Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 536 – CN

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Young Master Yu sneered, “What would you have asked for in-exchange of this Heavenly Orchid if you were in my place?”

“I don’t know,” Chu Yang sighed. The Sword Spirit also sighed in Chu Yang’s mind.

However, there must’ve been a little bit of hope since Young Master Yu had said this.

Young Master Yu took a few steps forward and arrived in the passage. He looked at the Heavenly Orchid for a long time. His eyes were full of unwillingness to let this thing go. Suddenly, he slowly spoke-up, “This thing is precious. It is the only living witness of my existence. But, I can give it to you if you are willing to accept my condition.”

“What condition?” Chu Yang’s heart trembled.

“What is your real identity?” Young Master Yu suddenly turned his head and looked at Chu Yang. He had asked very senselessly.


“Aren’t you…” Young Master Yu approached him step by step.

“Brother Yu?”

“Aren’t you… Aren’t you… Aren’t you… Aren’t you…” Young Master Yu spoke these words a dozen times. And, the look in his eyes became increasingly fiercer as he said these words. But, he suddenly exposed contradictory and painful expressions, and eventually stopped. Then, he said, “Don’t you… have an unusual storage space?”

The ‘thing’ he had just asked… left Chu Yang to turn pale in fright. But, what made Chu Yang even more startled was that he hadn’t asked ‘that’ question in particular…!

Young Master Yu hadn’t asked that question in a direct manner, but Chu Yang also knew what he had meant in exact terms.

“Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me!” Young Master Yu’s forehead unexpectedly started to sweat. He lowered his head and said in a somewhat dejected manner, “I had started to suspect it when I met you that first time…

“I started to become somewhat sure outside the Continent Center Citadel. Therefore, I deliberately left… to let you go on your own so that you could handle your matters.

“Diwu Qing Rou had once come looking for me before you had left for the Middle Three Heavens.” Young Master Yu softly smiled. His smile was brimming with a complex expression.

“Therefore, I looked at your cultivation when you came up here, and I understood half of the matter then.

“You’ve come here plundering fantastic metals, and belongings of others the entire route. So, I’m very confident about my guess now.” Young Master Yu mischievously laughed with his hands clasped behind his back. There an expression of somewhat self-mockery in his laughter as he said, “Therefore, I initially wanted to look for two Purple Jade Cores from outside and give them to you. But then, I changed my mind and gave you the Sun and Moon Ointment instead!

“Do you understand what I mean now?” Young Master Yu tilted his head and looked at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang took a deep breath. He felt the train of his thoughts becoming frenetic. But, he forced himself to remain calm. Then, he replied in a deep and low voice, “Young Master Yu, you’re genuinely worthy of your name.”

“Don’t worry. Nobody in this world can determine your real identity with these clues except for me and the Nine Ruling Clans of the Upper Three Heavens. Ha-ha, you don’t need to worry about… the Nine Ruling Clans of the Upper Three Heavens for the time being. Even that Diwu Qing Rou has a little suspicion about it since he came in direct contact with you. But, his surety shouldn’t be more than 10-20%!

“So, Diwu Qing Rou isn’t much of a danger for you. Moreover, he won’t hesitate to overthrow himself in order to help you fulfil your ambition!” Young Master Yu coldly snorted.

“Would he dare to be so crazy with only 10-20% surety…?” Chu Yang was somewhat confused.

“Ha ha… 10-20% surety can go beyond expectations and become 100% surety! Diwu Qing Ruo wouldn’t give up even if he had 1/1000 of surety. In fact, he would still fight for that one-thousandth of hope!” Young Master Yu replied with a grin.

“Diwu Qing Ruo won’t reveal your true identity. He’s now an object for profiteering for you on the contrary! He will cover up this secret by all means… because he has placed the hopes for his Diwu Clan on you. So, the Diwu Clan is finished if you’re done for.”

“There’s one more thing…” Chu Yang was at a loss, “Where is all this coming from…”

Young Master Yu coldly smiled, “His case is very similar to mine. The fact is that… I want to kill you very badly! It’s because you’re the Master who has inherited ‘that thing’ after all! But, I can’t kill you. Instead, I must protect you. In fact, I must give you anything you desire. And, I will do that because you will have to promise me one thing in-return!”

“What thing?” Chu Yang asked. This was the second time in a row that Young Master Yu had mentioned this condition.

“I only wanted to ask you to promise one thing. And, the opportunity has come. So, I will mention it now!” Young Master Yu said, “You don’t know if you can do it. And, I don’t know if you can do it either. But, I must remind you that you will be very embarrassed when that day comes.”

Young Master Yu sighed and continued, “Therefore, you need to consider it very carefully at this time.”

Chu Yang nearly fainted.

[You want me to promise ‘something’ that you haven’t told me yet…? And then, you want me to carefully think over it… What in the world is this way of putting a condition? How will I consider about ‘something’ that you haven’t even told me regarding? Would I think over it with my a*s?]

“Promise him! Promise him! Promise him ah…” the Sword Spirit crazily made threatening gestures as it continuously jumped in Chu Yang’s mind. In fact, the face of this remnant spirit had turned red in excitement.

