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Chapter 689: Crazed Sword Spirit!

Zhuge Chang Feng firmly looked at Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang in front of him. He felt very pleased in his heart.

He had previously wanted to rope-in these two the most. However, he wanted to kill these two the most now. After all, he was well-aware what men like these could achieve once they grew up.

[They can very likely turn the Zhuge Clan upside down in case they broke through to the Saint Level.]

Such pure Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor hadn’t appeared in the Nine Heavens for thousands of years. So, who could imagine what kind of destruction a Sword Saint and Saber Saint like them could bring?

Only one thing was certain…

Pure Saber and Sword experts were far higher in rank than ordinary martial artists.

An ordinary fourth-grade Martial Saint could deal with over-a-hundred first-grade Martial Saints. But, a first-grade Sword Saint could kill that fourth-grade Martial Saint with ease. And, Zhuge Chang Feng was no exception.

This difference between pure and impure would become higher and more distinct with the increase in the cultivation levels of the martial artists.

[These two in front of me clearly have such capacity. Moreover, they would become Saint Level Experts at the very least if they were to be left alone to become mature.]

[And, how fearful would that be?!]

[It is lucky that they are going to die.]

[It is lucky that they are going to die soon!]

Zhuge Chang Feng stood with his hands crossed behind his back. Meanwhile, he was also monitoring the spot where the golden light-rays had shrouded the awakened being; he was waiting for the light to die out, and was ready to capture him at the right time. But, he was also observing Gu Du Xing and the others.

Then, he discovered that the several youngsters beside the Sword Emperor Gu Du Xing and the Saber Emperor Dong Wu Shang were also heaven-warping geniuses… In fact, all of them were only one step away from breaking through to the Emperor Level!

[Have all the geniuses of the Middle Three Heavens gathered here today?] Zhuge Chang Feng whispered in his heart. [Such a group of young geniuses can’t be found even in the nine ruling clans of the Upper Three Heavens, right?]

What he had guessed wasn’t the least bit incorrect. The most splendid geniuses of the Middle Three Heavens had indeed centralized here.

They were — Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Xie Dan Qiong, Ao Xie Yun, Rui Bu Tong, Ji Mo, and Luo Ke Di!

Zhuge Chang Feng shot a crazed look from his eyes as he saw that victory was within his grasp.

He even tightly clenched his fist.

In fact, he would’ve set into action personally if he hadn’t been bearing the responsibility of monitoring the awakened being.

However, he had a doubt in his heart at the same time, [Why has the clan sent me for such an important matter? After all, they generally don’t give me opportunities to attain such great merits…]

[The clan would ideally send those specially nurtured geniuses. Or… they would dispatch an elder.]

[Anyway, this is my chance to make easy gains!]

[They certainly wouldn’t have thought that this matter would go so smoothly, right?]

Zhuge Chang Feng smiled.

[I’ll attain great merit this time no matter what.]


A bleak and desolate aura suddenly swept across the surroundings at this time!

This bleak aura seemed to have come from ancient times. It started to blow everywhere in the forest. It felt as if it had inspired an endless bleakness and anger deep inside the veins of everyone’s hearts.

It had also filled their hearts with suffocating vengefulness… This feeling was very strange!

The people of the two sides couldn’t help but stop their movements even though they were engaged in battle. Then, all of them turned their heads to look.

They only heard a voice saying with suppressed anger, “You truly deserve to be one of the clans of the Upper Three Heavens. After all, you have great power and prestige. You’ve come to the Middle Three Heavens, and you’re making endless demands. You can’t be anymore arrogant!”

There was a sarcastic tone in these words. It made the faces of the Zhuge Clan’s people heat up, [One of the nine ruling clans of the Upper Three Heavens has come to the Middle Three Heavens, and is showing off its might… This isn’t a glorious thing.]

Zhuge Chang Feng felt cold in his heart… He turned his head, and looked.

