Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 580 – CN

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Mo Qing Wu and her masters had left. Only the crowd of Mo Clan was left behind. The Mo Clan’s people looked at each other in dismay. They then heaved a sigh, and regretting that they had hit the wall!

[Dammit! Who would’ve had the balls to offend the Young Miss if we had known that she had such badass behind-the-scene supporters…? In fact, it would’ve been too fu*king late to get anything even if Mo Wu Xin and Mo Tian Yun were here…]

However, Mo Tian Ji’s attitude was very steady as compared to the other people of the Mo Clan in terms of regret and sense of loss.

“Would you be able to preserve the good stuff if they had given you any?” Mo Tian Ji snorted, “How will we be able to survive if we rely on others? How will we be able to become formidable?”

“We only have to rely on ourselves!” Mo Tian Ji heavily said, “We only have to rely on ourselves!”

“Isn’t it enough to only rely on ourselves?! Consider that Mo Clan is done for if you are only thinking about depending on Supreme Experts like that!”

Mo Tian Ji brushed his sleeves after he spoke the last words. And, he then turned and left abruptly towards the study room of the Clan Lord. Only a crowd of Elders who were sinking into contemplation was left behind.

Mo Tian Ji received news the next day. [The Ou Clan is making some move in secret these days. They are making close relations with other great clans…]

Mo Tian Ji instantly smelled a hint of conspiracy.

He had been well-known for his strong sense of scheming and trickery. His first reaction after learning about such news was – [Is the Ou Clan planning to make a move? But, who is the target of this movement in the Ou Clan?]

Mo Tian Ji pondered for a while. And, he issued an order after he had reached a decision, “Investigate! Investigate what Ou Clan has been up to these days! With whom it is making contact? How is it making those contacts? The more detailed… the better!”

The Mo Clan’s information network was set into action with full strength!

Many papers got stacked on Mo Tian Ji’s desk in only one day’s time!

“They are plotting against King of Hell Chu… thirty experts haven’t returned yet?” Mo Tian Ji had only finished reading the first report when he was left to suck in the cold air with a ‘hissing’ sound. Then, he started to open the other papers. And, he became increasingly astonished as he continued to look further.

Then, he closed his eyes and started to ponder. He gently tapped his thigh with his fingers…

“Gao clan? Black Devil Clan? Tian Clan? Tu Clan? Meng Clan? Zhao Clan? Li Clan? It seems like Ou Clan wants to deal with this matter right now? Or are they… giving rise to chaos to safeguard themselves?”

Mo Tian Ji stood up, and started to pace back and forth in the room. Then, he tightly wrinkled his brows, “However, there is a possibility that our strength would be weakened after this chaos… Especially, because the Black Devil Clan and the Meng Clan are involved. So, it would be impossible for our Mo Clan to stay out of this. We should take the initiative to attack instead of taking a passive defensive stance…

“We would want to start the chaos first if a chaotic situation has to develop…” Mo Tian Ji quietly and carefully analyzed the relative strength of both parties. He had been continuously formulating a plan in his mind. And, his mind had filled with schemes and calculation in an instant.

“Guards, come in!” A light flashed in Mo Tian Ji’s eyes after fifteen minutes. He had made a decision.

Two bodyguards of the clan came in, “What instructions does the Clan Lord have for us?”

“I will write a few letters. You have them delivered!” Mo Tian Ji started to write the letters as he solemnly stated, “Deliver them to Luo Clan, Ji Clan, and Dong Clan…”

“There would be a meeting in the Mo Clan seven days later, and I’m inviting every young master. This matter is very urgent!”

Mo Tian Ji finished the letters at one stroke. Then, he saw a few people going out. After that, the sounds of horses’ hooves came from outside and gradually faded into the distance.

He returned to his room. He was still frowning.

A long time passed like this. He then finally held a pen in his hand, and wrote another letter. He personally folded it properly, and called out for a man. Then, he ordered while handing it over to the man, “Deliver this letter to the Ao Clan as quickly as possible! Deliver it to the Clan Lord of Ao Clan with your own hands if you don’t find Young Master Xie Yun.”


