Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 551 – CN

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Ning Tian Ya became very gloomy. He had constantly been hoping for Bu Liu Qing to hurry up and leave. However, Bu Liu Qing had continued to chat with him here instead. It had to be mentioned that these two had maintained friendly relations for ten-thousand years. And, Bu Liu Qing had asked him to step aside at this instance. So, how could Ning Tian Ya ignore on the face of the request?

Bu Liu Qing had even spoken a few sentences of instructions to these kids in passing. And, Ning Tian Ya could clearly see that these kids were very concerned about his little apprentice. It could even be said that Ning Tian Ya had genuinely appreciated Bu Liu Qing’s concern.

However, Bu Liu Qing had suddenly mentioned that he wanted to take a look at his little apprentice. How could this turn out to be good?!

Ning Tian Ya had blocked away Mo Qing Wu from Bu Liu Qing’s sight. In fact, Ning Tian Ya would instantly block her whenever Bu Liu Qing would try to sneakily take a peek on the little girl out of curiosity. But why was Ning Tian Ya doing this? Why was he trying to prevent Bu Liu Qing from observing this girl?

[You’re trying so hard. Do you want to take a look that badly? Crap! Do you think it will be that simple for you to take a look at her? Do you think it’s that easy? But, what happens if you aren’t able to take your eyes off her?]

He firmly rejected!

A smiling expression flashed through the eyes of Bu Liu Qing. He had intentionally mentioned about the topic of taking these kids as disciples. It was because he had wanted to see Ning Tian Ya’s reaction.

And, this old fogy had immediately become anxious as per Bu Liu Qing’s expectations!

[Humph! Isn’t it obvious that he has taken a fancy to this little girl?]

[But… what does this girl have? Why is this old bastard using tricks to keep her away? You think I can’t see?] Bu Liu Qing became more curious.

[I must have a look!]

“I won’t snatch your disciple from you. So, what are you afraid of if I only take a look?” Bu Liu Qing spoke-up in an annoyed tone. Then, he sighed and continued, “Only our disciples will continue the dispute between the two of us once we’ve left this world. The disciples of Chen Feng and Liu Yun had also fought for the reputation of their masters. But, how can I take a disciple with confidence if I don’t assess your disciple first?”

“Well…” Ning Tian Ya had been cornered into a dilemma. He battled with conflicting notions in his head for a while. Then, he eventually asked, “You genuinely won’t try to snatch my disciple from me?”

Bu Liu Qing became enraged and annoyed when he heard this. So, he retorted, “You old bastard! You can be very narrow-minded in certain situations. I – Bu Liu Qing – am a reputed man of the Nine Heavens. Why would I fight over a classless case concerning an apprentice?”

Chu Yang was anxious as well as happy in his heart… [I see… So, this Supreme Level Expert had a taken a fancy towards Mo Qing Wu.] However, what worried him was – [I won’t be able to see Mo Qing Wu for a long time if he takes her away.] But, what made him happy was – [Mo Qing Wu will get instant success.]

Ning Tian Ya eventually stepped aside with reluctance, and revealed the little girl he had been hiding behind his body. But, he still didn’t feel relieved in his heart. So, he said, “We have reached an agreement. You won’t snatch her from me!”

Bu Liu Qing indifferently nodded, “Okay, I won’t snatch… eh?!”

His eyes suddenly lit up. He emitted two completely substantive white lights from his eyes. Then, he exclaimed softly, “Icy Muscles Jade Bone?” as he rushed down from mid-air with a ‘shua’ sound.

However, Mo Qing Wu hadn’t been able to help herself from tightly grabbing onto Chu Yang’s lapel when she had heard these two seemingly having argument over her. Therefore, only a small section of her fairer-than-snow wrist was left exposed to Bu Liu Qing’s vision as a result.

And, Bu Liu Qing’s eyes had fallen on that wrist as a result. And, this had left him dumbstruck!

Ning Tian Ya’s complexion changed. He took two steps closer to him and warned, “You have given your word… that you won’t snatch her from me.”

