Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 550 – CN

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Xiao Chang Feng was left confused and disoriented by this sudden change. He had been scared out of his wits. In fact, his entire body had turned ice-cold. [I somehow handled Bu Liu Qing. So, why is Ning Tian Ya troubling me now? I am finished this time…]

“Senior, please spare my life…” Xiao Chang Feng was about to beg for forgiveness. But, Ning Tian Ya threw him up. Then, he grabbed his ankle, and suddenly smashed him on a big boulder like a meteoric hammer. Then, he angrily cussed, “Did you think that this old man wouldn’t dare to touch you because you have Bu Liu Qing’s support?!”

Xiao Chang Feng only got the time to say half of the sentence, “…Please Senior, I beg you to reconsider. Give face to my Xiao Clan…” And, he was swung again onto that big rock. The flesh of his body got smashed and scattered before he could speak the second half of the sentence…

“I should reconsider because you are from the Xiao Clan? …because you are surnamed Xiao? You are just a bastard. Everyone in the Nine Great Ruling Clans of the Upper Three Heavens has bastards like you. See… this old man has smashed you!” the old man Ning Tian Ya was abusing him while recounting this argument. He smashed Xiao Chang Feng on the stone a third time. And, Xiao Chang Feng’s body was changed into minced meat as a result. Only a smelly foot was left intact in Ning Tian Ya’s hand.

Ning Tian Ya threw away that smelly foot with a ‘bang’. However, he was still angry, “He thought that he could threaten me with the name of one of the Nine Great Ruling Clan? This world is full of crazies.”

Then, Ning Tian Ya extended his hands and furiously shouted, “Die!”

Two sharp and strong energies were issued from his hands with loud rumble. The remaining two individuals of the Xiao Clan didn’t get enough time to utter a voice or beg for mercy. They both exploded like firecrackers with loud ‘bang’ sounds.

Bu Liu Qing squinted with mysterious look, [This Ning Tian Ya has a habit of making big fuss in day to day life. But, he has never shown such fury before… So, why now?]

However, he then saw Ning Tian Ya standing like a shield in front of the little girl. And, he couldn’t help but think, [Does it have something to do with this little girl?]

He then saw Ning Tian Ya wave his hand and address the Law Enforcer of the Nine Heavens, “Well, you don’t have to settle the matter now. Your responsibility was to observe this dwarf. And, he’s dead now. So, you can return to the Upper Three Heavens.”

He had shouted in such an arrogant and bossy manner that it seemed as if he was the boss of the Law Enforcers.

“Yes. I take my leave now.” The white-clothed man forced a smile and bowed towards both of them in greeting. Then, he turned around and left. He thought, [The Xiao Clan will have no choice but to suffer this grievance without being able to speak out. Xiao Chang Feng died by the hands of Ning Tian Ya. So, the Xiao Clan wouldn’t dare to bring this up even if they would want to. They would only have to pinch their noses and make peace with this…]

[If they come to deal with Ning Tian Ya… Ahm Ahm…] the white-clothed man thought. [The Xiao Clan still isn’t that powerful… They could perhaps ask several ancestors to come and besiege this old man… However, their chances of success wouldn’t be too high in that case either.]

[Let it be. What do I have to do with this matter? I will only bring this news to the clan and my work here would be done…]

Thus, the white-clothed man left…

Ning Tian Ya stood upright before Mo Qing Wu. He didn’t pay attention to the grateful expressions of Gu Du Xing and the others. He then said, “You also go.” He had spoken these words to Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu. Then, he added, “Little girl, you’re surnamed Jun, right?”

Jun Xi Zhu replied, “Yes… how do you know, Senior…?”

“Um, you’re the descendant of the Jun Clan. Um um,” Ning Tian Yu waved his hand, “Leave now. And, tell that old ancestor of yours that Ning Tian Ya wants to drink wine with him.”

