Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 581 – CN

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The thin wooden stick was pointed at the second red arrowhead. Mo Tian Ji’s voice was calm and composed, “The Li Clan would be the second ally of the Ou Clan. Young Master Xie, I think you understand the purpose of Ou Clan making relations with this clan.”

Xie Dan Qiong awkwardly coughed. His face had turned somewhat red as he said, “You know it. What else do I need to add?”

Everyone looked at him curiously. They didn’t know what was making this Jasper Flower worry…

Mo Tian Ji gently said, “Brother Xie, we need to understand these clans’ mindsets towards their respective enemy clans. That would allow us to have a better understanding of the present circumstances. So, it would be better if you personally explain it to everyone.”

Xie Dan Qiong’s face flushed. He then faintly recalled the events of the past, and angrily said, “The hatred between my clan and Li Clan was developed back when I had turned seventeen and reached marriageable age. I had accidently met the Young Lady of Li Clan – Li Meng. This name ‘Li Meng’ is pleasant to hear. But, she was unpleasant to look at. Um, she couldn’t be considered too ugly. But, she was blind in one eye. I had heard she was stabbed…”

“This Li Meng… started liking me after we met,” Anger dawned upon Xie Dan Qiong’s feminine face, “The Li Clan visited my home after I returned, and proposed for an alliance by marriage. But, how could I agree for such a marriage? I’m not very good-looking… but, how could I let the future Clan Lady be a one-eyed person?”

“Ha ha ha…” Ji Zhu, Dong Wu Lei, and Luo Ke Wu swayed to-and-fro as they laughed hard. Mo Tian Ji was usually tranquil and carefree. However, he also faintly smiled.

Ji Zhu said while laughing aloud, “Brother Xie, perhaps she could’ve been a charming person on the inside even though she was one-eyed. You never know…”

The laughter became louder as he said this.

Xie Dan Qion’s face flushed. He became extremely angry. He spared no effort in cussing, “Fu*k off! Don’t act like you know this, Ji Zhu?” [What does he mean by this so-called charming on the inside… ahm ahm ahm… humph.]

Xie Dan Qiong scolded at first. Then, he calmed down and further said, “Therefore, I categorically declined. But, this Li Meng and her younger brother Li Hu took advantage of me going out. They wanted to capture me and strong-arm me into marriage…”

“Wa ha ha ha…” Ji Zhu started laughing uncontrollably while jerking his hands and feet. “Brother Xie’s charm is indeed infinite. Hmm… So what did you do… to prevent… Li Hu from gift-wrapping you for that woman…?”

Laughter echoed in Mo Tian Ji’s study room as soon as this remark was made.

Xie Dan Qiong’s face turned pale in anger. He retorted, “Ji Zhu! You bastard!”

“Go on, go on… continue speaking. You don’t need to pay him any heed. Ha ha…” Luo Ke Wu had been sipping tea. He had spurted it out due to his laughter. So, there was tea everywhere. But, he still urged Xie Dan Qiong to continue.

Xie Dan Qiong hatefully looked at Ji Zhu and said, “Then finally, I… I half-intentionally and half by mistake… killed both the sister and her younger brother… Therefore, we became enemies. It can be said that Li Clan and my Xie Clan are mortal enemies…”

Nobody laughed after he said this. They had obviously understood the gravity of the matter.

Indeed, it was unlikely to breed any enmity and hatred if he had killed any ordinary person. But, he had killed the daughter and son of the Clan Lord… This hatred was so deep-seated that it couldn’t be resolved!

“I assume that everyone has understood. The Li Clan will fight to death if they attack.” Mo Tian Ji smiled. He then concluded, “Any clan that stands with the Xie Clan will make a mortal enemy out of the Li Clan! Both sides will keep quiet unless they’ve moved into action. But, there’s no doubt of a ‘you die or I die’ situation if there’s a battle!”

The Eldest Young Masters slowly nodded. The Gu Clan’s minister was sweating while he was busy taking notes.

“The Ou Clan’s third target will be to make relations with the Tian Clan. Brother Dong, you aren’t unfamiliar with the Tian Clan, right?” Mo Tian Ji looked at Dong Wu Lei.