Bu Liu Qing ogled at Mo Qing Wu’s body as these words unconsciously came out of his mouth, “Are you kidding me…? She doesn’t just have the Icy Muscles Jade Bone… She possesses the Heavenly Yin Body too? Sss! And, she also has Innate Spirit Meridians…”

Bu Liu Qing finally discovered something when he felt the changes in the spirit energy around Mo Qing Wu’s body. He sucked in cold air with a hissing sound since he had been startled out of his senses.

A good while passed. Then, Bu Liu Qing suddenly looked up and burst into loud laughter.

[It’s not surprising that this old bastard Ning Tian Ya was hiding her, and wasn’t letting me have a look. She’s such a treasure! He he, Ning Tian Ya… you want to keep such a treasure to yourself? How cheap can one be!]

“You… why are you laughing?” Ning Tian Ya shot him a glance of vigilance. He gritted his teeth and said, “Old bastard, you said that you won’t snatch her from me.”

“I have decided to take this disciple!” Bu Liu Qing’s eyes glistened as he announced. He had spoken this out in a resolute and decisive manner! Then, he said in a soft voice, “Little girl, he-he, do you accept me as your teacher? This teacher of yours is very powerful; he’s the number-one in the world! Accept me as your teacher, and this title –’number-one in the world’ will be yours in time!”

Ning Tian Ya almost vomited blood. He angrily said, “Bu Liu Qing! You’ve given your word. Are your words are as good as nonsense?” He firmly stared at his old rival. A mountain of anger had started to bubble up in him, “You promised that you won’t snatch her!”

Bu Liu Qing rolled his eyes and replied, “Do you have so much faith in what I say?”

Ning Tian Ya staggered in anger when he heard this. And, his response sounded similar to the sound of blood being vomited out, “You are… very… shameless! Bu Liu Qing, how can you be so shameless?!”

Bu Liu Qing rubbed his hands together. He also felt a little embarrassed as he said, “Old Ning, you can’t blame me for this… how would I know that the person you picked has Icy Muscles Jade Bone of the highest quality? Moreover, she has the Heavenly Yin Body? Also, she has the Innate Spirit Meridians! That’s an immortal physique…? I said that I won’t fight with you over her. But… what kind of man would I be if I don’t fight with you over such a rare talent?”

Ning Tian Ya’s body trembled with anger, “You had said that yourself…! How can you say this so shamelessly?”

However, Bu Liu Qing replied in cultured and refined manner, “Old Ning, don’t mind me. Both of us are ten-thousand years old. Anger doesn’t suit us. It’s bad for our health… you tell me… what are your conditions to let me take this disciple?”

“I don’t have any conditions!” Ning Tian Ya bellowed.

“I will give you the seed of a ten-thousand-years-old Snow Lotus Herb! I will also give you the Heavenly Armament ‘Mysterious Soul’! I will give you the Nine Heavens Green Grass. What do you say?” Bu Liu Qing offered with a smile.

“You take those things… to your grave with you!” Ning Tian Ya became furious, “How can I let you snatch my disciple?”

“I will acknowledge you as ‘Number-one in the world’! I will proclaim you as the strongest expert, okay?” Bu Liu Qing said, “I will do it tomorrow. I will make an announcement in the Upper Three Heavens that Ning Tian Ya is the number-one expert in the world. I will also mention that I fell into a difficult situation while fighting with you. So, I had to escape from the fight. Is it good enough?”

Bu Liu Qing added with a lot of sincerity, “Old Ning, I am a very sincere man… very sincere! I will no longer have the same reputation. I will no longer have the same honor. You can’t say that this sacrifice would be small…”

Ning Tian Ya spat out saliva with a ‘bah’ sound. His face had turned red in anger, “You have the reputation and face of a bird. You broke your promise a moment ago! And, you’re still bragging about your reputation and your face…”

He took two heavy breaths before he continued in a loud voice, “I used to think that you have a character. But, it seems to be a grave mistake. I was simply blind! Your reputation and face are inferior to the hair of my feet!”

Bu Liu Qing’s complexion gradually changed. He coldly said, “Old Ning, let’s talk straightforwardly. Would you let me take this disciple or not? How do I make you agree to let me take her?”

Ning Tian Ya firmly replied, “Over my corpse!”

“You seriously won’t let me take her?” the expression in Bu Liu Qing’s eyes had become increasingly dangerous.

