Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 566 – CN

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Chapter 566: Soul Quenching Spring

“Ah~~” the incomplete Sword Soul bellowed in sorrow and despair, “It’s gone. It’s gone… my Soul Quenching Spring is gone! My…” It suddenly changed into countless sharp and swift ‘sword-lights’, and dashed towards Chu Yang.

Sword Point, Sword Spine and Sword Edge also fought back at the same time!

The incomplete Sword Soul was suddenly sent out flying with a loud bang. Then, the Sword Spirit winded around it like a shadow follows a body. And, both the souls started to fight while issuing ‘slam’ and ‘bang’ sounds.

The incomplete Sword Soul desperately yelled, “Spare my life! I surrender! I’m ready to follow Sir Sword Lord everywhere. I’ll serve him faithfully and laboriously like a dog and a horse…

“Please forgive me! Don’t beat me. Don’t swallow me…” The incomplete Sword Soul became frightened as it shouted, “I, I… I have been here alone for more than sixty-thousand years… more than sixty-thousand years…

“I have followed the previous Sword Masters too, and I’ve performed great deeds for them!” The incomplete Sword Soul was doing its utmost to dodge the attacks of Sword Spirit. It was in utter panic. The arrogance and the acute anger it had shown a while ago had vanished without trace by now.

One could’ve easily seen tears and snot streaming down his face if it had been in a human form…

However, the Sword Spirit didn’t relax. He instead continued to chase after it.

“I gave you the chance! But, you had the ambitions of a wild wolf. You betrayed the Sword Master, betrayed the sword, and even betrayed your main soul!” Sword Spirit bellowed as he continued to launch waves of attacks, “I won’t show you mercy. I must permanently take you back today!”

“Spare my life… Sir Sword Lord. Sir Sword Lord, please forgive me…” The incomplete Sword Soul had clearly understood that it wouldn’t get any mercy from the Sword Spirit. So, it begged Chu Yang for mercy instead, “See, it took me sixty-thousand years to attain spiritual wisdom…”

“Ah~~~” suddenly, his mournful scream changed into a sword-cry of hopelessness.

Sword Spirit was already entangled with the incomplete Sword Soul. And, it was clearly visible that both the sword-lights were struggling with all their might. One of them was trying its hardest to swallow the other. And, the other one was trying its hardest to flee from this entanglement…

But, how could the Sword Spirit show leniency?

The two sword-lights were twisting and tangling together. They were rolling from east to west, and from south to north.

The sounds of struggling eventually reduced. Then, the Sword Spirit proudly said, “It’s only sixty-thousand years of cultivated spirit wisdom… What are you being so cocky about?”

The transformation of sword-lights became grotesque and

variegated in the air.

Sword Spirit appeared in front of Chu Yang with a ‘shua’ sound. However, he had appeared alone!

That incomplete Sword Soul had been swallowed-whole. So, the spiritual wisdom that it had cultivated over sixty-thousand years had disappeared as well; it didn’t exist anymore.

Chu Yang looked at the Sword Spirit, and felt that he had changed from what he was a while ago. He had become a lot more solid than he had been. Chu Yang knew that he was a spirit. Else, Chu Yang would’ve believed that the entity standing in front of him was a living human being made of blood and flesh.

“My soul is complete now.” Sword Spirit exposed an extremely humanly expression of smile on his face. He then said to Chu Yang, “But, I still need to warm and nourish for some time to assimilate this fellow in a proper manner.”

“I see.” Chu Yang asked, “What is this Soul Quenching Spring?”

The Sword Spirit remained silent for a while at first. But, he eventually replied, “The Soul Quenching Spring is something that doesn’t belong to this world.”

He thought for a moment. It was a while before it started to seem that he had arranged the train of his thoughts. He then said, “There has long-been a legend in the Nine Heavens Continent. It is… The souls remain even after people die! And, there’s some other world for souls! And, common people call this world ‘hell’ or ‘netherworld’!”

“Hell…? Does the hell really exist?” Chu Yang was somewhat flabbergasted as he asked.

“Hell doesn’t exist.” Sword Spirit replied, “But, the Netherworld does!”