Dong Wu Lei’s complexion sank. He wasn’t merely familiar with them. After all, the Dong Clan and Tian Clan harbored such a deep enmity that it couldn’t be resolved in several lifetimes. They would deadly battles every time they’d meet.

Dong Clan had Dong Wu Shang in this generation. But, a similarly matchless talent had appeared in Tian Clan as well – Tian Bu Hui! He was known as ‘Heaven Can’t Compare or Tian Bu Ru’!

It means that even Heavens weren’t comparable to him.

So, one could well-imagine the strength and domineer of this person!

[It is needless to mention that the Tian Clan will fight to the death if they enter this fray!] Dong Wu Lei’s countenance had become ugly.

“The fourth clan that Ou Clan will want to make relations with is the Zhao Clan.” Mo Tian Ji smiled and looked at Luo Ke Wu. Eldest Young Master Luo’s complexion suddenly turned ugly, “Brother Luo, the Luo Clan has kept the Zhao Clan suppressed for more than two-hundred years if this little brother of yours remembers things correctly…”

Luo Ke Wu coldly snorted.

Mo Tian Ji politely smiled, “My Mo Clan and Zhao Clan would’ve already become allies if the distance between our clans hadn’t been this great. Even more so because our clan is far away from the Luo Clan…”

Luo Ke Wu’s complexion became even uglier.

Luo Clan and Mo Clan didn’t have peaceful relations in the past. In fact, they had been shouting ‘kill’ at each other every day for dozens of years. The relations had improved a bit only recently…

“The Ou Clan will also have relations with one more clan… And, that is the Tu Clan!” Mo Tian Ji sighed, “Gu Du Xing defeated and changed Tu Qian Hao beyond recognition; and, that too in front of the world’s heroes. Such kind of hatred… is no less than the hatred of getting one’s father killed…”

The fingers of that Gu Clan minister trembled. And, a big blot was smeared on the paper by the pen he held.

“Your clans will have to reap what you have sown.” Mo Tian Ji seemed very depressed as he sighed, “But, the most troublesome and intolerable thing is that our Mo Clan has nothing to do with any of this. And yet, this goddamn Ou Clan is making relations with the Black Devil Clan!”

Dong Wu Lei, Ji Zhu, Luo Ke Wu and Xie Dan Qiong broke into a schadenfreude-like smile when they heard this. [No wonder you have come looking for us in such a hurry. So, your Mo Clan is also involved in this mess.]

However, it was a great relief for them at the same time. [Mo Tian Ji can’t stay out of this since Mo Clan is also involved. So, we will have Mo Tian Ji’s plans and schemes on our side… And, that will be the greatest help.]

Mo Tian Ji had brought them on the same page in a matter of a few sentences. Moreover, he had highlighted his position to be prominent and independent. Mo Clan had become weak very recently, and should be pleading others for help. However, his speech had made Mo Clan an entity worth to come pleading to.

“Moreover… the Ou Clan had also contacted the Meng Clan.” Mo Tian Ji forced a smile.

Everyone present there emitted radiance from their eyes.

Meng Luo’s ‘Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique’ was a thorn in everyone’s heart. Therefore, everyone rolled up their sleeves for battle after they heard that Meng Clan was also participating in this alliance.

“We will certainly face unprecedented severe consequences once the Ou Clan successfully makes these connections…” Mo Tian Ji had instigated the hearts of these Eldest Young Masters with this demonstration. So, Mo Tian Ji now threw out his main objective, “If Ou Clan, Tu Clan, Tian Clan, Meng Clan, Black Devil, Zhao Clan, and Li Clan… form an alliance to deal with any one of our clans…”

Mo Tian Ji deeply looked Xie Dan Qiong in the eye, “Even your formidable Xie Clan… will break down in one strike! You won’t be left with the slightest of luck on your side!”

Xie Dan Qiong’s complexion became deathly white. It was because… the Xie Clan was located nearest to the Ou Clan!

“Our clans will get wiped out from the Middle Three Heavens if we give them the opportunity to strike us one by one!” Mo Tian Ji’s voice was cold and deep. He looked at the faces of Dong Wu Lei, Luo Ke Wu, and Ji Zhu one by one.

