Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 660: Black Devil! Lurking Behind like an Oriole! – CN

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Du Liu Feng quickly pounced over. His eyes were full of delight and tyrannical cruelty.

However, something happened at this moment when his body had just jumped up…

A black shadow suddenly flashed out of the woods like a ghost in his background! It then took three big strides, and appeared right behind Du Liu Feng’s body like a meteor. Then, two iron hands were heavily slammed on Du Liu Feng’s back in his most happy moment.

This heavy blow had been executed in midair. However, it still made a loud thunderous noise. It caused an air explosion, and even set off shock waves in the air!

Du Liu Feng screamed. He then used both of his hands to grasp backwards with all his strength. Not enough time had passed since the enemy had hit him. So, Du Liu Feng hadn’t been sent flying away yet. He caught the arms of the enemy behind him in that split-second, and made a counter-offensive with all his strength!

The bodies of the two people seemed to have been fastened together as one… That violent attack finally played its role at this moment… Du Liu Feng faced upwards to roar, but ended up spouting a blood rain everywhere.

And, the bodies of the two went flying out together like a meteor.

Or so to say, Du Liu Feng went flying out, but the person who had attacked him was also taken along by him.

That man screamed in alarm… Both of his hands had been caught at the same time. He was trying his best to break free. Du Liu Feng let out a hateful scream at this moment, “Black Devil!” He was in panic because he was aware of the violent storm that had befallen him.

It was a black-masked man who had been taken away by Diu Liu Feng.

This black-masked man was the Heavenly Assassin of the Black Devil Clan! His cultivation was inferior to an Eight Grade Emperor Expert like Du Liu Feng. However, it wasn’t far behind.

Moreover, his stealth skills and his ability to use a sneak attack to assassinate were especially outstanding. He had hidden in the woods, launched an attack from there, and unexpectedly succeeded at the first attempt!

Though, it was a pity that he had ended up getting himself caught.

The two were closely entangled in midair… They were like a pair of hoodlums engaged in a fight. They were wildly hitting each other without the least bit of technique.

Then, the two of them simultaneously released their domain-fields. Consequently, their domain-fields cancelled each other out, and changed into nothingness!

Then, it came down to a sincere brawl. It started with kicks…

Fists, feet, teeth, elbows, knees, shoulders, waist, and hips… all of them were used for attacking… even the head!

The Black Devil expert was trying his utmost to break free. However, it seemed that Du Liu Feng would stake his life to drag him down with himself. Diu Liu Feng had suffered a major blow… So, he would have no martial strength left even if he were to survive. So, it was better go out with a bang!

Some people might ask that Black Devil expert why he hadn’t attacked when Du Liu Feng had been regulating his breathing to dispel the saber energy… After all, wouldn’t attacking him at that time have been more convenient?

However, it was somewhat hard to say whether it would’ve truly been more convenient. Du Liu Feng had been regulating his breathing at that time since the saber energy had severely damaged his meridians. However, he would’ve naturally risen vigorously to counterattack if the enemy had launched a deadly attack at him at that time. He would’ve staked his seriously hurt meridians just to kill the enemy!

Besides, he was most vigilant during the healing time. And, this meant that this Black Devil hadn’t had the assurance of a sure-shot kill. Therefore, he had been silently waiting for the right opportunity. However, Du Liu Feng hadn’t been vigilant when he had finally set out after getting fully healed. In fact, he had been rather happy since the victory was within his grasp. The best time to launch a fatal strike on someone is when they are confident of their victory… That’s because that is when they are most vulnerable!

The two men’s bodies were entangled as they rolled down… The two of them looked badly mangled when they finally crashed on the ground. Both of them fiercely spouted mouthfuls of blood.

Two majestic Emperor Experts — one of eighth grade and the other of seventh grade — had crashed on the ground, and blood had splattered out from all parts of their bodies. The sound of snapping of bones resounded unceasingly. It was hard to tell how many bones had simultaneously cracked in their bodies with the fall.

