Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 606 – CN

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Everyone’s spirit rose up. They turned their heads to see. Ou Du Xiao didn’t get enough time to inquire about the identities of Tan Tan and the others. Instead, he and the others took out their weapons with ‘shua’ sounds.

They saw the river water rippling and churning. Then, a silhouette came out of the river. And, all the weapons from all the directions rushed forwards to attack this person.

Flesh and blood swirled in the air along with multiple ‘shua’ sounds the next moment. In fact, that person wasn’t even able to utter a word before he got chopped to pieces. However, this person turned out to be a Revered Martial Artist of the Tian Clan who had secretly dived into the river.

Meanwhile, a splashing sound came from another direction as another figure jumped out of the river. This figure had a large bright and shiny saber in his hand. It was the ‘Sunlight Saber’ that he had plundered from the Lower Three Heavens.

This saber was no less than a treasure for Ao Xie Yun. It was a part of his personal collection. However, he wasn’t a saber artist. In fact, the entire Ao Clan had a family tradition of using swords.

Therefore, he was incapable of using a saber to a proper effect when confronting an enemy.

A swordsman might as well be unarmed if he were to face the enemy with a saber. Therefore, it wasn’t a good choice since the saber couldn’t come in handy for Ao Xie Yun. However, Ao Xie Yun had been discovered underwater. And, his sword had been shattered into pieces. Therefore, he had no other choice but to use this saber…

“Brother Ao, long time no see,” Ou Du Xiao mischievously smiled. He sounded very cultured and gentle.

“It’s you guys!” Ao Xie Yun was inside an intense encirclement. But, his face had a calm and collected look. Water droplets were dripping down from all over his body. He insipidly said, “Have you brought such a big army just to… kill me?”

“There was no other way. Brother Ao is the number-one person among the younger generation in the Middle Three Heavens. How would we have caught you if we weren’t prepared?” Ou Du Xiao laughed out loud, “Brother Ao was able to escape for a thousand miles even from such a big army. This little brother truly admires you.”

Ao Xie Yun swept his eyes around. Then, he slightly smiled and said, “But, you’ve finally found me.” Ao Xie Yun was very tranquil even in such a hopeless situation. He then gently smiled, “Brother Ou, can I ask you a question?”

“Does Brother Ao wish to ask… why we want to kill you?” Ou Du Xiao smiled.


“I honestly admire Brother Ao as a friend. Brother Ao has always been my closest friend and brother! I would’ve never thought of going against Brother Ao if I had any other choice.” Ou Du Xiao sighed with regret, and said helplessly.

“Brother Ou is affectionate and righteous. You’re a good man,” Ao Xie Yun replied with a vague smile.

Tian Bu Hui, Tu Qian Hao, and Black Devil Youth giggled at the same time.

Ou Du Xiao’s face had somewhat turned red. But, he regained his composure and said, “It’s always better to be ‘good man’ than a dead man.”

Ao Xie Yun nodded. After all, he also felt the same way deep down. “Brother Ou, we were almost like family to each other. Therefore, could you not keep me in the dark before I die?”

“Brother Ao, the fact is that you’re innocent. We didn’t wish to deal with you at all… but, we’ve no other choice. However, we can’t ignore the fact that you’re the Eldest Young Master of the Ao Clan, can we?” Ou Du Xiao faintly smiled, “How would we shift the blame on Xie Dan Qiong if we don’t kill you. How would we create chaos in the Middle Three heavens if we don’t shift the blame on Xie Dan Qiong? And, how would we deal with King of Hell Chu, Xie Clan, Mo Clan, Dong Clan, Gu Clan, and Luo Clan if we don’t cause chaos in the Middle Three Heavens?

Ou Du Xiao coldly snorted, “How would we protect ourselves if we don’t deal with them? How would we establish our domination? Wouldn’t all this be impossible if your Ao Clan doesn’t move into action? And, wouldn’t everything work out smoothly so long as you die?”

“So that’s how it is.” Ao Xie Yun nodded. He had understood everything clearly. “It is all about your ambitions in the end.”

Tian Bu Hui took a step forward and said, “Ao Xie Yun, this Tian wanted to have a fair fight with you. But, I deeply regret that I never got the opportunity to do so.”

Ao Xie Yun slightly shook his head. Then, he solemnly said, “Nothing has ever been fair between you and me because the Tian Clan stands nowhere in the eyes of Ao Xie Yun.”

