Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 555 – CN

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Chapter 555: Dragon Meat Falls From the Sky!

Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan had come across great fortune.

The master and disciple duo was travelling very leisurely. In fact, it seemed as if they were going for a scenic tour. They would beat the beasts they would run into. And, they would run and hide if they couldn’t…

They would engage any people in fights if they were confident. Else, they would hide…

One individual in this pair was calm and tranquil, and didn’t take anything to heart. However, the other one was undisciplined and out of control. One of them would fight in a cool and unrestrained manner, and would also draw back as care-freely. However, the other one would run into a fight valiantly, and would also hide as valiantly…

They were indeed a perfect pair!

Meng Chao Ran was aloof in his heart. In fact, he had turned aloof to being called ‘vile’ and ‘shameless’ or ‘noble and solemn’ by others. Meng Chao Ran would kill anyone who would try to slaughter him without any restraint. He wouldn’t wade in mud and water. He would simply destroy them.

It was the rule of the world! Everyone considered it proper and considered it as natural. And, Meng Chao Ran was no exception.

However, nothing was impossible in Tan Tan’s eyes! He could do anything as long as Meng Chao Ran said: Fight! In fact, he wouldn’t even back down against a Supreme Level Expert!

Tan Tan was bold and powerful. So, he was fearlessly rushing along the journey.

And, Meng Chao Ran’s rich experience of Jianghu was fully manifested along this journey. However, his experiences had been different from others. So, he didn’t need to see to detect if there was any danger. He would merely evade the danger in advance if he had a feeling about it. Consequently, the oily skins of master and disciple didn’t even get a scratch along their journey through this wilderness.

Tan Tan had often found that Meng Chao Ran would suddenly stop in the dark night during their journey. Then, he would take a long detour. And, Tan Tan would realize why his master changed the route after they had walked for a long distance… It was because there had been some powerful spirit beast or powerful enemies ahead on that way!

Tan Tan would often think that the road was tranquil because he could clearly see it to be so. But, the hair on Meng Chao Ran’s arm would involuntarily stand on the end… And, it would always turn out that there was a great danger lying ahead!

Tan Tan’s eyes had turned red in envy towards this ability of his master’s. [This is too incredible. We will never encounter any danger with the help of such a powerful sixth sense…]

Meng Chao Ran would only force a smile at the sight of his disciple’s reddened eyes. After all, he had sensed the reason why they were red…

Could anyone even guess how many times Meng Chao Ran had been chased down for certain matters during in his life? He had developed this sixth sense after coming out alive from those do-or-die situations. He had obtained such a keen sense because of the experience he had gained in those do-or-die situations!

How could this be attained from books?

They had run into two dying people that day. Those people were dressed in black. And, they were madly trying to rush to the hilltop… as if they were struggling for life. But, their strength got fully exhausted when there wasn’t much distance left to their destination. And, they fell down a small distance short of it. They had tried to crawl up, but couldn’t…

Meng Chao Ran and his disciple were leisurely walking-about at his time. They had turned a corner, but saw that the two men were falling from the hilltop… the master and the disciple duo looked at each other in dismay.

These two black-robed people lay motionless in the thick patch of grass. So, Tan Tan wanted to go over to take a closer look.

One of the black-robed men groaned and said, “Save me…”

Tan Tan leapt up, “So, he hasn’t died yet.”


!” Meng Chao Ran shouted at his disciple. He then said in a mysterious voice, “I remember that a great person had said a long time ago… You may occasionally see a fainted person while walking in Jianghu. But, it is definitely going to be trouble. It could even be a trap! So, the best solution under these circumstances is…”

Tan Tan had erected his ears to listen. The black-robed people couldn’t budge from the ground. However, they had also involuntarily erected their ears to listen to his words…

“…The best way is to cut off their heads without any delay! Then, you must check if they have died or not… You will first put an end to their trap by doing so. Secondly, you can also try to make friends with the people who were chasing after them! Things can still take a turn for the worse. But, you can at least make money from plundering their corpses in the worst case…”

Meng Chao Ran drew his sword with a ‘clang’ sound as he spoke.

