Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 584 – CN

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Not a sound was heard in the study room after Mo Tian Ji finished speaking! In fact, it was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping to the ground could be heard very clearly…

Dong Wu Lei, Luo Ke Wu, Ji Zhu, Xie Dan Qiong, and the others looked at Mo Tian Ji as if they were looking at a deity. Everyone felt a chill in their hearts. They only felt a chill rising up from their buttocks and reaching to their core …

[Too malicious! Too fierce! Too shady! Too…]

Sweat was repeatedly dripping from Luo Ke Wu’s forehead. And, he was repeatedly wiping it.

[Damn it! He’s too ruthless…]

[I’ve been fighting with Mo Tian Ji for many years, and I haven’t been taken down by him yet. I’ve been very lucky… The Luo Clan would’ve been exterminated by now if he had used such a plan on me…]

“They want to frame someone. But, we will be one step ahead of them!” Mo Tian Ji said, “The Ao Clan wouldn’t suspect Xie Dan Qiong even if Ao Xie Yun dies… as long as we are ahead of the enemy. And, we will have sufficient time to figure things out and plan out countermeasures as long as there’s enough time cushions…”

“Wonderful!” the young masters’ head were sweating. However, they raised a ‘thumbs up’ at the same time, “This is an excellent plan!”

“Everyone must set into action if that’s the case,” Mo Tian Ji smiled and spoke in a cultured manner, “King of Hell Chu’s return would be the time of a collective attack! And, that would be the time when we overtake our enemy.”


“I assume that no one is going to be careless regarding the various properties of the big clans that will be lying bare in front of us after this crisis subsides. But, I don’t need to remind you guys about this, right?” Mo Tian Ji smiled. Then, his expression suddenly turned cold, “However, I don’t want there to be any unfair distribution of benefits between us.

“I believe that none of us would be happy if that were to happen. It isn’t impossible for an internal conflict to arise among us because of the unfair distribution… And, we may easily get pulled apart by the enemy in case we have an internal conflict…”

Mo Tian Ji continued very carefully, “I am warning everyone… this isn’t only about spoils of war. This is a matter of life and death for us!”

“That’s right. We must keep this in mind. So… we will gang up against the person who will try to keep everything for himself and swallow up the benefits of other clans!” each of the young masters nodded one after another. In fact, they had nodded with their full strength. They had begun to admire Mo Tian Ji more and more.

Mo Tian Ji had planned everything out in a matter of several words. He had formulated the direction. He had formulated the implementation of the plan. In fact… he had clearly planned the escape routes, and had eliminated any potential future troubles.

The plan was already set. Therefore, the young masters left the Mo Clan in such a hurry that it seemed as if their butts were on fire. They whipped their horses, and rushed off to get things done. Each of them was a talented person, and none of them wanted to idle around. Xie Dan Qiong was particularly burning with impatience since he might have to bear the brunt first…

Mo Tian Ji looked at these people as they rushed away like the wind. He was standing alone at the entrance to the Mo Clan. He then muttered with a smile, “Chu Yang, you have cured my younger sister, and you have even given her to two Supreme Experts as their disciple. I – Mo Tian Ji – am sincerely grateful. I can’t pay you back enough for this. So, consider this as the beginning of my repayment to you!

“It will be beneficial for you, for me, and for everybody else. Wouldn’t everybody be delighted and satisfied? There would have to be sacrifices, but nothing can be done about that. Innocents have had to shed rivers of blood for their king’s victory over his enemy. This has been the norm since time immemorial. Would it even be possible to do anything in the world if one starts considering every innocent in the world?”

Mo Tian Ji’s white robe was fluttering. He had a solemn expression on his face. He looked up at the white clouds as they unhurriedly floated in the sky. Then, he muttered, “Diwu Qing Rou… I wasn’t able to fight with you in the Lower Three Heavens. You don’t know how much I’m looking forward to having a grand showdown of wits with you in the Upper Three Heavens… This Mo Tian Ji won’t even have any regrets if I die at that time…

“After all, I would’ve participated in such a supreme showdown. It would be an epic shadow, and its impact would be eternal! I believe that we will become legends as long as we fit in one another…”

He smiled and turned around. Then, he slowly walked inside, “Depending upon this occasion to break into the Upper Three Heavens won’t be enough for the Mo Clan. But… there will always be more opportunities. In fact, there will be many of them.”