Jun Xi Zhu remained silent. She wanted to say, [I don’t know where that legendary old ancestor is at present. Also, the Jun Clan had ceased to exist a long time ago.] These thoughts revolved in her mind. But, she swallowed them back. She had a feeling that she would be in a great trouble if she were to speak this out aloud. And, Jun Xi Zhu didn’t like this feeling. So, she respectfully and sincerely bowed and said, “This junior takes her leave. I will surely relay your message if I meet my old ancestor.”

She nodded towards Chu Yang to greet him. Then, she said something to Young Master Yu, and they left along with the subordinates of Dark Bamboo.

“You haven’t left yet?” Ning Tian Ya had cleared all the obstacles in an unshakable manner. So, he finally addressed Bu Liu Qing, “Leave quickly. I will look for you to fight when the time comes.”

Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted. He looked at his old rival in a very amused manner and replied, “Why do you want to wait? We can have the fight right now if you want! Perhaps… we should both go to the Wind and Thunder Arena to have a fight now?”

“I don’t have the time for that right now,” Ning Tian Ya responded with no trace of politeness, “You leave quickly.” Instead, he continuously urged Bu Liu Qing to leave.

However, the more he urged… the more suspicious Bu Liu Qing became! He obviously didn’t leave either. Instead, he said, “You don’t have time, you say? How come I don’t see you doing anything?”

“I have some matter to deal with,” Ning Tian Ya shouted back.

Bu Liu Qing stroked his smooth chin with a look of contemplation in his eyes as he said, “Old Ning, don’t tell me that you have taken fancy to these five youngsters? These five young guys have a very strong foundation to be honest. Especially, the one next to you… who uses the saber, and this one who uses the sword… they are god-gifted geniuses! Um… do you want to take them as your disciples?”

Gu Du Xing and the others became nervous as soon as he said these words. [Are we going to be received as disciples of a Supreme Level Expert?]

The eyes of Luo Ke di and Ji Mo lit up. They were visibly eager to give it a try. However, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang looked at each other, and saw strong determination in each other’s eyes.

“You’re talking nonsense!” Ning Tian Ya’s heartbeats fastened. He said, “I am not looking at these five kids in that way.”

“Ha-ha… these two kids wouldn’t go with you even if you were!” Bu Liu Qing laughed mischievously, “Unless you ask for those other two swords guys as well.”

Ning Tian Ya was startled since he had sensed that there was some special meaning to Bu Liu Qing’s words. He turned his head and looked towards Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang. He sized them up thoroughly, and heaved a sigh. He then said, “You’re right. They won’t follow anyone!”

Chu Yang was also somewhat puzzled by this. So, he asked, “Senior, where do these words stem from?” It was true that Chu Yang didn’t wish to separate from his brothers. But, he also knew that this was an enormous opportunity for them. The future progress of Gu Du Xing and the others would be limitless if these two Supreme Level Experts decided to take them as their disciples. Moreover, it would take less time than usual.

Ning Tian Ya moved his eyes to Chu Yang and said, “Kid, it’s obvious that you can’t see it with your strength of vision! These two kids have the bones of swords and the blood of saber in their bodies. They don’t have any special physiques of God-gifted geniuses. But, they possess embryonic form of great scholars of Sword and Saber respectively. They can follow us, and they can practice our martial arts. However, they would have no other choice but to cripple themselves in the process!”

He continued in an indifferent manner, “People like them only fight with sword and saber in the Jianghu. They must go through the important experiences of life and death. And, they will continue to walk on their own roads to becoming great scholars as long as they don’t die!”

Bu Liu Qing chuckled in the sky, “There have been many of such people since the ancient times. But, only a few have been able to become great experts at the end! It’s because the path is full of thorns. There are grave dangers on every step!”

“Embryonic form of great scholars…!” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed as he looked at his two brothers. He couldn’t help but feel proud in his heart.

