Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 546 – CN

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A King Level Expert behind Chu Yang had already stepped forward before Chu Yang could open his mouth. The King Level Expert then yelled, “I am a subordinate of the Dark Bamboo Group of the Middle Three Heavens. We would like to take the path ahead! Which of our friends are hidden there in the snow?”

His voice sent vibrations in the air like the sound of a copper bell, and crushed the snowflakes.

A white shadow flashed in front of Chu Yang and his team. The shadow replied in cultured and refined voice, “I am Ao Xie Yun of the Ao Clan. I have come here to hunt ninth grade spirit beast. The Dark Bamboo wants to take this road. So, my brothers will make way for them!”

The levelled snowy area to the front tumbled over to the sides as he issued the order. And, dozens of people stood up. Their whole bodies were draped in white snow. Then, they retreated to both sides.

“So, it’s Young Master Ao Xie Yun of the Ao Clan!” that King Level Expert spoke-out in a deep voice, “Thank you!”

Chu Yang cupped his hands in greeting towards Ao Xie Yun. Then, he sped along while taking the lead.

They faded away in the wind and snow in the blink of an eye.

“Wasn’t that King of Hell Chu? What is he doing here?” Ao Xie Yun muttered to himself while looking at the back profile of forty or so people. His heart was full of doubts.

Then, he waved his hand, “Go on and hide! The ninth grade spirit beast would appear here when it’s being chased by people. And, we will act according to the plan when that happens!”

Everyone complied with his order. They scuttled around the snowy ground for a while, and eventually concealed themselves inside the snow.

It was obvious that Ao Xie Yun didn’t have any confidence of tracking down a ninth grade spirit beast at this time. So, he had chosen the stupidest method to catch one — put trust to chance rather than show initiative!

This method was very silly. But, it was quite effective in this part of the world.

They couldn’t capture the ninth grade spirit beast if it didn’t pass from here. And, they could only meet it head-on if it came across them. It was also possible that their luck may not favour them. And, they may not be able to obtain the blood essence of the beast in that case. But, it was still possible that they might be allowed to take a little blood from the body of the beast if they could land a good impression on those who were chasing after the spirit beast…

A white shadow seemed to be coming over like a hurricane from the distant west. The road along which the shadow was rushing seemed to have personified. In fact, that road seemed to have the eyes made of wind, and a mouth made of hurricane!

Moreover, this white shadow moved two times faster than the wind it was carrying along! The shadow would suddenly scuttle in the east sometimes. And then, it would suddenly be in the west. It had formed a dazzling white shadow in the sky by doing this.

In fact, this white shadow would’ve already run away to gods know how far away by the time a person would look at it…

Such a speed could shock anyone!

However, this white shadow was clearly frightened and anxious to the extreme. Also, it seemed to be confused as to which road to choose. In fact, it seemed to have lost its head. It was occasionally issuing squeaking sounds in fright while dashing madly.

A quick and agile silhouette was chasing after it in the sky far behind it. The agility skill of this person seemed free and at ease. His speed didn’t seem that high at first sight. In fact, he appeared to be moving at a moderate speed. But, this person’s shadow was covering a distance of thousands of feet each time it flashed!

A hand came over to grab that little white shadow!

The white shadow became panic-stricken, and fled away with all its might. But, that person’s shadow followed after it all the way. “Don’t run, my little darling! I only want half of your blood essence. I won’t take your life… Oh child, don’t run.”

But, how could this white shadow dare to stop running? It would continue to run until its last breath…

The white shadow turned over since it didn’t have a chance. It suddenly got down, and dug under the snow. Consequently, it disappeared without a trace.

The person’s shadow coldly snorted in the sky. He suddenly extended out his hand, and fiercely grabbed downwards in the emptiness. And, an explosive sound resonated as his hand went a thousand feet deep into the ground. Moreover, it had covered the surface area of a hundred feet.

The entire section of the ground had been grabbed out by this person! And, this had exposed a pitch-black big hole there.

The white shadow flashed. It panicked and ran out of the big hole. It changed into a streak of light with a flash, and accelerated into the distance.

