Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 592 – CN

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That man laughed out loud and said, “Fu*k, I am laughing at the banter between you two, and you still can’t stand it? You even came looking for trouble with me? You’ve got quite the nerve…”

He turned around while laughing. But, he saw that a dazzling sword-light had gotten condensed in his face.

It then pierced his throat in a flash!

[One Ray of Cold Light Pierces Ten Thousand Fathom!]

Chu Yang threw himself at the man along with the sword attack. Then, he heavily punched him while issuing a ‘bam’ sound. Then, he said while laughing out loud, “See how I make you laugh!”

The body of that man distorted in a strange manner. Then, his body convulsed and became motionless. His eyes remained wide open, and there was a look of disbelief in them. It was evident that he hadn’t imagined this in his wildest dreams. His companion had been affectionately joking with him. But, how did that man turn into the killer who took his life?

[But, I’m a Martial King. And, this guy is only a Revered Martial Artist. How can he possibly kill me? Moreover, why does he wish to kill me?]

This King Level Expert was left with a myriad of questions. However, he died with an injustice not redressed…

Chu Yang mischievously laughed as he jumped away from the man’s body. He then waved his fist, and fiercely punched Ji Mo. Ji Mo got knocked down on the ground. Chu Yang was gasping while issuing ‘hu hu’ sounds, “You, you… you’re also still laughing…”

Ji Mo was a clever man. He performed a kick up, and jumped up high in the air as he said while gasping for breath, “You got urinated over yourself, and I’m not even allowed to laugh?”

He threw himself at Chu Yang while speaking. Then, ‘bam’ sounds were heard…

Chu Yang screamed, “Then, you laugh properly, ouch… you, you… you’re kicking my eggs…”

Everybody burst into laughter. Many of the troublemakers couldn’t control themselves. So, they stood up from their positions, and walked towards this side. Everyone had a smiling expression on their faces.

Some people were laughing while walking, “Dammit! He’s acting so righteous and valiant even after he got peed on his pants. I’m seeing such a thing for the first time… The pee didn’t make you go crazy, right…?”

Chu Yang got angry, “Why don’t you try to piss on your pant? This fu*king feeling of getting your thighs dripping wet is so disgusting… Oh my… I will fu*k you… you, you, sss… motherfu*ker… you pissed on my crotch…”

“Ha ha…” there was a burst of laughter. Seven or eight people swiftly came over. Everyone was radiant with joy. And, everyone was in high spirits.

They arrived at the spot, and they only saw that two men dressed in black were rolling on the ground. One of them had covered the crotch of his trouser with his hands while his body was in a curled-up position. And, the other one was punching him and beating him up while lying on his body.

A ninth grade Martial King tried to control his laughter as he said in a dignified way, “That’s enough. Get up. See, what a mess you’ve made!”

He had issued an order. So, both of them obeyed and jumped up.

They had jumped. But, they jumped particularly high, and had gotten separated into two directions.

Two essentially bright lights also shone at this time. And, they lightened up this gloomy forest with a bright white radiance.

Ji Mo united with his sword. His entire persona changed into a Death God that had rushed out from hell. His body was carrying the sword energy that could conquer every obstacle. He then ferociously charged into three Martial Kings on one side while using this earth-shattering power!

It was like a mountain had fiercely smashed down.

Chu Yang pulled out the Nine Tribulations Sword. He then unleashed ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!’

This attack was launched outrageously! And, this attack changed into an overwhelming crazy dragon. A burst of sword-light suddenly shot out from this attack. Then, it flew up high in the air, and conveniently hung upside down like a meteor coming down from the space!

The first Martial King who had to bear the brunt had a fully bloomed smile on his face as a chill penetrated through his heart with ‘pop’ sound. Then, his body split up into pieces. His head flew spinning in mid-air; that bright smile was still on it…

Then, a second Martial King got shrouded in sword-light. He hadn’t taken any precautionary measures either. That smiling expression became rigid on his face. And, he was then torn into pieces before he could change his smile into an expression of panic.

The third Martial King also didn’t get enough time to scream as many blood holes got formed on his body.

Another Martial King was fourth in line. However, his head had registered the first three deaths. So, this Martial King got enough time to react. He hurriedly unsheathed his sword. However, he didn’t have enough time to use any technique. So, he simply swung his sword with all his might in desperation.

The incredible and mighty Nine Tribulations Sword charged forward. And, it broke that sword into pieces with a light crackling sound. The man screamed as his arm blended to dust. Then, Chu Yang penetrated his sword through the man’s bosom. The sword-light scattered everywhere along with countless lumps of flesh. And, a dense red colour filled the air as a result.

However, Chu Yang didn’t stop. After all, the power of the move ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’ he had launched hadn’t exhausted yet. So, he fiercely directed the attack towards the only remaining King Level Expert. However, that man repeatedly issued sharp screams as he raised his palm, and fiercely spread a black mist. Then, he again raised his palm, and suddenly a white mist was issued!

The poisonous mist of both the colours had spread everywhere in the vicinity in the blink of an eye.

He had frantically used poison attacks. He had used the ‘Poison Technique’. He had used every hidden weapon that he could’ve shot out. He then shouted loudly in panic, and drew out his sword while drawing backwards.

Chu Yang squinted. He unceasingly waved his sword as he broke into the poisonous mist. The sword energy surged about, and spread everywhere inside the poison mist. Chu Yang rushed forward and the glistening sword-light approached this Martial King’s chest.

The Martial King let out a loud scream. He suddenly threw away his long sword. Then, he turned around and ran.

He was faced with the incredible might of Chu Yang’s sword. And, he had witnessed the horrifying state of his companions. So, he didn’t even have the courage to defend himself at this time. Therefore, he directly fled…

Chu Yang put down the Sword Point, and switched the move from ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’ to ‘a sharp will buried deep will not change’!

