Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 583 – CN

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“The Ou Clan wants to seize this opportunity to rise quickly! However, the first concern is the Ao Clan. Everyone knows that the Ao Clan is the number-one clan in the entire Middle Three Heavens!” Mo Tian Ji subtly said, “Ao Clan is a colossus! Ao Clan is impossible to move. No one can dare to say that it can be replaced!

“Therefore, the Ao Clan is certainly a part of the Ou Clan’s plan.” Mo Tian Ji’s eyes flickered. Then, he thought in his heart. [How would I sink the Ao Clan if I were an ally of the Ou Clan?]

“Then, there’s Dark Bamboo as well!” Dong Wu Lei puckered his brows.

“Dark Bamboo… the Ou Clan can at most exploit coincidences. The rise and fall of the great clans of Middle Three Heavens doesn’t matter to the Bamboo’s people. Moreover, Jun Xi Zhu has always been unreasonable. So, the Ou Clan won’t have the guts to exploit the Dark Bamboo.” Mo Tian Ji shook his head and said, “Ou Clan and Dark Bamboo can never be placed on a par. So, the most critical element is the Ao Clan!”

“Ao Clan…” Everyone looked pensive.

“Ao Clan has consistently been a millennium aristocratic clan. It is unquestionably the number-one clan! More and more heroes and geniuses have emerged in the Ao Clan generation after generation. And, Ao Clan has abundance of geniuses in our generation as well! Ao Xie Yun seems to be the only core of the clan in the younger generation. But, there are several dozens of youngsters in the Ao Clan who can’t be underestimated.”

Mo Tian Ji thought for a while, and then said, “Ao Xie Yun is spearheading the Ao Clan’s strength at present. This is the ground Ao Xie Yun has been setting to be the next clan lord.

“Therefore, the Ou Clan will have to start with Ao Xie Yun if they want to pull the Ao Clan into this mess!”

Mo Tian Ji began to sound increasingly reasonable as he continued to talk, “But, Ao Xie Yun is extremely intelligent and clever. His wisdom is no less than mine. His military strength is no less than those of Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang’s. His actions are careful, and without any loopholes. Therefore, it would be useless if the Ou Clan openly and blatantly puts forth the alliance invitation towards Ao Xie Yun. After all, Ao Xie Yun won’t join their group at any cost!

“Therefore, the Ou Clan only have one way if they want the Ao Clan to be involve in this mess,” Mo Tian Ji’s voice slowly became heavy.

“Ao Xie Yun’s assassination?” The others got scared out of their wits. They felt a chill in their entire bodies.

“That’s right. The Ao Clan will surely fly into a rage if Ao Xie Yun dies! And, the Ao Clan would certainly render revenge against whoever kills Ao Xie Yun!”

Mo Tian Ji thought for a while and said, “This would be a big risk, but this is the only effective method to push the Middle Three Heavens into chaos in one fell swoop!”

Everyone remained silent!

“Brother Xie, you must be careful. I’m afraid that you will fall in danger in case Ao Xie Yun meets a mishap!” Mo Tian Ji said to Xie Dan Qiong in a serious tone.

“Why me?” Xie Dan Qiong was stunned by this.

“I don’t have the skill to pull it off. The Dong Clan is too easy to read. Gu Du Xing of Gu Clan isn’t present here. Luo Clan doesn’t have the ability. Ji Mo isn’t here when it comes to the Ji Clan. And, there’s no point in talking about killing Ao Xie Yun when it comes to Ji Zhu. Perhaps this guy will be too lazy to kill Ao Xie Yun even if Young Master Ao extended his neck and put it on his blade…”

Mo Tian Ji exposed a faint smile, “Therefore, the Ao Clan will have no other choice but to shift the blame on someone if they want to pull the Ao Clan into this mess. And, they can only choose you – Jasper Flower – to shift the blame on!”

“The suspicion would turn to you if Ao Xie Yun dies, Brother Xie. Ou Du Xiao has been friends with you for many years. And, he knows your style like the back of his hand. So, shifting the blame on you would be very easy for him if he uses one of yours methods as disguise along with the untraceable poison techniques of the Ou Clan to kill Ao Xie Yun! Thus, the Ao Clan will dispatch its troops in a rage. And, we won’t stand a chance if that happens. In fact, it will basically end up in our defeat.”

