Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 670: Brother Chu, This Must Be Very Difficult For You – CN

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Mo Tian Ji was at a loss for words. He had become speechless.

He himself knew that he was forcing Chu Yang to do something against his will. [My younger sister still hasn’t decided… And yet, here I am not letting him find a wife… Compelling him to wait obviously isn’t justified.]

[She hasn’t decided yet. But, the present signs show that there is more than ninety-percent assurance that she will head in that direction.]

[So, am I wrong to be prepared for my younger sister…?]

“Brother Chu, you must consider this. After all, you also like Little Wu. You also wouldn’t want Little Wu to be heart-broken, right?”

It was clearly visible that Minister Chu was in uncontrollable rage. So, Mo Tian Ji had no other choice but to change his tactics… He tried to guilt-trap him. He started persuading him patiently instead of being forceful.

“Brother Mo, I like Little Wu a lot. But, you must know that this kind of liking is different than ‘that’ kind of liking.” Chu Yang said whilst ‘giving his bare heart into Mo Tian Ji’s keeping’, “Little Wu is intelligent and adorable. She is pure and innocent like jade snow. So, who wouldn’t like her? But, this… this is completely different from what you think.”

Minister Chu had clearly felt guilty when he had said these words. So, he couldn’t help but sigh.

His liking towards Mo Qing Wu was indeed completely different from what Mo Tian Ji wanted. But, it was also so pure and true that even Mo Tian Ji simply couldn’t ‘comprehend it in his heart’…

“I know. I know…” Mo Tian Ji sighed. He continued to argue strongly for his younger sister’s happiness, “Brother Chu, you’re just eighteen, that’s all. You may have to wait for five to six years… But, you’ll only be over twenty by that time. This is no big deal…”

“Brother Mo…” Chu Yang sorrowfully said, “I understand where you’re coming from. I also admit that you’re a very good elder brother. You’re very concerned about your younger sister. Moreover, you’re very meticulous. So, Little Wu is the luckiest to have an elder brother like you…”

Mo Tian Ji warmly smiled. However, he had clearly become disoriented by Chu Yang’s praising, “She’s my younger sister. Who else would I pamper if not her?”

Chu Yang felt like puking in his heart. However, he continued to sincerely say, “Brother Mo, you and I are both men. I hope you understand that we start to develop feelings towards the opposite sex by the age of thirteen or fourteen. And, I will be eighteen this year. Eighteen!!”

Chu Yang had made a sobbing face. And, his voice could make people have an urge to cry. A person would feel as if he had said eighty and not eighteen if one would listen to his tone.

“I – Chu Yang – am still very young. And, I’m a genuine person. I don’t like those vulgar women who only know how to apply makeup and have a short-sighted attitude. Moreover, I’m a sensitive and serious person. I’m not the ‘skirt-chaser’ type.”

Minister Chu was very eloquent in his expression. He had made a supreme effort to express his moral integrity.

He was talking about his own helplessness, but he was in fact hinting that, [Mo Tian Ji, I’m the right man to be your brother-in-law! Where else would you find an outstanding man like me? You’re blind if you don’t hold me tight for your younger sister…]

Mo Tian Ji grabbed Chu Yang’s hand, “Yes, I believe what you’ve just said. Oh, that Wu Qian Qian is a peerless talent and beauty. She had deep-rooted love towards Brother Chu. But… Brother Chu, you stayed polite, and didn’t mess around. You’re truly a role model for our generation.”

Mo Tian Ji was trustworthy when it came to talking about Chu Yang’s integrity.

Mo Tian Ji didn’t hide anything… The data that Mo Tian Ji had collected about Chu Yang was the most thorough and detailed one in the whole world. So, how could he not know about Chu Yang’s integrity? He had never heard of Chu Yang messing around with any woman…

Chu Yang was a man who could turn the world upside down. Moreover, he had a high status. So, which woman wouldn’t want to be with him? It could be said that King of Hell Chu only needed to say, [I want a wife!] Then, the emperor of the Iron Cloud Empire – Tie Bu Tian – would’ve picked the top beauties for him!

