Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 565 – CN

Night Mode

“Yes,” a voice rang forth from Chu Yang’s body; it was the voice of Sword Spirit. However, there was a hint of scepticism in that voice, “It is this era’s Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! You… you are only a soul fragment. So, how do you have your own consciousness?”

“He’s too weak!” That wisp of soul disdainfully looked at Chu Yang out of the corner of its eyes. It even ignored the Sword Spirit’s question. Sword Spirit was its main body, but it still hadn’t given him any importance?

Sword Spirit became silent. He obviously felt that there was something fishy.

Chu Yang could sense that the Sword Spirit was very angry in his mind. In fact, he seemed to be extremely furious!

“Which generation’s Master of the Nine Tribulation Sword is this?” the wisp of Sword Spirit asked in a bossy and arrogant way. In fact, its attitude was very rampant.

Chu Yang looked at this wisp of Sword Spirit with interest since he felt that this guy had a nature opposite to what he had expected.

Sword Spirit coldly and heavily retorted, “Don’t you know how many years you’ve been staying here?”

The wisp of Sword Spirit sneered in reply, “I followed the First Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. But, I didn’t follow the second one. Then, I followed the Third Master, and I didn’t follow the fourth one. Then, I followed the fifth one too. However, I came here after the fifth master… So, how the fu*k would I know which generation he comes from…?”

“It is the Ninth Sword Master!” the Sword Spirit deeply said, “And, this is the chance for both of us!”

“What chance?” The Sword Soul sneered, “I became very excited when I sensed that the main body was coming. But, this Sword Master is so damn weak… it has left me extremely disappointed!”

“Don’t be impudent!” the Sword Spirit shouted, “Wouldn’t you return to me? For how long do you want to stay here like this?”

“Return…?” Sword Soul hesitated and sighed, “Allow me to enjoy my freedom here. I genuinely don’t see any hope if I were to stay with him!”

Chu Yang’s body shook fiercely. It turned out that the Sword Spirit had abruptly come out of his body. A dark shadow separated itself from the surface of Chu Yang’s body, and went over to catch the Sword Soul, “You come to me!”

The illusory white shadow dodged him. It again changed into sword light, and started to move around as it said, “You can’t force me!”

The Sword Spirit became angry and said, “You’re a wisp of my soul. And, you can attach yourself back to the main soul now. So, what’s wrong?”

“I too wish to move unhindered in this world with you. But, this Sword Master is too weak! I too wish to smile arrogantly in the Nine Heavens with you. But, this Sword Master is too weak! I too wish to go with you, but…”

The incomplete Sword Soul recited this in poetic manner at first. Then, its voice suddenly became serious, “So, I think it would be better that you leave him and stay here with me. Then, you and I will become one entity and our own masters. And, we will make our personal empire in the Nine Heavens!”

“You are thinking of going solo?! So, you attracted me here so that you could swallow me?! Are you thinking of becoming the main Sword Spirit?!” Sword Spirit was unable to restrain his anger. He jumped and threw himself over to it. His body swung in mid-air, and changed into a dim sword-light!

Both the sword lights started to battle intensely!

Chu Yang sighed. He felt speechless. He had put a lot of hard work into getting down here, but it had unexpected turned out to be such a matter…

[So, this fellow wants to swallow the Sword Spirit. It’s the opposite of what it should be!]

The Sword Point of the Nine Tribulations Sword appeared in his Dantian with a ‘clang’, and sparkled!

The Sword Edge soared ferociously, and appeared on Chu Yang’s forehead. Then, it also shone brightly…

The Sword Spine flew and affixed itself to Chu Yang’s chest with a violent and boundless force!

The three sword fragments aligned themselves in a straight line. Then, a dreadful murderous aura swarmed out from the fragments to protect Chu Yang’s body.

The two sword lights were playing the cat-and-mouse game in that space. However, it couldn’t be ascertained who had gained the upper hand. The whole space was instantly filled with rays of lights that flashed about in chaotic manner, and it seemed as if countless twinkling stars had suddenly gathered in this narrow place.