“Oh little child… Don’t run… don’t you understand that you can’t run away from my hands…” That person’s shadow shook his head and faintly smiled. There was look of helplessness in his eyes. Then, his body streaked across the sky with a flash as he continued to pursue.

A sky-shaking roar was heard from the direction at this time. It had come from the direction in which the white shadow had fled. A red shadow had soared up in the sky, and it seemed as if it would set the sky on fire.

The white shadow became overjoyed, and swiftly rushed towards that direction. In fact, it would’ve spoken-out while crying tears of joy if it had possessed the ability to speak… [Oh dear mother! Finally, a scapegoat has appeared…]

However, that person who was chasing it was clearly startled by this. He said, “How come a Fire Lion has also appeared here? Well, I guess I would have to take a scoop of it too!” The silhouette accelerated to chase over.

A sky-shaking roar was again heard not too long after. However, this sound had come from another direction.

“Eh? It’s being very strange this time… how many ninth grade spirit beasts are here in total? Three of them have suddenly appeared in this place? A Single-Horned Dragon has also appeared here…” the person’s shadow muttered to himself, “This is also good. This has saved me from a long and wearisome journey…”

He chased for another few dozen kilometres, and suddenly had a realization, “No wonder this seemed so strange. So, someone has put the core of Mysterious Ice Jade Lotus in the middle of the wilderness.”

He no longer held back his strength when he realized this, and he let out a loud cry. He had been going as fast as lightning until now. However, his speed had suddenly become even faster.

“This is too bad! That bastard has arrived here too!” The old man who had been looking for Mo Qing Wu was also coming from behind. However, his complexion had changed by now. In fact, he was becoming increasingly discomfited as he rushed forwards, “I have discovered one with great difficulty. I won’t let him snatch it away at any cost…”

A few ‘smack’ sounds came as he was speaking. He struck three or four slaps on his own face while he was still busy rushing, “You old fool! You allowed yourself to be confused at the crucial moment and made a mistake. Look, this has created such a problem now…”

He flew past with a ‘whistling’ sound.

A short and stout guy was sniffing the air again and again at a place far away in another direction. He had a big mole on his forehead. He seemed alert. He looked up and started to listen carefully. Then, he held out his hand, and pointed in a direction as he said, “Over there! Go!” A group of three people changed their direction and madly rushed over when they heard his order.

A white-clothed man helplessly shook his head and muttered from his position in the far north direction, “These guys are so idle. They have nothing to do. They have come running to the Middle Three Heavens to hunt a ninth grade spirit beast… are there not plenty of them in the Upper Three Heavens? Is there some other purpose behind their arrival? This doesn’t look good. I must go and take a look!”

He was about to leave. But, he again cussed and muttered to himself, “I don’t know why those two old guys have come down. I’m no match for them… Should I go after them? Should I really go after them? Or maybe… I shouldn’t go? Fu*k it! I will go after them!”

His slim body rose up in the air, span like a gyroscope with a whistling sound, and disappeared without a trace.

Young Master Yu’s black robe was fluttering at an unknown location in the wilderness. He moved his hand towards a spirit beast that had a blazing body! Young Master Yu didn’t show any mercy this time. He was putting all of his strength in every move!

That blazing spirit beast was pounded. And, it let out an awkward scream ‘ahwooh ah oh wooh’! Young Master Yu’s complexion turned more and more red. His movements became more and more heavy, and his agility skills also became more and more quick!

A blue and a red shadow were whirling around each other. Their wild movements were hitting the snow in the surrounding as if sky and earth were turning upside down.

A long shadow was coming over flying from afar. It was a fantastic creature with a long and strange horn on its head! It nodded its head and wagged its tail, and rushed into the battlefield Young Master Yu was still fighting in!

There was a dreamy lotus in that place. Moreover, it was in its full bloom. It was the Mysterious Ice Jade Lotus! The lotus core!

“Evil creature!” Jun Xi Zhu’s silhouette rushed in the air with a shout. She left thousands of afterimages in her wake as she wildly swept over. She took a risk, and snatched the Mysterious Ice Jade Lotus from below the teeth of this Single-Horned Dragon. Then, she turned over her hand, and put it in her bosom!

