Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 582 – CN

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Everyone was startled by this, “Why is it improper? Do you think that there is someone craftier than you among the people present here?”

“I can act as a trusted advisor at the most. Planning the strategies, determining victory over the vast battlefield, analyzing the enemy’s plot, and quietly carrying out counter strategies… I can do these things. I am obligated to do so!”

Mo Tian Ji said with a smile, “However, I’m not cut for being the decision-maker and battle commander. Instead, I have some other man in mind for that role!”

He paused for a while, and further said, “Every man among us has enough leadership abilities. Moreover, we all have great capability if we talk about controlling ordinary situations. But, we are not as good as that one person I have in mind. Therefore, the most I can do is offer advice until that person arrives. Then, we will cause a commotion, and make our enemy tired of constantly running for their lives. This would be good.”

“That person? Who is it…?” everyone asked in unison. [This is strange. Does such a person exist who even Mo Tian Ji admits being inferior to? How can there be such a mystery man?]

“That person’s strength once made everything turn on its head in the entire Lower Three Heavens when he was merely a Martial Master! He once led the Iron Cloud Nation at a time when it was on the verge of being destroyed. But, his matchless wisdom and planning even left Diwu Qing Ruo’s formidable military strength to suffer a crashing defeat… Also, this man has been bringing drastic changes in the Middle Three Heavens ever since he has arrived here. In fact, he has changed the state of Middle Three Heavens without outside help…”

“King of Hell Chu!” Mo Tian Ji hadn’t said his name. But, everyone else called out this man’s name at the same time by chance.

“Yes, it’s him.” Mo Tian Ji slightly sighed. “I can’t admire the wisdom and planning skills of King of Hell Chu enough. His calmness leaves me to see only the dust as he rides ahead. And, I feel that I have no hope of catching up!”

He gently sighed and continued, “Each one of us can command an army. But, it will still be impossible for us to get through it when it comes to commanding at the front line and seeking ways out of an impasse when death is fast approaching… And, this is when even our thinking is clear! But, King of Hell Chu has done these many things without breaking a sweat.”

“Calm…?” Luo Ke Wu couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Brother Mo, when did King of Hell Chu display his calmness? How come I haven’t heard this?”

Mo Tian Ji smiled, “Would you have been able to achieve all the things that King of Hell Chu accomplished if you were in his place when he had barely arrived at the Iron Cloud?”

“Umm… No.” Luo Ke Wu honestly admitted. Iron Cloud’s reversal had indeed been a miracle!

“He turned defeat into victory under an entirely disadvantageous situation. And, he did it bit by bit. Can someone achieve it without being calm?” Mo Tian Ji very lightly asked. Then, he gently smiled, “I can ask myself honestly. Well, I couldn’t have achieved those things if I were in King of Hell Chu’s place.”

“Indeed! King of Hell Chu’s composure is out of reach for an ordinary person!” Xie Dan Qiong recalled Chu Yang’s performance in the Xie Clan. He couldn’t help but blush with shame. He thought, [Motherfucker! He out-drank my entire clan alone, and still didn’t get drunk… I’m afraid there’s no man on this earth who deserves to be called ‘calm’ if he isn’t…]

“That’s right.” Dong Wu Lei quickly nodded. Luo Ke Wu also nodded. Both of them had seen Chu Yang. Moreover, their brothers had been following Chu Yang, and had been journeying with him. Even they could’ve never tamed their brothers like Chu Yang had done…

“Moreover, we lack a few strong commanders! Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang would deserve to be at those positions!” Mo Tian Ji confidently smiled and said, “We can at most bring it to a draw if we firmly join our powers right now. Any victory would only be a tragic one. And, we would lose the ability to have hegemony in the Middle Three Heavens. But, the situation would be entirely different when Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others would return…”

“You want to rely on those five people?” Dong Wu Lei somewhat snorted disdainfully. [King of Hell Chu can be considered an important player. But, it is somewhat excessive that Mo Tian Ji is looking so highly on those five.]

“Yes, that’s right. We must rely on those five!” Mo Tian Ji faintly smiled. He squinted a little bit and said, “Brother Dong, those five have killed five Emperor Level Experts and thirty King Level Experts at once… could we do it if we were at the place of those five?”