The dark Sword Spirit floated backwards with a loud ‘Bang’. And, the white sword-light rolled backwards tumbling. So, it seemed that the main body of Sword Spirit was slightly superior…

The white sword-light staggered as it withdrew. Even the brightness of sword-light had somewhat dimmed.

It then suddenly turned over and went to a corner in this space like lightning. After that, it issued a ‘buzzing’ sound along with the sound of splashing water. Then, the white sword-light suddenly flew out of the corner, and burst into loud laughter, “Main Body, you had better listen to me. You can’t defeat me here!”

The Sword Spirit was startled by this. He even started to shake in fright as he said, “Soul Quenching Spring? No wonder you intentionally made me come here. So, there’s Soul Quenching Spring here!” he had gritted his teeth as he had spoken the last part.

“I will use the Soul Quenching Spring every time I suffer damage, and I will recover in an instant! But, you can’t do that!” The incomplete Sword Soul happily laughed, “I have the control over this spring water behind me. But, you have no chance of utilizing it!

“Moreover, nothing besides a soul body can touch or obtain this Soul Quenching Spring!” The Sword Soul suddenly issued a brutal sword cry and said, “There will be times when you will become exhausted. But, I can maintain myself in peak condition all the time. You’re surely stronger than me. But, do you think you have a chance? What are your odds of winning?”

Sword Spirit – who was transformed into a sword-light – scattered disorderly in apprehension. It was evident that he had been hit on a sore point!

A thought welled up in Chu Yang’s mind. [What exactly is this Soul Quenching Spring? Can it genuinely quench a soul?]

Sword Point sneakily throbbed in his Dantian, and hinted him to go over there.

Chu Yang smiled wryly, [It has been made clear that nothing can touch this Soul Quenching Spring except for a soul. So, what’s the use of me going there?]

But, Sword Point was continuously insisting him, and had started to throb more and more intensely.

Chu Yang sighed. He thought, [I can only go and take a look at that. But, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t do anything about it!]

He moved his feet to walk towards that place.

The incomplete Sword Soul saw Chu Yang walking over towards the Soul Quenching Spring. It issued an ominous aura and said, “Might as well eliminate this body of residence first. Then, there would be no hassle!”

An electric spark suddenly lased over!

Chu Yang suddenly felt icy chill on his whole body! Then, an icy-cold murderous aura enveloped his heart. Chu Yang’s whole body became so stiff under this strike of the incomplete Sword Soul that he couldn’t even move a finger…

However, the Nine Tribulations Sword had jumped into action in advance as if it had anticipated this. The Sword Point of the Nine Tribulations Sword issued a long cry, and jumped out of the Dantian. The Sword Edge also kept pace with it, while the Sword Spine frantically flew up in the air. The three segments of the sword then made a complete formation in the air and flashed. A tens of thousands year old ‘ancient demonic aura’ ferociously rippled in the air. It then changed into a black energy, and forged ahead towards that wisp of Sword Soul.

The incomplete Sword Soul fiercely drew back. It seemed to have become a little hesitant. So, it snorted and said, “It’s hard to believe that this guy has already merged three segments… And, I can’t do anything to him if he has you all to protect him. Humph, do you think that he would be able to touch the Soul Quenching Spring with his human body even if he reaches to that place? He won’t even be able to see it! Ha ha ha…”

However, his voice suddenly changed as he said, “But, this boy is something for sure. To even think that he has managed to make the Nine Tribulations Sword so obedient… He-he, I haven’t seen such a thing in these ninety-thousand years. Let’s do it like this kid… You are very weak, but I will stay in your Nine Tribulations Space if you let me swallow that guy over there. I will help you dominate over the Nine Heavens, and break through the shackles of the Nine Heavens! What you do you say?”

It then revealed a grotesque smile and continued, “You must know, and I must tell you this… you won’t be able to achieve that with the help of this good-for-nothing guy even if you want to.”

