Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 571 – CN

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“I’m only interested in women…” Tan Tan’s face twitched. He was almost about to cry, “So, you and I won’t be appropriate… I’m genuinely not discriminating or anything… But… it won’t be a problem for you guys to find someone else with your strength… but, this won’t do with me. In fact, you three should just make do with each other…”

The three of them were flabbergasted as they looked at Tan Tan. In fact, it seemed as if they had discovered some freak-show…

However, Tan Tan became more certain in his heart. And, he couldn’t help but cry in grief. Tears started to fall like rain from his eyes, “Which point about me did you take a fancy to? I will change it! This isn’t good…”

“No… it’s not like that. We…” It seemed that not explaining things was out of question at this point. The red-robed man’s complexion had turned somewhat hard-pressed. Even his hands had suddenly started to shake. Then, he slowly started to explain. However, his diction and accent were somewhat strange.

“You won’t?” Tan Tan felt relieved. Then, his brain again took a turn as he thought of yet another possibility. Then, he scratched his head and said, “You don’t… But, is it possible that your daughter has taken a fancy to me? So, have you come here because you think that I’m a good match for her? Do you want to take me with you and perform the wedding rituals?”

An increasing number of possibilities arose in his mind as he continued to think. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. He then said while daydreaming, “Well, is your daughter… pretty?”

He suddenly felt somewhat proud of himself. [I’m very charming!]

He was in a very cheerful mood. However, this made that incomplete mark on his forehead to glow up. And, the faint golden light fiercely glittered as a result.

The bodies of the three men shook at the same time. Their blood suddenly pumped frantically and excitedly in their bodies. Suddenly, they became excited as they opened their mouths. Their eyes brimmed with tears of excitement as they said, “King! You have genuinely returned…?”

Fervent tears flowed out of their eyes. Their eyes had filled with the radiance of extreme excitement. And, their hearts had filled with fanaticism! The faces of these three had turned thoroughly red. And, their bodies had started to shiver!

“What…?” Tan Tan sat down on the ground. He was at a complete loss. He asked while being in a puzzled state of mind, “What?”

The three of them took a step forward to take a good look at that semi-mark on Tan Tan’s forehead. They were extremely excited. In fact, one of them had even choked with emotion.

Tan Tan looked at them as they shed tears while looking at his head. However, this made him even more frightened. So, he hastily covered his forehead with his hand. Then, he retreated in panic, “What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? There isn’t enough meat on this forehead even if you’re hungry…”

His heartbeats fastened as he saw that those three were drawing nearer and nearer. He then circulated his martial power and said, “Don’t come near me! I won’t hold back if you come any closer…”

Those three still had the same look, and it seemed as if they hadn’t heard him.

Tan Tan said, ‘ha’, and launched a punch. Wind and thunder sounded along with this punch. And, a crown suddenly rushed up in the sky.

This fist firmly landed on the chest of the red-robed man with a ‘bang’. However, the red-robed man didn’t even flinch. In fact, it seemed as if he had felt nothing. He only lifted his head and looked up at the crown in the sky, and began to shed fervent tears like his two companions!

The sun was positioned in the middle. The crescent moon was on the left, and the star was on its right side!

They silently looked at the crown. They were foolishly looking at it as if this crown was some treasure that they hadn’t seen since tens of thousands of years; this seemed like some fascinating scenery to them. In fact, they seemed to be obsessed and entranced by it. They then simultaneously exposed lustre of brilliance in their eyes. And, it seemed as if pilgrims had reached their destination…

“King!” those three called out in unison. In fact, they even choked with emotions while speaking.

Tan Tan became nervous. He was looking here and there in bafflement as he said, “Don’t you think that you’ve got the wrong man? I… I’m your king…?”

He spoke till here, and suddenly felt wronged for some reason. He then sadly said, “I haven’t even been a prime minister in my life…”

The red-robed man wiped his eyes and resolutely said, “All the living beings of the world can mistake in recognizing you… But, we can never make a mistake in recognizing our king!”

