Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 92

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They went in one after another. Even while he was in the room, Chu Yang still attentively paid attention to what was going on outside. Even after everyone went back out, he did not stop paying attention. Yet, he did not discover anything else.

Perhaps there were no more. Or perhaps they were extremely crafty and did not reveal any flaws. Chu Yang himself did not have much hope; he only wanted to go through every member of the pavilion.

By the time everyone came back out, it was almost midnight. Those who already went in came out quietly and waited in the great hall. They did not dare to make noise or complain about being hungry; they just waited in silence.

Finally, Chu Yang also came out. His face was so grim, it disturbed everyone. It seemed… was something not right? Perhaps there were too many spies?

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Chu Yang finally spoke, “I am very sad!”

He frowned and said with a sigh, “I thought since you are all people of Iron Cloud, you would love your country passionately. At the battlefield, two million eight hundred thousand brothers became spirits, and yet I can’t believe… yet…”

Silence in all four directions, it seemed there were really still spies left within their midst!

“If the spies are people of Great Zhao, then that can’t be helped! Because that is their country, their home. But you people are Iron Cloud people! Yet, because a few taels of silver, because of some empty promises, you would hand over six hundred million of your own people over to others. To let them trample… to let them abuse… Are you people still human beings?”

Chu Yang seemed really agitated; his face was completely red.

More than seventy experts of Martial Master and Martial Great Master levels stood muted below.

“I will remind you once more. If a person from Great Zhao committed these offenses, I will kill only that person. However, if it is an Iron Cloud person, I will kill nine generations of his family!”

Chu Yang sternly asked, “Do you think I should do that?”


The people below replied in unison.

“Perhaps, their names should be written down in history, so they can suffer the ridicules of many generations as well!”


“If you correct your mistakes now, I will not investigate further. I hope everyone will learn from this! Today, I will let bygones be bygones, but you should keep in mind, the chance you are given today is once in a lifetime!” Chu Yang spoke these words with an extremely solemn air.

The people below, even if they never committed any betrayals, felt guilty upon hearing these words. Two million eight hundred thousand souls laid down in the battlefield? I have not done anything worth mentioning yet. Moreover, from the minister’s words, it seems there are still spies in our midst? As well as people who are wavering?

This was infuriating to everyone!

“I will now announce a new partitioning of power for Bu Tian Pavilion. From now on Bu Tian Pavilion will divide in to three brigades. The first is Iron Blood Brigade, directly supervised by me. This brigade will be in charge of punishments!”

“Iron Blood, the blood of Iron Cloud, must have unquestionable loyalty!” Chu Yang’s eyes, full of prestige and radiance, swept the room as he spoke, “Everything in this world has rules! If the rules are not strict, there will be flaws. Once there are flaws then there will be loss. And this loss will be human lives! Our Bu Tian Pavilion does not deal in selling and buying, but in killing. I am sure everyone understands this very well! Therefore, everyone in this organization must obey Iron Blood Brigade unconditionally!”

“Yes, as the Minister commands! Creating Iron Blood Brigade for Bu Tian Pavilion is something that must be done!”

Chu Yang nodded. By talking about this first, he had brought the entire Bu Tian Pavilion into one singular unit. Unconditional obedience, this was not simple at all.

“The second is Fierce Blood Brigade, Iron Cloud’s hot-bloodedness. At any time this brigade must be ready to take on dangerous missions; it is Bu Tian Pavilion’s fist! This brigade is Bu Tian Pavilion’s most important source of strength!”

Chu Yang’s eyes was filled with trust as he looked at Cheng Zi Ang and said sincerely, “I think, with this great burden, no one is better suited than Official Cheng!”

Cheng Zi Ang was caught by surprise; he took one step forward and, with one hand holding the other fist, he said, “As the Minister commands!”

Of course, Cheng Zi Ang knew Chu Yang’s intentions very well. Chu Yang wanted to hold all of Bu Tian Pavilion’s power in his hands. If Chang Zi Ang took on the position of the second brigade’s leader, then that was no different than him leaving his Pavilion Lord position.

From now on, Bu Tian Pavilion would not have a Pavilion Lord, only one Minister!

Today, Chu Yang not only established his authority, but also suppressed the prestige of the two Pavilion Lords down to nothing. Currently, if the two of them stubbornly maintained their Pavilion Lord positions, they would just end up with a name without any substance. Moreover, the two of them had made such a big blunder; they did not have the face to sit in that position anymore! (TLN: It’s been a while since we got some face!)

At this time, when they felt guilty and depressed, Chu Yang made this request that hit right in their weak spot. If they protested, the rest of the pavilion members would have probably jeered them.

Therefore, this brigade leader position, Cheng Zi Ang had to take it even if he did not want it. Currently, Chu Yang’s authority was as powerful as the mid-day sun. Cheng Zi Ang no longer had any options!

Chu Yang smiled happily and said, “Official Cheng is extremely skilled, a top level expert under the heavens; I am extremely assured!”

“Thank you for Minister Chu’s praises!” Cheng Zi Ang smiled forcefully, and thought to himself: This guy got rid of my position with barely any effort. He took all my power, lowered my position and destroyed my fame. And yet, I have to thank him. Mother*, life is really strange!

“The third brigade is …” Chu Yang pondered a little. He raised his eyebrow and said decisively, “The third will be called Heavenly Secret Brigade. All of Bu Tian Pavilion’s information shall be handed to them. This is the bloodline of Bu Tian Pavilion. If the information has even the smallest of errors, the price would be none other than our blood! Therefore…”

Heavenly Secret (TLN: Tian Ji, a mystery only known to heaven) was the name of Mo Tian Ji! Master of Calculation and Manipulation, Mo Tian Ji was the person who orchestrated Chu Yang’s demise in the past life. He intentionally named Bu Tian Pavilion’s intelligence unit Heavenly Secret Brigade to remind himself every minute, every second that there was still a powerful enemy ahead of him. If he slacked off just a little, in the hands of Mo Tian Ji, he would reach a hopeless end!

How terrifying Mo Tian Ji was, no one knew better than Chu Yang.

“Minister Chu, I volunteer to be the leader of the third brigade. I promise to share some of the hardship with Prince Bu Tian and Minister Chu!” Chen Yu Tong did not wait for Chu Yang to finish before stepping up and volunteering to take on this position.

Cheng Zi Ang had to give in, then why would I bother to protest? I might as well concede… As long I can have a stable foothold in Bu Tian Pavilion in the future.

Minister Chu was brought in by Prince Bu Tian, himself. Handpicked amongst all of Iron Cloud Nation! What can I gain by going against him? Chen Yu Tong thought to himself.

“Thank you Brigade Leader Chen. Haha, and I was worried that Heavenly Secret Brigade would not have an experienced and resourceful leader. Official Chen volunteered to take on this responsibility; I am pleasantly surprised!” Chu Yang said happily.

Pleasantly surprised, my butt! If I didn’t volunteer, you would still throw it in my face. Cheng Zi Ang’s lesson is still fresh. I am not that stupid! Chen Yu Tong thought inwardly, but his face was all smiles, “We are Iron Cloud’s people. If we could help contribute to our nation, then that is already a lifetime’s privilege for us fighters!”



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