Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 665: Hothead! – CN

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The two brothers — Dong Wu Shang and Dong Wu Lei — were walking on the road whilst pulling Dong Wu Lei’s horse. They were chatting along the way. Neither of them had felt this relaxed and happy in the past few years.

However, the remaining nine experts behind them were very nervous. They were following the two brothers whilst trembling with fear.

The unexpected thing was that the two brothers had neither mentioned about these nine experts… nor had they talked about how to deal with them. They hadn’t even spoken a word to them. They had been ignoring them in such a way.

The nine people wanted to talk. But, they were very embarrassed. They were nervous in their hearts. They were indeed suffering along the whole way.

The rims of Dong Wu Lei’s eyes were still somewhat red. He would rub around the rims of his eyes from time to time. However, he would do it very sneakily each time.

He was depressed and embarrassed.

[Dammit! I burst into tears in front of so many people. It’s almost the same as destroying my reputation!]

Dong Wu Lei was at a loss. He felt that he had lost face.

He recalled his appearance when he had been crying in a pathetic manner a while ago. The Young Clan Lord of Dong Clan wished the earth to spilt open and take him in.

[This will make me lose my mind. Wouldn’t it have been better if this stupid pig had died? No way in hell would I have grieved over that… Fu*k!]

Dong Wu Shang naturally wasn’t the kind of man who would be considerate enough to ignore this. He would step forward in concern for his brother, and ask about his eyes every time Dong Wu Lei rubbed them. Moreover, He would ask with a simple and honest face, “Elder Brother, do your eyes still feel uncomfortable? Alas, could it be that I made you that emotional… you, alas. You’re crying… I’m seeing you cry for the first time since childhood…”

And, Dong Wu Lei would become ashamed and unable to show his face every time! [You bastard… can’t you notice that I’m rubbing my eyes secretly? You just had to come over to console me…]

[Console my ass!]

Dong Wu Lei rubbed his eyes the eighth time, and Dong Wu Shang again came up to console him the eighth time. However, Dong Wu Lei couldn’t help but explode this time…

He efficiently and directly beat the crap out of Dong Wu Shang! He scolded him whilst giving him the beating, “Has that King of Hell Chu taught you to be a stupid swine? How did such a clever man become a brother of a pig-head like you? You had followed him every day. But, you couldn’t learn a little bit of fu*king cleverness from that clever man? You can’t even take a hint?! Smile now! Why don’t you try to smile again? I, I, I… I’ll beat you until you die. I…”

Dong Wu Shang covered his head with his hands, and took the beating with his eyes full of grievances. [What is this?]

[This guy doesn’t know how to distinguish between good and bad intentions. I seldom console Gu Du Xing and the others when they feel unwell. Can’t you see that I had done it because you’re my elder brother? …What’s wrong in that? Is it wrong to be concerned about you?]

The more Dong Wu Shang thought, the more wronged he felt. [I’m giving you the honor that others don’t get to enjoy. And, you’re beating me?]

[This is going beyond the limits of forbearance. I can’t take this anymore!]

[Enough is enough!]

[I can’t bear this anymore even if I wanted to!]

“Let me go!”

“Smack! Smack!”

“Let me go!”


“You’re still not done?!” Dong Wu Shang finally flipped out. He turned over, and started to strike back. He outrageously resisted his elder brother!

A fight had broken out between the two brothers. And, they both got badly battered as a result. Finally, they both lay down on the ground, and started to groan loudly.

Dong Wu Lei didn’t have to worry about his eyes turning red at the moment. It was because his eye-sockets had entirely turned blue…

A long while passed. Then, Dong Wu Lei said, “Wu Shang, I had noticed that what had happened today was weird!”


“Yes! It was too weird! Why did the Black Devil let us go?” Dong Wu Lei’s mouth had swollen like a pig holding grass in its mouth.

“Yes. I also felt that Black Devil wasn’t his normal self,” Dong Wu Shang’s complexion had become quite strange. He blinked his eyes; his one eye had turned back, while the other one had turned blue.