However, Tan Tan was struck dumb… [Master is very talented. Check if the person has died after chopping off the head…? This… this is such a unique trick! He has a vast collection of secret tricks in his arsenal. He came up with such a wise remark! This matter reflects his great experience!]

Meng Chao Ran didn’t hesitate one bit after he was done talking. Those two people had obviously opened their eyes wide in disbelief after they had listened to his remark! Then, a sword light flashed and cut their heads off!

Then, Meng Chao Ran put his sword back in its sheath, and said, “There shouldn’t be any danger now. So, you can take a look now.”

Tan Tan said ‘oh’ in a daze. Then, he walked over to the corpses. It was hard for him to imagine that his master… was so ruthlessly cool in making decisions…

[There was no reason to kill these two people, but Master even cited a quote by the ancients to back his action…] Tan Tan believed that this was a method he could show off. Consequently, he felt that he needed to learn it.

Tan Tan shouted in ‘shock’ not long after, “Fu*k me, Master! We got rich!”

Tan Tan had exclaimed with excitement. However, Meng Chao Ran retorted, “Nonsense! You’re so foul-mouthed that I want to pull out your tongue as your master.” Then he asked, “What do you mean by ‘we got rich’?”

“This, this… this inner core is very big…” Tan Tan had fished out a jade-case from the pocket of one of those two black-robed persons. A fist-sized inner core was placed in it. It was so sparkly and crystal clear that it could dazzle the eyes.

“It is an inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast…” Meng Chao Ran turned pale in fright. He looked at the multi-coloured rays and rich energy it was giving off. And, he had immediately understood that they had made a fortune this time…

“We are very lucky!” Tan Tan was so fascinated by it that he didn’t wish to part with it. So, he gently laughed out.

“Lucky, my ass! Let’s go quickly…” Meng Chao Ran sucked in air from the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he felt as if a big trouble was coming head-on. So, he pulled his disciple, and flew away like an arrow with Tan Tan in tow.

However, Tan Tan was still unwilling to let go. So, he turned his head, “Master… we haven’t even searched the body of the other person… what if he also has an inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast…?”

“Do you think that inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast is a cabbage…? We would have to search for our lives in hell if we went back…”

Meng Chao Ran continued in a bad mood, “They had this inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast. But, it seems that the person who was chasing after them to steal it is an expert as well. Moreover, their wounds are fresh. So, the person who is chasing after them can arrive here any time. Do you still not wish to run fast?”

The master and disciple had run for a dozen kilometres by now. And, Meng Chao Ran had laid several trails to throw off the pursuers.

Then, he picked a direction, and hastened towards a remote and desolate area.

They had barely fled for a few breaths’ time when a group of black-clothed people rushed over and arrived here. Those people turned over the two dead bodies. And, their complexions changed to agitation, “Someone has tricked us! The inner core is not here! There are sword marks on the necks of these corpses. And, the blood is still flowing. So, those two persons mustn’t have gone too far! Quickly chase after them!”

Another man gnashed his teeth and said, “Who dared to take cheap advantages from our Black Devil Clan? We will chop them to pieces once we catch them! They have angered this old man!”

That crowd of black-clothed people flew out with ‘whooshing’ sounds. Everyone had gone to search after the ones who had stolen the inner core with all their might; they were visibly burning with impatience. [Crap! We wasted so much time and effort. And, we succeeded with great difficulty. But, someone else has stolen the fruits of our labor?]

[This is so aggravating!]

Such an incident had happened to the infamous Black Devil Clan… it needed to be mentioned that this clan that was known for their villainy reputation. And, what was more shameful and humiliating was… that they had fought desperately hard for this. But, they had still let some thief take it away… Moreover, they didn’t know who that other thief was…

This was unbearable!

The heavens had witnessed that this whole incident had been totally a coincidence.