“As for the other two… there’s nothing special to point out,” Ning Tian Ya looked at Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo from the corner of his eyes, “These two are only glib-tongued. They are fickle-minded. No one can keep their hands on these fickle-minded persons. They are two big slicks… they are lazy from head to toe. Anyone who’d take them as a disciple would die from anger sooner or later… even a Supreme Expert…”

Bu Liu Qing laughed out loud in the sky. He then approvingly said, “That’s right. The aptitude of these two kids isn’t good either. Their foundation is also somewhat stereotypical. And, they won’t be able to change this unless they work hard. They aren’t the ‘good disciple’ material…”

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo’s faces suddenly turned black. They were unconvinced, and couldn’t accept this in their hearts. [We two can’t attain such achievements? Huh… one would die from anger because of us… We two are no match for you right now. But, we would’ve beaten you two bastards to death if we had been strong enough to fight with you. And, we would’ve done it right here and right now. Why choose for dying from anger? Wouldn’t that be too slow?]

[Foundation is also somewhat stereotypical? We won’t be able to change this unless we work hard…? Then, we shall do the impossible!]

That feeling of revere towards these two Supreme Level Experts vanished like smoke in thin air from the hearts of Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo. They straightened their backs, and raised their heads. In fact, they had tilted their heads to look at one side since a feeling of rebelliousness had started to surge within them.

[You say that the two of us can’t accomplish anything? We will accomplish it first. And then, we will make you look at our accomplishments. Motherfu*kers! We will make the whole world realize that two Supreme Level Experts… can also misjudge people! You two old bastards! Dammit, pooh!]

Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tain Ya looked at each other.

Chu Yang pondered for a while. However, he had lowered his head because he didn’t want Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo to notice that look of gratitude in his eyes. After all, he was very thankful to Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya!

Chu Yang had always been worried about Ji Mo, Luo Ke Di, and Rui Bu Tong. The foundations of these three were on an upper level, but hadn’t been able to reach to the top by any mean. But, Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing had incredible aptitudes. In fact, their aptitudes simply couldn’t be challenged!

These brothers seemed to be equally matched at present. They didn’t have too much difference. But, these three would certainly be left far behind when their martial powers would reach a profound level. And, no one would be able to help them in catching up. In fact, even Chu Yang wouldn’t be able to keep them at the same pace… even if he were to use the Nine Tribulation Pill for continuous upgradations. Also, using too many elixirs could cause harm to them…

Rui Bu Tong was still a little stronger. But, Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo were very lazy by nature. Moreover, they belonged to the category of playboys. Also, they were the type of people who didn’t have any goals in life; they’d only eat recklessly and wait for death. Chu Yang had always wanted to change them. But, he didn’t know how to go about it.

However, these two Supreme Experts had ‘incidentally’ turned them to the direction of work hard for their entire life! In fact, they had changed them from the root to the top. These few words were seemingly insignificant, but their impact had been incomparable!

The impact of these words would’ve been entirely different if they had come from the mouth of someone else.

For example… Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di would’ve held a life-long grudge if these words of Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing had been spoken by Xie Dan Qiong or Ao Xie Yun instead. It was because it would’ve been their contempt towards others’ jealousy. In fact, these two would’ve come to have a thorn in their hearts if Chu Yang had spoken these words… [Does it mean that we aren’t good enough?] Therefore, Chu Yang would never say such a thing.

However, these words had come from the mouths of Bu Liu Qing and Ning Tian Ya. So, these words had become like ‘the final word’. Consequently, these words had aroused a strange fighting spirit inside Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di that could make them soar to the heavens!

Now, Ning Tian Ya and Bu Liu Qing looked at Chu Yang and shook their heads. They were somewhat confused. It was because they couldn’t see through… the physique of this youth!

[It’s obviously a very wasteful foundation. But, it also has too much uncertainty… What’s all this about?]

However, Bu Liu Qing moved his vision away after he had looked at Chu Yang for a while. Then, he spoke-up with a smile, “Ning Tian Ya, step aside. I want to take a look at that little girl behind you.”

Ning Tian Ya jumped as if he had been stung by a scorpion on the buttocks, “Why?”

In fact, he had become mad and anxious in his heart, [I knew that this wasn’t going to work if this bastard stayed here instead of leaving…]


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