“What does this mean?” Chu Yang became a little confused. [Aren’t they are the same places?]

“Netherworld is netherworld. But, it is different from the hell from the legends.” Sword Spirit casually said, “It’s true that the soul of a person remains after their death. But, the soul of an ordinary person dissipates at the boundary of the Netherworld. Therefore, only a few comparatively valiant souls can reach there… it’s obviously a very strange place as well! And, nobody can describe the definite appearance of that place.”

Sword Spirit forced a smile and continued, “I haven’t been there. But, I’ve once heard Sir talking about it.”

“Sir?” Chu Yang sensitively caught this word and asked, “Who Sir?”

“Sir… is…” Sword Spirit mumbled as if he was hiding something and said, “Sir, ah… I’m sorry Sword Lord… I can’t tell you this. You haven’t reached that level yet.”

Chu Yang looked at him with his falcon-like sharp eyes. However, he eventually closed eyes and nodded in clear understanding. Then, he said, “Continue to speak.”

“The Netherworld is responsible for souls. There’s a fountain there known as ‘Ascending Spirit

Spirit Pond’. Some lucky souls are promoted by the Netherworld, and are given jobs. They are then allowed to go and soak in the ‘Ascending Spirit Pond’. Their soul becomes much more solid than ordinary souls after they’ve bathed in it. And, these souls become administrators after that…”

The Sword Spirit was explaining things to him in a very brief manner. And, it was evident that he was skipping many things. But, Chu Yang didn’t interrogate in detail either; he only listened calmly.

“And, this spring water is a part of the ‘Ascending Spirit Pond’. I don’t know how it has appeared here… and has changed into Soul Quenching Spring. However, this Soul Quenching Spring also works as Ascending Spirit Pond. And, this means that it can also solidify a soul!”

Sword Spirit spoke till here in a sluggish manner. However, he became much more fluent after that, “Sir Sword Lord, don’t underestimate this Soul Quenching Spring. It’s very beneficial for you as well. In fact, its benefits are simply incomparable.”

“It’s very beneficial for me as well?” Chu Yang curiously asked.

“Yes.” Sword Spirit said, “You have lived two human lives. But, it’s only like a dream since the two of your lives are overlaid on each other. Therefore, your soul can bathe in this Soul Quenching Spring, and that will consolidate your spirit!

“A soul lives on as a divine spirit after its body dies.” Sword Spirit said, “And, the divine spirit’s function is to dominate the fate of a person… In fact, you will also have various benefits from this… on your journey in the future!”

He again started to mumble as if he was hiding something.

Chu Yang slightly smiled in an enigmatic way as he insipidly said, “I understand Divine Spirit. I also understand the benefits in case the Divine Spirit solidifies. This Soul Quenching Spring seems to be a rare treasure as well! In fact, I can also refine the Nine Tribulations Sword by putting it inside this spring. I understand these matters.

“But, I didn’t expect that you’d hide so many things and so many secrets from me!” Chu Yang indifferently said, “This makes me feel very uncomfortable.”

Sword Spirit remained silent for a moment. Then, he said, “Sir Sword Lord, I understand your concern, but try to understand. I don’t have any evil desires in my heart even though I’ve hidden these things from you.” He raised his head and softly said, “I’ve been with each of the previous Sword Masters. And, I have lived for ninety-thousand years. I’ve never done anything to let down the previous Nine Tribulations Sword Masters.

“I would’ve been obliterated long ago if I had some evil intention,” the Sword Spirit desolately smiled.

desolately smiled. There seemed to be endless helplessness and secrets in this smiling expression. And, it felt as if he couldn’t speak about them…

Chu Yang merely said ‘hmm’, and refused to comment on that.

“There are a lot of things that I can’t tell you right now. It is because your cultivation level is still too low and your Divine Spirit is also unsteady. Moreover, your soul hasn’t solidified either. So, it will only hurt you if I tell you.”