Mo Tian Ji solemnly said.

Xie Dan Qiong became terrified, and shook inside!

Everyone thought carefully over this matter. This felt bizarre at first. But, they started to feel that there was a big possibility of this assumption coming true as they thought it over. In fact, this was the only way for the Ou Clan to make an alliance with Ao Clan.

“Then, what should we do now?” Xie Dan Qiong was worried. After all, this could turn out to be a big disaster, and could easily destroy his clan!

“I have already sent a letter to the Ao Clan. Consider that he’s already familiar with the situation.” Mo Tian Ji’s complexion became heavy. He continued, “I’ve already sent a letter to the Dark Bamboo so that we can prepare for the storm in advance.

“The second step would be to exploit the Meng Clan. The biggest mistake that the Ou Clan has made in this matter… is that they have contacted the Meng Clan.” Mo Tian Ji indifferently said, “The Meng Clan’s evil technique has already offended the majority of Jianghu. Therefore, we must take advantage of this blunder…

“We will issue a declaration to the entire world, and we will denounce the Meng Clan’s evil technique! We must exaggerate the harm of this evil technique to the maximum level. But, we must remember one thing — we have to be sure to not involve the other aristocratic clans while denouncing the Meng Clan. We must shake the entire Jianghu first!” Mo Tian Yun stated in a dark tone, “The Meng Clan’s evil technique has already been exposed, but the impact wasn’t very big. It wasn’t satisfactory for us…”

“Well, how should we go about it?” Luo Ke Wu asked.

“Do I need to teach you this too?” Mo Tian Ji coldly snorted and said, “We would have to sacrifice some people to achieve this. Some small clans as well…”

“I have a plan. Listen carefully.” Mo Tian Ji suddenly sat straight. He then looked at everyone present with his bright eyes.

“We cover our faces to begin with. Then, use poison or some psychedelic fragrance. First, take the little daughters of small clans, and exterminate the whole clans. Plunder the whole property of those clans, and leave nothing! Moreover, this must be done in absolute secrecy!”

Mo Tian Ji’s first step left everyone startled.

“Secondly, collect those slum girls who roam around and beg. And, in large numbers! This thing should be done in secrecy as well.”

Mo Tian Ji indifferently continued, “These two things shouldn’t be too difficult. And, I believe that you can accomplish them!”

Everyone was in shock.

“Third, the one among you who’s nearest to the incident must rush to the scene after this incident takes place. And, you must start an on-the-spot investigation. Then, you must spread the news in all direction. The news would be that it’s probably the Dark Bamboo’s job.”

“Dark Bamboo…? Why Dark Bamboo?” Xie Dan Qiong was puzzled.

“Let me first finish what I’m saying! Then, the investigation would be continued, and questionable points would soon be highlighted. After all, the clans that would’ve suffered the calamity would be very wealthy. Moreover, there would be young girls in these clans… Unite that with the fact that these little girls would’ve gone missing by then. And, the girls who used to beg in the markets would also have been collected for this matter… So, we’ll let others raise questions and point to the Meng Clan by using these clever tricks…

“After all, Meng Luo needs little girls to practice his technique… So, it will arouse anger in the people of Jianghu! We will calmly wait for some good-willed righteous people to come forth in large numbers to serve justice. And, we will reluctantly agree to do the difficult job once they come to our clan and ask us to take the lead. Do you understand?”

“Wonderful!” The young masters laughed heartily in unison. In fact, they even clapped while laughing, “The forces which are scattered in the Jianghu will spontaneously focus their attention on us if this happens. Moreover, it wouldn’t cost us any effort. Those who would plead to us will also go everywhere to gather more support… Brother Tian Ji, this strategy is indeed ingenious.”

