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Chapter 691: All I Want Is To Be Peaceful

Chu Yang smiled bitterly in his heart. But, he didn’t show anything on his face.

He had taken a big risk this time. It could be said that his death could come at any time now. He didn’t have any confidence to obtain the fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword now.

He had always had a feeling that all matters of his life followed a certain abstruse trajectory. It seemed as if they would be carried-on in a regular and thorough way. His heaven-defying nature to change his fate was no exception. And, he had apparently been moving in this already set line.

Everything had been rational and matter of course.

[The first thing that I had done after I had taken the rebirth was that I had punished Shi Qian Shan. Then, that had triggered a series of events. Therefore, I had obtained Wu Yun Liang’s appreciation. And, that’s how I had entered the Iron Cloud. And, that’s how I had met Gu Du Xing.]

[I had gotten to know Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, and Rui Bu Tong because I had met Gu Du Xing.]

[I could make the present accomplishments in the Middle Three Heavens because I had run into these brothers. And, I got to know Ao Xie Yun and Xie Dan Qiong because of them. Then, I had caused this chaos in the Middle Three Heavens with everyone’s contribution.]

[The fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword is in the Lake of Despair!]

[And, the place that Mo Tian Ji has chosen to resolve the chaos is coincidently the Lake of Despair as well!]

[Everything is so strange. But, it’s also so reasonable that no one can find any loopholes in it.]

[The entire world is experiencing traces of such control because of my rebirth.]

[These individual steps have gradually pushed me on the road to the fate of the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword! I would’ve inevitably obtained all the fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword with the help of this ingenious arrangement of fate if no accident had happened… I would’ve accomplished the unification of the Nine Heavens! I would’ve treaded on the path of all the previous masters of Nine Tribulations Sword.]

[But, what has happened today has changed everything.]

[This is obvious from the fact that my spirit has been severely damaged. I have willfully harmed it this time. And, that has made me independent. It has made me leave the confines of that “control”!]

[It has turned me into an independent self… It has made me go on an independent path!]

[But, there’s no doubt that one must pay the price… with one’s life to become independent from fate’s manipulation!]

“Life… but why?” Chu Yang smiled in his heart in a cruel and untamed manner, “Could it be that I should’ve seen them die before my eyes? Is it possible that all the previous masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword had been cruel and cold-blooded? So… what would happen if I didn’t act like these Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword?”

Sword Spirit took a deep breath, and said in Chu Yang’s mind, “Lord Sword Master, you shouldn’t have made me go into action. I had been compelled by you. And, I had forgotten a very important thing!”

“What important thing?” Chu Yang calmly asked. However, a cold intention was seeping out from his voice.

“Your brothers can’t die! These people wouldn’t have died even if I hadn’t set into action and you had remained motionless.” Sword Spirit sighed. He deeply regretted. “It’s because they are chosen by the Sword Master… They are destined to accompany you to the top of the Nine Heavens. So, how could they die? Therefore, another savior would’ve appeared!”

Chu Yang insipidly said, “I know! I had thought about this matter before you had attacked.”

“You knew?” Sword Spirit looked at him whilst being dumbfounded. There was a look of disbelief on his face, “You had thought about this matter?”

He then suddenly became furious, “Then, why did you make me undertake the task? Do you not know that you will die because of this?!”

“Death isn’t the worst thing.” Chu Yang insipidly said, “I was determined not to take action since I had thought about that. But, I still couldn’t endure it. They had been dying before my eyes… They had been bleeding in front of me. And, I was supposed to just stand indifferently, and pin all my hopes on an uncertain thing? I’m not that cold-blooded… After all, they are my brothers.

“Moreover, this incident was very strange. It had clearly developed in accordance with a plan of some unseen power. This was so obvious that I could clearly feel it.” Chu Yang coldly said, “My brothers might not have blamed me if I hadn’t set into action in this danger. But, they would’ve certainly felt awkward in the future since I hadn’t set into action despite being there… This is the first thing.

“The second thing is that I also would’ve felt very awkward in my heart whenever I would’ve faced them. I would’ve felt guilty and remorseful. I would’ve thought that I was selfish… I wouldn’t have been able to face them like I used to… because of my inner demon.

“And, they would’ve also felt the same way…

“Therefore, the brotherhood among us brothers would’ve been ruined!” Chu Yang indifferently said, “We still would’ve worked hard for the same goal when we would’ve been together in the future. But, one thing would’ve been certain… The brotherly love among us would’ve never been the same as before. It would’ve become the relation of boss and subordinates with time.

“This would’ve clearly erased and destroyed our friendship!

“I didn’t understand why the fate would want it destroyed. But, I couldn’t tolerate it. Therefore, I had decided that I would rather die. So, I had to make you attack.” Chu Yang lightly smiled, “I don’t know what consequences it would have. But, I clearly feel that I have broken the law of heaven with this action now… I’ve gone off track.

“I know that my punishment would be severe for doing this.

“But, I don’t regret it. That’s because it was worth it!” Chu Yang seriously said to Sword Spirit in his mind, “I don’t want to face them with guilt in the future. It’s because that would be a worse pain than death for us all!

“You can’t dare to look straight in someone’s eyes when you feel guilty in front of them. The love and affection of several decades would be destroyed in a moment if such a feeling developed among brothers. I don’t want it destroyed… All I want is peace and wholeness.”

Sword Spirit was flabbergasted at first. But then, he pondered for a while. He then lowered his head, and sighed. After that, he said, “I’ve never seen an empathetic Master of Nine Tribulations Sword like you. You are… willing to put your life in danger just for your feelings…!”