Mo Tian Ji again muttered to himself for a while after this man had walked away. However, he still felt not too secure. So, he again took up his pen, and started to pour out the words of his mind onto a letter. “This letter is for Dark Bamboo. I must prepare this in advance even if there’s no conflict later…”

Then, Mo Tian Ji gathered the experts of the Mo Clan, and set them up one by one in one go. The person in-charge for the financial resources of the clan was called by Mo Tian Ji after the setting up of the experts had been done. He had done this so that all the dispersed forces of the Mo Clan would be unified in the same place. And, this would allow them to become stronger like a clenched fist.

[The revenue generated from the business transactions in each shop, and each warehouse owned by the Mo Clan shall be collected in the headquarters on the same day from this day onwards. It must not be delayed!]

All the arrangements had been finished within a short while.

“The Ou Clan… wants to create chaos. How can we let it happen so easily? This young master will show them what it’s like to cause real trouble…” Mo Tian Ji stood in front of the courtyard with his hands clasped behind. He had exposed a gentle and faint smile on his face.

“You want to play tricks before the eyes of this young master… So, I will make you see how such tricks should be played…”

Seven days later…

Luo Ke Wu, Dong Wu Lei, Ji Zhu, Xie Dan Xiong as well as a minister of the Gu Clan had arrived at the Mo Clan. Moreover, everyone had come very quickly!

What Mo Tian Ji had written in the letters was too serious!

Xie Dan Qiong had arranged a flying spirit beast after spending a lot of money. And, that’s how he had been able to rush over so quickly.

“Brother Mo, what’s the matter?” Dong Wu Lei asked, “We felt that the matter is very serious after we read what you had written in the letter… In fact, it seemed as if our clans are going to be exterminated or something…?”

Dong Wu Lei seemed to be complaining. After all, he had come from a bit too afar. But, he had reached here quite early. After all, this guy had jumped up in fright after he had seen Mo Tian Ji’s letter. So, he instantly dropped everything, and had rushed over. He had mounted on two fine horses. In fact, his thighs had also been covered with bloody blisters due to the friction.

“And, let me tell you… I was still sleeping when I received your letter…” Ji Zhu rolled his eyes. He looked at Mo Tian Ji with a somewhat displeased look, “I got scared. I had to break off my beautiful dream and rush over. Younger cousin, you have overdone it this time.”

Ji Zhu was older than Mo Tian Ji. So, he addressed him as ‘younger cousin’. But, he had never dared to look down on this ‘younger cousin’. In fact, he admired him very much.

Luo Ke Wu was somewhat embarrassed. After all, his Luo Clan used to have enmity with the Mo Clan in the past. They had made Mo Tian Ji eat too many losses. But, he didn’t dare to neglect Mo Tian Ji this time. It was because he deep down knew that the matter must’ve been very important if Mo Tian Ji had said so…

“How can I dare to deceive the young masters of great clans…” Mo Tian Ji said jokingly at first. But, his expression then turned serious. And, he sternly said, “I’m afraid our clans will vanish in a puff of smoke if this matter isn’t handled properly. So, we have to deal with it now! These aren’t mere frightening words meant to scare you alone!”

“Huh?! Is it that serious?” Various young masters of great clans turned pale in fright. They then became serious as well.

These few words from Mo Tian Ji had allowed everyone to pay strong attention to him. So, Mo Tian Ji heaved a deep sigh and said, “Let me tell you that this matter doesn’t involve my Mo Clan in a direct manner. This matter has been brought upon by your brothers. But, it also makes Mo Clan get involved in this. So, I don’t have a choice!”

Mo Tian Ji had meant – [This is your business. But, it will cause trouble to our Mo Clan. But, I will clear up your mess… So, you people should appreciate the kindness.]

Dong Wu Lei leapt up, “Wu Shang? Did something happen to him?”

Dong Wu Lei always felt that Dong Wu Shang had been growing stronger and stronger this past year. He had now gained the potential to easily accomplish things. And, there was no one who could match him in the younger generation across the entire Middle Three Heavens. So, he was the most powerful candidate for the clan lord’s position.

