Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 585 – CN

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“Kill Yun!”

Ou Du Xiao has spoken these words out loud. Everyone silently puckered up their brows and pondered. Everyone’s eyebrows were tightly knitted, but a light of brilliance were flashing in their eyes.

It was quite obvious. ‘Kill Yun’… this plan had raised everybody’s interest. It had also evoked everyone’s wild ambition.

[Ao Clan has been dominating the Middle Three Heavens for over a thousand year. We would provoke the Ao Clan to dispatch troops in Jianghu if we harmed Ao Xie Yun. And then, we would frame those enemy clans… This is undoubtedly a heaven-sent opportunity for the clans present here.]

[The Ao Clan might even go all out against our enemy clans, and both sides could mutually wound each other. This is also very probable…]

[How wouldn’t we have an opportunity to replace the Ao Clan if that happens?]

“The most crucial thing in this matter isn’t ‘killing Ao Xie Yun’, but to keep things confidential between us! Our clans will make a rapid advancement in no time if we can accomplish this. But, we all might vanish like a puff of smoke overnight if this matter gets exposed!”

Tu Qian Hao sighed while speaking this. He was sighing while warning the others, but he still had an ominous glint in his eyes as he looked at everyone present.

It was evident that everyone would turn against the person who tried to leak this information.

Everyone remained silent.

“This matter is extremely important,” Ou Du Xiao said with a smile, “But, we might as well establish a blood oath on this matter! That would be a good way to win the trust of everyone. The contract would be written in our own blood as a certificate. Then, it wouldn’t matter even if someone was to tell this secret to Ao Clan, and this plan was to get exposed as a result of it. After all, the traitor would be powerless to defend himself!”

“How dare you! What nonsense is this?” Ou Cheng Wu pretended to be displeased as he chided his son.

Zhao Wu Ji gently chuckled and said, “Clan Lord Ou needn’t be angry. I think that Young Master Ou’s words make sense.”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

“Please continue to speak, Young Master Ou.”

Ou Du Xiao’s spirit roused up as he said, “We must take a serious oath if we want to keep our secret from leaking. So, we must take an oath in the names of our ancestors and later generation descendants – our ancestors of eight generations will suffer forever if we reveal this secret. They will forever burn in hell. And, the descendants of the future generations will behave like scoundrels… generations after generations!”

The room fell silent as soon as these words come out!

Such an oath was extremely vicious. It’s one thing to be wicked beyond redemption, and to have no respect for the supernatural beings. But, who would dare to make fun of their ancestors of eight generations and their descendants of the future generations?

There was a moment of silence. Then, the young Black Devil slowly raised his head. He swept his blade-like sharp vision towards everyone. Then, he said in a deep voice, “Why fear taking a blood oath if you don’t plan to do anything wrong? Could it be that you guys are a bunch of cowards?!”

There was a dense murderous intent mixed in this voice. Tu Qian Hao and Tian Bu Hui patrolled their eyes back and forth at the same time.

“Right! It should be this way!” Zhao Wu Ji took the initiative to answer.

“That is right,” Tian Bu Hui also said these words, and it was already equal to making the final decision!

Therefore, everyone shed their blood for the oath. They swore to heaven and earth, and took the oath. Each one of them wrote down the oath’s contract using their blood essence as ink. They then wrote their names on the contract!

Everyone had an inexplicable feeling in their hearts as they looked at their names in deep red on the white paper. But, one thing was clear in their hearts… [It would be impossible to draw back even if I wanted to!]

[We will be on the peak if we succeed. But, we will be consigned to eternal damnation if we lose!]

“Excellent!” Ou Cheng Wu looked at everyone writing down the oath with their blood. He felt happy and relieved in his heart. Then, he said, “We have no time to lose. We must carry out the mission.”

“Ao Xie Yun is still in the Northern Wilderness, and he’s currently in search for the blood essence of ninth grade spirit beast. We can calmly rob and kill him on his way back home!” Ou Du Xiao faintly said, “There’s one thing that I want to propose. Everyone please pay attention…”

Ou Du Xiao pondered in his heart and said, “There are at least three or four Emperor Level Experts on Ao Xie Yun’s side for his protection. Moreover, Ao Clan certainly has to have some people to protect him from the dark. No one must ignore this thing… by any means. We must remember one thing while setting about the task — you must compare the strength of both the sides… It would be better that you don’t attack if there’s no surety of success. Also, you mustn’t let them know your whereabouts.”

“We can use the ‘wheel’ battle tactic.” Tian Bu Hui faintly smiled. He then casually said, “Besides, we have the best assassination expert here – the young Clan Lord of the Black Devil Clan. So, I think that nothing would go wrong,” there was some mystifying feeling in his voice.

The Young Black Devil snorted. His voice had suddenly become eerie, “Tian Bu Hui, wait until Ao Xie Yun is dead. Then, you and I will have a mortal combat!”

Tian Bu Hui wildly laughed. “Very well. First, we will win over the whole land. And then, we will decide who it will belong to with a battle of life and death!”

Tu Qian Hao mischievously laughed, and sarcastically said, “We will see which clan would rule this beautiful world…”

Everyone became silent.

A long while passed. Then, they started to discuss the details of this operation. Everyone knew the importance of this operation. They would be consigned to eternal damnation if they showed any negligence! Therefore, everyone racked their brains. And, everyone came up with various kinds of treacherous, murderous, and crafty schemes…

They made the final decision after two hours.

“It will go like this! Everyone will make separate preparations. The journey from Northern Wilderness to Ao Clan is ten-thousand miles. Ao Xie Yun must be attacked and killed when he steps out of the Northern Wilderness!”

