Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 574 – CN

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Then, this lunatic would continue to fight with you. He would be unwilling to leave you alone, and he’d stick to you like ants to sugar. He’d follow his target if they were to try and leave. And, he’d beat his targets if they’d stop. In fact, he’d even sit and watch from the side-lines if someone were to start eating their meals. Then, he would hold some unknown thing in his hand, and he wouldn’t feel hungry after he had put that item in his mouth.

Then, he would very politely wait for his targets to finish their meal. After that, he would beat them…

Until… they would collapse! Or until he would prove himself superior them!

An Emperor Level Expert of some clan was targeted by this guy in one instance. He became very scared, and begged for forgiveness saying… [I admit that you’re stronger than me. Please, let me leave…]

However, this chap flew into rage and replied, [Stop your fu*king nonsense! I’ve only started to beat you up. Don’t you resort to flattery so quickly! How can you be so cheap…?]

He then chased after that second grade Emperor Level Expert. He neither overlooked, nor spared him. In fact, he continued to annoy and fight with him for a week. However, that Emperor Level Expert couldn’t do anything about it. So, he pretended that he couldn’t beat him. And, he deliberately got beaten and kicked by him. Moreover, the lunatic even spat saliva on his face…

However, that Emperor Level Expert endured this tragedy!

What else could he do while facing such an undead monster? He couldn’t kill this freak. The strength of his palm was completely exhausted. And, beating this guy anyway felt like he was beating a rubber ball. He even sent this freak flying, but this freak came rebounding without having a single scratch on his body!

Moreover, this lunatic had a Heavenly Armament in his hand. And, he would cut the opponent’s sword into two with a ‘swoosh’ sound if someone were to dare drawing a weapon against him. And, what if one still wanted to fight? Nonsense! One would certainly lose one’s life in that case…

Also, he would beat a person up if they were to obediently yield to him. Then, he’d take his leave. However, he would also spit saliva on their face… But, the said-victim wouldn’t feel insulted since no one else would get to see this… This lunatic rushed out of this Northern Wilderness at a very fast speed after this ‘second grade Emperor Level Expert’ affair was done. And, it was heard that he had gone to live in seclusion since then…

Disturbance in the world of Jianghu was a dangerous thing. And, this had been proven this time. However, the most frightening thing was that there were too many abnormalities…

One day, Tan Tan finally ran into a person who was his match.

He had been having too much fun ever since he had parted with Chu Yang. Moreover, he had a soul fragrance on his body that could be sensed from five-hundred kilometres. This had been given to him by Chu Yang since it would allow them to find each other with ease. After all, they intended to meet each other every once in half-month.

However, Tan Tan had finally run into a person who was his match! He had been chasing after an Emperor Level Expert for three or four days. But, he soon realized that he had come way too far. Moreover, he had lost direction as a result.

Tan Tan had run into a youngster who was wearing ragged clothes at this juncture. Tan Tan first stepped forward to fight with him. Then, he beat this guy up. He then asked him for directions.

However, he found that he had returned to the same place by following the directions that this youngster had given him. But, the most awful thing was that he realized that the spirit beast inner cores had been stolen from his body. Moreover, he didn’t know when they were stolen…

Tan Tan obviously got very furious!

Chu Yang had been secretly watching the progress of his brothers these days. He had previously said that his brothers weren’t allowed to save or help each other. However, he had only meant it for the sake of saying it. But, they had no other choice but to depend upon their personal desperation and their sensibility to promote their strengths. But, there was no way Chu Yang could let go of them from his heart…

[I will secretly observe them without letting them realize. My secret observation should be fine and shouldn’t affect their mental state in any way. Otherwise, how would I be able to take the pain of regret for my whole life if something happened to them by any chance…?]

He secretly nodded while watching over Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang. These two were very clear about the path they wanted to walk on. And, they had been moving forward on it with a steady pace. In addition, they were tough and tenacious by nature. So, they kept on fighting in spite of all setbacks. Their use of the spiritual power, their comprehension power, their skills, and proficiency — everything had enhanced by leaps and bounds of late.