Such a good item had flew away from its claws? How could this Single-Horned Dragon endure this? It became angry! It opened its big mouth, and let out a loud and angry roar! Its four stake-like legs stepped upon this thin ice-field, and shook it out!

Jun Xi Zhu knitted her elegant eyebrows. The situation that had unfolded was beyond her expectations. She had originally wanted to lure-out one beast. And, her plan was to team up with Young Master Yu to quickly capture that one beast by using their combined strength.

Who would’ve imagined that they would get two beasts at a single time?!

Unexpectedly, this Single-Horned Dragon didn’t go away. It was instead roaring while nodding its head and wagging its tail. It looked towards Jun Xi Zhu like a creditor. And, it seemed as if it was demanding her for its Mysterious Ice Jade Lotus to be returned!

Suddenly, Jun Xi Zhu felt ridiculous and happy at the same time! [Does this Single-Horned Dragon wish to die for this Mysterious Ice Jade Lotus?]

However, the Single-Horned Dragon flew into a rage when it saw that its demand wasn’t fulfilled. It rose up and curled its body in mid-air. Then, it suddenly stretched out. And, its more-than-a-hundred-feet-long plump body came scuttling down!

Unexpectedly, it had taken the initiative to attack!

“This evil creature is acting very recklessly!” Jun Xi Zhu became furious. She brandished her hands, and unleashed her palm-shadows as she resolutely went up to meet force with force! She didn’t even draw back a single step!

And, that was because Young Master Yu was on the verge of completing the task behind her. So, she couldn’t draw back at this time!

The Single-Horned Dragon howled with an explosive sound. All four of its claws flipped over and turned towards the sky as it was slammed backwards by the collision. Jun Xi Zhu also bellowed loudly at the same time. The snow around her body suddenly dispersed outwards as she fiercely recoiled backwards. And, her body suddenly went cutting into Young Master Yu’s fighting circle like a lightning bolt. Her palms were bleeding due to that collision. However, she merely shook her hands, and crazily pounded several hundred slaps on the head of the Fire Lion!

Young Master Yu also attacked it at the same time!

They had clearly felt those formidable auras swiftly and violently approaching this place from all directions!

Therefore, they knew that they had no time to lose!

They wouldn’t be able to monopolize these treasures even if they delayed for one moment! Therefore, both of them had to stake their lives on this one moment!

It could be said that this was bad luck for this Fire Lion. It had gotten enticed by an elixir, and it was about to get killed for it. The outer skin that it had always been proud of had been cracked open! In fact, it had been beaten to a pulp from top to bottom!

The ninth grade spirit beasts were supposed to be powerful. But, how could they withstand besiege from two Saint Level Experts? It didn’t even get any time to scream. Flames were still blazing on its damaged body, but it had already lost its life!

It had gotten deeply buried in the ground.

Jun Xi Zhu took out an enormous Purple Crystal Jade Bottle, and got ready to extract. She used her hands to draw out the blood essence from the fractured spinal column of the Fire Lion. She then exposed an expression of happiness on her face. After all, the blood essence from this beast hadn’t been extracted previously. So, it was completely intact.

She extracted the entire blood essence from this beast, and took the inner core as well. She then saw that the Single-Horned Dragon and Young Master Yu had already engaged in battle!

The Single-Horned Dragon cried out strangely when it saw that Jun Xi Zhu was looking towards it. It had been withstanding Young Master Yu’s attack so far. But, it had been using its entire strength to do that. It tumbled backwards, and suddenly got panicky. It seemed like it couldn’t decide which way to run to.

It was already unable to handle one… So, how would it handle two of them? These two people had genuinely scared this dragon!

The elixir had also been forcibly taken away from it. And, it had become so angry that it hadn’t even thought of the consequences when that had happened. But, it had come back to its senses now. It was true that this ninth grade spirit beast had the dignity of a nine grade spirit beast. So, it would be very humiliating if it had to run away. But, it would still be far better than that foolish lion which had been skinned a moment ago, right?

However, it didn’t pay attention that it had deviated from its direction when it decided to run. Therefore, it didn’t flee in the direction from which it had come. Instead, it had started to flee towards the east.

And, a very small white shadow was crazily rushing over from the east. In fact, this figure was so fast that it seemed as if it was howling in the wind like a tornado.


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