Dong Wu Lei had spent countless of nights in worry. He even felt that this younger brother was a big threat to his own ambitions!

Dong Wu Lei even had made some family decisions that were directed against Dong Wu Shang. He had continuously tried to trim down his influence. In fact, he had secretly played small tricks against him. In fact, he didn’t even know how many he had played by now…

But, he felt a kind of crunch in his heart when he thought that something might have happened to Dong Wu Shang. A kind of deep and unendurable concern had arisen in his heart. He felt as if his heart had been clutched tightly.

However, he realized that he had lost self-control after he had spoken out these words. So, he sat down embarrassedly. He then secretly sighed in his heart. [He is a threat. But, he is my own flesh and blood… this feeling still moves my heart. It is hard to discard. I can’t let it go…]

“There has been no accident. But, they’ve created a huge trouble.” Mo Tian Ji gave a meaningful look to Dong Wu Lei and smiled. Then, he said, “Everybody, please come with me.”

He then led everyone into his study room after he said this. He then instructed that no one was allowed to come in even if the sky came crashing down!

Those few eldest young masters felt heavy in their hearts when they saw Mo Tian Ji being so cautious. [It seems that the matter is very grave.]

Everyone entered the study, and found that a huge map was hung on the wall opposite to the door!

Not too many labels were marked on this map. However, there were many red arrows on it.

“Dong Wu Shang, Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, and Chu Yang — these five were heading on the road to the Northern Wilderness. They happened to have a conflict with the Ou Clan! So, they beheaded five Emperor Level Experts and thirty King Level Experts of the Ou Clan!”

Mo Tian Ji’s tone was solemn. But, he didn’t mention that his younger sister was also with them.

[Beheaded five Emperor Level Experts?]

[And, thirty King Level Experts?]

Dong Wu Lei and Luo Ke Wu sucked in cold air! Ji Zhu was spread out on the chair like mud, but he also fiercely stood up at this moment. That minister of the Gu Clan was a King Level Expert, but his eyes became like little bells. This was too shocking for him.

Xie Dan Qiong suddenly opened his eyes wide. Then, bean-sized beads of sweat seeped out from his forehead.

He had obviously heard about this matter. But, he had only heard that many King Level Experts of the Ou Clan had died. He didn’t know that five Emperor Level Experts had also died.

Xie Dan Qiong only felt glad in his heart at this moment.

He had obviously understood the reason… and, better than anyone else. It was because Ou Du Xiao had reached an agreement with him that Chu Yang would first go to the Xie Clan, and then to the Ou Clan. So, this matter had spread out after Chu Yang had left the Xie Clan.

Xie Dan Qiong carefully thought, [The Ou Clan probably wants to double cross. They want to incite rebound against Chu Yang and the others!]

[Luckily, my clan wasn’t blinded by the greed. We didn’t sell our souls for gains. Instead, we sincerely made friends with them. I’m afraid my Xie Clan would’ve been done for if we had also suffered such a loss…]

“The Ou Clan’s strength has greatly reduced after sustaining such a great blow! Meanwhile, they’ve grown firm hatred towards Gu Du Xing and the others!”

Mo Tian Ji picked up a pen, and marked the Ou Clan’s position on the map.

He then solemnly said, “Therefore, the Ou Clan is afraid of taking revenge from Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others. Moreover, it is also afraid that Gu Clan, Dong Clan, Luo Clan, and the other clans will join hands to deal with it. Therefore, the Ou Clan has started to establish big contacts in order to protect itself. The Ou Clan wants to throw the situation in chaos. Meanwhile, it is sparing no opportunity to strengthen itself.”

Mo Tian Ji gradually started to discuss the problem. Everyone present there straightened their bodies, opened their eyes wide, and erected their ears.

“The Ou Clan is making contacts with several clans one by one.” Mo Tian Ji pointed out on the first arrow with a small wooden stick. “The first is Gao Clan. Ji Zhu, you must be clear about the reason.”

Ji Zhu’s nose was covered in sweat.

How could he not understand? After all, his younger brother Ji Mo had snatched the fiancée of the Gao Clan’s young clan lord… So, it would be too bizarre if he said that he didn’t know the reason…


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