Both of them let out one last bellow. Then, they both turned their heads, and opened their mouths revealing their eerie blood-stained teeth. They then bit each other’s throat at the same time!

Neither of them had bothered to dodge or back off. That’s because they both knew that they had no hope of survival. So, they had dragged each other down before dying!

Spurt! Spurt!

Blood gushed out from the throats of the two men at the same time. Then, the two took their last breath at the same time…

They both died a violent death!

Dong Wu Shang just stood motionless… He didn’t bother about the blood splashing out of the wound on his back. His face was full of derision.

There was a mark on his chest. This mark had been made by Chu Yang for the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. And, Dong Wu Shang was well aware that there was a medicinal pill in this mark.

[Big Brother had once said that — Take this medicine… as long as the heart is not impaled… and as long as the head isn’t exploded or chopped off… and you’ll be cured in no time!]

Dong Wu Shang had known this all along, but he still hadn’t thought about taking this medicine.

And, that’s because his heart was already dead!

It had been broken into pieces!

His elder brother wanted him dead… He had sent all of the experts under his control to deal with him. This had been too big a blow to take. So, the good-will in his heart had been entirely crushed.

“Father, you’re the Clan Lord. You don’t know about such a big operation?” Dong Wu Shang silently asked. The tears nearly flowed out again, but he forcibly held them in.

“Even you don’t want me?”

The Dong Clan had strict rules and regulations. And, the management of the personnel was also very strict. Dong Wu Shang knew this all too well. The clan had to be aware if such a large number of people had come out regardless of the reason behind it.

Otherwise, they couldn’t have gotten out of the Dong Clan’s front door.

Therefore, Dong Wu Shang was even more in despair.

[What’s the point in living-on if it’s truly like this? What do I go on living for?]

[The education that I’ve received since childhood is for the clan. Everything I do is for the clan. My efforts in all these years are for the clan. Even following Big Brother is also somewhat for the clan. After all, Big Brother has told us to take our clans, and rush to the top of the Nine Heavens!]

[I wanted to take Dong Clan to the Upper Three Heavens!]

[It’s unfortunate that you people didn’t give me an opportunity to do so.]

[Who do I fight for after today? Who do I stake everything for? Who do I work hard for? My very own father doesn’t care whether I live or die! Even my blood brother wants to get rid of me as quickly as possible.]

[Is there any reason for me to go on living?]

Dong Wu Shang forced a smile. It was a mirthless smile which contained a trace of despair. It was smile that showed his hopelessness. He could easily take out the medicinal pill at any time, and could get healed up in a moment. In fact, the Black Devils wouldn’t be able to stop Dong Wu Shang from reinstating his strength even if they had ten times the manpower! 

However, Dong Wu Shang refused to use the pill!

He just wanted to die… That’s all!

“Ha ha ha… It’s very entertaining. I hadn’t thought that I’d get to see such a good show of a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents!” a gloomy and sinister voice came from far away. This voice contained an unmitigated excitement and complacence.

“Moreover, this good show is that of an internal strife! This makes me even more excited.”

A black figure came over from far away along with this voice… This person was slowly walking with swagger. He had a sort of proud and carefree air about him. This man was dressed entirely in black… He was clad in a long black robe. He also wore a black mask on his face. He was walking on the road, but it seemed as if his feet weren’t touching the ground.

There were more than forty black-clothed men behind him. All of them seemed to be covered in blood… Some of them were wounded as well. However, all of them had a look of triumph in their eyes as they gazed at Dong Wu Shang and the nine remaining experts of Dong Clan standing in front of them.

They were in a position to be proud…

After all, the enemies before them had no power left to fight back. They were basically waiting to be beheaded with their necks outstretched… They posed no threat.

The strongest enemy expert of Eighth Grade Emperor Level had already become a pile of rotten meat on the ground. They had also lost a top-level assassin of Seventh Grade Emperor Level.

