Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 579 – CN

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[People have been offended… Yes, we have offended millions of people! You people can come and look for us! Come and look for us, and we will show you whether we are the persons you are looking for or not!]

The Northern Wilderness had been extremely chaotic… And, more and more clans had decided to return home as a result…

After all, who could stand running into such a group of lunatics…

Two masters were teaching one apprentice…

And, the story continues thus — Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya had accepted an apprentice. And, they had been so happy the entire way that they were unable to conceal their happiness. Both the Supreme Experts saw future glory in this apprentice… since she possessed the best talent the world had seen in ages. In fact, the names of both these Supremes would fly out the window if they weren’t able to teach such an apprentice well.

They liked her more every time they gazed upon their apprentice. They had taken care of her very gently the whole journey. In fact, they had kept her in their arms for the fear that she might fall and break apart.

Mo Qing Wu had made a request to go home so that she could check on her family. After all, she wanted to bid them farewell. Both the Supreme Experts complied, and personally accompanied her there. In fact, both of them were accompanying her! After all, neither of them wanted to let the other accompany her alone. And, neither of them was ready to stay even a single step behind.

The whole journey was filled with clouds and mists. It would take two months for a normal person to complete this journey. But, these two Supreme Experts had covered this journey in only two days, and had reached the Mo Clan.

However, this two days’ time had been very long.

Both these Supreme Experts had lived for more than ten-thousand years, and were very experienced. They wanted the little girl to open up to them. But, that wasn’t too easy. However, she eventually opened up after a long time, and revealed the bitter experiences of her past.

They heard that her family’s main goal had been to nurture her. However, her Three Yin Meridians got destroyed later. So, the clan gave up on her. It was very pitiful. This clan had then decided to give away these two Supremes’ adorable apprentice to someone in the form of a concubine. And, that too to a person who practiced some evil technique. So, the little girl was forced to leave home. Her story was inhumane and sorrowful through the through…

[Things would’ve become too horrible to contemplate if it wasn’t for Elder Brother Chu Yang…]

The little girl had chocked with sobs while she had spoken of her grievances. And, her tears had fallen like raindrops on pear blossom…

Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya had become very angry. Their hair had also stood on end.

Their rage had gone off the charts!

They hadn’t expected that they would find about so many heaven-scaring things while chatting with their apprentice! This was the most provoking thing that the two Supreme Experts had ever heard in their entire lives! [My apprentice had to suffer so much because of these people… Ah. How should I make the deaths of the culprits more miserable when I send them to hell…]

[This damned Mo Clan dared to bully my treasured apprentice!] The eyes of both the Supreme Experts had turned red in anger…

Bu Liu Qing had straightaway indicated that he wouldn’t even spare the fowls and dogs of the Mo Clan!

However, it had made Mo Qing Wu jump in fright. [Eh, why did I speak so much…? Oh no… This is bad.] Then, she hastily pleaded and comforted him. In fact, she almost started to cry. However, the two Supreme Experts were unwilling to forgive the Mo Clan. One of them had become furious, and the other one was cussing while pointing towards the sky. One of them was rolling his sleeves for battle, and the other one was eager to get into action… as if preparing to have a hand-to-hand fight. [I will try my best to teach them a lesson… so that I would make an impression in front of my apprentice…]

Mo Qing Wu didn’t wish to think about this. However, both of these Supremes were the most suitable persons for the title ‘number-one in the world’ at the end of the day. And, both of them had elegance in handling matters. They were obviously very angry right now. And, they even wanted to wipe out the whole Mo Clan. However, how could they show it so openly like some street rowdies?

Moreover, this concerned the life experience of a ten-year-old little girl. So, the two Supreme Experts only needed to say a few sentences, and they evoked the entirety of her grievances and tears out of her heart. The two extremely kind masters were surely digging deep for more details while comforting her… However, they also knew what they should say, and what they shouldn’t…

They obviously made a clean breast of things. And, she shared everything with them.

Therefore, the two Supreme Experts were angry as well as cherishing the pleadings their apprentice offered in a soft voice. But, they were acting stubborn like spoiled brats nonetheless. However, they still felt happier than they had ever felt before…

Tragedy had also befallen Mo Tian Ji.

