Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 541 – CN

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Chapter 541: Heavenly Yin Body, Innate Spiritual Meridians!

The mentally devastated Chu Yang finally arrived at the mines of White Crystal not after too long. He was carrying Mo Qing Wu in his arms. His body flashed, and they entered into the mine-cave from the spot where Young Master Yu had opened the secret passage to the mines.

They arrived underground.

“This underground cave is very spacious!” Mo Qing Wu opened her big eyes and glanced around. She then exclaimed in surprise.

Chu Yang shook out his hands, and 3 Night Pearls got embedded into the stone wall. These aligned pearls then lit up, and gently illuminated the entire place.

Chu Yang conveniently brushed with his hand to clean a big and smooth stone that he had prepared beforehand. Then, he took out some bedding items from the Nine Tribulations Space and spread them on the stone.

“Come, Qing Wu. Take off your coat and lie down on this,” Chu Yang beckoned with his hand. He suddenly recalled something, and took out a few Mysterious Yang Jades. He placed them in a circle, and this made the entire place warm and comfortable.

“Do I really have to take off my clothes…” Mo Qing Wu’s face turned red. She tightly clenched the lapel of her dress with her small hands. There was a flickering look in her eyes, “Elder Brother Chu Yang… you’re very bad…”

Chu Yang began to sweat profusely. [I’m bad…? There are still several years before I can go bad on you, you know… You still have a small body right now… In fact, it would be very difficult even if I think of accomplishing the so-called ‘really bad’ scenario.]

“Hurry up.” Chu Yang had no other alternative but to put on a serious face.

“Humph…” the cute little girl slowly came over. Her eyes were fixed on Chu Yang from the corner as she walked over. Then, she started to untie her belt with her little hands…

She took off her overcoat… then her small coat inside of it… then her small leather jacket… then her furred sleeveless jacket… Then, she took off her little cotton-padded jacket… then her cotton-padded sleeveless jacket… And then… finally her little bellyband was left…

There were dozens of layers of clothing on her…

Only a small red bellyband was left on her upper body. It was wrapped over her frosty-snow like white skin. The little girl had covered her chest with her hands…

Chu Yang sighed. [Her little chest has just begun to brave outward… Also, no sharp cone is visible on the little lotus. Even a little fat boy would have a bigger chest than that of this little girl’s… And, she still treats it as such a big treasure that she’s this nervous to let anyone see it…]

“Is this enough?” Mo Qing Wu became shy.

“Take this off…” Chu Yang replied in bafflement.

“Eh… I feel embarrassed…” Mo Qing Wu covered her face with her hands.

“Alright, I’m coming. I’ll do it…” Chu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he stepped forward to go over to her.

“Wait, I will do it myself!” The little girl quickly jumped and kicked away her little leather boots. Then, she jumped onto the bed and extended her petal-like small feet in front of Chu Yang. Then, she spoke-up in a victorious manner, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, your feet stink. But, my feet aren’t smelly.”

“Hmm…” Chu Yang couldn’t help but look at his own feet. He was also very depressed about this in reality. [I have already attained an innate body. So, the impurities of my body have been drained out. Then, why do I still have this ‘smelly feet’ problem? This is very unusual. It shouldn’t happen, ah.]

He came out of his thoughts, and looked at the little girl who had already taken off her bellyband. The upper part of her body was bare at this time. She then lay down on the special ‘bed’. But, she still covered her small chest with her hands from nervousness…

“Oh dear…” Chu Yang heaved a sigh. He extended his hand, and moved Mo Qing Wu’s right hand away to look at the spot of her injury.

A trace of dark red mark was presen

t there. But, it couldn’t be seen if it weren’t looked at in a careful manner. Moreover, this mark had become prominent since this little girl had been constantly overexerting herself and draining out her physical strength of late. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been visible right now.

Mo Qing Wu felt the warm touch of Chu Yang’s hand on her body. She tightly closed her eyes in response. She also stretched her little body perfectly straight. It was evident that she was overly nervous at this moment.

Chu Yang felt both happy and ridiculous.