He restrained the sword-light. Then, he soared high up in the air. It seemed that a peerless sword that had been buried deep for ten-thousand years had suddenly dug up and revealed its matchless sharpness!


Sword-light was still shining in mid-air as the sword energy broke into the back of the escaping Martial King! The entire body of that King Level Expert shivered as a result. He had an expression of despair on his face as he struggled to shout, “Save me…”

However, he had barely spoken out these words when a sword-light pierced through his back like a rainbow. Then, Chu Yang flushed out from the middle of the man’s body along with the sword, and landed fifty feet away. The long sword was tilting towards the earth. Therefore, the beads of blood didn’t stay on the blade of sword, and slowly dripped down with ‘drip’ sounds.

The body of this Martial King spilt up into pieces with a ‘bang’ sound. The expressions of fright and despair were still visible on his face as his big head was sent rolling on the ground. It rolled several times…

Ji Mo collected his sword and stood still on the other side. There was a pile of badly mangled and mutilated corpses in front of him! The two Martial Kings and one Revered Martial Artist hadn’t put up their guards. Therefore, they had been slaughtered by the combination of Ji Mo and his sword!

There was silence.

The forest was utterly silent.

There was a dense blood fog in the air. The poisonous mist that hadn’t diverged yet fluctuated erratically and fluttered in the air. This was proof of the horrendous incident that had happened here a moment ago.

Who could’ve imagined that two people would go to take a piss, and such vicious and merciless death gods would return in their steads?

Eight human lives had vanished in a puff of smoke within the blink of an eye…

“Bastard!” a tall and sturdy man violently bellowed in rage. It was a second grade Martial Emperor. He was so angry that he couldn’t control himself. He jumped out from the place he had been hiding in. The muscles of his face twitched, “You… who are you two?”

“The ones who want your life!” a voice coldly replied as a sharp sword-tip suddenly emerged from his chest. Then, it quickly yanked back. He then got slapped on his back in a very vigorous manner.

This Martial Emperor exposed a look of disbelief on his face. His body had been fiercely hit, and he was sent out flying as a result. He still couldn’t believe that he had been injured so fatally. He let out a loud scream. He then suddenly drew his sword while being in the air, and ferociously circulated his energy through his body.

Two perfectly round streams of blood ferociously spurt out from his back and chest with a ‘puff’. And, the entire strength of his body was evacuated in this moment. In fact, it felt as if a sack was emptied at once, and was left to fall from the sky.

He fell to the ground with a ‘thump’ sound. He raised his head with all his might, and turned his neck to look behind himself. “Who… are you?”

“It’s me!”

A black-robed youth calmly walked over along with a calm and cruel voice. And, a cold and sharp aura impressively spread out as soon as he appeared. In fact, it felt as if a sword had come out in the shape of a person!

It seemed as if it was a humanoid sword!

It was Gu Du Xing!

Gu Du Xing had taken advantage of the time when Ji Mo and Chu Yang were creating disturbance to attract all the attention. And, he had stealthily sneaked into the enemy’s formation. He had attacked at the right moment, and had succeeded!

Gu Du Xing’s original target of was one of the two third grade Emperor Level Experts. But, their vigilance was too high. Moreover, they had kept their composure. So, Gu Du Xing had feared that he might spoil this important timing if he missed. However, Gu Du Xing could kill this second grade Emperor Expert rather easily. So, how could he let such an opportunity go unattended?

After all, this man was still a second grade Emperor Level Expert at the end of the day! So, killing him would be a big damage to the strength of the enemy’s side.

The three brothers were standing in a complete formation on the scene now. Scattered and mangled corpses were lying at their feet.

Several ‘whoosh’ sounds echoed as the ambushers came over and surrounded the three! They had surrounded these three very quietly. However, none of them could hold back their rage from appearing in their eyes.

These three had appeared out of nowhere, and had killed nine of their battle companions! And, two more had been silently assassinated as well. Moreover, no one believed that the two who had gone to take a piss would’ve been left alive since it was impossible for them to have survived this sneak attack.

So, proper calculations would suggest that thirteen out of the fifty had died in total!

Moreover, they had died in despicable assassinations and sneak attacks!

“Who are you guys?” The third grade Martial Emperor showed up very quietly. He looked at Chu Yang with intense resentment in his eyes.

Ji Mo mischievously laughed at first. He then replied in a mocking way, “It’s amusing that you are asking this question since you guys are here to ambush us. Weren’t you hiding here to kill us? So, do you even need to ask ‘who we are’ now that we have come? Old Fellow, have you lost your mind?”

The third grade Martial Emperor’s anger was soaring to the heavens. But, he still couldn’t help but become startled, “Ambush you?” He then suddenly blew his top, “Who the fu*k are you? Do you think that you’re so worthy that this old man will come to ambush you?”

Ji Mo was startled by this response. So, he said while stammering, “Aren’t you from the Ou Clan?”

“Yes. We are from the Ou Clan!” the third grade Martial Emperor angrily replied, “Who are you lot? Which clan do you belong to? Bastards!”

“You’re from the Ou Clan… So, how come you haven’t come here to ambush us?” Ji Mo scratched his head. He was totally confused, “This isn’t right… Who are you here to deal with?”

The third grade Martial Emperor nearly fainted from excessive anger. He didn’t know what to think as he angrily replied, “We’ve been waiting here to capture Ao Xie Yun. Who the fu*k are you?”

Ji Mo was left gob-smacked. He couldn’t help but feel remorseful. He waved his hand again and again, and said, “Oh my my… this matter has turned into a conflict due to a misunderstanding. We’ve misunderstood. It’s a misunderstanding. This is a misunderstanding…”


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