“Yes.” Mo Tian Ji slightly smiled. “We will take the initiative to attack. We will take the initiative to bring together experts under one umbrella. The people with high aspirations will be passively pushed forward towards our cause in the name of general public’s greater good. They won’t be vigilant of us. Moreover, the leadership will obviously fall into our hands. And, no one will refuse to accept it… because it would be what they had asked us to do in the first place. So, who would dare to refuse accepting it? Therefore, this will simultaneously avoid the envy of some people, the disapproval of some people, contention for power from some people, and other problematic matters… This is the best plan in these circumstances.

“Of course, we will pretend how difficult it is to handle this matter. We will set up a few propagandas to manipulate the atmosphere. We will let them plead. Then, we will become ‘helpless’, and we will agree to help. Consequently, the people who would come to plead to us will shed tears of gratitude… After that, we will make them join our troops. Then, we will instigate and manipulate their psychology.”

“Fourth step would be… We will begin to investigate this matter after we will be chosen to lead them. And, the outcome of the investigation must be much of an ‘unexpected discovery’. And, that would be that Meng Clan has already formed alliances with… Ou Clan, Tu Clan, Li Clan, Zhao Clan, Black Devil Clan, and Tian Clan!”

Mo Tian Ji exposed a faint smile. He had put a lot of stress on the words ‘unexpected discovery’. “Thus, the speculation would be shifted to the aspect that those small clans were exterminated by poison. And, it was done by the Ou Clan…

“Remember, the announcements must have effects like of…’sudden happenings’, ‘thunder from the clear sky’, and ‘earth-shattering’! Moreover, we must leave behind too many wild and fanciful theories in the minds of the people. But, we might as well hint towards the worst ideas…

“Why would the Meng Clan want to form an alliance? Is it possible that they want to publicize their evil technique in order to dominate the world? Wouldn’t it bring great suffering to the Middle Three Heavens?” Mo Tian Ji sinisterly smiled, “Every person in the Middle Three Heavens will be affected if this is true. Everyone in the Middle Three Heavens will feel insecure! And, we won’t need to instigate anyone when that happens…

“They will automatically gather under our banner from everywhere.

“We won’t need to do these things secretly. We will only need to ensure that nothing leaks out. And, it must look ‘very’ unexpected. Our planning steps must not be very hard to believe. But, there must not be… two ways about this matter. The other will begin to speculate if we can do this, and that will cause a sensation. Then, we will repeatedly investigate in details. And, the genuine speculations will reveal the frightful outcome… And, that would be perfect.

“Therefore, we will perform the so-called ‘investigation of justice’ step by step. Then, we will be chosen passively by the masses. And, we will gain more public support after they’ve discovering the so-called ‘terrible truth’. Moreover, we will stand tall on the peak of righteousness and justice!

“We will be the warriors of justice!” Mo Tian Ji mischievously laughed, “And, those clans will represent evil! Justice will sweep away the evil. It has always been the norm of the world. It is the will of heavens, and the will of the people. It will enjoy popular confidence, command public respect, and will stand high in popular favor!

“There’s no such thing as obvious justice and evil in the Middle Three Heavens. But, it can’t be denied that people would feel content if they believe that they are doing the right thing. Besides… the public will ultimately face the brunt if this evil isn’t rooted out. So, they will swarm en masse… And, the entire Jianghu would be abuzz when the big moment comes. They will then crusade against those clans…”

Mo Tian Ji gently smiled and continued, “Our clans can obviously gain the biggest advantage or benefits out of it. Whether we absorb the troops or split them up. Whether we use emotions, or emotionally scar them. Whether we show concern, or we tempt them with gains… obviously there will be too many experts of the Jianghu that will be our subordinates…

“Our clans can emerge as true powers after this matter ends. Also, those clans will collapse for forever!

“There’s no doubt that it’s their opportunity. But, is it not the biggest opportunity for all of us as well? In fact, we will catch all of our enemies in one net if we are able to make good use of this opportunity. And, it will also make the strength of our clans to expand to several times…

“We will achieve dominance using the wild schemes of our enemy!” Mo Tian Ji gently lifted his head. His black hair was fluttering on his forehead. He looked at everyone with his sharp eyes. Then, he very gently and insipidly said, “Wouldn’t it be quick?!”


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