blood Plains would calculate neutral pay offs according to the betting situation. No matter which side won, the Fey Blood Plains would earn without losing anything.

It was completely impractical to try and win boatloads of money.

Yi Yun found the seats of honor right in front before sitting down with a wide, open stance.

At that moment, a Fey Lord was battling a red Hou.

The red Hou was a thousand feet tall. Its body was covered in fur that seemed to be in flames. Its fangs were a hundred feet long, easily capable of tearing through dozens of people.

As for the Fey Lord, he was not the typical run-of-the-mill warrior. His Fey core had been tempered once, with the second tempering more than half done. But even so, he was not the red Hou’s match at all. He was sent retreating.

Warriors would typically lose to the Fey beast in the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins’ beast colosseum. Of course, the Fey beast’s payoff was even lower. Sometimes, even if one won, the return was about ten or twenty percent.

With the Fey Lord being forced into a retreat, the red Hou suddenly released a blob of bloody mist. It arrived in front of the warrior like a flash of lightning. It sent him flying as its sharp fangs penetrated the Fey Lord’s body.


The Fey Lord spat out a large mouthful of blood as he flew out. He was heavily injured!

Entering the Fey Blood Plains’ arena was very risky, but of course, the income was good.

“The Fey beast wins!”

The referee announced the outcome as the Fey Lord was taken away.

A large number of people were cheering in the audience, while a number of people tore apart their betting tickets in anger.

“Why didn’t it bite him to death? That trash!”

“He’s only fit to be the Fey beast’s feed.”

Some people cursed him in the audience stands for they had just lost money.

“Yun’er, what are your plans?”

“Simple, mess things up directly!” Yi Yun said as he leaped into the arena!

His act of revenge against Jiang Yuchan was extremely direct and brutal!

“Oh? What are you doing? Are you a contestant?”

The referee was somewhat stunned to have someone suddenly jump out. The Fey Blood Plains contestants needed to register, fill in their particulars, indicating their name, race, and realm before entering the arena.

However, Yi Yun had stepped into the arena directly!

In fact, this was quite commonplace. After all, Fey warriors were a bellicose bunch of people. Stirred as spectators, they would charge straight up into the arena to fight.

And such people were mostly rasher ones. They typically lost terribly when the fight began.

“I’m a contestant now,” said Yi Yun simply. “I won’t take the gladiator fee. Let’s fight immediately.”

“You don’t want the gladiator fee?” The referee was taken aback. With the odds in the Fey beast’s favor, the Fey Blood Plains would offer quite a sizable gladiator fee to have more contestants participate. It started off with fifteen hundred refined ores for Fey Lords and above.

And yet, this person did not even want the gladiator fee. That was something good for them. Clearly, the fellow was rash.

Yi Yun revealed his cultivation level. It was also a rule of the Fey Blood Plains.

“He’s a Royal Sealed Divine Lord!”

“Oh? He’s actually human!”

“A human that has only condensed a single Divine Lord Royal Seal dares join our Fey beast colosseum? He has a death wish.”

“I bet a thousand kilograms of refined ores that he will lose!”

The Fey ostracized humans quite significantly.

Immediately, many people threw out the refined ores in their interspatial rings, betting that Yi Yun would lose.

There were even some Fey warriors who bet that he would die.

The Fey Blood Plains allowed for one to bet on death. Those who were too weak could end up being killed by the Fey beast before even throwing the towel. It was all very common.

The payoffs constantly changed as people placed their bets on the Fey beast. The payoff for Yi Yun also began rising.

Yi Yun held his hands to his back as he watched this scene with a faint smile.

He noticed that Jiang Xiaorou had already sent a voice transmission. She had probably arranged for a few people to bet on Yi Yun’s victory. Yi Yun thought nothing of it as the income would only lead to a few Chaos Crystals.

In fact, when Jiang Xiaorou’s ean entered the betting fray, Yi Yun’s payoff rapidly fell due to the injection of massive amounts of Chaos Crystals on his victory.

Jiang Xiaorou had bet a total of fifty Chaos Crystals! A Chaos Crystal was about five thousand kilograms of refined ores. To most Divine Lords, the usual currency was only limited to refined ores. Chaos Crystals were very rare.

Back when Yi Yun robbed Shaomang Xuan, he had only found about ten plus Chaos Crystals from his ring.

“Yun’er, you shouldn’t show off your edge at the beginning. Make it seem like you are barely winning. That way, the payoffs won’t drop that fast. If our luck is good, we can earn another bet or two.” At that moment, Jiang Xiaorou’s voice transmission sounded in Yi Yun’s years.

“There’s no need.” Yi Yun shook his head. “Someone has already noticed me.”

Yi Yun sensed that the Fey Blood Plains’ staff had secretly sent out voice transmission talismans after carefully observing him.

Injecting large amounts of Chaos Crystals to bet on his victory would naturally win the attention of the Fey Blood Plains.

The speed at which they reacted was faster than Yi Yun had imagined. From the looks of it, betting on the outcome could only be done once. It did not allow for him to earn much.

“Jiang Yuchan’s intelligence gathering is pretty good. From the moment I entered Soft Clouds Mountain Manor, reports of me were likely in his hands.”


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