“God knows what crafty schemes or tricks they must have used…” Dong Wu Lei muttered.

“That’s right! They must’ve used some crafty schemes and tricks! But…” Mo Tian Ji heavily said, “I could never think of such crafty schemes and tricks. Knowing such kind of crafty schemes and conspiracies is one kind of strength in the Middle Three Heavens! After all, even Emperor Level Experts can be killed with such schemes. Not to mention that we would have more chances of dying if we encounter these tricks!”

“Knowledge of schemes is the supreme strength of a military force!” Mo Tian Ji insipidly said.

Everyone silently pondered over it.

Xie Dan Qiong gave this a serious thought. He carefully sorted out the pros-and-cons of both the sides. However, he increasingly felt that there was something wrong. So, he said, “Brother Mo, this matter doesn’t seem to be as simple as it looks like from the outside. The Ou Clan has formed alliance with so many other clans. They shouldn’t have done it to aim at us alone, right?”

“Brother Xie is indeed brilliant.” Mo Tian Ji slightly smiled.

He took two steps. Then, he slowly said while thinking, “Ou Du Xiao owed a large amount in gambling debt after the contest of Mt. Dingjun… I calculated back then…”

Everyone looked at Xie Dan Qiong with a strange vision. And, Xie Dan Qiong’s face flushed with shame! After all, it wasn’t just Ou Du Xiao who had owed a large amount in gambling debt…

“Let’s assume that I’m the Ou Clan’s Clan Lord. The first thing I would want to do after I hear that such a God of Wealth — pay off the gambling debt to protect the clan’s reputation. Secondly, I would think of killing the man, and seizing his wealth!”

Mo Tian Ji placed himself in the position of Ou Clan’s Clan Lord. And, he slowly started to explain as everybody bent an ear to listen.

“Now, King of Hell Chu returns from the tour to Xie Clan. And, I suddenly discover that King of Hell Chu’s financial abilities are at a shocking degree. Therefore, I can’t help but become excited. How strong would my Ou Clan become if I secretly killed King of Hell Chu? Moreover, King of Hell Chu is only a King Level Expert. And, I have heard that there’s no Emperor Level Expert in their team. But, we have more than one in our Ou Clan. So, wouldn’t we become secretly rich as long as no one came to know about it?”

Mo Tian Ji continued to analyze, “…besides, he wasn’t even guarded when he entered the Xie Clan. Would he be guarded when he enters my Ou Clan? So, how would things not go my way once they’ve entered?”

Xie Dan Qing and the others secretly nodded. Mo Tian Ji was analyzing Ou Cheng Wu’s way of thinking, and it was absolutely accurate. The fact is that things had started to deviate from this point onwards.

“Therefore, I start to plan the deployment after they arrive. But then, I find that the opposite party has taken precautionary measures, and only one person has come. So, I think of eliminating them at one stroke. Therefore, we will eliminate all of them in one fell swoop once Chu Yang joins the others after leaving from the clan. This requires intelligence, and a few experts to follow their tracks. Therefore, I must send people I trust, and we will definitely track them down.

“But, I mustn’t send too many people. After all, I’m afraid my targets won’t reunite if they figured out my plan. Moreover, they will take different roads in that case. And, my Ou Clan wouldn’t be able to get to all of them if that happens. Therefore, I will only send one Emperor Level Expert to track them down… Two Emperor Level Experts at the most!”

Mo Tian Ji spoke till here, and smiled. Then, he continued, “It would be impossible to kill five Emperor Level Experts in one go with the cultivation of King Level even if you use crafty schemes and tricks. Therefore, one would need to strike them one by one. And, Chu Yang must’ve first killed the Emperor Level Expert who was following their tracks! There may have been two Emperor Level Experts as well. However, there couldn’t have been three or more Emperor Level Experts in the tracking team. After all, I wouldn’t have sent three or more Emperor Level Experts to follow someone’s tracks. I would only have sent such a powerful team to exterminate them with a single thunderous strike!”

Chu Yang would’ve prostrated himself in admiration if he were present here…

Mo Tian Ji’s calculations had been correct… whether it came to the thought process of Ou Clan’s Clan Lord… or about the course of events.