He had reorganized the entire Mo Clan using all his strength over the course of this time. He had eliminated every malpractice in the clan. And, he had also banished the elements that had been causing instability. He had used the Iron-Fist method, and had reorganized the clan very vigorously. And, he had also made good relations with various influential clans one by one. He had even activated economical passages with them. Moreover, he had harvested the channels which had been active at Mo Tian Yun’s time.

However, he would simply eliminate them if he was unable to assimilate them.

He had used a thunder method. And, the Mo Clan’s atmosphere had changed beyond recognition as a result!

Mo Clan had barely regained a little vitality today. However, it was about to welcome two super-experts after having faced the strong winds of late. Moreover, these two super-experts were coming over to settle an account!

A thunderclap resounded in the sky, “Mo Clan’s people… get ready to die by my hands!”

Several of the buildings of the Mo Clan shook by these words, and collapsed with a bang…

Mo Tian Ji was greatly surprised. He endured that ‘buzzing’ sound in his ears. And, he came out from the inside to take a look. But, he only saw three people standing in the air. In fact, they seemed to be stuck there. Two of them wore wide robe with big sleeves. And, they were floating in the air like immortals. However, they had angry looks on their faces.

There was a very little figurine in the middle. She was dressed in red, and her cheeks were snow-white. It was his little sister — Mo Qing Wu.

He couldn’t help but stare blankly…

[What’s going on?]

Mo Tian Ji saw his little sister, and couldn’t help but ask, “Little Wu, these people are…”

“Second Brother, these are my masters…” Mo Qing Wu signaled with her eyes.

Mo Tian Ji understood the meaning in an instant. [It seems like Little Wu’s masters have come to vent the anger for their apprentice?] He couldn’t help but force a smile. [It’s impossible now…]

[I would’ve kept the culprits alive if I had known this earlier. And, I would’ve allowed her masters to vent their anger. But… it seems that only one culprit has remained here now. And, it is my own father…]

[But, who are these two? They seem fu*king awesome from their appearance…]

However, how could Ning Tian Ya be willing to pay attention to Mo Tian Ji’s polite greetings? He had already readied his throat to call out, “Where is this bastard Mo Wu Xin? Where is that son of a bitch Mo Tian Yun? Where are they… all of you must come out! Have you grown that much hair on your balls? Are your brains rotten or what? You people dared to bully my apprentice! I won’t leave until I kill three-hundred-and-sixty-six people!”

Bu Liu Qing held back the smile from appearing on his face. [This old guy is ready to commit all kinds of crimes to flatter our apprentice. He’s very shameless. He has gone to such extremes that he’s calling out to a bunch of meager Emperor Level Experts despite being a Supreme Expert…]

Mo Tian Ji’s face turned dark.

“Um. Senior… these people… are already dead…”

“Dead…?” Bu Liu Qing became angry, “Who allowed them to die? I’ve come to vent my anger for my disciple. How can they die? How can those two disgraceful and senseless people die like that…?!”

Mo Tian Ji was rendered speechless.

[Do others need your permission to die?]

Both the Supreme Experts eventually calmed down after Mo Tian Ji’s mediation and Mo Qing Wu’s pleading. Then, the two of them came to the Mo Clan’s courtyard, and drank tea while cursing.

Both the Supreme Experts were quite depressed since they hadn’t been able to vent their anger. So, they called for Mo Xing Chen, and rebuked him firmly. They even pointed fingers at his forehead one by one. They came staggering over to him one by one, and spat on the face of this ex-clan lord of the Mo Clan.

Mo Xing Chen was in such a difficult situation that he couldn’t bear it.

But, he came to know about the identity of these two masters. And, he was rendered so scared that he didn’t know what to do. He was then taught a lesson and given a scolding. Then, he waved at them and the others, and went back in a daze.

[Good Gracious! Little Wu has two Supreme Experts as her masters… I, I, I… I will have a heart attack…]

“Where is my disciple’s saber? Take it out! You snatched a little girl’s play-toy of a saber in the name of your clan’s future prospects? Do you have any respect towards the kids of your own clan? You stole the future of this child! What are you people looking at like foolish birds…? Do you want this old man to get angry? You people are very irritating!”