He genuinely couldn’t understand why this little girl was so nervous.

The Nine Tribulations Sword instantly set into action as per his order. And, a pure medicinal efficacy concentrated on Mo Qing’s Wu’s body through Chu Yang’s palm.

The Sword Spirit rubbed his hands together inside Chu Yang’s mind. A mysterious spiritual power crazily poured out from Chu Yang’s consciousness and blended with the medicinal efficacies which were present inside the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Chu Yang stretched out his left hand. There was a Purple Crystal box in his hand. He opened the lid of the small box with a ‘pop’ sound by snapping it with his thumb. And, a fragrance wafted out of it as a result.

It was the previously prepared Nine Tribulations Pill!

The sword point of the Nine Tribulations Sword let out a long cry. It suddenly ejected from Chu Yang’s fingertip. Then, it transformed into a streamer of light and sneaked into Mo Qing Wu’s meridians.

Mo Qing Wu felt her body getting more and more heated. Afterwards, she felt a burning sensation in her chest. Then, a kind of piercing pain suddenly rose up in her chest. She suddenly puckered up her brows in pain. Her throat was also aching as she groaned.

This feeling was even more painful than the time when she had been stabbed by a sword. In fact, this pain was much more intense than that pain! Moreover, this pain was gradually intensifying…

Chu Yang was staring at her steadily. He saw that the pink scar on Mo Qing Wu’s chest gradually bulged up. And, her whole chest was filled with a red translucent light as time passed. In fact, he could even see Mo Qing Wu’s internal organs faintly…

“It’s very painful… Elder Brother Chu Yang…” Mo Qing Wu wrinkled her brows in pain as glistening teardrops flashed in her eyes. She pitifully looked at Chu Yang with a sad look on her face.

“It’s all right. Just bear it. Xiao Wu is the strongest… Just bear the pain. You will be alright. You would be able to practice martial arts later on…” Chu Yang consoled her in a gentle voice.

Mo Qing Wu’s spirit aroused, “Yes… I want to practice martial arts. I will practice well to protect Elder Brother Chu Yang… It doesn’t hurt… It doesn’t hurt…”

She was saying that she didn’t feel pain. But, she had clenched her teeth tightly so that she wouldn’t make a sound. Moreover, soybean-sized sweat beads were continuously emitting out on her forehead.

Chu Yang looked at her, and felt extremely distressed in his heart. But, he couldn’t do anything about it. In fact, he couldn’t even dare to finish it any faster…

Mo Qing Wu’s scar finally surfaced out in its entirety at this moment. It was floating out on the surface of the bulged out skin.

Chu Yang was about to give the Nine Tribulation Pill to this little girl.

“Wait!” the Sword Spirit shouted to stop him. The Sword Spirit had been constantly burning his spiritual power. So, he also looked somewhat tired at this moment.

“Why?” Chu Yang asked.

“What situation do you want this little girl to be in?” the Sword Spirit asked in a deep voice, “This is a good time if you only wish to fix her Three Yin Meridians. But, this isn’t a good time if want to make her physical aptitude to go a step further.”

“A step further…?” Chu Yang frowned.

“The practice of martial arts has always been quicker for females than it has been for males! In fact, the female is always faster among a male and a female with the same aptitude. Moreover, women have far more enduring capacity than men do… despite having a weaker physique. You’re already aware of this,” the Sword Spirit said.

Chu Yang slowly nodded. A lot of other things would make sense if it were to be seen from this perspective. For example, a female gets bound in the shackles of feminine nature once she gets to a certain age. And, these aspects slowly lose these superiorities after they give birth to a child after their marriage.

The Sword Spirit slowly said, “Women can have many peerless body types. And, these physiques can deliver double the result with only half the effort… no matter what cultivation method they practice! And, they can promote with leaps and bounds if the cultivation method is also compatible! Your Senior Martial Sister Wu Qian Qian in the Lower Three Heavens in an example of this situation. She has the Mysterious Yin Female Body!”