“Then, I receive the intelligence report, and my large military troop proceeds towards them. I must use the thunder method, and I must eliminate the future trouble at one fell swoop. But, I then get to know that the experts I had sent have been defeated. So, I immediately realize that I have attracted a huge trouble. Moreover, my Ou Clan has lost so many experts. So, it would be an imminently dangerous situation if I were to face the retaliation of these many enemy aristocratic clans…!

“I want to protect myself under such circumstances. So, I will have to make alliance with other powerful clans. Therefore, I will aim at these family juniors who are involved in this, and create a fuss with the opponents of Gu Clan, Luo Clan, Dong Clan, and Ji Clan. Moreover, King of Hell Chu has just formed an alliance with the Xie Clan. So, Xie Clan is also an enemy now. And, I will make connections with the Li Clan to deal with that threat. Besides, the Black Devil Clan always seeks nothing but profit. So, it will also be of a good use. Moreover, the Meng Clan is powerless to defend itself at this time. So, I will also give the Meng Clan a helping hand, and they would eagerly catch this opportunity! And, I will stir up hatred in these clans as long as they accept the proposal of alliance and reach to a common understanding. And, I will accomplish the goal of saving my clan from danger in this manner!”

Mo Tian Ji spoke till here, and stopped.

Xie Dan Qiong, Dong Wu Lei, and Luo Ke Wu discussed in whispers. Ji Zhu also changed his sloppy posture, and emitted sharp lights from his eyes as he calmly listened to the others with rapt attention.

“But… my mentality suddenly changes after I’ve reached this situation!” Mo Tian Ji’s voice suddenly became serious, “I’ve united these clans. But, I’ve suddenly realized that my present strength is going to skyrocket very shortly! Moreover, the Ou Clan is weak at present. Moreover, there’s an additional danger of being annexed inside this alliance. Therefore, I will provoke a dispute, and I will initiate an attack on Gu Clan, Xie Clan, Dong Clan, and the other clans!

“It’s because I will be able to build dominance in the Middle Three Heavens after I’ve attaining the strength! And, our Ou Clan will take advantage of the situation in case these several clans get destroyed. We can even restore our strength if that happens. In fact, we will become stronger! This is a heaven-sent opportunity!”

Mo Tian Ji stopped for a while after he had spoken till here. Then, he thought a little and said, “This ought to be the mentality of the Ou Clan’s Clan Lord…” He wrinkled his brows, and firmly said, “It shouldn’t be wrong!”

It must be said that Mo Tian Ji had simply gone into Ou Cheng Wu’s mind. In fact, it seemed as if he had seen all the veins and the insides of Ou Cheng Wu very clearly…

Xie Dan Qiong and Dong Wu Lei frowned as they pondered.

Ji Zhu habitually raised his leg, and started to scratch his foot. Then, he lazily said, “This should be correct. They become greedy at first. Then, they become regretful, and then scared. Then, they will increase their strength after they’ve made the connection. Then, they will bring-about their wild scheme… this seems quite normal. Tian Ji’s theory should be accurate!”

Everyone nodded one after another. Everyone felt this to be logical. They were about to praise, but they suddenly smelled a hard-to-describe stench…

Even a mouse would be poisoned if it were to smell such an odor…

Everyone turned their head, and became angry. It turned out that Ji Zhu had taken off his shoe, and was scratching his feet. He continued to pick it for a while. Then, he drew it near to his nose, and sniffed it…

These people were obviously fond of cleanliness. So, they almost vomited at the sight of it…

“Fu*k! You bastard! Quickly wear your shoes!”

“Get out!”

A shout and a ‘bang’ were heard. Ji Zhu didn’t know who kicked him and sent him flying out…

He came back in after a long while. However, he was covered in dirt.

Mo Tian Ji stopped smiling and said, “However, this isn’t enough to bring chaos in the world! Therefore, the Ou Clan and the other clans will certainly use an additional trick… it would be a follow-up trick. And hence, it will be more deadly…”

“What kind of a trick?” everyone asked in unison. These five had already begun to admire and adulate Mo Tian Ji’s conjectures!


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