Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 685: Devil King! Awakens! – CN

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Suddenly, a sound of explosion was heard. And, that ball of black fog that had been densely floating around Tan Tan’s body exploded!

Then, a shadow suddenly appeared…

It was Tan Tan! 

Tan Tan’s body seemed taller at this moment… People could feel that the black robe he was wearing was extremely well-fitted.

Moreover, that strange mark on his forehead was already half complete… It was glowing! His facial features were still the same. But, it wasn’t known how his face seemed to have attained an endless charm.

No one would think that he was ugly at this moment! 

It wasn’t known when the headband on his head had broken into pieces.

His jet-black and shiny hair was smooth and fine. His perfectly straight hair hung down to his chest. And, a perfectly straight hairline was exposed in the middle of his head.

However, such gentle, smooth, and shining hair was giving off gloomy and ruthless vibes to people! Also, a feeling of restoration of the world’s experiences was arising involuntarily from it.

The eyes of everyone in the battlefield had turned red with killing intention. However, the echo of this sudden and loud sound startled them all, and they involuntary came to a stop.

Then, Tan Tan began to walk slowly. His movements were very weird. He first took three steps ahead… But, he seemed to be uncomfortable and uncoordinated while walking. So, he stopped after he had taken just three steps.

Then, he lowered his head, and looked at his legs in a strange way. He then slightly wrinkled his eyebrows — one high and one low. His eyebrows were equally leveled as he wrinkled them this time.

He frowned and looked at his own body whilst being very dissatisfied. Then, he muttered, “It’s very annoying!”

Then, he stretched out his hands, and shook his arms… The black fog that could be seen with naked eye suddenly disseminated from his arms. His long and fine hair suddenly got slammed up along with the shakes of his arms. His hair looked like seaweeds on a seabed. They had suddenly started to float upwards whilst continuously swaying in an erratic manner!

Then, his entire body suddenly twisted.

It twisted in a very weird way.

The sound of popping of beans came from his body. It was such a painful sound that it could make people’s teeth ache.

Everyone who heard this sound had a clear feeling… They felt that all the bones in Tan Tan’s body had dislocated. And, they were again being reintegrated.

Then, Tan Tan lifted his arm, and his hair fell down… His hair was still soft and fine. It was still giving off the gloomy and desolate feeling.

He then lowered his arms, and raised his head.

Xie Dan Feng was next to him. However, she had a clear feeling at this moment, [Tan Tan has suddenly became taller! He is almost two inches taller than he was just a while ago!]

She didn’t know why a strange feeling had suddenly risen up in her heart.

This feeling made Xie Dan Feng feel extremely frightened. The rims of her eyes ached, and she felt like crying. But, she didn’t know why she was feeling so. She felt a pain in her heart… as if her heart had shattered into pieces!

Tan Tan twisted his neck after he had lifted his head; his neck issued a crisp breaking sound. He twisted his neck to the left and to the right. Then, he straightened his head.

His movements seemed very funny. But, no one had dared to laugh… In fact, everybody felt an intense chill in their hearts whenever he made these movements.

In fact, even Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing felt the same… they felt a strong shiver in their hearts!

Then, Tan Tan took the fourth step!

However, this fourth step gave out entirely different feelings to everyone as compared to the previous three steps.

This step had been lightly lifted and gently dropped. In fact, even the grass on the ground didn’t rustle. However, all the people of Ao Clan clearly felt as if the earth had cracked and the sky had overturned in front of them with this step of Tan Tan’s!

It was quiet and calm all around. But, these people of Ao Clan clearly felt as if they were seeing the end of the world… Mountains were toppling. The water on the ground was rising up to the skies. All the clouds in the sky were being torn apart. And, the clear sky seemed to have many big holes.

There was this black-clothed figure in front of these scenes of catastrophe. His long and fine fair hung down. He was looking at the common people of the human world with a callous, indifferent, and disdainful feeling. He stood with his hands behind his back.

The King of the world!

However, he didn’t look like a king who worked under an Emperor. Instead, he seemed to be… that supreme ruler who controlled the entire world!

Tan Tan took the fifth step…

Ao Meng Yun stood at the forefront. However, he immediately felt as if a vast and magnificent mountain had come upon his head!

He didn’t know what he was feeling. Suddenly, he went weak in the knee, and knelt down with a thud sound.

He knelt in front of Tan Tan.

However, the strangest thing was that all the people of Ao Clan who were seeing this didn’t find anything wrong about it in their hearts. They felt as if the fact that their Young Master was kneeling in front of this man was… proper! It felt inevitable and justified!

In fact, these people would’ve kicked and bent their Young Master’s legs to make him kneel if hadn’t done this by himself!

[You’re not kneeling in front of this man?! This is treason and heresy!]

Tan Tan apathetically looked at Ao Meng Yun in front of him… It seemed as if he hadn’t even noticed this big living man who was kneeling down in front of him… Tan Tan finally stood still. His hands were also still behind his back. He then slightly lifted his head, and swept his eyes all around once. Then, he threw his gaze to a farther place. He faintly took a look, and then withdrew his gaze.

His gaze had come in contact with the four Monarch Level Experts of the Zhuge Clan who had been standing far away this entire time.

The four men hadn’t felt anything unusual at first.