His tall figure disappeared into the gate…

Mo Tian Ji’s strategy was going to push the entire Jianghu into an atmosphere of rising winds that’d forebode the coming storm. He was like a small stone that could give rise to ripples in a peaceful lake when tossed into it…

A rainstorm would rise! A thunderstorm would be birthed! A crisis would arise!

The Ou Clan was also discussing matters with its allies while Mo Tian Ji was doing his planning…

They had set into action before Mo Tian Ji had, but they were still a step behind him.

After all, the Ou Clan had to go to the clans one by one, and had to plead to them to form an alliance. However, Mo Tian Ji had gathered all the clans in stroke by using the ‘life and death crisis’ as pretext!

The Ou Clan was sitting together with the major clans, and they were discussing the matters. However, it was already a previously unimaginable happy occasion for the Ou Clan.

“This alliance is firstly for self-protection, and secondly for setting up dominance!” Ou Cheng Wu had put his hands on the table. He heavily said, “I suppose everyone understands that our situation is bleak. The rising power of the Gu Clan, Dong Clan, Xie Clan, Luo Clan, and Mo Clan is impossible to resist! And, they are standing in our opposition. Geniuses are constantly rising in those clans… So, pay heed respectable clan lords — this situation is already a crisis of life and death!”

These words left every clan lord present to sink in contemplation.

Gu Du Xing had recently risen to fame, but he had firmly shaken the heavens. Dong Wu Shang embodied such aggressiveness that he could sweep away the entire Middle Three Heavens. Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo had also risen to fame very abruptly. These developments had already aroused their vigilance.

Then, Ou Cheng Wu informed everyone that these boys had killed some Emperor Level Experts. And, it made everyone even more afraid!

“Everyone should also know that Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo are sworn brothers! This indicates that they’ve joined together long ago. Moreover, their big brother had singlehandedly overturned the entire Lower Three Heavens. He’s a man with matchless wisdom – King of Hell Chu!

“However, they also have the Master of Calculation and Manipulation — Mo Tian Ji — in their team! And, the Jasper Flower Xie Dan Qiong who uses that troublesome flower attack has also been added to their team. The Xie Clan’s strength can also be considered as incredible!” Ou Cheng Wu added fuel to the fire, “So, we would have no choice but to resign ourselves to extinction if they reach their full potential!”

“But, there will be no turning back once we stir chaos in Jianghu!” The Li Clan’s clan lord Li Jue wrinkled his brows. He pondered for a while, and then slowly spoke-up, “We can maintain the balance of power at present. However, only one side will be able to emerge to power in case the balance breaks. And, the other one would perish. In fact, the losing side wouldn’t even get the chance to struggle-on whilst at death’s door…”

“We must forge ahead. There’s no need to back down!” The Young Master of Tian Clan had come. His had bushy-black brows. His eyes were as slender as a blade. He would sweep his vision around once in a while. He’d have a murderous look about him as he’d look disdainfully out of the corner of his eyes. He slowly said, “I’ve wanted to test out what kind of a hero this Dong Wu Shang is… After all, he has apparently swept away the entire Middle Three Heavens!”

“Young Master Bu Hui, your wish will certainly be fulfilled. I believe that your fierce fight with Dong Wu Shang will shake the world!” The Zhao Clan’s clan lord was a stout middle-aged man. He smiled as he shot a blow of flattery. After all, the Tian Clan’s strength was far mightier than the Zhao Clan’s. Moreover, the distance between these two clans wasn’t too much. And, the Zhao Clan had always admired the superior lifestyle of the Tian Clan.

Tian Bu Hui coldly snorted and indifferently said, “Dong Wu Shang is willing to serve someone as his ‘big brother’. He has already lost the loftiness of his character! Such a weakling has no qualification to be called an ‘outstanding person’ in front of me!”

Tu Qian Hao had come to represent the Tu Clan. He squinted and darkly said, “That’s right! That Gu Du Xing is also the same. He is the first successor of a major clan in the Middle Three Heavens. He has acknowledged a puny individual with no power as his big brother! It makes me want to laugh out loud. It is a shame for us to be identified as equals with this man and his likes! It will be difficult to vanquish the anger in my heart if I don’t kill them.”