Chu Yang also discovered that these two had deliberately supressed their spiritual power, and hadn’t broken through on purpose. Therefore, he felt completely relieved about these two — [These two understand the importance of laying the foundation! Their foundation would be unsteady if they blindly make breakthroughs during this period of time. And, that’s because towering buildings are built up on strong foundations. Therefore, an unsteady foundation would only make them suffer later on!]

[However, they’ve obviously realized this point.]

Therefore, Chu Yang turned around and went to watch over Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di instead.

However, Chu Yang couldn’t help but tremble in his heart when he looked at them. These two had once been the dandy and useless young masters of two aristocratic clans. However, their current situation could only be described as –’a tragic sight’!

Ji Mo was dressed in ragged clothes. He was being besieged when Chu Yang had arrived here. Ji Mo didn’t even look like a man from his form and shape. Chu Yang resisted his desire to save Ji Mo as he saw him crazily fighting with a group of King Level Experts. After that, Ji Mo somehow dodged the earth-shattering attacks of the enemy. But, he sustained injuries. Then, he got up and stormed out of this tight encirclement…

Then, he chased after the people of this group one by one. He attacked them unceasingly with his scarred body until he had slashed down all the experts of this group with his sword. Then, he finally breathed a sigh of relief…

The skin and flesh of his whole body didn’t seem to be his own. He had sustained near-fatal injuries. However, the Second Young Master Ji – who had always trifled with the rules of the human world without respect – still stood tall. In fact, he stood perfectly straight! His brows didn’t wrinkle for once while he applied ointment and bandaged his wounds.

The Nine Tribulations Pill that Chu Yang had given him was kept in his bosom. But, he wasn’t ready to take it by any means!

He must remember this pain!

He must remember that he had tumbled. This lesson must go deep inside him, and ought to reach his very bones. He must endure this so that he doesn’t repeat his mistakes later in life! This was how he was growing up!

He would forget the past pain once the wounds would heal. However, the experience would remain. Ji Mo knew his nature. So, he knew that wouldn’t remember a thing if these wounds were to heal in the blink of an eye. This optimistic nature was inborn in him, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Therefore, he must keep these scars.

Chu Yang’s eyes became somewhat moist as he looked at Ji Mo. Even his heart was left to tremble!

These two would often get caught into some hopeless situations. And, these two would often have their strengths exhausted. However, they would fiercely roar in such situations, “We brothers will ascend to the top of the Nine Heavens together!”

Then, they would jump up to battle crazily… as if they had eaten aphrodisiac! And, such a crazy will to fight would leave their enemy to shiver in fright!

Chu Yang clearly remembered the exact words that he had said to his brothers when he was in the Lower Three Heavens, “There will come one day when I will rush to the top of the Nine Heavens with you guys! And then, the entire Nine Heavens will write legends about us!”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had memorised this in their hearts. This was also the initial goal of the brothers of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. In fact, it was their biggest dream!

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had finally realized that there had come a disparity between themselves and their brothers. And, this was the reason why they had to put too much effort to keep up. After all, they didn’t wish to fall behind. And, they didn’t wish to pull their brothers down either!

Therefore, they needed put all their effort to catch up to their brothers! They must fight with all their might, and they must promote themselves at all costs. This was necessary to achieve the ultimate goal — [I must stand on the peak along with my brothers and smile proudly at the Nine Heavens!]

They would rather die fighting in the process of promoting themselves than to be eliminated!

Ji Mo was facing seven King Level Experts during the fight a while ago. He could’ve died in such a situation! But, he then crazily attacked the enemy like a mad devil, and killed them. Even his shouts were as loud as thunderclaps!

“I will make my brothers proud of me!”

“I won’t let my brothers die because of me! I won’t let them feel ashamed because of me!”

“I may become a legend someday. But, my brothers will inevitably be there in my legends!”

“And, I will inevitably be there in their legends if they achieve that success someday!”

“I will be there at your side when you stand on the peak! And, I will also overlook the world with you! We will rule the world together!”

“I will be there for sure! I will be there for sure!!”

