Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 552 – CN

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Chapter 552
Chapter 552: Wind Fox Acknowledges its Master!

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It was a very tough job for these Supreme Experts to coax this disciple. They were improvising tricks to amuse a child… But, it seemed to be considerably more difficult for both of these ten-thousand-year-old freaks…

“This isn’t good!” Ning Tian Ya rushed forward as he worried himself sick. He then pushed Bu Liu Qing to stumble aside without any trace of politeness. Then, he squatted down, “Come with me. I have more fun stuff in my place than he does.”

“But, I don’t want to go anywhere…” Mo Qing Wu timidly replied. She somehow hated to part with the Purple Crystal figurine. But, she still handed it over to Bu Liu Qing.

“It’s a present for you,” Bu Liu Qing affably insisted, “Keep it. He-he… I have plenty of those back home.”

“Really?” Mo Qing Wu blinked and asked.

“Of course!” Bu Liu Qing replied in a serious tone. He secretly felt proud of himself. It seemed as if half of his work to get this disciple was done.

Mo Qing Wu happily put the Purple Crystal figurine in her pocket…

“Ah! What is this?” Mo Qing Wu suddenly trembled from head to toe. She screamed in a petrified manner as she pulled out a furry and snow-white… small fox… from her pocket!

This fox was only palm-sized. It was naively squatting on Mo Qing Wu’s hand. Then, it slowly wiggled. Its whole body was snow-white. It had two shiny black eyes. It then lifted its head and looked at Mo Qing Wu. Then, it squeaked twice. It seemed to have a very adorable and pitiful appearance.

“Wow… such a cute little thing…” Mo Qing Wu became very happy. She had taken a liking to this little thing at first glance. She held it in her hand and lifted it up, “It’s so cute… Little thing, what’s your name?”

She extended her other hand while she said this, and she started to caress it gently. The little thing timidly stretched its snow-white little claw, and gently shook hands with her. Then, it again shrank back, and shyly issued squeaking sounds.

Mo Qing Wu felt very happy with this new development. So, she asked, “Little thing, where did you come from? How did you get into my pocket?”

The little guy couldn’t make sense of her words. So, it issued squeaking sounds as it innocently looked at her.

Mo Qing Wu was instantly defeated by such gazes. She held it up in both hands. She seemed to adore it too much to part with it. So, she asked, “Would you like to come with me? Little guy, I will give you a name… I will call you… I will call you… Little Snowy… okay?”

The little guy tilted its head and looked at Mo Qing Wu. It moved its body and climbed one step on Mo Qing Wu’s hand. And, it again issued squeaking sounds. After that, it stretched its limbs and comfortably lay down on her hand.

It seemed as if it had approved of this name.

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up. Gu Du Xing and the others also felt flabbergasted… [This little thing seems to have no attack power. But, it’s so witty and adorable. Moreover, it’s so pure… but… how did it suddenly appear from Mo Qing Wu’s pocket?]

Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing looked at each other. [Ninth Grade Spirit Beast – Wind Fox! It has restored itself in its most primitive appearance. And, it is trying to please this little girl now?]

[Damn it… even spirit beasts know who is worthy of flattery?]

“Little thing!” Ning Tian Ya opened his eyes wide in a stare. And, the Wind Fox started to shiver out of fear. “Do you want to stay with h


He held the Wind Fox in his hands, and spoke-up in a fiendish manner, “You needn’t play silly games with me. Do you think that you can take unfair advantage of this little girl in front of us? I will tear you into pieces! Say yes… or I will tear you into pieces.”

Mo Qing Wu felt sorry for it, and hurriedly called out, “Give it back to me. Don’t bully my Little Snowy… okay?”

Her voice hadn’t even faded when a fearful cry was heard.

She believed that this little thing didn’t understand human language. But, it looked at her with eyes filled with the expression of being treated unjustly. Then, it nodded while feeling aggrieved.

“It… it can understand human language?” Mo Qing Wu was stunned to see this. And, she opened her beautiful eyes wide. She extended her hand towards the little thing, and started to tremble as she asked.

“It’s a ninth grade spirit beast… how would it not understand the human language…” Ning Tian Ya rolled his eyes.

“Ninth grade spirit beast?” Gu Du Xing and the others cried out in alarm. “But, it isn’t even as big as a fist. This harmless little thing can only be treated as a toy by humans and animals. And, it’s unexpectedly a ninth grade spirit beast?”

These words clearly left the Wind Fox in a bad mood. But, it didn’t dare to retaliate in anger. It only rolled its eyes and firmly stared back at Gu Du Xing in reply.

Two Supreme Level Experts were present there. It would never be able to escape… no matter how great its skills were…

“Would you do it now? Yes or no?” Ning Tian Ya bellowed.

Wind Fox felt wronged… [Didn’t I nod a moment ago? So, why are you asking again?]

It again nodded since it didn’t have a better choice.

“Humph! What are you waiting for? Do you think that you can be an unruly and wild pet like those other wild animals?” Ning Tian Ya puckered up his eyebrows and shouted, “Why haven’t you recognized your master already? Do you want this old man to break a few bones of yours?”

Wind Fox swayed for a while in his hands. Then, it pitifully looked at Mo Qing Wu. It saw that Mo Qing Wu was looking at it with eyes that were filled with expressions of cherish and adore. It looked at her for a quite a while. Then, it heaved a sigh like humans do when they feel helpless…

[It seems that I – Lord Wind Fox – will be reduced to a wisp of fox spirit if I don’t recognize this little girl as my master…]

The Wind Fox trembled with rustling sound as it closed its eyes. After that, it started to issue a white energy from over its head. This energy gradually became denser and denser, and finally took the shape of a circle. The circle was full of strange patterns. A tiny pocket-sized version of the Wind Fox was sitting at the centre of the circle. In fact, it was only the size of a finger.