Mo Tian Ji firmly believed this speculation of his.

[But, it is simply outrageous that King of Hell Chu’s integrity can reach to this degree. He is simply a sage!]

[If this kind of man is not reliable… I don’t know what other man can be!]

Mo Tian Ji got more and more anxious to rope-in Chu Yang for his younger sister after he thought this.

“Eighteen…” Minister Chu listlessly said, “I must look for a…”

“Don’t worry, Brother Chu. You don’t need to be worried about this.” Mo Tian Ji shook his arm, “You’ll still have many choices to choose from later.”

Chu Yang forced a smile, “Brother Mo, you’re also a man… just like me. So, I hope you can understand that… sometimes the urges make us very unwell… I’ve dampened my urges dozens of times this year.”

“Yes, I do…” Mo Tian Ji’s complexion turned black. He said, “I know it’s very hard to control the urges…” He recalled that he had held his maid to… deal with it when he had had an urge back then. So, he couldn’t help but admire that Minister Chu had managed to dampen his urges.

[A man who can do this is rare.]

“You want me to wait for Little Wu to grow up… However, she’ll take at least four or five years to get ready to marry, right?” Chu Yang’s face was somewhat distorted.

“To get ready to marry…” Mo Tian Ji wanted to cuss at him, [My younger sister will be just fifteen or sixteen after four or five years. And, you animal… you want to lay a hand on her?] But then, he remembered that he wanted help from this person. So, he had no other choice but to swallow his anger. He said with a forced smile, “Brother Chu’s calculation is very good!”

“What would I do in these four to five years? Wouldn’t it suffocate me to death?” Chu Yang righteously said, and looked towards Mo Tian Ji. “Forget about the others… You tell me, Brother Tian Ji. Can you… abstain for four or five years?”

“I…” Mo Tian Ji was dumbfounded. [I haven’t gotten married yet. But, I’ve had many concubines in my room. So, how can I be like you? Abstain for four to five years? Motherfu*ker… won’t I turn into a horny pervert in that case?]

“But, my Heavenly Armament Pavilion is still in a developing phase. Powerful enemies are all around, and danger is lurking on every side. I can’t tell how vast the danger would be in future. So, I don’t have time to bother about romance or such feelings…” Chu Yang changed the subject.

“Yes, you’re right.” Mo Tian Ji hurriedly said, “A real man must give priority to his ambitions!”

“Everyone in our Heavenly Armament Pavilion has excelled in the world. But, we lack a resourceful military counselor.” Chu Yang sighed with regret, and said, “Brother Tian Ji, let’s do it like this… I won’t beat around the bush anymore. I’ll come to the point. You want me to abstain, and wait for your younger sister to come back? Fine! But, I have one condition…”

Chu Yang finally came to the point after beating around the bush. He finally revealed his real intention. He now started to speak genuinely.

Mo Tian Ji forced a smile. [Fu*k! Could it be that this guy wants to turn me into a slave?]

“You become the military advisor for my Heavenly Armament Pavilion. Let us brothers unite, and work together for the great cause!” Chu Yang righteously said, “And, I’ll try my best to abstain, and wait for your sister to come back! I’ll also sacrifice myself and help Little Wu if she truly… falls in love with me…”

Minister Chu heaved a fake sigh after he said this… as if he was making a great sacrifice.

Mo Tian Ji experienced an overwhelming amount of feelings at once in his heart.

[How did this matter develop into… this situation? I’m being sold into slavery…? Moreover, I also have to cup my hands in obeisance, and see off my younger sister? And, this guy has given consent in such an unwilling manner… as if he is doing a great favor on me…]

[This guy pretends that he is ‘sacrificing himself and helping my younger sister’?]

