Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 537 – CN

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Chapter 537: This is a Tragedy

King of Hell Chu furiously said to the Sword Spirit in his thoughts, “Look how much trouble you have brought! What are you waiting for now? Hurry up and take it already!”

The Sword Spirit hastily complied in high spirits. He wiggled his buttocks and set in movement. The Heavenly Orchid disappeared without a trace with a ‘shua’ sound. And, Young Master Yu was left dumbstruck by this…

“You have to be more energetic and obedient when I will call upon you in the future to handle my matters! And, I will crush the Heavenly Orchid if you cause any trouble for me in future!” Chu Yang sinisterly threatened the Sword Spirit in his mind.

The Sword Spirit fiddled with the Heavenly Orchid as he loved it too much to part with it. And, he bowed his head and repeatedly nodded while doing so. This was the first time that he had been so obedient since he had entered into Chu Yang’s mind!

“Come with me. Let me take you to the White Crystal Ores.” Young Master Yu looked at Chu Yang with a somewhat envying look. He stepped up to go outwards. He walked for a while, but then he suddenly stopped. He pondered for a while, and then he turned around.

“Chu Yang, you owe me a favour today. But, it also means that I will owe you the biggest favour in the future…” Young Master Yu wrinkled his eyebrows. He seemed somewhat troubled. In fact, it seemed as if he didn’t know where to begin. Then, he said with difficulty, “I wish to remind you about one thing.”

“Please say, Brother Yu.” Chu Yang felt indescribably heavy in his heart. He was aware that this matter wasn’t going to be trivial if Young Master Yu was about to mention it.

“You are the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master… who keeps the Nine Tribulations Sword with himself, and has the Nine Tribulation Space within his body… It is a supreme magic weapon! Also, it is the sharpest weapon in the entire Nine Heavens. No one in this world will dare to disobey your command after the Nine Tribulations Sword is perfected!” Young Master Yu had finally said the name ‘Nine Tribulation Sword’. And, he still had something more to say…

Chu Yang’s entire body also shook. He knew that Young Master Yu knew about his identity. But, he had actually spoken out these words from his mouth at this moment. No one had ever spoken out these words… except for Chu Yang! So, Chu Yang was still in shock.

“… However, this is actually…” Young Master Yu’s lips quivered as he finally spoke out, “…not that good a thing. You must still agree… on something. I am also not that sure about this thing… but, this matter has been mentioned vaguely in records…”

“Vaguely in records?” Chu Yang knitted his brows and asked.

“The Nine Tribulations happen, and the winds and clouds dance. Ten thousand disasters take place, and the stars cry. The world transforms, and it ends the course of lives…” Young Master Yu recited in a heavy voice, “This is the secret song about the Nine Tribulations Sword in the continent. There are sixteen verses in total. These were only six! Here are the next few…’the body becomes the tribulation, and the soul acts as the road. Pull the heaven to tilt, eternally. Has no revere for God. Destroys flesh and blood relations…”

Young Master Yu recited till here, and suddenly stopped, “I only know these following seven verses. But, I don’t know what comes after.”

“Um…” Chu Yang pondered for a moment. [The first six verses are the functions of the Nine Tribulations Sword. After these, the verses are clearly said for the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword.]

[‘The body becomes the tribulation, and the soul acts as the road. Pull the heaven to tilt, eternally. Has no revere for God. Destroys flesh and blood relations…’ these verses sound so gruesome that they can make anyone’s hair stand on end, ah.]

“In short, be careful about everything!” Young Master Yu faintly smiled, “You’re bestowed with such a supreme power as the Nine Tribulations Sword Ma

ster. So, it won’t be normal if you don’t have to make sacrifices in-exchange for such power.”

Chu Yang laughed out loud and said, “Alright.” Then, they put down this matter and went out walking side by side.

Outside, Mo Qing Wu was wrapped in a thick sable-furred coat from head to feet. She’d stretch out her neck from time to time, and would look ahead in the snowy wind with an anxious expression.

She had seen Chu Yang and Young Master Yu walk to that place before they had disappeared.

“Why hasn’t Elder Brother Chu Yang come out?” Mo Qing Wu anxiously mumbled to herself.