However, it was still worth it.

The remaining nine people of Dong Clan were dumbstruck.

There was a look of deep despair on their faces.

That Emperor Level Expert of Dong Clan suddenly shouted loudly as his body trembled once, “Black Devil!”

That black-clothed man let out a sinister laugh. This laughter was indeed sinister. Still, the delight present in it was pretty obvious. He slowly took a step forward, and elegantly said, “The glorious Dong Clan is famous for its fighting prowess in the whole land… So, I hadn’t expected that it would have heard the name of Black Devil. You’re right… I’m the next Black Devil of the Black Devil Clan! You people can call me… Young Master Devil.”

“Young Master Devil?” that Emperor Expert of Dong Clan repeated. Then, his body suddenly shook as he shouted, “Where are our people? Where are the Yu Clan’s people? You… Black Devil, how did you get here? Where are our people?!”

Young Black Devil looked astonished as he said, “Your people? Ah ha ha… So, your people were also there? You should go and search if your people have gone missing. Why ask me? How would I know?”

That Emperor Expert snorted, and bitterly said, “Where are the Yu Clan’s people?”

“The Yu Clan’s people…? The Yu Clan’s people aren’t surnamed Dong. So, you don’t need to ask about them.” Young Black Devil burst into loud laughter, “However, I’ll make an exception, and give you a reply since you people look so pitiful.”

He then shook his head, and said, “Are you asking about those hundred people of Yu Clan? Humph, they dared to sell out someone from the family of their own son-in-law. And, I’ve always despised such ingrates. So, I did you people a big favor, and slaughtered them all. I chopped off their heads!”

He chuckled, and continued, “It just so happens that many of them were listed in the hit-list of our Black Devil Clan. So, I brought back their heads as proof of the kill after I butchered them. You… Do you want to have a look?”

That Emperor Expert’s body shook for a while, and his face turned deathly pale. He then opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak. He only threw up blood from his mouth.

“Black Devil… You! You…!” He pointed at the Black Devil, but couldn’t say a word. He just kept vomiting blood.

[It’s over… It’s all over.]

[Only sixty people had come from the Yu Clan, but the Black Devil has killed more than hundred people. So, it’s obvious that the rest forty people were the ones from the Dong Clan.]

[Our only hope is gone…]

“Black Devil?” Dong Wu Shang seemed to have responded only now. His body sluggishly turned a little. He then looked at the Young Black Devil, and his eyes lit up, “It’s you?!”

Young Black Devil sighed, and exclaimed, “Brother Dong!”

Dong Wu Shang had turned around whilst leaning on his saber. He then coldly asked in a calm and steady voice, “You’ve come to kill me?”

“Correct!” Young Black Devil faced upward, and heaved a deep sigh, “I hadn’t thought that I would encounter this situation. However, I feel grateful for this situation, Brother Dong. I had watched your battle from the beginning to end, and discovered that… I’m inferior to you!”

He laughed… This laughter was also sinister. However, it was full of disappointment as well as reverence, “I’m afraid that you would’ve broken out of our siege unscathed had I been directly pitted against you. Moreover, there would’ve been serious casualties on my side in that case.”

Dong Wu Shan’s body just swayed a bit. But, he didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry, Brother Dong. I can’t have a fair fight with you… even though I truly wanted that.” Young Black Devil said solemnly, “I must kill you today! But, I want to show my respect for you… So, I’ll first kill these nine people, and then kill you! That way I’ll help you take revenge on your enemies before you die… That way you can die contentedly, and rest in peace in the afterlife!”

Dong Wu Shang was sad, but he still laughed. He then said in a ridiculing manner, “So, the Black Devil wants to take unfair advantage of our internal strife. Ha ha ha… It’s laughable… It’s truly laughable! Revenge, you say…? Humph, you think I need ‘you’ to take revenge for me?”


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