“Let’s say the fight had happened… The best we both brothers could’ve done was that we could’ve taken them down with us! In fact, we might not have achieved that either!” Dong Wu Lei said with discretion. It could be said that his understanding of Dong Wu Shang was the deepest.

“That’s because I had showed up. I had showed up, and become a burden on you. You wouldn’t have escaped if I hadn’t been able to escape. Then, the final outcome would’ve been that everyone would’ve fought desperately!

“However, those people were many in number. Their Emperor Level Experts lacked the sharpness of your Saber Emperor, but they were still six or seven grades higher than you. So, you would’ve undoubtedly died as long as they were willing to pay a price and stake everything to fight you!

“And, our Dong Clan would’ve collapsed with the deaths of us brothers. So, why did Black Devil give up at such a crucial moment?” Dong Wu Lei said, “As for what he had said -‘Saber Emperor appears, and the whole world cries’… it was simply nonsense. Had he implied that a Saber Monarch or a Saber Saint can’t make the world cry? A Saber Saint can’t make the world cry, but a trivial Saber Emperor can?”

“Did he have some other purpose?” Dong Wu Shang stood up from the ground, and pondered. “Or, so to say… he had some other plot against us?”

“Nonsense! What can he possibly plot against us? He wouldn’t dare to plot anything against a powerful enemy like our Dong Clan even if he is mad,” Dong Wu Lei distressfully said, “But, one thing is certain… He had a reason behind it. And, I’m afraid that this reason isn’t a small one!”

“Or, it can be said…” Dong Wu Shang stroked his chin, “He basically wanted me to owe him a favor?”

Dong Wu Lei became speechless. He then rolled his eyes, and said, “Do you think that you’re a Supreme Expert?”

“Supreme Expert? It would perhaps take a few more years to get there…” Dong Wu Shang honestly replied, “At least a few decades.”

“Fu*k off!”

Dong Wu Lei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So, he just spat his saliva. He then looked up to the sky, and heaved a deep sigh, “I’ve started to think that it had simply been an unforgivable blunder on my part to be scared and jealous of you earlier! Would you start using your brain a little?”

Dong Wu Shang said as if it was the most obvious thing, “Why do I need to use my brain as long as I’m with you?”

Dong Wu Lei was startled by this.

These casual words of Dong Wu Shang had revealed his incomparable trust in his elder brother. Moreover, this trust seemed deep-rooted!

[Why do I need to use my brain as long as I’m with you?]

Dong Wu Lei couldn’t help but become teary-eyed. He also couldn’t help but smack Dong Wu Shang, “You brat, you’re trying to gain sympathy?!”

“Sympathy…?” Dong Wu Shang comforted the back of his head since he was unable to understand this unfathomable mystery. He then disdainfully said, “You’re sick!”

Dong Wu Lei heavily breathed in anger.

A long while passed. He then said, “You must be vigilant when you meet Black Devil in future. I can feel that this matter isn’t that simple.”

Dong Wu Shang nodded in agreement. However, he thought, [It isn’t simple? Could it be that it is depraved?]

Both of them had crawled up from the ground. They were going to reach their clan soon. They were silent.

“I’ll leave the clan afterwards.” There had been a long period of silence. However, Dong Wu Shang became the first to open his mouth. He sincerely looked at his elder brother, and said.

Dong Wu Shang’s body suddenly shuddered.

“Two swords can’t fit in one sheath. I… don’t fit in the clan. There’s no rivalry between you and me, but there are many people in our clan who either have ulterior motives… or have groundless fears.”

Dong Wu Shang ran his mind. He then said, “The elders, priests, and senior elders of the clan will raise a rebellion once they are convinced that my aptitude has surpassed yours. You, father, and I… none of us would be able to stop it.”

Dong Wu Lei silently lowered his head, and proceeded.

His heart again sank into conflicting views.

[I hate to let my brother leave. But, I’m also not willing to let him stay at home.]

“As for these nine people… let them be.” Dong Wu Shang smiled, “You don’t need to punish Elder Sister-in-law either. After all, almost all of her Yu Clan’s elite troops got killed this time. They had come to deal with me, but they had done so for you.”

