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Chapter 545: Reforms the Heavenly Armaments!

Other people felt relaxed as they heard this. They knew that Young Master Yu would be engaged with the Meng Clan. So, he wouldn’t come after them. Consequently, only the people of the Meng Clan would be surrounded by the people of Dark Bamboo.

However, those eight or nine individuals of the Meng Clan were left dumbfounded. [God knows what offence our Meng Clan has committed against Young Master Yu? Crap! We’re done for. We haven’t fulfilled the purpose we had come here for. And, we are even going to lose our lives here…]

They didn’t know why they had met with such a bad luck. After all, they had committed no offense against Young Master Yu. But, they had offended King of Hell Chu!

The Meng Clan’s people were in crisis because Meng Luo had wanted to lay his hands on Mo Qing Wu. Perhaps they would’ve returned to their clan to discard Meng Luo’s evil technique if they had known about this matter…

However, they had no chance of doing so now!

“Minister Yu! You… you can’t do this, ah!” the Elder who was leading the Meng Clan’s group shouted in sobbing tone. “When did we offend the friends of Dark Bamboo? We have always…”

He hadn’t even finished his sentence when Young Master Yu waved his hand with a frost-cold look on his face, “Slaughter them!”

“Hah!” several hundred experts of Dark Bamboo bellowed loudly as they rushed out. And, the surroundings were suddenly filled with screams!

“Let’s fight together!” The Elder of the Meng Clan shouted in a desperate manner. He knew that they weren’t going to be lucky this time. In fact, the others didn’t even know how to respond to his words. [We are facing several hundred experts of Dark Bamboo. There are a hundred or so King Level Experts among the ones who are about to besiege us… And, you say that we will fight together? Fight together with what?]

Jun Xi Zhu tilted her head. She seemed to be smiling… and not smiling as she said, “Little Yu, you seem to abhor this Meng Clan a lot, don’t you?”

Young Master Yu faintly smiled, “I don’t give a shit about them. The people of this world are the same in my eyes — totally worthless. They are like pigs and dogs! But, that King of Hell Chu wants them dead.”

Jun Xi Zhu said ‘oh’, and further added, “They are genuinely in a tragic situation since King of Hell Chu wants them dead…”

Young Master Yu smiled.

At this moment, Chu Yang came over along with Gu Du Xing and the others. Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had been ruthlessly shaken up a moment ago. However, they had returned to normal by now.

“We need to take our time to think carefully about this matter.” Young Master Yu tightly wrinkled his brows and said, “Chu Yang, I need a help from you and your friends!”

“What’s up?” Chu Yang asked.

“I believe that you have also seen that our purpose was to get the blood essence of the ninth grade spirit beast! It’s very useful to me and Lady Zhu!” Young Master Yu hesitated for a moment at first. He then said, “But, the situation has turned out differently now. It seems that someone has extracted most of the blood essence from that ninth grade spirit beast! And, we can’t stand against the power of this person!”

Young Master Yu gently let out a sigh of relief. Gloominess and sullenness flashed through his eyes. He perhaps would’ve been an equal match to the person who had extracted the blood essence of the ninth grade spirit beast if his cultivation hadn’t been destroyed in the past. But, he was much inferior as this time. So, how could he not be sullen?

“I guess its okay to tell you that…” Young Master Yu spoke while weighing every sentence and word, “I need a complete inner core of the ninth grade spirit beast to treat my injury. I have been forcibly upgrading my strength ever since I have received this injury. My strength falls down unevenly because of this uncured injury. Each year, there’s inevitably a period of time when my strength ferociously drops

down to Emperor Level. And, I proceed to regain my lost strength after this ‘phase’ is over. And, I need the inner core of a ninth grade spirit beast to make up for this condition!

“Lady Zhu needs the blood essence to upgrade her cultivation and break through the current bottleneck of her cultivation!”