Sword Spirit heaved a deep sigh, “There are a few places where Martial Great Master is considered paramount in a world like the Nine Heavens. And, there are a few places where Revered Martial Artists are considered to be the peak. However, one can only discover how big this world is once they’ve gone beyond these stages… After all, Martial Great Masters and Revered Martial Artists are as good as trash from a wider perspective!

“A King level Expert is considered to be a supreme expert in the Lower Three Heavens! Diwu Qing Ruo only led four King Level Experts and established the world-sweeping Golden Horse Riders Department!”

“However, King Level Experts… are everywhere here in the Middle Three Heavens. And, they also die every day!”

Sword Spirit smiled, “The power level in the Middle Three Heavens is quite average. But, personalities like Young Master Yu and Jun Xi Zhu are here as well. Every great clan here has Emperor Level Experts! In fact, some clans secretly have Monarch Level Experts too!

“These things would’ve been hard to imagine for you when you were in the Lower Three Heavens. But, this world is still very small. You will only know how big this world is once when you get to the Upper Three Heavens and experience a few things. Anything can happen in the Nine Heavens!

“But, these things are extremely distant (/too far away) from you!” Sword Spirit looked at him sincerely. “Knowing a lot of thing (/too much) would not be good for your mental state.

“A Martial Pupil will only treat Supreme Level as legend if he hears about it. He will only have one thought — it’s too far away, and I will never be able to reach such a point in my life. And, such kind of mind-set only gives rise to bindings on one’s heart!”

Sword Spirit continued, “Besides… there are some things that I can’t speak about.”

Chu Yang remained silent for a long while before he said, “I get it!”

[One must have a certain level of cultivation, a certain status, and a certain level of perspective in order to know to certain things… or to enter a particular group. For instance, a beggar can never imagine the lifestyle
imagine the lifestyle of a landlord. And, a landlord can never imagine the life of high officials. And, the luxurious lifestyle of an imperial family would be even more unimaginable for the beggar.]

[This is so-called ‘level’, right?] Chu Yang quietly sighed.

The Sword Spirit heaved a sigh a relief. He then changed into blue smoke and floated into Chu Yang’s body. He occupied his spot inside Chu Yan’s sea of his consciousness.

The Sword Spirit could’ve gone in without giving an explanation if Chu Yang hadn’t agreed. But, this was the Sword Spirit’s nature. It didn’t matter whether Chu Yang believed him or not… The Sword Spirit felt that it was necessary to make this matter clear to him.

The Sword Spirit used the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal to craft a pool once it had entered the Nine Tribulations Space. Then, he pulled the vapour-like spring water of Soul Quenching Spring into that pool. After that, he dived into it with a ‘splashing’ sound.

He then issued a satisfied moan.

The Soul Quenching Spring was a thing from the netherworld, but the Sword Spirit became the in-charge of this thing the moment it entered into the Nine Tribulations Space. So, it wasn’t surprising that he feeling extravagant…

A light flashed, and the Sword Point, Sword Edge, and Sword Spine of the Nine Tribulations Sword also impatiently lined up outside the pool. They then sneaked into the Soul Quenching Spring with ‘splashing’ sounds.

“You three thieves!” the Sword Spirit cussed in anger.

Chu Yang was contemplating with rapt attention. This matter of the Sword Spirit was making his heart race. But, he didn’t wish to think much about it. After all, the Sword Spirit was in his mind right now. What could Chu Yang do even if he were dissatisfied? He couldn’t even expel the Sword Spirit even if he wanted to.

However, he had also started to think about another thing that the Sword Spirit had mentioned.

Moreover, those words had left him to feel somewhat rattled… and even a little frightened.

“You have lived two human lives. But, it’s only like a dream since the two of your lives are overlaid on each other.”

‘The two of your lives are overlaid on each other.’ These words had made Chu Yang frightened.

[This life isn’t related to the first life if it’s a second one…? Then… what about Qing Wu?]

[Is this life’s Qing Wu the Qing Wu from my previous life?]

[If not… then who is this Qing Wu?]

[If not… then where’s the Qing Wu of my previous life?]

[Wouldn’t the existence of this life be in contradiction with the previous one?]

[If not… who do I love – this life’s Qing Wu… or the previous life’s Qing Wu?]


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