The other two nodded their head one after another.

However, Tan Tan was still at a loss. It was very hard for him to grasp the situation. He had strangely come out here on his own. Then, he had somehow run into these three strangers. And, they now-so-very-goddamn-strangely were treating him as their king!

This… this was truly a very strange experience. And, it had left Tan Tan’s melon-seed-like small mind unable to react.

“Well… what are the benefits… of being your king?” Tan Tan rolled his eyes. He had decided to exploit this once in a blue moon opportunity to scam them.

“King, you can rule the world! King can demand for anything from lower to upper Nine Heavens! Whatever king wants! The ten generations of whosoever would dare to go against the king would be slaughtered. Even their pets wouldn’t be spared!” the white-robed man solemnly replied.

Tan Tan became scared when he heard this. He hopped up and asked, “Ah… what about beautiful women?”

“The king can demand all the beautiful women of the world, and he can ravage them!” the silver-robed man had a serious expression on his face.

Tan Tan thought about it, and felt that it was unrealistic. [I think I’ve run into three psychos, right? Moreover, it looks like that their sickness isn’t light either.]

“Forget it. I don’t want to play with you. I am going back,” Tan Tan became listless.

“King, the human world is very dangerous. This race is extremely treacherous. King… it would be better that you return to our race and slowly awaken your true form,” the red-robed man took a step forward and hurriedly said.

“You mean to say… that I’m not human?” Tan Tan raised his eyes.

“Yes. King, you are…”

However, the red-robed man was suddenly interrupted by Tan Tan, “Nonsense! It’s you who isn’t a human!”

How many cold gazes had Tan Tan received in these past years? He had been mocked by many people because of his weird appearance. But, this was the most disgusting thing he had heard so far… [They are abusing me by saying that I am not a human!]

Therefore, he flipped out as soon as he heard this.

The red-robed man looked at the others in amazement. He stammered, “What the king is saying is right. We’re not humans either…”

 “I… Fu*k me!” Tan Tan rubbed his temples since he had a headache. He then turned around, and started to leave, “Don’t follow after me! I will kill myself if you follow me!”

Tan Tan’s little head had run very quickly this time around. [They consider me their King… So, they will become worried if I threaten to kill myself.]

And, it was true. Their complexion greatly changed as soon as these three heard this. Moreover, they hurriedly got out of the way with a ‘whoosh’ sound.

Tan Tan’s eyes lit up. [This suicide threat was very effective!]

He slowly and leisurely walked away. And, those three didn’t dare to block his way again. But, they blindly followed after him instead.

Tan Tan turned his head to catch them several times. Their complexions seemed very conflicting. But, they didn’t leave.

Tan Tan became angry. And, he felt hungrier as well. In fact, his stomach had started to make rumbling and growling sounds.

“King, you’re hungry,” the white-robed man politely said.

“Shut up, you motherfu*ker!” Tan Tan had already put on a ‘kingly’ air. He glared at him and said, “Does a filled belly make such noise? Anyone can tell that I’m hungry. I haven’t gotten anything to eat yet. You know, these things here don’t have the nutrition of a damn ounce…”

The white-robed man’s face turned ashen. He repeatedly said, “Yes. Yes.” He turned around and hurriedly went away. He hadn’t gone too far away when a long and loud cry was heard. However, this strange cry was like the howl of a beast…

It wasn’t too long when silver rays of light swiftly rushed over while issuing whistling sound. The silver rays surged up for a while. In fact, a lot more of the rays were coming from faraway places.

Tan Tan’s knees went weak, and his eyes popped out of his head.

[Oh my fu*king god! So many wolves! So many Howling Moon Silver Wolves…? What kind of a howl has this bastard issued? I’m finished this time. It seems like I – the newly announced ‘king’– am going to change into the meat inside the bellies of these wolves. And, I will later change into their shit…]

Tan Tan went weak in his knees…

The pack of Howling Moon Silver Wolves turned up more and more violently like waves… it could be seen that more than ten-thousand of them had appeared in a very short time…

[These Howling Moon Silver Wolves are fifth grade spirit beasts! Only two Howling Moon Silver Wolves can easily contend against a King Level Expert! Then, what could more than ten-thousand of them do?] Tan Tan didn’t even dare to imagine!