A sharp vigor glowed in Tian Bu Hui’s eyes as he indifferently said, “I hope that Brother Ao will be able to argue this incisively even after he has turned into a ghost.”

Ao Xie Yun burst into laughter and replied, “I can’t be sure about that. But, there is one thing I’m sure about — I won’t be the ghost of a shameless traitor!”

An ominous glint flashed in Tian Bu Hui’s eyes. He then shouted at his men, “Who would take down Ao Xie Yun for me?!”

Ao Xie Yun burst into loud laughter. Then, a heroic and utterly fearless voice transmitted out to afar. He was carrying his saber horizontally in front of his chest. Then, he let out a loud shout, “There’s an excellent head right here. Who wants to take it?”

Tan Tan pushed Meng Luo at this moment. Meng Luo immediately understood the gesture, and jumped over. He then said with a smile, “Brother Ao, I will have this fight with you.”

The several other Eldest Young Masters were startled. [What happened to Meng Luo?]

[Ao Xie Yun is like a turtle in a jar at the moment. He wouldn’t be able to escape even if he was given a pair of wings. So, why would Meng Luo willingly jump into danger like that?]

One must know that Ao Xie Yun’s present cultivation level was far better than that of Meng Luo. Ao Xie Yun was seriously hurt at the moment. However, he would still be able to take Meng Luo down with him.

And, it was certain that Ao Xie Yun would do his utmost to save himself no matter who stepped forward.

The rest of the young masters hadn’t stepped forward to undertake this task because they were worried about this. However, they hadn’t expected that this ever-gloomy Meng Luo would impetuously jump over.

Meng Luo laughed out loud and said, “Brother Ao’s corpse is very useful. So, how would I ever feel relieved if I let others ruin it?”

He raised his palm after he said so. Then, he said with a smile, “I want to fight Brother Ao unarmed. Let’s fight!”

A killing intention flashed in Ao Xie Yun’s eyes as he said, “Such being the case… you are most welcome, Brother Meng.”

Meng Luo laughed out loud, and set into action to attack Ao Xie Yun. Ao Xie Yun’s saber light flashed to welcome the attack. And, both of them immediately engaged in a barrage of clashes.

Forty to fifty experts of the Meng Clan gathered to watch the fight. They seemed afraid that their Young Clan Lord might lose.

This was human nature after all. Tian Bu Hui and the others also took a step forward unconsciously.

However, Chu Yang and the others seemed completely uninterested in this. They were standing on a boulder at a distant place with their arms crossed. They were observing from outside the encirclement.

The fight between these two set-off gusts of strong wind in the battlefield which issued whistling sounds. The sounds of the collisions were unceasingly echoing as well.

The more Ao Xie Yun attacked, the more startled he became. The more he hit, the more puzzled he became. Meng Luo’s attacks didn’t have any killing intention behind them even though his attacks were very fierce and his fighting style was extremely malicious. His attacks would start out as extremely powerful. But, they would lose their power by the time they’d approached Ao Xie Yun’s body.

[He’s clearly losing on purpose… But, why?]

Ao Xie Yun was at a loss. [Meng Luo and I have never had friendly relations. In fact, we don’t have any good impressions of each other. We have only mocked and ridiculed each other whenever we’ve met. So, why is he losing this fight on purpose?]

However, a hope had emerged in Ao Xie Yun’s heart no matter what Meng Luo’s intentions were. He had thought that he would certainly die this time. And, he had accepted his fate as well. But now, he had a hope of surviving. So, how could he let himself die?

He couldn’t help but circulate his vision to look all around for an opportunity to escape. There was no certainty of this opportunity… However, Ao Xie Yun didn’t have any other choice at the moment.

Meng Luo suddenly shouted loudly while they were in the middle of the fight. He said while smiling, “Brother Ao is truly worthy of his reputation. You have been chased for a thousand miles. However, you’re still left with so much strength. That’s truly admirable!” he had blinked while saying this.

Ao Xie Yun’s heart was filled with doubts. But, he had suddenly seen a glimmer of hope in this hopeless situation. He coldly snorted and said, “I have been hunted for a thousand miles. But, I am confident that I can drag Brother Meng down to hell with me if I want to.”

Meng Luo continuously hit out his palm with whistling sounds. And, the dust in the surrounding area soared upwards because of the palm attacks. It almost created a smoke screen before everyone, and left them unable to see anything inside. They could only hear the ‘bangs’ and ‘thumps’ echoing chaotically. Therefore, it seemed as if these two were engaged in an intense battle. Then, Meng Luo loudly roared, “Ao Xie Yun, die!”