“I won’t let you take her… no matter what happens!” Ning Tian Ya gasped for breath.

“You and I will become enemies forever if you don’t let me have her today!” Bu Liu Qing became somewhat anxious.

“When were we friends?” Ning Tian Ya sneered. He then added in disdain, “How come you still don’t know?”

Chu Yang and the others were watching these two Supreme Experts quarrelling. And, they were somewhat left to stare like fools.

Chu Yang suddenly had a realization. So, he moved closer to Mo Qing Wu’s ear and whispered, “These two want to receive you as their disciple…”

Mo Qing Wu pitifully whispered in reply, “But, I don’t want to be their disciple… I don’t want to leave you… Elder Brother Chu Yang…”

Mo Qing Wu’s voice was very low. But, the cultivation level of these two old fogies was exceptionally high. How would they not have heard it?

They immediately turned their heads, and looked towards the cute little girl.

Chu Yang’s purpose was obviously to take the maximum benefit out of the situation. He had seen that these two old guys had heard Mo Qing Wu. So, he didn’t say anything further. He only stood to one side with a smile on his face.

The more fiercely they would strive to win the argument… the more benefits the cute little girl would get.

The cute little girl pouted her lips. Then, she made a sad face. The rim of her eyes also became a little red. She looked at the two Supreme Experts with resentment in her eyes. Then, she pouted her mouth, “Humph!” And, she squeezed her little head it into Chu Yang’s chest.

Ning Tian Ya was somewhat petrified. [I haven’t misheard her, right? Both of us are almost ready to beat each other here. And, this little girl doesn’t want to be our disciple?]

“Ha ha ha…” Bu Liu Qing held his belly and burst into loud laughter. “Old Ning, I had thought that you had already received this little girl as a disciple. But, it turns out that I’ve spent such a long time in arguing with you for no reason. A very long time has passed, and you still haven’t gotten this girl, ah… it’s good, it’s very good!”

“‘Good’… My ass!” Ning Tian Ya took a long breath and turned his head. Then, he spoke-up in a friendly manner, “Little girl, you see… pay me respect as your master, and I will help you fulfil all of your wishes.”

“And… you see that person over there…? He looks like a human. But, he’s a monster who eats a man and doesn’t even spit its bones out. He’s very frightful. You will not have a good day in your whole life if you become his disciple.” Ning Tian Ya was prepared to commit all manner of crimes to frighten her.

“I want to be with Elder Brother Chu Yang… this is my wish…” the little girl shook her head with all her strength. She was desperately clenching onto Chu Yang’s lapel, “My wish is already fulfilled… I don’t need your help…”

Bu Liu Qing also went closer to her. He thought for a long time. Then, he suddenly took out something from his bosom. After that, he kindly smiled, “Come, little girl. This is for you. He-he… it is very amusing, okay? Tell me, what’s your name?”

“My name is Mo Qing Wu…” Mo Qing Wu became somewhat scared and shrank back. Then, she curiously sized up the small figurine that was in his hand. It was made of Purple Crystal Essence. It was emitting bright lights, and it seemed to be very interesting…

“Mo Qing Wu? That’s such a good name,” Bu Liu Qing profusely praised her. He then said while demonstrating, “You see. This small figurine starts to fight by itself if you move it like this. And, it will somersault if you move it like this. And, if you move it like this, it will…”

Mo Qing Wu curiously looked and her eyes lit up more and more, “Wow! It’s so much fun…”

Ning Tin Ya became anxious when he saw this. He groped all over his robes with his hands, but couldn’t find anything… he was away from home, and he hadn’t even brought any of his weapons along. So, why would he have bothered to bring toys to amuse kids? Therefore, he became angry and anxious when he saw that Bu Liu Qing was forming bonds with the little girl.

Bu Liu Qing asked with self-satisfaction, “Mo Qing Wu… um, would it be okay if I call you Little Wu?”

“Okay!” Mo Qing Wu nodded. She fiddled with that small figure made up of Purple Crystal Essence. Then, she added without lifting her head, “My mother calls me that too.”

“Eh… Mother…” Bu Liu Qing felt a little awkward. Then, he said in a soft voice, “You see this thing… isn’t it a lot of fun? You can come with me. I have many such toys at my place.”


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