However, the white-robed man suddenly shouted. And, those Howling Moon Silver Wolves neatly crawled to the ground, and became motionless thereafter.

Then, the silhouette of the white-robed man suddenly moved into action for mass-killing while Tan Tan was still dumbfounded! His sword slashed like moonlight. And, a lot of blood flowed out after some ‘swoosh’ sounds. Then, the silhouette changed into a white light, and continued onwards to slaughter four or five-hundred of the Howling Moon Silver Wolves. He then took out the inner cores from the heads of the corpses…

Meanwhile, these more than ten-thousand Howling Moon Silver Wolves only crawled in fright. They even issued low and deep ‘wailing’ sounds out of their throats. But, none of them dared to move!

Instead, they simply allowed him to slaughter them!

In fact, it seemed that several tens of thousands of wolves had come here to throw away their lives…

The white-robed man seemed to have obtained enough number of inner cores in a short while. Then, he issued a low howl, and the pack of the remaining wolves immediately scattered loose in tides. Only mutilated corpses of wolves were left behind.

The white-robed man tore a piece of his clothes, and made a bundle of it. Then, he put the inner cores in it. He then came over to Tan Tan and said, “King, these are five-hundred inner cores of Howling Moon Silver Wolves. These should be enough to satiate your hunger for a while.”

He was a bit nervous as he hurriedly explained, “King, you still haven’t awakened. So, you can’t eat the inner cores of higher levelled beasts. So, here are the inner cores of fifth grade spirit beast… I, I hope you don’t feel offended.”

Tan Tan opened his eyes wide. He was blown away by this, and he unconsciously received that bundle of the inner cores. He then looked at this white-robed man as if he were looking at an immortal. Then, he suddenly let out a strange scream, turned around, and ran away.

[The beautiful me has been scared to death! This bastard has such terrifying capability…]

[And, I… yelled at him?]

[Fu*k…] Tan Tan wiped the cold sweat while madly rushing away. Then, he disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

However, these three didn’t chase after him this time. They only kept standing in their places and looked at Tan Tan’s back profile slowly fading away…

“The king has just started to awaken! So, he can’t accept us just yet,” the red-robed man said, “We… knew that there was a possibility of the king’ existence. Don’t disturb him for the time being… so as to avoid the attraction of calamities on him.”

The white-robed man nodded and said, “That’s right.”

The silver-robed man hesitantly said, “Should we send a few experts to protect king in secrecy…?”

“We shouldn’t!” The other two opposed him at the same time. “The journey of a king always starts with killings. He continuously has to be in adverse circumstances. Only then will the king awaken as quickly as possible. We may spoil important matters if we get involved in it. And, we won’t be able to atone for our sins even after facing ten-thousand deaths if the awakening of king gets delayed!”

“You are right.” The whole body of the silver-robed man burst into cold sweat.

“Let’s go back and deliver this good news to the Elders in Upper Three Heavens… I think they will get very excited after they get this news!” the red-robed man said.

“Yes. Let’s go quickly!”

The three men turned around to leave. The red-robed man waved his hand while passing through the corpses of wolves. The snow and ice rose from everywhere as a result, and buried the corpses of the wolves deep along with the bloodstains. And, the scene on the ground immediately became tranquil and was no longer gory…

The figures of these three slowly disappeared in the wind and snow. Only a few faint words remained behind to echo, “King has finally appeared after ninety-thousand years… I must go and offer sacrifices to the ancestors… boohoo…”

“I hadn’t expected that the ‘crown’ of king will suddenly appear in this Northern Wilderness… He has arrived for good this time… boohoo…”

Their voices seemed to be weeping and mourning in the wind…


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