Chu Yang straightened up his body. His eyes flashed like electric sparks as he indifferently replied, “It doesn’t matter whether I’m strong or weak. I’m the Sword Master! And, you’re only Sword Soul… not to mention that you’re incomplete. So, it doesn’t matter whether I’m weak or strong. You are a Sword Soul that doesn’t listen to my command and intends to conspire against us. I would reject you even if you were stronger… In fact, I would rather exterminate you! You don’t deserve to stay with me!”

The incomplete Sword Soul issued a sharp scream in midair. Then, it furiously shouted back, “I don’t deserve…? I don’t deserve?”

It suddenly changed into sword-light and wildly rushed over, “I will kill you first! You puny and powerless man…”

The Sword Spirit issued a sword cry with a ‘clang’. Then, it ferociously rushed over like a streamer of light, and caught up with the incomplete Sword Soul. He blocked it in the mid-air. And, the two sword-lights again entangled together.

This time, the battle got even more intense than before!

Chu Yang gently shook his head. He insipidly and softly said, “You don’t deserve it if you don’t deserve it. You’re very strong, but you still don’t deserve it! This is my journey. How can I let you influence it?”

He coldly snorted and silently said in his heart, “It’s out of question… even if it’s a God!”

Then, he no longer responded to the Sword Soul. He hurriedly sprang up and rushed to that corner. He found that there was a vaguely visible tiny fountain in that corner. It was the size of a fist, and the water was flowing out of it with a gurgling sound.

It could be said that… this ‘water’ barely resembled water because it was coming out like vapours. It could even be dispersed with a mere blow of breath. But, it was indeed water…

[What is this? Is this water?] Chu Yang stroked his chin. He looked at this fountain and thought, [How can I put an end to its power source? What can I do to prevent the Sword Soul from quenching itself from this?]

[Also, didn’t that Sword Soul say that I can’t see it? Then, why can I see it so clearly?]

The Sword Spirit was in the middle of the fight. However, it looked at Chu Yang as he arrived in front of that Soul Quenching Spring by taking advantage of the Sword Soul’s carelessness. The Sword Spirit couldn’t help but become very happy at this. He then loudly called out, “Jam the fountain with your palm, and move it inside the Nine Tribulations Space!”

“Jam it with the palm…? Ha ha ha…” the incomplete Sword Soul burst into loud laughter, “Do you think he’s a soul? You have become delusional!”

The Sword Spirit sneered in reply. He looked at Sword Soul with pity and hatred in his eyes. Then, he mischievously laughed and said, “I forgot to tell you… this Master of Nine Tribulations Sword has taken rebirth! This is his second life. In other words, his soul is the superimposition of the souls of his two lives. The soul of his previous life has returned to the seventeen-year-old self in this life… with the memories intact! So, his soul hasn’t gone through the cycle of reincarnation!”

The incomplete Sword Soul stumbled and drew backwards with a ‘ding’ sound. It became extremely shocked as it said, “He’s a Nine Tribulations Sword Master who has experienced rebirth?”

“Yes!” However, the Sword Spirit didn’t stop there. Instead, he kept pressing onwards, and his attacks became increasingly intense. He spoke-up with a sneer, “This means that he can also use items like Soul Quenching Spring… like a spirit can! He see them, and he can touch them too!”

“Ah~~~” the incomplete Sword Soul let out a pitiful yell at first. It then said while being in daze, “How can this happen? How can this happen?” Suddenly, the sword-light flashed and restored to that illusory shadow. It then pointed towards the Sword Spirit and angrily shouted, “You you… why didn’t you tell me this before?”

“Tell you before? How would you have shown your evil ambitions if I had told you?” the Sword Spirit coldly replied.

Chu Yang had covered the Soul Quenching Spring with his right palm by this time. He contemplated in his heart, “Receive!”

However, he suddenly felt his own soul being exhausted. In fact, he felt so exhausted that it seemed as if he had crossed ten-thousand miles of mountains and river without eating or drinking anything! Even his consciousness felt somewhat fuzzy at this moment!

However, a spring appeared in the Nine Tribulations Space. It got placed right next to the mouth of the Vitality Spring. The vapored spring water rose in spirals, and covered the mouth of the spring. But, it didn’t disperse for a long time.

This was the Soul Quenching Spring!


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