Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 549 – CN

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Jun Xi Zhu was startled. She shouted, “Little Yu, step back!”

Young Master Yu smiled faintly. But, he didn’t speak anything. His blue robe fluttered in the air as he stationed himself in front of her.

Xiao Chang Feng angrily spoke-up, “Nonsense! The Senior wants the blood essence of spirit beast you have in your possession. He’s giving you face since you possess it! You filthy woman, you fail to appreciate the Senior’s kindness!”

He took a step forward… as if to attack her!

Young Master Yu sneered. He insipidly spoke-up before Xiao Chang Feng could step further, “You fat pig, this Young Master guarantees you that you will die in front of us if you dare to take another step!”

Xiao Chang Feng was startled by this. He looked at Young Master Yu with a gloomy and cold expression in his eyes. He was about to scold Young Master Yu loudly. But, a strong energy suddenly came down from the sky. It grabbed Xiao Fat Pig by the nape, and threw him away. A hundred or so continuous slaps were struck on his face with ‘bang”bang’ and ‘smack”smack’ sounds until his somewhat pig-looking head started to look exactly like a pig’s head.

However, he could only hear Bu Liu Qing say, “Why are you speaking out of turn in my matter? Don’t you have any manners… you despicable and shameless dwarf melon? I will pull out your tongue if you dare to speak another word!”

Xiao Chang Feng kept quiet out of fear. He stood still there, and lowered his head. A strange light of maliciousness had also flashed in his eyes, but he didn’t dare to let anyone see that.

A loud ‘ha-ha’ laughing sound was heard from the sky, “Bu Liu Qing! You need to grow up. There are so many ninth grade spirit beasts here. It would be enough for you even if you casually catch a few of them. But, you fu*king want to snatch this little girl’s thing. Don’t you have any shame?”

Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted when he heard this. However, he didn’t reply. He only saw that Jun Xi Zhu and Young Master Yu didn’t have any fear in their body language. Instead, they stood perfectly straight, and didn’t appear to be intimidated.

“Never mind!” Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted and said, “I won’t force you. I mustn’t let others say that I bullied the weak. It won’t be good for my reputation.”

Bu Liu Qing was about to go after saying this. After all, he had opened his mouth… only to face rejection despite having such a high status. He felt humiliated as a result. And, he didn’t wish to stay here any longer…

Energy fluctuations appeared in the air at this moment, and a white-clothed man came floating from the sky. A white shadow appeared and arrived in the area. He gently bowed in cultured and refined manner, “Senior, receive my greetings. I have answered your summons, and have come here to visit you. I am glad to see that Senior Bu and Senior Ning are safe and sound!”

Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted. He rolled his eyes and said, “Do you Law Enforcers also need ninth grade spirit beast? Why have you come here?”

The white-clothed man replied with a smile, “No. However, it’s this… Brother Xiao. He has violated the rules of the Law Enforcement. He has arrived in the Middle Three Heavens for his selfish interests. So, I didn’t have any other choice but to come here and observe.”

He paused for a while and continued, “And, as for the ninth grade spirit beasts… I won’t dare to make one move.”

Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted. He glared at Xiao Chang Feng and said, “This fatty is very attractive. He has even attracted the Law Enforcers of the Nine Heavens to track him.”

Xiao Chang Feng had already been quiet out of fear. He was even sweating profusely. He himself didn’t know that the Law Enforcers of the Nine Heavens were following after him.

Mo Qing Wu had hidden behind Chu Yang. However, she saw Xiao Chang Feng’s appearance at this time. He was in a distressed situation since he was angry, but he wasn’t in a position to speak out. Moreover, he had lowered his head. So, his body was looking like a ball at the moment. And, Mo Qing Wu felt that it was very laughable. So, she moved closer to Chu Yang’s ear and whispered, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, this dwarf looks very funny, hee-hee…”

She had spoken these words in an extremely lowered voice. In fact, even Chu Yang had also heard them very vaguely!

However, Xiao Chang Feng was on God knows what cultivation level… He heard each word of Mo Qing Wu’s loud and clear. And, he became very angry as a result. He looked towards Mo Qing Wu with a sinister and cold look. And, he thought, [Wait for these two men to leave. I will teach you a lesson, little girl.]