“But, Mo Qing Wu has an innate Three Yin Meridians. You must know that the Three Yin Meridians would become world’s number-one body type if it goes a step further. In fact, it would become stronger than the Mysterious Yin Female Body!” the Sword Spirit explained in a heavy tone.

“What physique?” Chu Yang nervously asked.

“Heavenly Yin Body, and Innate Spirit Meridians!” the Sword Spirit spoke out these words without pausing.

“Heavenly Yin Body? Innate Spirit Meridians?” Chu Yang repeated in a puzzled manner. He was hearing about such a physique for the first time.

“Haven’t you seen Young Master Yu’s physique?” the Sword Spirit snorted.

“You mean…” Chu Yang asked since he was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes. This Heavenly Yin Body, and Innate Spirit Meridians… runs neck-to-neck with the innate Spirit Physique of Young Master Yu’s! In fact… it will become stronger than Young Master Yu’s physique if a suitable cultivation method is found. It’s because… this physique is mainly for females!”

The Sword Spirit snorted and continued, “Moreover, it can be remodelled using the power of nature’s law and the Nine Tribulations Sword!

“Reformation with the power of nature’s law… furthermore, it is the most primordial power in the universe. Young Master Yu’s aptitude is surely special, but it’s only because of the power granted by his race. That’s all… How can it be compared by the power granted by the nature’s law?”

The Sword Spirit mischievously laughed. His words were full of temptation as he said, “Moreover, her Three Yin Meridians are anyway getting repaired at this time. So, we mustn’t miss this opportunity. Such opportunity might never come again if it is missed once. In fact, she might not have the slightest hope of getting the ‘Heavenly Yin Body, and Innate Spirit Meridians’ even if she receives the same kind of injuries at a later time since she will have been healed by the Nine Tribulation Sword right now. Therefore, I am telling you this right now. You can consider it carefully.”

“Do it!” Chu Yang made a prompt decision.

Heavenly Yin Body, and Innate Spirit Meridians! This was a golden opportunity for Mo Qing Wu. Such an amazing opportunity was available at hand. So, how could Chu Yang miss it?

[Mo Qing Wu would be safer if she’s stronger…]

“But, the pain would be greater than the pain she’s bearing right now…” the Sword Spirit slowly added.

“Short-term pain is better than prolonged agony.” Chu Yang’s eyes reflected the pain of his heart. But, he added without hesitation, “Start it immediately.”


The Sword Spirit complied, and immediately notified the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword. The Sword Point flashed brightly within Mo Qing Wu’s body as a result. It then changed into countless fragments and infiltrated throughout Mo Qing Wu’s body.

In fact, a peculiar flash of light of the Nine Tribulation Sword also twinkled at the top of Mo Qing Wu’s head.

Mo Qing was still clenching her teeth. She groaned in pain. Then, she ferociously spurted out blood from her mouth. She weakly looked at Chu Yang. Her usually bright eyes had also become ash grey by now, “Elder Brother… Chu Yang…”

“Everything is okay… you will be alright soon…” Chu Yang felt an ache in his heart as he held this little girl in his bosom. He stuck his face close to her face, and consoled her in a soft voice.

“… Cough… Cough…” Mo Qing Wu slightly coughed, and lost consciousness.

“Hurry up,” Chu Yang couldn’t help but roar.

The scar of the Three Yin Meridians had appeared clearly on Mo Qing Wu’s chest. Even Chu Yang could see what sort of damage that sword had done to her innate meridians…

A starlight-like sword-light was rapidly connecting together inside that small and damaged section of the meridians. It looked like thousands… or even ten-thousands of silk threads were being easily severed ahead of the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

Finally… the terrible scar slowly disappeared.

From the crown of Mo Qing Wu’s head to the tip of her toes — every inch of her body had started to sparkle like starlight. It looked intense. It seemed that the starlight of the entire universe had shifted to the lotus-like tender and spotless body of Mo Qing Wu!

“Now is the time! Give her the Nine Tribulations Pill! Hurry!” the Sword Spirit shouted in Chu Yang’s mind.


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