These were the words that Chu Yang had told him before. And, Ji Mo had remembered it without missing a single word. His energy would suddenly erupt whenever he would shout out these words. In fact, it seemed as if these words were some kind of a wonder-cure! They would give him endless courage, and endless fighting spirit…

Chu Yang could sense that Ji Mo’s heart would well up with unwilling grievance every time he would shout! Moreover, his heart would fill with the thirst for becoming strong!

In fact, Ji Mo’s heart would well up with tears whenever he would shout these words…

[I mustn’t fall behind my brothers…] Ji Mo yelled in his heart! And, Chu Yang had clearly heard this even though Ji Mo hadn’t spoken these words out loud.

Could Ji Mo be blamed for the difference in innate talent between him and his brothers? [Why does innate talent make people different?] Ji Mo was shouting this in his heart!

Therefore, he had staked everything. In fact, he had crazily staked his life into this! [My innate talent can’t be compared to that of my brothers…? So, I will make my hard-word make up for the deficiency! I will do this even if the training kills me!]

 [I don’t have that kind of transcending innate talent. So, I have no other choice but to rely solely on my hard-work, my sweat, and my desperation! I will catch up with them, and I will go beyond!]

Luo Ke Di was also in a similar state.

Luo Ke Di’s whole body was riddled with scars. It was the result of several dozens of fights that he had fought. A murderous aura was surging around his whole body. And, an acute vigour was emerging out of his body! Luo Ke Di seemed to be a different person now…

He too would crazily yell while fighting madly.

The same words that Ji Mo had shouted could be heard from the mouth of Luo Ke Di as well! That aggrieved shout, that kind of intent to disobey the heavens and the earth, and that urgency to pledge his life in order to rush to the top… everything was same!

[I won’t let my brothers hold back because of me. But, I am weak. So, my brothers can be harmed because of me! They can even die because I’d be a burden on them!]

[I will also go on our journey if they move forward! I will also go on for sure!]

[It’s fine if I die! But, I will keep on rushing up if I don’t die! And, I will be alongside my brothers!]

[I will make my brothers proud of me!]

[I’m not a useless person!]

[No one would be able to look down on us again. No one would be able say that we don’t have any future!]

[Not even a Supreme Expert!]

Consequently, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had completely transformed in barely over a month’s time period. Both of them had always lived like pampered princes since they were the juniors of aristocratic clans. They had always been like people who would merely eat and wait for death. But, they had suddenly turned into two rough and unyielding warriors! Where could a playboy’s aura be found on their bodies now? Where did they have those bad habits anymore?

They were valiant now! They were had iron blood! They were fierce, and didn’t fear death!

Their fighting spirit made it seem as if they wouldn’t hesitate to wipe out the entire world in order to rush to the top!

[I can do it! I will do it for sure!]

Chu Yang quietly left. However, he felt his chest throb when he left. He felt agitated. And, he had tears in his eyes!

[My brothers, I am so proud of you! Do you know that?]

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang would also come and see Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo from time to time in between the gaps of their fights. Chu Yang had been worrying about Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di. So, how could Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang be at ease?

However, they would also leave as quietly as they would come. They would have worry on their faces whenever they would come. And, their faces would be tainted with heaviness when they would leave. However, they would also have tears in their eyes, and an air of pride over their being!

[Brothers, you will succeed!]

[Brothers, we are very proud of you! You deserve success!]

[Our lives won’t go in vain after having such brothers!]

Then, Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing would again immerse themselves in life-staking fights. They would even go and attack spirit beasts if they didn’t find any human opponents!

[We can’t wait for Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di to catch up. After all, it will only make us brothers feel shameful even if they catch up and be at the same level as us!]

[Our brothers are staking their lives. So, we must also work hard!]

These two Sword and Saber Kings would break out their full potentials, and would get caught up in crazy fights as a result…

Chu Yang had quietly left. However, his heart had remained heavy throughout the way. He was feeling sorry and gratified at the same time. These four brothers had become pretty good now. In fact, they had become excellent. Therefore, he could finally feel relieved to some extent. [I better go and take a look at Tan Tan now. I don’t know how my junior marital brother has been…]


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