The cute little girl wore a snow white ferret hat and a thick fox-furred scarf at this time. She wore a snow-white overcoat that was made up of a sable’s fur. And, she also wore a pair of delicate red boots that were made up of fox-skin.

The color of her little face had turned snow-white in the snow. Her eyebrows were slender and elegant, and her eyes seemed to be two painted dots. They looked very adorable amidst this vast expanse of whiteness of the snow and ice.

The only minor defect in this otherwise perfect imagery was that there were too many clothes on her body. Chu Yang had thoroughly covered this little girl in several layers. Cotton-padded jacket, cotton-padded trousers, cotton-padded waistcoat, furred clothes, furred waistcoat…

This made such a slender and skinny little girl seem like a penguin on this ice-field… or a little bear amidst the ice and snow. She seemed very fat…

She was pacing to-and-fro like a pendulum, but it seemed like a bear-cub was moving-around in the snow. However, she still seemed cute and adorable.

“Elder Brother Chu Yang is occupied with something inside.” Ji Mo coaxed the little girl, “Come, Xiao Wu. Kiss Brother Ji Mo on the cheek, and I will tell you what he has gone off to do.”

“Humph…” Mo Qing Wu gently rolled her eyes and replied, “You’re just like Brother Ji Zhu. Your face is very stinky!”

Ji Mo flew into rage, “Don’t compare me with that guy! I smell nice. Kiss me and see if you don’t trust me.”

“I don’t kiss other men.” Mo Qing Wu puffed her cheeks, “I haven’t even kissed my own Second Brother…” she gave a cold look to Ji Mo as she said this. That implied – [let alone you…?]

Ji Mo retreated in defeat.

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang went to his side and scolded him, “Why are you bullying a little girl? Get away.”

Ji Mo drew back dispiritedly. He then went to the front of Luo Ke Di. Both of them eye contact and looked at each other for a while. Then, Ji Mo suddenly asked, “Did it grow?”

Luo Ke Di’s face and ears turned red as he shouted, “Get lost!”

“Is it still not long enough?” Ji Mo exclaimed loudly. He then shrugged his shoulders and giggled. He said, “Mine is very lush.”

Luo Ke Di was embarrassed. He stared at Ji Mo, and it seemed as if he would eat him whole.

This topic was about at the time when these naughty pals had accidently taken a bath together. Young Master Ji Mo had then found out that Luo Ke Di’s volume down-there was somewhat abnormal. Thereupon, a tragedy had struck Luo Ke Di because Second Master Ji would always bring up this topic whenever he was together with Luo Ke Di. This would obviously make him feel inferior to death …

However, Ji Mo didn’t let him off yet. He stared at him with his eyes wide open, and cried out, “I have heard that gifted and talented people have some peculiar features … but this one, tsk, tsk… Coyote, it doesn’t seem like it will make you bold and powerful…”

Luo Ke Di’s face turned red. He angrily shouted, and grabbed Ji Mo’s collar, “Do you want to be beaten-up?”

Ji Mo hastily lifted up his hands in surrender, “Spare my life… Spare my life… I have heard that the most awful ones are usually without hair… Ahwooh~~ Dog Aunt… Wa ha ha ha…”

Luo Ke Di had been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. So, he clenched his fist and smashed down.

They rolled on the snowy ground, and turned into a ball soon-enough. Ji Mo was laughing so hard that he couldn’t breathe properly while fighting. He was being beaten up by Luo Ke Di wildly, but he still couldn’t help laughing…

Luo Ke Di was crazily beating this guy. However, he suddenly raised his head and gave an expression of surprise. Then, he immediately became motionless.

Ji Mo also crawled up. He looked towards Luo Ke Di’s line of sight. And, he too gave an expression of surprise and became motionless thereafter.

They looked ahead in the snowy wind, and saw that a beautiful and graceful white figure was leisurely coming over. It was a woman. She wore a snow-white dress. Her beautiful and thick hair was floating in the air. This scene was indeed very pleasing to eyes. And, it indeed gave a feeling of pleasure.

The facial features of this woman were particularly gentle. She was coming over while strangely looking around in a chaotic manner. It seemed as if she was looking for something…

Luo Ke Di was dumbfounded. He nudged Ji Mo, “Look! She’s such a beautiful woman, ah.”