A strong fragrance suddenly dissipated from the body of the Wind Fox. This scent then started to spread…

“Girl, quickly bite your finger and drip blood on the forehead of this tiny Wind Fox in the circle. Do it quickly!” Ning Tian Yan urged her.

“Why?” the little girl tilted her head and asked.

“This little thing will become yours if you do this.” Ning Tian Ya felt like a fool. [Anyone would kill for such an opportunity. And, this little girl is still asking… why?]

Ning Tian Ya would’ve sent any other person flying by a slap. But, he didn’t wish to lose this little girl…

“Really…” Mo Qing Wu complied and happily proceeded to bite her finger. But, she then spoke-up in a tone of misery, “But… it will be very painful…”

Ning Tian Ya felt helpless. So, he simply grabbed her little hand, and cut into the surface of her skin with his fingernail. A drop of blood seeped out from her finger. Then, he clenched her little finger and pressed it on the forehead of the tiny Wind Fox in the circle…

A white light suddenly came out of the Wind Fox’s body as soon as the blood came in contact with that tiny Wind Fox. This light then enveloped Mo Qing Wu and its small body. A myriad of abstruse symbols flew out from the inside of the circle. They rotated with a great speed for a moment. Then, they slowly merged into Mo Qing Wu’s body with whooshing sounds.

Chu Yang was looking at all this very intently. In fact, he felt very relieved in his heart. [How do I say it…? Does this mean that a ninth grade spirit beast will act like a super bodyguard for the little girl? It could protect her until she reaches the Monarch Leve at least…?]

“This is a Spirit Beast Contract. It is an extremely rare thing in the Nine Heavens Continent.” Ning Tian Ya explained in a flaunting manner, “This ancient contract can only be formed if a spirit is willing to offer their spirit. But, it is impossible to obtain this using external force!”

[I see.] Chu Yang nodded in silence. [No wonder I’ve never heard of this thing before… So, it is so difficult to achieve. What kind of spirit beast wouldn’t be too proud if they were so powerful? So, which spirit beast would happily agree to offer their spirits?]

“It is done!” Bu Liu Qing went closer to her. He clicked his tongue in wonder, “My disciple is outstanding. She hasn’t even started her apprenticeship, and she has already subdued a ninth grade spirit beast and made it her pet…”

Ning Tian Ya interrupted without any trace of politeness, “What do you mean ‘your’ disciple? She is ‘my’ disciple!”

The Wind Fox gloomily rolled its eyes. [What do you mean ‘she subdued a ninth grade spirit beast and made it her pet’? This is because of you two old bastards. Could this little girl have tried to subdue me if you two hadn’t been here?]

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo looked at Mo Qing Wu with envy. [This little girl is very lucky, ah! Two Supreme Level Experts are fighting to take her as their disciple. And, she has subdued a ninth grade spirit beast and made it her pet…]

Luo Ke Di recalled his barely alive pet – that little leopard cub he had been raising… And, he felt solemn and hurt at the thought of it… [Can difference among people can be that great?]

Mo Qing Wu felt a slight dizziness in her head. Things seemed a little out of focus for a second. Then, she again looked at the Wind Fox, and felt more and more amiable towards it. Suddenly, she heard a thought in her mind, “Master…”

The voice was soft and tender. It was adorably immature…

“Wow! Are you talking to me?” Mo Qing Wu jumped up thirty feet in the air. She held the Wind Fox in her hands. She cherished it very much, and started to play with it.

However, she suddenly found herself being pulled by Ning Tian Ya. The Wind Fox also went into Mo Qing Wu’s pocket like a wisp of smoke when this happened…

“Little Wu, quickly accept me as your master. I have given you this Wind Fox in present as your master!” Ning Tian Ya anxiously urged.

Wind Fox put out its head from Mo Qing Wu’s pocket. And, it looked at that old guy in despise. [What? You gave me as a present…? Can you even afford to give me – Lord Wind Fox – as a present?]

“No. Accept me as your master! He’s no good. You see… he’s such a sloppy old man. A beautiful girl like you will turn ugly if you become his disciple…” Bu Liu Qing approached her.

Mo Qing Wu was in a dilemma. She bit her lips and said, “But, I don’t want to accept a teacher…”

Chu Yang patted on her shoulder and said, “Little Wu, but this is your chance. You mustn’t miss it. Moreover, would you not protect your Elder Brother Chu Yang when you come back after learning the martial skills? Your Elder Brother Chu Yang is waiting for you to be able enough to protect him…”

A mysterious light concentrated in Mo Qing Wu’s eyes. She bit her lips after a good while, and spoke-up with glistening teardrops in her eyes, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, you’re right… this would be good… But, I won’t be able to see you from now on. What should I do?”

Chu Yang responded while guiding her patiently, “Think about it. You want to protect me for a lifetime. You won’t be able to see me for a few years. But, you would be able to protect your Elder Brother Chu Yang for a lifetime… how worthwhile would it be!”

How could Chu Yang possibly let go of this opportunity for the little girl’s sake. Both the Supreme Level Experts were making efforts to get her as their disciple! Chu Yang also wasn’t willing to part with her, but such an opportunity wasn’t easy to come across.

These ten-thousand-years-old freaks rarely come out in the open. They had bumped into them with great difficulty. How could he let them go?

“I won’t be able to see you for a few years, but I can protect you for a lifetime…” Mo Qing Wu bit her lip and thought for quite a while. She was hesitant and uncertain. She had naturally ascertained the importance of this chance because of her intelligence. But, a lot of reluctance still resided in her heart.


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