The fun fact was that Chu Yang had completely tricked and disoriented Mo Tian Ji – a guy whose intelligence was as deep as the sea and who was famous for being super-smart.

Mo Tian Ji smacked his lips. He chattered and muttered to himself, “But, what I’m listening… why does it feel wrong? What does it mean… It’s very confusing…”

“Brother Mo, you don’t need to feel awkward.” Chu Yang continued moaning and groaning in displeasure. “I know that my Heavenly Armament Pavilion is a small temple, and it can’t contain a great deity like you. So, let’s pretend that I haven’t said anything if you have any objection.”

He seemed to heave a sigh of relief, “I’ll now go and look for a wife without delay. In fact, I truly feel regretful for not doing so in the Lower Three Heavens now that I think about it…”

“Don’t, don’t. Stop…” Mo Tian Ji hastily stopped this guy from speaking. He then clenched his teeth, “I just need to be your military adviser, right? Moreover, we brothers will work towards a great cause together. This is exactly want I – Mo Tian Ji – have been looking for. So, how can I disagree?”

“But, I don’t want you to agree reluctantly…” Chu Yang said whilst being insincerely courteous.

“I’m not doing it reluctantly!” Mo Tian Ji retorted.

“But, I don’t want you to make a decision against your will… Otherwise, I might as well cancel this agreement now-itself if you’re going to be in a bad mood and not work hard for the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. After all, my youth… won’t come back once lost…” Minister Chu continued to persuade. He beat around the bush whilst trying to eliminate the future trouble.

“Am I – Mo Tian Ji – that kind of person?” Mo Tian Ji became extremely angry.

“But I…”

“No buts! This matter is decided!” Mo Tian Ji aggressively waved his hand, and made the final decision. “But, King of Hell Chu, what if you don’t wait for my sister…?”

“Then, I’ll be worse than an animal! May the heaven strike me five times with lightning! May ten-thousand arrows pierce my heart! May I go through ten-thousand tribulations, and not reincarnate ever! May I burn in hell forever…!” Chu Yang raised his hand, and vowed… This vow was simply earth-shaking! It could make the listeners have their hair stand on end!

“Besides, Brother Mo, we’ll be most grateful for your assistance. How can I – King of Hell Chu – be so cheap as to not keep my end of the deal? You rest assured… I’ll try my best to groom myself for your younger sister’s feelings… Yeah. And, I’ll accept it when the time comes no matter the outcome… Little Wu may not have a liking towards me… But, I, I will… I will still…” Chu Yang said with difficulty.

Mo Tian Ji was emotionally touched. [He took such a malicious oath. One can see how much Chu Yang values me. He agreed to make such a commitment and sacrifice so that I can be a member of his pavilion!]

Mo Tian Ji was a cool-blooded strategist. However, a warm feeling that ‘he would die for his friend’ welled up in his heart with in an instant.

“Brother Chu, you feel relieved. I – Mo Tian Ji – am not the kind of person who doesn’t know how to appreciate others’ good intentions.” Mo Tian Ji seriously said.

However, Mo Tian Ji was still anxious in his heart. Chu Yang had made this commitment, but a look of worry could clearly be seen on Mo Tian Ji’s face. It was just an exchange of conditions. However, he couldn’t be sure how Younger Sister would turn out to be in the future… After all, Little Wu only had the ‘pure and honest love between brother and sister’ towards Chu Yang at present.

[Mo Qing Wu’s feelings towards Chu Yang are very likely to change. It’ll just need the right conditions. Year after year of deep-rooted sense of longing will eventually take shape of undying love. But, Chu Yang is an adult. And, for an adult to grow feelings for a little girl… this is going to be extremely difficult…]

Mo Tian Ji put himself in Chu Yang’s shoes. He thought that it would have been very difficult for him to accept this if he were Chu Yang…

“Brother Chu… I know… this is… must be… hard for you.” Mo Tian Ji felt apologetic as he said.


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