He saw that a masked black-clothed man was floating out of the dark woods from the left side. This man was floating thirty feet above the ground. He seemed to be weightless like a leaf. And, he was slowly coming this way.

His sinister and dense aura was becoming heavier as he approached them.

“Who are you, Sire?” Zhuge Chang Feng had instinctively realized that something was wrong. This black-clothed man was clearly very formidable. In fact, he was so formidable that he had given palpitations to Zhuge Chang Feng.

“Who am I?” Sword Spirit snorted, and indifferently said, “I’m your goddamn ancestor!”

Sword Spirit blasted with abusive words that he would rarely use.

He showed no trace of politeness since he was feeling very suffocated at the moment. He had received sullenness from Chu Yang just a while ago. And, he had poured all of it down on Zhuge Chang Feng in torrents.

[Why would I have gotten involved in this if not for you all shit-heads?]

[Motherfu*ker, you’ve led me to such a miserable situation this time… I will disappear for ten-thousand years if Chu Yang doesn’t make it through that barrier. Ten fu*king thousand years, ah!]

[How would you puny human beings know what it’s like to be alone for ten-thousand years… Even gods would lose their mind in such a situation!]

However, Sword Spirit’s words couldn’t be considered entirely wrong. Swords Spirit was indeed an ancestor of the Zhuge Clan to some extent. He was an old ancestor.

[Such a mysterious expert has appeared. And, he hasn’t shown the least bit of elegance since the moment he has come. All he is doing is cussing?]

Zhuge Chang Feng felt more confused than angry, “Are you a madman? Do you know who you’re facing?”

“I’m an idiot…” Sword Spirit murmured, “I’m having idle talk with a group of dead people!”

Zhuge Chang Feng became furious!

[I don’t know where this powerhouse has come from. But, he is very arrogant.] He suddenly had a realization in his heart, and asked, “Are you from the Lan Clan?!”

Sword Spirit didn’t say a word… Instead, a clanging sound was heard, and several swords appeared in his hands. He then pounced over like a demon god.

Two ‘clangs’ were heard… Zhuge Chang Feng could block only two swords. Then, he rolled over… The sword in his hand had turned into four fragments in a flash. And, a bloody hole had appeared in his chest. Flesh and blood dripped out of it. He spat out blood with three ‘blurgh’ sounds as he rolled.

He cried out in fear, “Saint Level Expert…?! And, that too a high graded one?!”

However, Sword Spirit obviously didn’t have free time to pay attention to his question? He was controlling Chu Yang’s body. He now rushed into the crowd like a gale.

[This Lord Sword Spirit is very angry!]

[I’m aggrieved to death!]

[You people have infuriated me!]

[Tut tut… You people have compelled the Lord Sword Master to become angry. So, he has made me take control of his body. The Sword Master hasn’t hesitated to lose his spirit in the process. So, the probability of him surviving through the critical moment is very less. In fact, it’s too less!]

[I have come out this time. So, I might not be able to come out to see anyone for ten-thousand years! So, I’m mad! I’m truly mad!!]

Sword Spirit had gone insane.

He set into action with his maximum strength.

A sword-light flew across like a long dragon. And, thirty Emperor Level Experts were cut from their waists like rice straws… Thirty chunks of upper bodies flew up into the sky at the same time! And, the trees all around fell down!

[What harm is there is slaughtering the entire world!]

This move was displayed perfectly by the hands of the Sword Spirit!

Sword Spirit wildly laughed. He then dashed in the air whilst taking long strides and bringing along absolute gloom. He had been walking in the air as if it were a leveled ground… Then, the sword light changed into ten-thousand sword-beams…

[One ray of cold light pierces ten-thousand fathoms!]

More-than-forty experts stopped at the same time in the face of this dashing momentum. Blood holes had opened in their foreheads one after another. They then weakly collapsed.

Sword Spirit landed on the ground. Then, he leapt up. The sword-light suddenly unleashed a giant curtain of light… as if it was rising from the ground to the sky!