Everyone remained silent for a while. Some of them thought, [You got crushed on Mt. Dingjun by these people. So, you’ve already lost the qualification of being called equal to those people. What level of shamelessness do you possess to be saying that…?]

However, they obviously couldn’t say these words out loud.

After all, these two radicals had spoken this on the behalf of their great aristocratic clans. So, they had promoted this alliance in doing so.

Meng Clan’s Meng Luo sat still on one side. He slowly said at this moment, “Yes, our hearts won’t be at peace if we don’t wipe out these clans!”

There was a youngster seated in the middle. He wore only black clothes and a mask. He spoke-up in a neutral manner, “How would this matter be executed? We must put forward some rules whether we’re overturning the enemy or defending ourselves. Making empty promises won’t destroy the enemy at this point.”

This youth was this generation’s Black Devil of the Black Devil Clan! Nobody knew his name… or what he looked like. But, his words had managed to offend Tian Bu Hui, Meng Luo, and Tu Qian Hao even though they had only urged the discussion further.

The three of them angrily glared at him!

The young Black Devil suddenly raised his head. The look in his eyes was similar to the ominous glow that’s emitted from the dark of night, “You don’t need to take offense. I will give each of you a chance to prove me wrong after this matter is sorted!”

Ou Du Xiao also coldly snorted this time.

However, Ou Cheng Wu hastily smoothed things over and furthered the discussion.

These great clans had gathered together. Chu Yang would’ve probably been startled if he were here. After all, five out of future twelve influential figures of the Middle Three Heavens had gathered here! Moreover, they were on the enemy’s side…

Black Devil, Dark Bamboo, Gu Du Xing, Ou Du Xiao, Tian Ji, Li Xiong Tu, Dong Wu Shang, Qian Hao, Ao Xie Yun, Meng Luo, Xie Dan Qiong, and Tian Bu Ru.

And, Black Devil, Ou Du Xiao, Qian Hao, Meng Luo, and Tian Bu Ru were present here.

Gu Du Xing, Tian Ji, Dong Wu Shang, Xie Dan Qiong were present on the other side… besides Chu Yang himself! Moreover, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di were also evenly matched, and roughly comparable!

However, this opposition would make Chu Yang sigh for sure. After all, these twelve influential figures from his past life couldn’t live under the same sky!

Therefore, some would inevitably have to step on the skeleton of the others.

“The Ao Clan is indisputably the number-one. The Ao Clan is unshakable. What should we do to involve it? Wouldn’t it be like throwing away our lives for nothing if Ao Clan gets involved and takes the other side by any chance?”

The Zhao Clan’s clan lord Zhao Wu Ji raised this issue of concern before everyone.

“This is the issue that I’m about to discuss with everyone.” Ou Cheng Wu mischievously laughed and said, “It is quite easy to make the Ao Clan enter this fray in a crazed state!”

“Ao Xie Yun?” The young Black Devil raised his eyebrow. A black lightning-like lustre suddenly burst forth in his eyes.

“That’s right. Ao Xie Yun!” Ou Du Xiao solemnly stated, “I am a hundred-percent sure that I can shift the blame of Ao Xie Yun’s sudden death on Xie Dan Qiong!”

The eyes of Tian Bu Hui, Tu Qian Hao, Black Devil, and Meng Luo lit up at the same time!

Ao Xie Yun had firmly occupied the first position among the young experts of the Middle Three Heavens for a long time. But, this was a generation of proud and arrogant youngsters. So, how could anyone be willing to be pressed down by Ao Xie Yun?

Who among those present here couldn’t reach the top position if Ao Xie Yun were overthrown?

“This plan is too risky. But, we will secure the victory if we succeed,” Ou Du Xiao swept his eyes across the faces of everyone with a sharp gaze. Everyone held their breath.

“We need such and such… coordination… from everyone.” Ou Du Xiao slowly explained everything in one-go. And, everyone’s eyes lit up. This seemed like a flawless and malicious plan. In fact, it was simply impeccable and invulnerable!

And, it instantly aroused everyone’s confidence.

“This mission will be called…’Kill Yun’!” Ou Du Xiao spoke one word at a time.


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