Young Master Yu continued in a deep voice, “Therefore, our Dark Bamboo has made so much fuss over this matter by arriving in this Northern Wilderness. In fact, our strengths would’ve been enough to enable us to capture the ninth grade spirit beast on a normal day with ease… as long as it had made an appearance. But, this unexpected occurrence has happened at this critical time! Someone is going about extracting the blood essence from the ninth grade spirit beasts!

“Moreover, we can’t use the spirit beast whose blood essence has been extracted… Just like this Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake!”

Chu Yang nodded since he had finally understood the reason, “I see!”

“Therefore, we need help from you and your brothers.” Jun Xi Zhu picked-up on it, “King of Hell Chu, I will divide our manpower in eight squads after a while. Each team will need a leader. But, most of our men fear the name of the ninth grade spirit beasts… So, it is impossible for other people to lead the teams. Only Little Yu and I can do that. But, you guys can do this…”

Jun Xi Zhu had a faint trace of envy in her eyes as she looked at Chu Yang and the others, “It’s because you people have heavenly armaments in your hands!”

“You want each of us to lead a team of yours, right?” Chu Yang asked in a frank and straightforward manner, “There won’t be any problem in that!”

Chu Yang had already seen the moves that Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang had made a while ago. So, he knew they were Fifth Grade King Level Experts now! It was hard to say whether it was the elixir or the coaching that Young Master Yu had given them… But, this was enough to indicate that everything had produced great results.

In fact, Chu Yang would’ve separated his brothers, and would’ve made them go to train and gain experience at times like this even if Jun Xi Zhu hadn’t requested it. He would’ve asked them to survive on their own so that they could touch upon their very own avenue in life!

“Good! I will give one Induction Purple Crystal to each of you. You will need to input your spiritual power into the Induction Purple Crystal when you find the ninth grade spirit beast. And, we will immediately receive the signal when that happens!”

Jun Xi Zhu continued, “Moreover, I will place cores of Mysterious Ice Jade Lotuses amidst the thick ice-field of Northern Wilderness to lure-out the Wind Fox. And, we will surround the Wing Fox from eight directions when it appears. Then, it won’t be able to run away…”

She deeply sighed and said, “The Wind Fox is the quickest among all the ninth grade spirit beasts. It is the most elusive, and hardest to catch. But, we have no other choice but to lock the target on this Wind Fox. This person who extracts the blood essence from the ninth grade spirit beasts is seriously annoying!”

Chu Yang had understood this… [The Wind Fox is the quickest. So, it’s obvious why Jun Xi Zhu doesn’t seem that optimistic. But, there’s a possibility that the entirety of its blood essence is safe because it is the quickest!]

“Very well!” Chu Yang readily agreed. Gu Du Xing and the others were also eager to give it a try.

“Moreover… you must pay attention to this thing. Don’t get involved in any dispute with a man having a big mole on his face if you come across him… He’s a short and stout man… Just avoid him at all costs. There’s a possibility that you may not be able to avoid him. But, don’t enrage him at any cost.”

Jun Xi Zhu hesitated for a while at first. Then, she finally said, “He’s a man from the Xiao Clan of the Upper Three Heavens… Remember — don’t get into a conflict with him.”

“The Xiao Clan of the Upper Three Heavens…” Chu Yang silently repeated these words.

“Also, a ninth grade spirit beast has never appeared in the Middle Three Heavens before. This is the first time so many have appeared here all of a sudden. So, many mysterious experts will certainly appear. Therefore, you guys must take care of yourselves.”

Jun Xi Zhu repeatedly warned.

“I will keep that in mind,” Chu Yang solemnly replied.

“Good. We must set into action as soon as possible since there’s a risk that this person will act first if we delay!” Jun Xi Zhu made a prompt decision. She then issued a series of orders. She made the arrangements in clear diction, and the groups of people were divided in a flash. She then said, “Good luck!” Then, she went away like wind with her team.

Young Master Yu laughed out loud. Then, he floated up and said with a smile while being in the air, “King of Hell Chu, this is the first time we are working together…”

His voice hadn’t even faded at this time. However, his body had already disappeared in the midst of the boundless heavy snow.