[A sharp will buried deep will not change!]

Around thirty experts screamed. And, their heads flew out in the air at the same time! Blood sprinkled all over like a waterfall! Around thirty blood fountains had suddenly appeared in this forest. Moreover, they seemed to be arranged in a neat and uniform way.

Sword Spirit coldly snorted. Then, the sword-light suddenly vibrated in midair. It vibrated for hundreds and thousands of times in a row!

Winds and clouds chaotically appeared in the sky soon after that. They seemed to have taken the form of a gigantic tornado. The winds and clouds that had filled the whole sky were gathering densely here.

The sword-light suddenly flashed the next moment. And, a gigantic crown appeared in the sky!

[Gather wind and cloud to rule over all!]

The crown illuminated like the sun. And, countless sword-lights scattered out from it. They then changed into a white light from top to down, and pierced through the chest of a masked black-clothed man.

Sword Spirit flew away like a divine dragon before the blood could splash out. He ferociously whirled around from east to west. And, pitiful screams were heard wherever the sword-light went!

Then, he went from south to north, and made a round trip.

[Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west!]

All the black-clothed people collapsed in despair at the same time. Only two people remained standing now…

They were Zhuge Chang Feng and his Second Brother.

Sword Spirit had used only five of the sword-moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword. And, he had slaughtered most of those more-than-three-hundred experts from the Zhuge Clan as easily as breaking a dried twig from a tree!

This was the first time that Sword Spirit had gone so crazy in the ninety-thousand years since the first appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

The might that he had displayed just now was also unprecedented. Or so to say, he had never before displayed such a might when the Sword Master was at such a low cultivation level.

A black-clothed silhouette had suddenly rushed over in an agile and reckless manner. He had checked out everyone once. Then, his sword had talked instead of his voice. Moreover, the sword had come and beheaded everyone!

Such kind of ruthlessness had stupefied everyone!

Gu Du Xing and the others had almost been caught up in the crisis. But, a savior had suddenly appeared. They had been gasping for breath. But, they now saw that the enemies had been exterminated all at once…

Everyone had been panting heavily at first… But, this incident had made them choke on their breaths now…

[Oh my dear God! Isn’t this insane?]

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. All of them felt as if they were dreaming… Nobody would believe it if today’s story were told to them… even if everyone here were to continuously explain to them that it hadn’t been a dream.

Gu Du Xing and the others had been beset by a deadly crisis just a while ago.

Thereupon, the Ao Clan had inflicted serious injuries upon them.

Then, the Devil King had awakened… just when the Ao Clan was going to launch the final attack… just when Gu Du Xing and the others had been in the utmost crisis.

Then, each and every person of the Ao Clan had been exterminated by that supreme and formidable power.

After that, the Zhuge Clan had appeared. And, everyone had again found themselves in a life and death crisis.

But then, a peerless expert who wasn’t inferior to the Devil King had appeared. And, he had killed the Zhuge Clan’s people.

Many crises had appeared one after another in such a short time. And, the strength of the enemy had been several hundred times more than these people. But, these people had still ended-up safe and sound.

This… this was simply like they were the protagonists of a fable.

A black shadow flashed, and Sword Spirit returned after he had slaughtered everyone. He then appeared in front of Zhuge Chang Feng, and coldly looked at him, “You had just said… that I don’t know who I’m facing?”

This was exactly what Zhuge Chang Feng had said. He had been very proud when he had said this sentence… He had been proud of his superior status. However, Sword Spirit had set into action after he had said this sentence. Then, more-than-three-hundred of his men had died in the blink of an eye.

No one had gotten the time to escape.

Sword Spirit had even looked at the dead bodies whilst repeating this sentence. So, it could be said that this sentence had already become a big joke… a big ironical joke!

[You’re very great? How great are you? I’ll kill you all, and see how great you still are!]


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