Transcending the Nine Heavens – Chapter 695 – Who Are You, Who Am I, and Who Is He? – CN

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Chapter 695: Who Are You, Who Am I, and Who Is He?

Chu Yang sneered, “Your body?! Have you eaten food for this body to grow? Have you drunk water for it? Had you been the one who had gotten bullied? Or, have you died once… for this body? Your body?! How can you say that this is your body?”

Chu Yang closely looked at the present ‘Tan Tan’, and said, “Do you know what this body has gone through? Do you know how much suffering this body had to undergo to grow till this point? Tan Tan has grown up with so much difficulty. And, you have the audacity to say that this is your body?”

Chu Yang laughed heartily, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Tan Tan’s face became gloomy.

…like dark clouds.

The entire sky seemed to have turned gloomy along with his face.

The dark clouds had almost pressed down to the ground.

It was clear that Tan Tan was already close to eruption.

His eyes looked deep as he tightly wrinkled his curved brows.

A long while passed. Then, he fiercely exhaled a deep breath. He then softly said, “I want to kill you.”

Chu Yang lightly smiled, “There are plenty of people in this world who want to kill me. And, there are plenty of people in the world who are capable of killing me and want to kill me. But, here I am… alive and kicking!”

Tan Tan relaxed his brows. Then, he gently laughed, “There will be a fight between us sooner or later. But, it would be an easy victory if I were to kill you now. It wouldn’t be pleasurable by any means.”

Chu Yang indifferently said, “This is obviously up to you. I have nothing to do with it. But, patronizing me with this isn’t going to work.”

Tan Tan angrily snorted. But then, he smiled, and said, “You don’t know how to appreciate favors.”

He took a step forward. His body was entirely standing in the empty space of the sea of clouds; he stood without any support at his feet. He had put his hands behind his back. He indifferently said, “I’ve awakened this time for almost three days. After that, I’ll give back the control of this body… to him.”

“I need his continuous effort and constant improvement if I want to awaken thoroughly.

“I don’t know how it would appear when I would thoroughly awaken in the future and my strength would restore to the peak.” Tan Tan spoke till here and stopped.

Chu Yang had clearly understood it. So, he nodded.

He knew what these words meant… The important thing was the mindset… not the strength.

In other words, this Devil King didn’t know whether he would decide to take the good side or the bad side once he had completely awakened.

“Therefore, I can’t make any promises now.” Tan Tan said.

“You had earlier said that this wasn’t my body… You were wrong! In fact, you were gravely mistaken!” Tan Tan faintly smiled, and said, “Do you know who I am?”

“Who are you?” Chu Yang felt his heartbeat speeding up.

“Who am I? He-he…” Tan Tan shook his head, and broke into laughter. His movements were chic and carefree. But, there was faint disappointment and frustration in them, “I was born on this continent 160,000 years ago. Then, the Divine King collapsed and died 140,000 years ago. And, the Divine Clan greatly changed as a result. In fact, it completely disintegrated. I — the master of the Star Race — then started to reunite the Three Stars Clan. Then, the Divine Clan got unified 100,000 years ago. And, I became the King of the Three Stars Divine Clan. Then, I unified the two races of birds and beasts 98,000 years ago. And then, I became the King of the two races by silently defeating the armies of birds and beasts.

“Then, I and the Devil Race had a fierce combat 95,000 years ago. My struggle lasted for two thousand years. Then, I became the Devil Race’s Lord!

“I was the ruler of the Nine Heavens apart from the Phoenix Race, the Fairy Race, the Human Race, as well as several mysterious tribes of that time.

“I was the overlord of the Nine Heavens in terms of sheer power and influence. And, it wasn’t just in name only… It was so in reality.

“Supreme level Experts would also have to move aside at an order even if a weakling nobody were to wield the flag of King. One order could reduce millions to rotting corpses in no time! There wasn’t a single person in the entire universe who could dare to disobey the order of the King!”

Tan Tan’s voice had become quite dull. A murderous aura seemed to be involuntarily welling up in his voice. He was emitting a dense and extremely overbearing imposing aura.

Chu Yang felt shocked in his heart since he hadn’t expected that there was such a formidable soul in Tan Tan’s body.

Saying that Tan Tan had the status of the Lord of the world wouldn’t be exaggeration.

“Also, the human race finally began to feel threatened at that time. They then started to fight me. Human experts continuously emerged in succession. Their crafty plots and schemes were impossible to defend against. This war continued for 5000 years. Then, the humans gradually became slightly more docile.”

Tan Tan gently smiled. However, there was agony in his smiling expression. “Then, that man appeared just when I was ready to unify the Nine Heavens.”

[That man!]

Chu Yang suddenly became shocked. And, he erected his ears.

That man… He was the man who had created the Nine Tribulations Sword. He was the man who had folded the Nine Heavens. He had folded a huge continent like it was merely a piece of paper. He had first made nine layers of the Nine Heavens, and then three.

That man!

The power of that man couldn’t be described in words!

“That man…” Tan Tan had deep hatred in his eyes. His eyes also had deep admiration and a slight fear, “… that man would follow his heart’s desires. He’s indescribable. That man didn’t care about laws and natural morality. He broke countless rules. That man was bloody and cruel. He was cold-blooded. He was number-one since the beginning of history in this respect.”

Chu Yang nodded in agreement.

[Millions and billions of living beings were wiped out at a flick of his hand!]

[How can ‘cold-blooded’ be enough to describe this kind of behavior?]