The little thing in Mo Qing Wu’s pocket also heard Mo Qing Wu’s words. And, it couldn’t help but become curious in its heart. So, it peeked half of its head out from the pocket because it secretly wanted to take a look at this dwarf…

Xiao Chang Feng was already looking at her. So, he saw the small beastly head in Mo Qing Wu’s pocket even though it had drawn back in a flash.

[Can it be… the Wind Fox?]

[Wouldn’t my purpose be fulfilled if I obtain this thing?] He turned his eyes away, and lowered his head as this thought came to his mind.

“You may leave!” Bu Liu Qing looked at Xiao Chang Feng. He then indifferently said, “Don’t think that I don’t understand the intentions in your heart. So, quickly get lost!”

Xiao Chang Feng’s plumy body shivered. He said, “I will sincerely obey the Senior’s order.” He didn’t even dare to turn his eyes as he said, “It’s just that there are… orders from my clan to arrest this little girl. So, this junior wants to take her along. Please Senior, help me fulfil my purpose.”

He had pointed towards Mo Qing Wu while speaking.

Chu Yang became angry the moment he heard this! He stepped forward. However, he saw Bu Liu Qing puckering up his brows before he could speak anything. The old man then looked at Xiao Chang Feng, “Does your clan wish you to arrest this little girl and go back?”

“Yes.” Xiao Chang Feng respectfully replied, “Senior, please help me for the honor of the friendship you had with my ancestor-grandfather Xiao Chen Yu.”

The Xiao Chen Yu he had talked about was the founder of the Xiao Clan – one of the Nine Great Aristocratic Clans! He had been friends with Bu Liu Qing in those days. But, he had gone missing after some time.

Bu Liu Qing had suddenly heard the name of an old friend from ten-thousand years ago. So, he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic in his mind. Apparently, the old days from ten-thousand years ago had come to the present time in his mind. He couldn’t help but heave a deep sigh and said, “Morning rain and evening sun don’t regret to clash. Autumn leaves and spring waves face the wind together. Seasons keep changing, and time flies by before one realises… ha-ha, Ten-thousand years… very well, this old man agrees to help you!”

Xiao Chang Feng couldn’t help but feel ecstatic in his heart, “Thank you very much, Senior!”

Bu Liu Qing coldly snorted and said, “However, what you really want is that Wind Fox in her pocket, right? He-he… but, I will help you because you mentioned the name of a friend from ten-thousand years ago. It has incited my mood. I’m helping you. But, that doesn’t mean that I will not punish you! You took me for a fool! Wouldn’t I lose face if everyone in the world thinks that I’m a fool…?”

He angrily snorted while he said this. His ‘humph’ went up in the sky like a giant mallet, and arrived near Xiao Chang Feng’s left shoulder. And then, the force of this sound suddenly shattered that man’s shoulder. A tragic and sharp sound resonated as a result. Xiao Chang Feng’s complexion became deathly white. He shivered and said, “Thanks a lot for the lesson, Senior!”

“Go ahead,” Bu Liu Qing coldly said.

Xiao Chang Feng turned his head and set forth. He was a Monarch Level Expert. So, these handfuls of King Level Experts were nothing in his eyes even though his arms had been crippled a moment ago.

Clang clang clang!

Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo took their swords out of their sheaths. Suddenly, the snow that filled the sky began to seem chilling. Then, a vigorous and dense imposing aura broke out. It had happened because Dong Wu Shang had slowly pulled out his Black Saber!

Gu Du Xing raised his eyebrows. He had sword-like sharp eyebrows. His vision was also as sharp as a sword. His tall and straight body resembled a sword as well. And, the long sword in his hand seemed to have changed into an inseparable body-part of his’. It even emitted out a cold ‘killing intention’. Moreover, he had locked his killing intention on Xiao Chang Feng!

Dong Wu Shang raised his eyebrows, and it seemed as if two precious sabers had been drawn out of their sheaths. His gaze resembled two slash of throwing knives as they’d criss-cross and fly out. His entire personality seemed to have changed into a saber that was ready to chop down the whole world. His body was slightly bent, but it seemed similar to that of leopard which was ready to hunt down its prey. He had also locked his killing intention on Xiao Chang Feng.