However, Meng Luo drew close to Ao Xie Yun amidst all the dust and smoke, and quickly whispered, “I will send you to your left front with all my strength! Don’t defend afterwards. Some people will get you out of here.”

He didn’t wait for Ao Xie Yun to reply after he had said this. Instead, he suddenly shouted out loud, “Ao – Xie – Yun! Die!” A sound of explosion was heard… as if the two men had firmly collided with each other. Then, sand flew, stones rolled, and the dust fiercely rose upwards.

Everyone raised their sleeves up to cover their faces from the flying sand and stones.

A shadow suddenly flew high like a meteor from amidst the dust and smoke. Then, the voice of Meng Luo’s laughter came. It was also followed by his words, “Die!” Then, he moved quickly and struck heavily with his two palms in midair. The two slaps landed on the middle of Ao Xie Yun’s back whilst he was in mid-air. Then, he fly-kicked Ao Xie Yun’s lower back.

Ao Xie Yun screamed as he was smashed out like a meteor.

Meng Luo didn’t relax a bit. He pursued after him flying. Then, he laughed in a self-satisfied manner.

[Ao Xie Yun is doomed!]

A feeling arose in the hearts of Tian Bu Hui, Ou Du Xiao, and the others. [I didn’t think that the exhausted Ao Xie Yun would be so easily sorted out by Meng Luo. I would’ve taken the credit for killing him if I’d known this earlier…]

They turned their heads to see while regretting. But, they immediately opened their eyes wide in a stare.

However, they saw that the Ao Xie Yun’s body was flying. It had strangely flown out to a distance of more than three-hundred feet away. But, it was still gliding at a high altitude…

“Crap!” Young Black Devil was the first to react. He stamped his feet, and flew forward to chase after Ao Xie Yun with a lightning speed.

Everyone had come to realize this, [It would’ve been impossible for Ao Xie Yun to keep on flying for so far relying on his own ability even if he were in his prime. Moreover, he had just been sent flying by a kick. The only person who could be responsible for such a situation is Meng Luo!]

[This can only mean that Meng Luo has colluded with Ao Xie Yun, and he is helping him escape.]

They thought till here. Then, these Eldest Young Masters gritted their teeth so hard that they almost grinded them into pieces!

[Meng Luo, you’ve done it now!]

Ao Xie Yun went flying over to Chu Yang and the others in the blink of an eye. Then, Gu Du Xing suddenly unsheathed his Black Dragon Sword with a ‘clang’. It changed into a black lightning. Then, he united with his sword, and flew up into the sky. He grabbed Ao Xie Yun’s waistband. Then, he brandished his Black Dragon Sword, and flew away!

They crossed a thousand feet in a flash… like a meteor streaking through the horizon!

Young Black Devil had been the fastest to chase. However, his entire body shivered at this moment. He blurted out, “Sword Emperor?!”

Chu Yang and the others let out a shout. They also followed at a lightning speed.

Finally, Meng Luo also ran away.

All of these things had happened so quickly and dramatically that it was too much for everyone’s eyes to take in. All of these things had occurred almost at the same time. Therefore, no one had gotten enough time to react. After all, they had never imagined that such a thing could happen.

Ou Du Xiao, the other Young Masters, and the experts of those big aristocratic clans wanted to pursue. But, they were collectively attacked by the experts of the Meng Clan. In fact, five or six people immediately lost their lives. All of them felt so angry that their hearts almost crumbled.

However, Meng Clan’s people also ran behind Meng Luo before these people could react.

“Meng Luo! You scumbag!” The Ou Du Xiao’s entire body shivered in anger. He almost vomited out blood. He shouted loudly in a stern voice, “Chase after them. Don’t spare them at any cost. Kill them all! Don’t leave even one of them alive!”

The experts of all the great clans immediately rushed forth.

In fact, they flew out like a duck that had been cooked thoroughly! However, Ou Du Xiao and the others felt like rubbing rub their eyes in disbelief. [Isn’t this too fu*king bizarre?]

It would’ve been understandable if someone else among them was in Meng Luo’s place. In fact, it would’ve been excusable even if Ou Du Xiao had let Ao Xie Yun escape. Everyone would’ve understood it. [But… why did Meng Luo – who was the most unlikely one to do it – do it?!]

[Is this a fu*king dream or something?]


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