A bloody storm suddenly rose in the Middle Three Heavens after seven or eight days…

The Cang Lan Battlefront had initially been the center of everyone’s attention. However, it had suddenly become of no interest to anyone. The strength of the various great aristocratic clans had already been recalled from the Cang Lan Battlefront. However, many invisible messenger-falcons were flying to the Great Northern Wilderness. The content was the same – [The matter is urgent. Quickly come back!]

Three small clans were suddenly exterminated one evening!

And, this caused a modest undulation in the Middle Three Heavens. After all, these clans may have offended many people. And, how could those people have been saintly…? Moreover, such incidents were ordinary in the Middle Three Heavens. Anyway, the three small clans that were wiped out were no saints either. They had many old accounts that needed to be settled. They had also done evil things again and again. Therefore, some people approved of the extermination of those clans. Some even clapped their hands. But, everyone still discussed about it.

However… three similarly small clans were also slaughtered in silence three days later!

Six small clans had been massacred in a row. So, this had gained a lot of attention.

Then, wise people investigated and researched the matter. And, they shockingly found — These six clans were very different from each other. But, there was one thing that was common among these clans. That was… there were a few thirteen to fourteen-year-old daughters in each of the six clans. Moreover, their innate talents were pretty good…

Moreover, the men of the clans had died violent deaths. But, the women — especially those young girls — were missing instead. In fact, not even one of them was found!

Then, the young beggar girls also got reduced batch after batch in the Middle Three Heavens. Moreover, these incidents had taken place in extreme secrecy! In fact, they would’ve gone unnoticed unless someone was to observe carefully.

The ‘wise people’ of the Middle Three Heavens immediately opened their eyes wide.

But, there were no new signs of activity for ten days this time. However, some people still didn’t become lazy.

But, something incredible happened after half-month. Seven small clans had disappeared overnight. The entire manors were burnt down by fires that had raged to the skies…

After that, the young girls who begged on the streets of a certain area disappeared with a poof.

And, this also happened in extreme secrecy.

Everyone felt that an undercurrent was surging up violently! Moreover, these were the rising winds that forebode the coming storm!

The smart people again investigated the matter, and discovered one thing – majority of the clans that met the disaster were the neighboring clans of… Dong, Luo, Mo, Ji, Gu, and Xie clans! These clans were surely a bit far away from them. But, this similarity could be noticed after a finer analysis.

These big clans also seemed to have carried out investigations during the same time period. But, they were investigating very cautiously, and it seemed as if they were dealing with a big enemy…

Again, six more clans disappeared from another direction in one night. And, young girls of a certain area also disappeared on a large scale…

Middle Three Heavens was finally in a mess!

It seemed as if a very big chunk of stone had been thrown in a still lake, and the whole lake had slowly boiled up because of the disturbance.

A strange sense of crisis had shrouded everyone’s heart.

The Luo Clan took the initiative, and set into action. The martial masters of the clan dashed out like a tide. They scattered everywhere, and faded without a trace.

However, the ‘smart people’ who had been watching these developments knew that the Luo Clan hadn’t been able to hold their anger in. And, this was probably whey they had started to investigate into this matter!

Soon, the Gu Clan, Dong Clan, and Ji Clan… set into action as well.

However, Mo Clan was still observing calmly. In fact, it hadn’t shown any abnormalities.

However, the smart people knew that these secret attacks would cease to exist if the new Clan Lord of the Mo Clan – Mo Tian Ji — used his capability. So, they assumed that he had perhaps begun to carry out operations in secrecy. However, it couldn’t be said for sure…

The idle crowd of Jianghu calmly watched the movements of the great clans. Days passed by. And, the people of the great clans had started to wear uglier and uglier complexions with every passing day. They had been imperceptibly telling everyone the same thing – [the enemy is very dreadful. No clue is coming out from the investigation…]

Thereupon, some people who were rejoicing in others’ misfortunes also came out. [See…? Aren’t these great aristocratic clans fu*king awesome? They can’t do anything except suffering in silence!]

However, some of the knowledgeable and experienced people were worried. [Nothing has come out so far… despite the abilities of these great aristocratic clans. Doesn’t it mean that the gravity of the matter has become extremely serious?]

Then, some experts died in the hotels that very night; this also happened very silently. Moreover, some of them even went missing. In fact, they had disappeared without a trace.

People kept disappearing for several consecutive nights. In addition, no sounds of fighting were heard before they disappeared. Some people simply woke up in the morning, and found that their neighbors had died… or gone missing…

Moreover, there were no traces of fighting on the scene…

And, such incidents didn’t just happen in one place… Similar news was transmitted from everywhere…

An indescribable panic shrouded the hearts of everyone!

Everyone had finally realized – [This matter isn’t that simple! It seems that someone is trying to unify the stance of Jianghu. Nothing is happening to us today, and we’re lucky for that. But, how can we be sure that we won’t become a target in the future?]

Therefore, the panic spread very quickly. And, more than half of Jianghu had spiraled into chaos after constant efforts of several days.

Mo Clan’s clan lord Mo Tian Ji went out with a calm face on this day. The smart people discovered that Mo Tian Ji’s guards had increased by fourfold from their usual numbers!

[What is the meaning of this?]

Several other clans had also showed similar stances. But, everyone remained silent. They didn’t say a thing. They weren’t making on comments on this matter…

However, people felt that this matter was a top-secret since no one was talking. And, it made everyone more nervous. It made them more anxious and more worried…

Finally, some people were unable to remain calm any longer.


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