Ning Tian Ya roared like thunderclap. So, Mo Tian Ji personally went to his room, and brought the saber that he had kept safe for his little sister. In fact, Mo Tian Ji didn’t try to defend himself even once using his eloquence during the courses of these events.

It was because both these Supreme Experts were enraged and self-involved. So, they weren’t giving others any chance to speak out. Ning Tian Ya was raining curses, and Bu Liu Qing was complaining. “What kind of tea are giving to us – your guests? This is so unpleasant to drink for this old man. You’re lucky since you’re the family member of my apprentice. Otherwise, I would have put you and your nine generations in this tea pot. I would’ve exterminated all of you… It’s too cheap! It’s too low-quality! It’s too useless… How can someone possibly drink this?”

Mo Tian Ji almost vomited out blood. [This is our unique and unmatched ‘Heavenly Secret’ tea. The ‘Heavenly Secret’ tea is second to none if all kinds of tea in the Middle Three Heavens were to be ranked… No one can dare to say that theirs is the best. And, you’re degrading it to such an extent…]

Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya had learnt that Mo Qing Wu cared about that saber very deeply. However, they hadn’t given much importance to it. They had thought, [What kind of Heavenly Armament can be present here? It can be an attractive-looking sword at the most. And, that’s why this little girl likes it.]

However, they immediately overthrew their previous opinion after they saw the ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber’! These two old men had an experience of ten-thousand years. However, they thought for a while saw this saber, but could only describe it with the word ‘perfect’. It gave off a dreamy vibe when slashed. It was as dazzling as a starry sky… it had a sharp edge that could cut iron like mud. In fact, the two Supreme Experts had exclaimed in astonishment when they saw it.

[It’s not surprising that those dead pimps had snatched it. It is a very good item… Luckily, it’s in the hands of my disciple now. Hmm, Mo Qing Wu and the saber are indeed meant for each other.] Mo Qing Wu held the blade that she cherished so much, and it seemed that she was unwilling to part with it. She was beaming with joy. And, both the Supreme Experts left relieved when they saw her like that.

The two Supreme Experts didn’t stay for long. They took their leave after Mo Qing Wu had bid farewell to her mother and her brother; she had seemed very reluctant to part with them. They then took the ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance’ Saber from Mo Tian Ji’s hands, and left while carrying Mo Qing Wu along with them.

Mo Xing Chen had imagined that the two Supreme Experts would give them a lot of good items… But, that didn’t happen.

This could’ve happened, but the Mo Clan had been very unfair towards Mo Qing Wu. Therefore, it’s prospects had vanished in thin air…

One of the elders had even taken an indirect approach, and had made a courageous mention about it. But, Ning Tian Ya had looked at him from the corner of his eyes, and had cussed in reply, “You should be glad that I’m not killing you people this time. But, you still want more benefits? You don’t even have the guts of a mosquito! And, your Mo Clan is so shameless that this old man has seen such shameless people for the first time in my experience of more than ten-thousand years! You’re so thick-skinned… you’re rascals! This is the height of shamelessness! Your Mo Clan would be invincible if it ever faces upwards to the Upper Three Heavens. But, that’s because you can block every attack by using your thick skin alone! In fact, it’s fu*king calamitous… that I’ve even said so much to you pieces of garbage…”

He even spat out after he was done raining the curses. Then, both the Supreme Experts picked up their apprentice in their arms, and disappeared without trace.

The members of the Elders’ Assembly of the Mo Clan madly vomited out blood.

The auras of the two Supreme Experts had kept them under pressure. So, it wouldn’t have been good if they hadn’t circulated their martial power. But, circulating their martial power for so long was even worse. Therefore, they all started to vomit out blood after the two Supreme Experts had left.

Everyone looked lifeless. They deeply regretted! They were ashamed as well as regretful. [We had nothing to do with this…] They couldn’t dare to bear grudge against Ning Tian Ya. So, they could only vent out their angers on the two devils – Mo Wu Xin and Mo Tian Yun… In fact, those two would’ve been eaten uncooked by everyone if they had been alive. [Our Mo Clan lost a very good opportunity to make a fortune because of you two bastards…]


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