Chu Yang took a step forward, and stood in front of Mo Qing Wu. He clasped his hands behind his back, and looked unyieldingly at Xiao Chang Feng. The Sword Spirit had received Chu Yang’s instructions with rapt attention — He was to take control over Chu Yang’s body. Then, he must perform all sixteen moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword in one go to kill this disgusting dwarf!

He mustn’t hesitate… even if his true identity would be exposed in front of these two Supreme Level Experts while doing so!

Bu Liu Qing became surprised when he saw this. He couldn’t help but mutter, “Five top-notch foundations! They are unyielding and brave. What a pity…” It was evident that he didn’t believe Chu Yang and the others to be a match for Xiao Chang Feng. But, he had already made a commitment. So, he couldn’t go back on his word…

Xiao Chang Feng ferociously shouted, “Attack.” And, he and his subordinates set into action.

“Fu*k your attack!” a voice suddenly transmitted down from the sky. And, the voice then shouted, “Fat pig! I dare you to put a finger of yours on this little girl. Why don’t you try?!”

However, this sound was a bit late. Xiao Chang Feng had already thrown his stout body over. He wanted to take the little girl, and he had no intention of turning back.

In fact, no man would have worried about this action if they were in his place! It was because… Bu Liu Xing had promised to help him. And, who could dare to oppose his promise? Therefore, Xiao Chang Feng hadn’t thought that this incident could bring any complications.

He obviously knew that Ning Tian Ya was also present there. But… Bu Liu Xing had promised to help him. So, wouldn’t Ning Tian Ya show respect towards his commitment? He obviously must! Anyone in Ning Tian Ya’s place would’ve done it!

Therefore, he had swiftly thrown himself at them with a force as powerful as that of a thunderbolt!

However, so had his tragedy…

He didn’t expect that Ning Tian Ya didn’t care about giving face to Bu Liu Qing in this instance!

Ning Tian Yan had been waiting high up in the sky. He hadn’t come down since he had feared the exposition of his true purpose. He obviously knew how precious the ‘Heavenly Yin Body, and Innate Spirit Meridian’ was! He had feared that Bu Liu Qing would’ve noticed Mo Qing Wu’s aptitude if his goal were to get exposed. Then, his rival would’ve tried to snatch her away as his own apprentice…

It was because these two had been living on the principle of ‘better to have nothing than substandard choices’ even though they had lived for so many years. So, they hadn’t taken any disciples. But, a matter had always gnawed at their minds… [The things that I have learned all my life wouldn’t be passed on to anyone? I will leave the world one day. Would these earth-shaking skills only remain in the legends?]

Ning Tian Ya knew it for a fact that he would’ve tried to snatch her away if he were to be in Bu Liu Qing’s place.

Therefore, he hadn’t wanted to act blindly without thinking. After all, everything would be fine as long as he would be able to drag Bu Liu Qing away from here!

Who could have thought that Bu Liu Qing would decide to take this fatty’s side… after seeing that he might lose face if he didn’t! Moreover, this fatty had even planned to attack Mo Qing Wu!

Ning Tian Ya’s anger suddenly became so intense that it seemed as if his belly would explode. He would have bitten this fatty if he could eat human-flesh. In fact, he would’ve chewed his flesh… and would’ve gulped it down!

[Fu*k it! This wretched dwarf deserves to be killed with a shit-stirring stick!]

How could Ning Tian Ya remain calm after seeing that this fatty was plunging towards his potential apprentice? He had even shouted to make the short and stout man stop. However, it hadn’t had any effect on this guy?

Anger suddenly rose in Ning Tian Ya’s heart. In fact, it instantly rushed towards his guts!

Therefore, he immediately set into action.

Xiao Chang Feng was about to catch Mo Qing Wu, but Gu Du Xing and the others arrived with their weapons prepared… When…

Xiao Chang Feng’s body suddenly disappeared.

It could be seen that a grey-robed old man had lifted Xiao Chang Feng in the air with one hand. Then, he slapped him thrice with his other hand with three ‘bang’ sounds, “Were the words of this old man not audible enough?”


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