Ji Mo’s eyes lit up. He repeatedly nodded, “She is fu*king beautiful…”

“She is so stunning that thousands of lotuses are growing with every step she is taking…” Luo Ke Di shook his head since he was dazzled.

“She looks so dreamy. It’s as if she has come straight from a costume night parade.” Ji Mo turned his head round and round as he spoke out.

Both of them had become a little lecherous at this moment. After that, both of them did something they would come to regret for a lifetime.

“Ahwooh. Ahwooh…” Luo Ke Di howled at the top of his voice. He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. It was a sharp and loud whistle.

“Ahwooh~~ Dog Aunt!” Ji Mo’s hands danced and feet tripped as he jumped with joy. He extended his two fingers, put them in his mouth, and whistled as well. His whistle was even shaper and more melodious than Luo Ke Di’s…

The woman in white dress heard that whistling sound from afar. She was initially walking towards the icy mountain-peak. But, she changed her direction and started to walk towards them instead. It seemed as if her feet weren’t touching the ground as she was coming over. Instead, it seemed as if the wind was arranging lotus leaves for her to walk on…

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di jumped out with thump sound without waiting for her to come near. Then, both of them exposed lecherous smiles as they went to greet her.

“Ahwooh~~ sister… you look very beautiful.” Luo Ke Di was carried away by her bewitching glances, and his head went round and round.

“Yes, ah… you are very beautiful…” Ji Mo hurriedly caught up since he feared that Luo Ke Di might snatch the opportunity.

“Really?” The woman insipidly looked at the two and showed dull expression in her eyes.

“Really! It is hundred-percent true!” Luo Ke Di laughed out loud, “I looked at you, and thought to write an article. Um, we really admire you. You’re very beautiful… Sister, what is your surname?”

“Yes, exactly.” Ji Mo shoved Luo Ke Di with his shoulder as competed to flatter the woman, “Sister, you… you’re very beautiful. May I ask your good name? I looked at you, and thought of composing a poem on you…”

“You want to write an article? You want to compose a poem?” The woman in the white dress pointed her finger towards Ji Mo, and then towards Luo Ke Di. It seemed as if she was somewhat curious.

“Without a doubt, ah…” Luo Ke Di proudly replied, “My literary talent is unconcealed. I once wrote an article for the nanny that works at my home…”

Ji Mo repeatedly nodded, “Yes, my poetic talent is incomparable! Everyone knows this… um, beautiful sister, which family do you belong to? How come I haven’t seen you before? What is your name?”

“Humph! Humph…” The white-dressed woman suddenly turned monstrous. She then gave a smile that was full of a murderous aura. And, she said, “My name is… Jun Xi Zhu… have you heard of my name? Second Master Luo Ke Di? Second Master Ji Mo?”

“Ah~~~~” Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di cried out in a strange at the same time. Their whole body felt numb, and they felt as if they had fallen into an ice-hole. And, their hair stood on end in an instant…

Luo Ke Di’s eyes became red, and it seemed as if he was about to cry.

[Oh my heavens! The woman we just teased is the God of Death in reality. It’s over… we have lived enough… we’ve lived for too long…]

Jun Xi Zhu was the chief of the Dark Bamboo. She usually wore black robe, black armband, and a mask. Therefore, next-to-no-one in the Middle Three Heavens had ever seen her face. Some old experts knew her real appearance, but no one had ever dared to speak out.

For how many days had Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo travelled around the country? They had only seen Jun Xi Zhu twice. And that too, they had seen her from afar, and had hurriedly turned their gazes away. Moreover, they had seen her in a black robe while she was emitting out cold aura. So, how could they know Jun Xi Zhu’s true appearance?

Moreover, these two had casually indulged in this unsavoury act. They had seen a beautiful woman and had started to send out flowers from their mouths. They would end-up provoking and angering any beautiful women they would tease. Then, both of them would let out strange shouts, and would turn their heads to run away. However, they found this extremely enjoyable. In fact, there had been many young women in the Middle Three Heavens that had been teased by these two young perverts…

However, they hadn’t expected that they would someday encounter a demon on a mountain. Unexpectedly, the woman they had teased a moment ago was the overlord of the most powerful underworld group in the Middle Three Heavens…

The rim of their eyes turned red in an instant – [This is such a bad luck. What did we do to anger the heavens that we have encountered such a situation…]


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