Dong Wu Lei coldly snorted and said, “I won’t let them off the hook that easily!” All the conflicting views and affection in Dong Wu Lei’s eyes changed into cold-heartedness as he talked about this matter.

Dong Wu Lei had finally revealed that ruthless and ambitious side of his personality.

“Think about my nephew,” Dong Wu Shang said.

Dong Wu Lei snorted.

They arrived at their clan whilst chatting. Dong Wu Lei then issued an order… The remaining nine experts obediently went to the hall of discipline by themselves. They were then beaten till they were half dead. However, they didn’t dare to utter a word.

Father Dong Qi Gong saw that both the brothers had returned together… His face had been brimming with anxiety until now. But, it finally revealed a smile of relief at this moment. However, he then noticed that both the brothers had bloody noses and swollen faces. So, he hastily asked them what had transpired.

“He hit me!” Dong Wu Shang pointed his finger towards Dong Wu Lei.

“He also hit me…” Dong Wu Lei snorted through his nose.

Dong Qi Gong had a hearty laugh. And, his worries disappeared in their entirety.

A big banquet was arranged in the Dong Clan that night… Everyone drank to their heart’s content. However, Dong Wu Lei hurriedly rushed out after drinking halfway… His complexion was gloomy.

Dong Wu Shang didn’t ask his elder brother anything about what had happened with his elder sister-in-law. And, Dong Wu Lei didn’t say anything either.

Both the brothers had a tacit mutual understanding in this regard.

The Dong Clan’s troops prepared to go for a military campaign the next day.

Dong Wu Lei was naturally leading the troops. Dong Wu Shang was also with him. They had planned to take a detour along the way. They wouldn’t pass through the Broken Soul Cliff. They would instead take the Two Suns Mountain Pass. They would reach the Gu Clan’s domain after they took a turn from the Two Suns Mountain Pass. Then, they would go to the north along with Gu Du Xing and the army that he was leading. Then, they would go to the Mo Clan, and join forces with it.

The decisive battle of the Middle Three heavens was finally going to take place!

Dong Wu Shang and his father had had a long conversation till late night the same day. Dong Qi Gong had sighed over and over till mid-night. Then, he had finally agreed since he didn’t have another choice.

Dong Wu Shang had knelt before the clan’s elders before going to the battle. He had knocked his head nine times on the ground.

Then, he had turned around, gotten on his horse, and started off on his journey.

A group of people arrived at the Two Suns Mountain Pass. In fact, it was a strong army!

There was a forest on both sides of the army. Dong Wu Shang had been walking at the forefront. He suddenly felt that there was something wrong. He turned his head around, and looked… A black light had suddenly flown over towards Dong Wu Shang from the woods on the left side.

Dong Wu Shang snorted. He then hastily stretched out his hand, and caught this black light; it was a black-feathered arrow. Dong Wu Shang rapidly flew from his horse as he caught this arrow… His Black Saber changed into a black beam. Then, his body united with his saber, and he instantly flew into the forest.

Dong Wu Shang covered four-hundred feet into the forest with a ‘shua’ sound. However, he didn’t find anything. He was left puzzled by this. However, his peripheral vision suddenly made him realize that grasses were gently swaying a hundred feet away from him on his left side. So, he bellowed, and pounced over to that side.

A black-clothed shadow cried out in alarm, and flew out from the underbrush whilst issuing a rustling sound. The shadow then flashed, and rushed more than a hundred feet away.

Dong Wu Shang couldn’t help but gawk. This person’s figure was slender, fair, and graceful. The figure looked like a tender willow swaying in the wind as it moved. Its speed was fast, but its movements were quite exquisite.

It was clearly a young maiden!

[How could a maiden appear in such a place?]

Dong Wu Shang remained startled for a while. Then, he went to pursue that maiden. The maiden’s agility skills were fast and nimble. Her speed was also very quick. However, her cultivation was clearly much inferior to that of the Saber Emperor – Dong Wu Shang.

The black-clothed maiden became angry and anxious when she saw that Dong Wu Shang was in close pursuit. She then turned her head, and coldly shouted, “I’ve come with a kind intention to deliver a message to you. Then, why are you chasing me as if I’m your foe? You’re indeed a hothead!”


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