“The entire Nine Heavens were rocked by a major disaster as soon as that person appeared!” Tan Tan’s body unconsciously swayed. He wrinkled his brows, and exposed a deep agony, “All the clans disappeared! And, not even one of my subordinates survived. My brothers got… wiped out. My wife… also…”

He gently laughed twice. But, there was a tragic feeling in his laughter.

“I knew that it shouldn’t have happened the first time he had folded the Nine Heavens. I hadn’t had the strength to resist him. So, I could only be patient. Moreover, I did my utmost to go along with it so that I could save my subjects. However, I couldn’t have imagined that… such a major event of the entire world was just a child’s play for this bastard! The Nine Heavens collapsed after they got folded… He-he… Such a thing… what the fu*k… was this?!

“That whole scene… at the time of collapse… was indeed unforgettable.” Tan Tan’s voice had turned hoarse and muffled. He then mischievously laughed, “One moment… I had the whole world with me. And, the next moment… I had become a loner! Several millions of my subordinates had changed into dust in front of me. They all had turned into corpses. But, not even a little bit of their remains could be found. My billions of subjects had changed into smoke!

“So, I gradually started to wish that I was dead. I wanted the heavens to fall and the earth to crumble!” Tan Tan stood with his hands behind his back. His long hair was fluttering in a messy way as he sadly said, “I helplessly saw everyone die in front of me. And, I was their King… I was their pillar… I was the man who had vowed devotion to protect them despite any hardship. So, I didn’t know what to do as I looked at all this happening. I could level oceans with the palm of my hand! I could break down mountains with a kick! But, I couldn’t save even a strand of their hair at that time…

“I had heard them speaking before they had died. The words that they had spoken were — King, you must leave! Our death would be worthy as long as you’re alive!

“But, I’ve never called myself ‘King’ after that since I don’t deserve it. I only call myself… me!”

Tan Tan spoke till here. Then, he sadly laughed, “This is a deep hatred of blood of several billion people. Chu Yang… Master of Nine Tribulations Sword, you tell me… Should I not take revenge?”

Chu Yang concentrated his vision at him. He then insipidly said, “Anyone in your place would seek revenge.”

“You also think so?” Tan Tan turned his head, and looked at Chu Yang… His gaze was like a knife.

“Yes. I also think so!” Chu Yang replied without hesitation.

“Good! Good!” Tan Tan faced upwards, and laughed heartily. But, tears came out with his laughter, “You’re worthy of being called the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword since you were capable of awakening me!~”

Then, he changed the topic of revenge, and continued to talk about the great tribulations of the world before the great collapse of the Nine Heavens.

“I had been dying from the trauma that I had received from the destruction of the world. But, I strongly held my breath. I would die no matter what. So, I had to know who that bastard was! I was the Devil King… So, how could I die in the dark?”

Tan Tan firmly said.

“I held that breath as I saw him creating the Nine Tribulations Sword and changing the entire continent into three joint heavens. He left behind the treasured sword to support the entire continent. Then, I saw him floating away!

“But, he didn’t mention his name the whole time. I couldn’t endure seeing him leave this world like that.

“So, I burned the last bit of blood essence in my body, and jumped out from the ruins. Then, I shouted loudly, ‘Who are you? Tell me your name!’” Tan Tan’s voice became hoarse as he spoke these words. His gaze became hateful as if he had returned to that moment.

He had the bitterness in his eyes that he had had when he had burned his last vitality to interrogate his greatest enemy.

There was grief, indignation, weakness, hopelessness, and resentment in these words. Chu Yang felt as if everything had turned gloomy before his eyes as he listened to him speaking.

Tan Tan hurriedly took two deep breaths after saying these words. Then, he continued speaking.

“That man suddenly halted his footsteps when I shouted those words. He then turned his head towards the new Nine Heavens. Then, he looked at me across thousands of miles, and suddenly asked with a smile, ‘Do you want to take revenge?’

“I had replied at that time —’Bullshit! Would you not want to take revenge if you had been in my place?’” Tan Tan said, “I had killed many people my whole life before that. However, I had never cursed before. I had lived for several ten-thousand years. But, that had been the first time that I had ever cursed in my life!

“That man had then smiled at me, and said, ‘You want to take revenge. So, I’ll give you the chance to take revenge. But, it’s a pity that… you may not necessarily achieve your wish.

“He had disappeared after saying those words. Then, I had felt the vitality of my body collapsing. It suddenly started to condense a little. It hadn’t been too much. But, it had been sufficient to change my mortal body into a spirit embryo. I got dissipated into the spirit energy of the world. Then, I quietly waited for my next awakening. This is the mysterious magic art inherited from the Devil Race. No one could ever practice it before. But, I was able to practice it for the first time ever at that time using my seriously injured body!

“Then, I lost consciousness. I wandered amidst the spirit energy of the world. I submerged under the ground as my soul slowly matured, and absorbed the spirit energy of the earth. Then, I broke through the ground and came out after 90,000 years. After that, I changed into a newborn baby. But, I got the blessing of the world and another mind was born the moment I had taken the form of a baby. It was Tan Tan… your junior martial brother.”

Tan Tan turned his head, and looked at Chu Yang. All sorts of feelings welled up in his heart as he smiled and said, “Do you understand now? You had said that this body wasn’t mine. He-he… do you understand now that your junior brother is the outsider instead? It was he who had invaded and occupied my body!

“I may not have eaten food for this body. I may not have drunk water for it. But, I’ve struggled for 100,000 years for this body!”

Tan Tan felt somewhat broken-hearted as he smiled in a pitiful manner. He then said, “I’m this body’s owner!”



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