Gu Du Xing cupped his fist in his other hand, “Big Brother, take care of yourself!” He was about to leave when Chu Yang hastily called out to him, “Everyone wait a moment!”

“What’s the matter?” Dong Wu Shang halted his footsteps.

“Let me have a look at your weapons. I need to see if they have been damaged in the recent fights…” Chu Yang softly said.

“Yes, they have received some damage… But, it is nothing serious.” Gu Du Xing smiled. He took out the Black Dragon Sword, and handed it over to Chu Yang.

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo also handed over their swords. Dong Wu Shang was standing on one side with his saber in his hand. Chu Yang stroked the weapons one by one. And, he spoke-up after a good while had passed, “There’s no problem with them. I can rest assured now. Ha-ha, you guys need to go now. We can’t be late for this one.”

The four of them set out on their journeys in different directions with their teams. However, everyone’s hearts were filled with doubt – [Big Brother, what was that about? Did you take our weapons just to have a look? Just to touch them…?]

They felt their weapons to be somewhat different ever since Chu Yang had stroked them. But, none of them was able to tell how their weapons felt different. So, they could only mutter in their hearts… [It seems to be my illusion…]

They disappeared without trace with these thoughts in their minds.

Chu Yang had a faint smile on his face as he saw them leave from far away.

He had secretly reformed these weapons using the Nine Tribulations Sword a moment ago. He had gently applied the Sun and Moon Ointment on these weapons, and had infused the essence of ‘genuine weapon’ into these weapons. Therefore, these weapons would no longer be ordinary!

Instead, they had turned into heavenly armaments! They would now be capable of giving birth to spiritual intelligence of their own!

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others would able to make use of this advantage in certain situations only. Moreover, these weapons would reflect more and more of their true abilities once they had drank blood and claimed more lives.

“We should set out as well.” Chu Yang pulled Mo Qing Wu’s small hand, and nodded towards the forty people he was going to lead. He said, “Follow me.”

Then, they all sped along the direction he had chosen.

There were twenty King Level Experts among the forty people. The others were Ninth Grade Revered Martial Artists. They obviously weren’t very convinced on why Minister Jun had assigned this youth as their leader. But, they still resolutely followed his orders and sped along as he took the lead.

Wind and snow filled the air. This left the horizon to appear hazy.

The old man who had been chasing them arrived here soon after. However, there wasn’t a soul in sight… only corpses were left. He sniffed the smell, and suddenly said in anger, “Who is this person? He has unexpectedly deployed troops to mislead me! There are several teams, and they comprise of dozens of people of same number. Moreover, they have gone in different directions… Are they trying to torment my old and weary body?”

He then rose higher in the sky with a soaring sound and chased forward while galloping. In fact, he seemed to be ‘break dancing’ as he mumbled, “I am not willing to believe that I can’t find you…”

He limitlessly complained to himself, “You said back then… that you… you would only follow them, and that this matter would be over at once. But, look what’s happened now. Looking for her is like finding a needle in a haystack… Why were you just gawking back then? Why didn’t you act then itself? You have brought this upon yourself… Now suffer! Everything would be finished if some other old guy saw her…”

It hadn’t been too long since Chu Yang had rushed out. Suddenly, he felt that the Induction Purple Crystal in his hand had started to heat up. So, he put it forward and looked at it. There seemed to be a vague white line on the crystal, and it was pointing westwards.

Chu Yang changed his direction, and followed the direction that the Induction purple crystal had pointed towards. He had suddenly become somewhat curious about this Induction Purple Crystal.

[It is indeed a very good item. I’m not worried about losing contact with my brothers because I have this thing. I can promptly go and save them in case any of them comes across any danger…]

He groaned in his heart as he madly rushed forwards. He sped along for several dozen kilometres, but stopped all of a sudden. Some people were clearly lying in wait up ahead… It was evident that they were waiting for something…


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