This inner core belonged to that unlucky Single-Horned Dragon!

Bu Liu Qing had extracted half of its blood essence that day. And, it had become very weak after that. Then, he had thrown this poor guy away. And, it had fallen god knows where…

How terrifying was the strength of a Supreme Level Expert…? The Single-Horned Dragon had remained dizzy for a long time after it had fallen down. And, it hadn’t been able to move. Moreover, it had lost half of its blood essence. So, it wasn’t left with much vitality in its body. And, it didn’t have any fighting power either…

But, what was even more unlucky for it was — it had fallen behind a big mountain! And, dozens of experts of a mid-tier clan of the Middle Three Heavens were waiting to make a cheap profit there…

The Single-Horned Dragon had fallen at the exact centre of their ambush circle! So, it had been battered to death on the spot…

However, the even more miserable thing was — it had tried to move after it had fallen, but it hadn’t been able to. It had been able to blink its eyes, but it couldn’t even burst into tears…

[I only need half-an-hour to recover a little. I only need half-an-hour, ah…] The Single-Horned Dragon madly shouted in its heart. But… who would’ve given it half-an-hour? It wasn’t even given half-a-breath to rest…

This clan set into action with their utmost strength to try out their luck. There were only two King Level Experts among them. They also had several Revered Martial Artists. So, these experts would’ve been swallowed alive like dregs if they had fought this ninth grade spirit beast head-on at an earlier time. And, this was the reason why they hadn’t dared to go participate in the frontal battle…

Who would have imagined that this was their day of ill-gotten gains? Who would have imagined that a barely-alive ninth grade spirit beast would fall from the sky in broad daylight? How can there be such a favourable incident? Those several dozen experts of that clan had been left dumbstruck by this pleasant surprise!

Their mothers used to tell them a poem — [When one would lift one’s head with a hungry stomach; dragon meat will fall from the sky!]

How could they be polite at such a good occasion? Thereupon, everyone swarmed around the dragon. They peeled its skin and scooped out its meat. They extracted its blood essence, and took its inner core…

These people obviously didn’t know that the blood essence of this ninth grade spirit beast was incomplete… and thus was useless. Therefore, they were so happy that they were unable to hide their happiness. [Oh shoot! We only wanted to get a few drops of its blood, but we luckily got the whole beast…]

This formidable and matchless ninth grade spirit beast didn’t die by the hands of a Supreme Level Expert at the end of it. Instead, it got killed by the hands of a colony of ants. This could only be described as ‘divine intervention’!

This manner of death was obviously too aggrieving for a powerful ninth grade spirit beast!

This grandiose ninth grade spirit beast had been turned into spoils of war once this toiling was over. Nothing was left except for damaged meat.

These experts hadn’t sensed any danger. So, they had become muddle-headed because of being pleasantly surprised under these circumstances. Thus, they basically invited a situation that could only be called as ‘digging their own graves’— all of these fellows revealed greed in their eyes. They then pleaded the two Elders to use the meat of the ninth grade spirit beast. They wanted to roast its meat so that they could eat it! This was a ninth grade spirit beast. Where else could they get to eat the meat of a ninth grade spirit beast in their lives?

[I would die with no regrets if I get to eat this meat!]

The two Elders were in an excellent mood. They weren’t able to conceal their happiness either. So, they waved their hands and approved of it without giving it much thought.

Therefore, these people arranged firewood, and lit a fire to roast the meat of the dragon. Everyone was in a full swing, and they showed their hundred percent enthusiasm.

The dreamt about obtaining many good items and making their clan rise in the Middle Three Heavens as they ate.

However, the brutal reality struck at this point of time. The ‘Extreme joy turned into sorrow’– this is the best explanation of what happened there afterwards!

How could the flames rising from roasting the dragon’s meat not have thick smoke? The thick smoke rose up and collected… The Black Devil Clan had been running around, but hadn’t gained any profits of late. However, they were quick to discover the smoke…


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