However, they felt their hearts beating in their chests in an increasingly violent manner along with thumping sounds immediately after Tan Tan moved his gaze away. Moreover, their faces had turned red.

They hadn’t felt anything a while ago. But, they now felt as if the man in front of them had controlled even their heartbeats with his apathetic glance.

The four men looked at each other. And, they suddenly felt aghast in their hearts!

[How can this awakened being… be so terrifying? Were we not told that the bloodline of the Three Stars Divine Clan is awakening? Then…why does he look as if a devil king has come to rule over the world?]

The same thought faintly rose up in the minds of those four. [Could it be that… all of this was planned?]

However, this doubt vanished from the heart of these four like smoke in thin air after Tan Tan pulled his gaze away… [Dammit! We have five killing devices with us. Would we still not be able to deal with an awakened being of a puny bloodline?]

The fact that such changes of thought had happened in a Monarch Level Expert was simply an unbelievable thing. But, this had indeed happened.

Chu Yang had been hidden in the dark. However, he had felt that Tan Tan had spotted him. Moreover, Tan Tan’s gaze seemed to have bore into in the depth of Chu Yang’s heart. Chu Yang couldn’t help but feel a shiver therein. [Tan Tan… has finally begun this type of… change?]

Sword Spirit was at a loss inside the space. He had become frantic and astonished. He suddenly shouted, “What is this? This is the devil! This is clearly the power of a devil king!”

Chu Yang felt heavy in his heart.

Tan Tan finally stopped sweeping his eyes. Then, he suddenly sucked in a long breath… This breath created a vacuum in the entire forest!

Everyone suddenly started to suffocate due to this.

Then, Tan Tan let out the breath whilst being disappointed and frustrated. He then said in a low and apathetic voice, “This world… has truly changed…”

Then, he sighed again, and said to himself, “I’m too weak.”

After that, he looked at the Ao Clan’s people in front of him; there were only fifty-eight of them left. He knitted his brows, and said, “I was forced to this point… by these people inferior than bugs?!”

He had slightly raised a corner of his mouth and smirked while saying this. There was a clear contempt towards the entire Nine Heavens in his ridiculing smile!

He was quietly looking at these men horizontally. But, Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing felt as if Tan Tan was standing on the peak of the highest mountain on earth whilst looking down on everyone!

Tan Tan stretched out his hand, and put his five fingers on Ao Meng Yun’s head. He then caressed his hair, and indifferently said, “This sacrificial offering… is too weak… It’s so weak that it’s appalling!”

Ao Meng Yun’s entire body shivered… He was being caressed on his head as if he was a puppy who was being petted. However, no feelings of resistance grew inside his consciousness. He issued whimpers from his throat like a puppy on the point of demise.

Tan Tan lifted his hand…

Ao Meng Yun’s head was silently lifted up along with Tan Tan’s hand! The entire head from the cavity of neck was lifted up!

It seemed as if Ao Meng Yun’s head had already been cut by a sharp knife. And, it had just been fitted tightly on his neck cavity…

That’s because the neck cavity that was revealed after his head had been detached was… flat and smooth! Moreover, not even a single drop of blood had come out of it.

Tan Tan grabbed the head… He then frowned as he looked at it. Then, he casually threw it away.

Then, blood suddenly gushed out and rose up into the sky from Ao Meng Yun’s neck!

“This smell of blood…” Tan Tan indifferently said. He looked at the bright blood gorgeously rising up in front of him. He felt very nostalgic as he said, “It’s been so many years since… I have smelt it…”

He then knitted his brows in disappointment and frustration, and conveniently grabbed Ao Lang Yun.

There had been three people in-between him and Ao Lang Yun. But, Ao Lang Yun had still landed in Tan Tan’s hand in a flash.

Then, Tan Tan very gently grabbed Ao Lang Yun’s head… And, he made Ao Lang Yun stand in front of him in a proper manner. Then, he twisted him with both his hands.

Ao Lang Yun had been grabbed by Tan Tan like a puppet. His feet had felt to have grown roots. He had felt as if he had been fixed to the ground. However, his body from his ankle to the top of his skull had been gently twisted into a huge ‘fried dough twist’ by Tan Tan!

His clothes, muscles, bones, and skull had all been twisted. They all had assumed a spiral pattern.

Ao Lang Yun had died without uttering a word. But, his body was still continuously issuing breaking sounds. These sounds were very rhythmic. Tan Tan twisted him for a little while. Then, he wrinkled his brows. He then slightly tilted his head, and listened to this rhythmic sound of shattering bones. Then, he insipidly said, “I got to hear it again. This breaking of human bones is still the same.”

He lifted his head. Then, he slightly smiled, and said, “I had given a name to this piece of music a very long time ago… I call it ‘bones symphony’.”

He insipidly explained as if he was explaining it to himself, “A person becomes an evenly-formed ‘dough twist’ if they are twisted with a very stable force. And, this produces a kind of sweet tune that causes all the 786,459,633 hairs on the listener’s body to become erect!

“I hadn’t heard it for a very long time,” Tan Tan smiled in pleasure, and said while feeling a bit nostalgic. He then licked his lips, tilted his head to one side, and started to imitate the music with his mouth… He narrowed his eyes and softly sung, “Kachacha… Kachacha… Kachacha…”

Meanwhile, his teeth intermittently issued a fierce glow in the dimness of the night.


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