Everyone’s faces became serious. Their gazes flickered. And, a killing intention was slowly forming in their eyes. The atmosphere of the study room had suddenly become stifling and heavy.

Everyone knew that Mo Tian Ji’s words wouldn’t be an exaggeration if this matter were to really happen! How could a single clan withstand the union of seven great clans?

Mo Tian Ji softly chuckled, “I am not very interested to be a part of this mess. However, I will have no choice but to join-in if the Black Devil Clan joins that alliance. It would no longer matter whether I am willing to meddle in it or not. So, we’re on the same boat now!”

[That’s right. You guys have enmity with them. Our Mo Clan is being dragged in without having any enmity with anyone. What do you guys think about this?]

[Who can think of staying out of it? Who would dare to stay out of it?]

A light flashed in Dong Wu Lei’s eyes. He slowly stood up and looked at everyone. Then, he said in a serious voice, “Brother Mo is right. This is indeed a very big crisis. I’m afraid we will be exterminated if we don’t work together!”

The tone of Dong Wu Lei’s voice was serious. He extended his hand and raised it upwards. He then said, “My Dong Clan is the first to recognize the status of our association! Whoever wants to acknowledge me as their ally may please put your hand forward!”

Xie Dan Qiong put his hand forward without hesitation.

Then, Luo Ke Wu also put forward his hand. The minister of the Gu Clan hesitated a little at first. He then said, “I am willing to represent the Gu Clan, and agree to become an ally. However, I would need to go back and report to the Clan Lord as far as the concrete position of the clan is concerned.”

He put his hand forward while saying this.

Ji Zhu remained silent for a while. He threw a meaningful look at Mo Tian Ji. Then, he put his hand on others’ hands with a ‘thump’ sound.

Mo Tian Ji smiled. He extended his hands to gently hold that group of hands, and said, “Let’s discuss and plan out our next step.”

Mo Tian Ji’s words had amplified this matter of life and death, and had touched the hearts of these young masters of the aristocratic clans. The clans that were earlier in a state of disunity were now firmly tied together.

Moreover, it was the strongest type of bond!

Everyone laughed out loud. They then sat down one after another. The unfamiliar feeling and discomfort that had been among them in the beginning had disappeared without a trace.

“I think I should have the right to speak since our next step is to plan and make arrangements,” Luo Ke Wu forced a smile and said, “I didn’t have friendly relations with Young Master Mo Tian Ji a few years ago. To be honest, I am very embarrassed! I – Luo Ke Wu – could never occupy the winning side no matter what plans I made… or how much I considered my arrangements!”

“I’ve been nearly killed and nearly captured by the hands of Young Master Mo many a times…” Luo Ke Wu laughed in self-ridicule. Then, he pointed at himself, “I don’t wish to hide this from anybody. So, let me tell you… I have ten scars on my body. And, nine of them have been given by this fellow Mo Tian Ji.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

Luo Ke Wu then said, “Brother Mo’s name as ‘Master of Calculation and Manipulation’ resounds through the whole world. So, I believe that the director of our association should be none other than Young Master Tian Ji in this matter.”

“That’s right. My younger cousin is very wicked when it comes to scheming. I haven’t been benefited once by his brilliance since childhood.” Ji Zhu mischievously laughed.

Ji Zhu’s mother was the first wife of the Ji Clan’s Clan Lord. And, Mo Tian Ji’s paternal aunt had been madly in love with the clan lord of the Ji Clan back then. She had married him even though she had to become his small concubine. Then, she had given birth to Ji Mo. Ji Zhu couldn’t call Mo Tian Ji his ‘younger cousin’ by normal standards. But, he had always considered Ji Mo his blood brother. In fact, they had treated each other as if they had the same mother. Therefore, Ji Zhu also acknowledged Mo Tian Ji as his ‘younger cousin’ along with his younger brother.

Xie Dan Qiong and Dong Wu Lei looked at each other. They had no objection.

Mo Tian Ji smiled and said, “This proposal is improper!”


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