Chu Yang became boundlessly pleasant upon hearing this sentence. He then sensitively asked, “Are you telling me that the previous Masters of Nine Tribulation Sword weren’t as empathetic?”

Sword Spirit suddenly raised his head. It seemed that this question had taken him by surprise. Then, he again lowered his head, and didn’t say a word. After that, his body slowly vanished from Chu Yang’s mind, and went into the Nine Tribulations Space. However, he left behind a few words, “Bring your soul into the Soul Quenching Spring as soon as your treatment is over. We’ll make up for your lost soul as much as… possible.”

Chu Yang didn’t give him a reply… He instead pondered for a long time. Then, he slowly said after a long silence, “Could it be that… only the one who completely lacks any feeling of justice… is capable of being a Master of Nine Tribulations Sword?”

Chu Yang’s voice echoed in the space of his consciousness. But, Sword Spirit never answered.

The Nine Tribulations Space remained quiet…

Chu Yang remained silent for a long time… His soul body stood still in the Nine Tribulations Space. Suddenly, he issued a grim laughter. It was full of mockery, contempt, and cynicism… He then said to himself, “It’s very… absurd!”


Gu Du Xing and the others had been in the moment of crisis, and Chu Yang had been forcing Sword Spirit in the name of committing suicide and wasting all his hard work. However, what Chu Yang and all the other people didn’t know was that there had been a figure in the sky at that time. This figure had silently entered into the forest with lightning speed!

This figure was very lithe, fearless, and fast. It seemed as if this person believed that they were among the best in the world of the Nine Heavens.

This figure was Young Master Yu! He had come here after a long and wearisome journey.

Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing had been seriously injured when Young Master Yu had stopped and looked at the scene… They had been constantly spurting out blood… They had been on the verge of dying.

Young Master Yu had been about to set into action at that time. He had been just about to let out a loud and long cry. However, Sword Spirit had already taken possession of Chu Yang’s body by then. Then, his great and formidable power had pressed down everyone present there in a flash!

Consequently, Young Master Yu had suddenly stopped even though he had rushed over at top speeds. He had then quietly hidden on a tree, and had seen the scene of battlefield change. So, Young Master Yu hadn’t set into action because there had been no need of it anymore.

However, Young Master Yu would’ve set into action if Chu Yang hadn’t. Therefore, Gu Du Xing and the others couldn’t have die… In fact, it was just as Chu Yang and Sword Spirit had expected!

Chu Yang would’ve remained motionless if Young Master Yu had set into action. But then, it would’ve been just as Chu Yang had expected… Things would’ve become awkward between his brothers.

Therefore, Chu Yang had decided to give himself up and make Sword Spirit attack.

Sword Spirit setting into action was equivalent to destroying the already set plans of the heavens.

However, there was nothing wrong in Chu Yang’s feelings. [I’ve jumped out… at this moment! I’ve jumped out from the vicious cycle of the Masters of Nine Tribulations Sword!]

However, it was hard to say if this was a good thing or a bad thing for Chu Yang.

His soul had received an injury. So, how could he survive the test of the Nine Tribulations Sword now?

Chu Yang had taken a risk using himself. And, he was going to have a future full of crises in exchange of focusing on what he had had before his eyes and in exchange of his peace of mind.

This could be called a struggle… It was a struggle of friendship and conscience against benefits and power!

Chu Yang had taken a step further. So, he felt calm and peaceful in his heart. However, he had experienced a narrow escape from death. Everything would’ve been perfect if he had taken a step back. But, there would’ve been a hole in his heart that would’ve never gotten filled.

What would you have done… if you had been in his place?


Young Master Yu was looking at Chu Yang at this moment with an incomprehensible look in his eyes. Young Master Yu’s eyes were wide open… He had a very-high-level cultivation. However, it was clear that even he had been shocked in his heart by Chu Yang’s performance.

Suddenly, the sound of horse’s hooves resounded like a thunderclap… The first clan to arrive was Huyan Clan!

A short while passed. Then, the people of Gu Clan and Dong Clan arrived under Dong Wu Lei’s leadership.

They had seen piles of corpses when they had entered into the forest… They had sucked in cold air as they had seen this scene.

They were a little late!

Their bodies seeped out cold sweat all over as they heard these brothers speaking about the danger that they had faced just a while ago. These people didn’t know whether they should feel regret or happiness.

Some of the people of these few clans would definitely have been among these corpses on the ground if they had come a little earlier. In fact, the dead among them wouldn’t have been a few in number.

However, they had come a little late, and had missed this lively fight as a result. So, they were indeed a bit regretful too.

All of these people kept silent about the incident that had happened today under the request of Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing. This was like a super lip-seal command!

Tan Tan was still sitting quietly. He hadn’t shown any movement. The golden rays of light around his body were still flashing. Everyone looked at this scene, and clicked their tongue in amazement.

Upper Three Heavens…

In Diwu Qing Rou’s courtyard… Zhuge Clan…

Diwu Qing Rou was clad in comfortable clothing. He was reading something at the desk with a calm and composed look on his face.

This was precisely the moment when Tan Tan had been struck by the so-called five killing devices…

Suddenly, a ‘pop’ sound was heard. And, Diwu Qing Rou’s facial expression changed. He then calmly stood up.

Then, he opened a dark drawer in the desk… A very small purple jade bottle sprang out of it. Only a broken pill could be seen inside this jade bottle. A golden color had filled in this Purple Crystal bottle.

Diwu Qing Rou’s complexion changed. And, he exposed a meaningful look in his eyes. Then, he said to himself, “Is it done?”



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