Chu Yang lowered his head, and deeply pondered in a serious manner. [It has to be something very important since Young Master Yu has mentioned about it. In addition, I will feel embarrassed… Why would I feel embarrassed?]

[First, there’s our present friendship… but, just think about it — Young Master Yu has helped me in Great Zhao, and in the Middle Three Heavens. Also, he has complied to be sparring partners with my brothers to help in their breakthroughs… And, Young Master Yu has put forward a condition now. So, I must help him even if he doesn’t give me his Heavenly Orchid in-return. I must promise him!]

[However, he’s still ready to exchange a priceless treasure like the Heavenly Orchid for a promise that has no guarantee of being fulfilled. Why?]

[This indicates that this matter perhaps involves an issue with the very principle of the Nine Tribulations Sword!]

Chu Yang eventually lifted his head and replied with difficulty, “I’m sorry, Brother Yu. I decline!”

The Sword Spirit screamed inside Chu Yang’s mind. He tumbled and fell down. He abused with tears and snot all over his face, “Oh Great Sword Lord… you’re a lowly pig, ah. A cheap pig, ah…! Motherfu*ker! He wasn’t giving it to you when you were so much in rush. But, he’s giving you the present with both his hands now, and you’ve declined…? You’re so cheap! How can you be so cheap, ah…? My Heavenly Orchid, boohoo… my eternal soul… you Cheap Pig Lord… ah ah ah ah…”

A look of disappointment appeared on the face of Young Master Yu. But, he nodded in gratification instead, “As expected, you refused to comply! In fact, I knew it for sure that you wouldn’t have agreed. This means that I haven’t misread you.”

He looked upwards after he said this. The look in his eyes was full of loneliness and pain.

Chu Yang suddenly felt relaxed after he had refused to promise. After all, he didn’t need to think about it anymore. Therefore, he didn’t feel burdened anymore. He then said, “Brother Yu, I have disturbed you for a long time. We should go out now.”

“Right! Also, there is the White Crystal Ore… yeah.” Young Master Yu looked at him with a strange expression in his eyes. Then, he forced a smile and said, “I want to kill you so badly with my hands right now. But, I won’t dare to! It’s because I don’t have time… I will disappear as long as the limit of 100,000 is met… I will be completely eliminated from the world. So, I have no other choice but to fulfil your request… even if you don’t promise me in return.”

He sighed and said, “I did not hope for you to agree to my condition. But, I’m still giving you this Heavenly Orchid. It will be better if it’s with you than here with me. But, you must remember that you must balance the account later since you owe me a favor now.”

“Favor? How?” Chu Yang vigilantly asked.

“By favor, I mean… Just help me when you are capable of helping me. Then, you fulfil my desire. And, I won’t force you to help me if you’re not able enough…” Young Master Yu inhaled a deep breath. His eyes emitted dazzling cold light, “Don’t refuse. This is the only hope that’s left with me. I have placed my hopes on your conscience… I will have no choice but kill you if you refuse! Don’t forget that you have mentioned about this issue with your own mouth. So, you can’t back down now…”

Young Master Yu angrily said, “Even that man from ninety-thousand years ago wasn’t as sceptical as you are!”

“You can trust me…” Chu Yang forced a smile. He had started to regret being so lame and getting instigated by the Sword Spirit into asking for the Heavenly Orchid…

[I was lucky this time. He didn’t give it to me when I wanted it. And, he’s forcing it on me when I don’t want it… Moreover, refusing it is also out of question!]

[Young Master Yu’s ashen complexion says it all. In fact, it seems as if he would fly into rage out of shame if he doesn’t give this Heavenly Orchid to me…]

[But, what would I do when Young Master Yu will look for me for my help in case I accept this gift…? I can’t go against my conscience and refuse, can I?] At this moment, Chu Yang looked at the plant of the Heavenly Orchid. It seemed nothing more than a headache for him. It didn’t seem to be anything like a ‘peerless wonderful treasure’ anymore.

The Sword Spirit also seemed to be aware that they had invited trouble. However, he was still drooling out of greed from his mouth. But, he had still lowered his head since he felt a little embarrassed. [Making the Sword Master do this for my own self… is a matter worth being ashamed of, ah.] However, the Sword Spirit stealthily glanced at the Heavenly Orchid from the outer corner of his eyes as he was thinking about this, and his lips slipped as a result. He then swallowed the saliva, [Such a great item, ah…]

“Do you want it or not? Say it!” Young Master Yu angrily said, “Tell me straight! It’s fine if you want to take it. But, I will kill you right now if you don’t! It wouldn’t be a bad choice to make in that case, would it?”

[A bad choice…?] Chu Yang wanted to cry, [Are you fu*king giving me a choice? Is this called ‘a choice’?!]

Young Master Yu gifting this wonderful treasure in this situation was equivalent to forcing a girl into prostit*tion. An ominous glint was flickering in his eyes. His whole body had a murderous aura about it. In fact, it seemed that he could go out of control any time now!

Minister Chu became flabbergasted. The first-ever honoured-guest at Young Master Yu’s house had become a lamb in tiger’s den!

[He has let me enter in his house… a place where he wouldn’t let even his wife enter… However, the warm hospitality turned upside down in one moment after I entered…]

“I… Do I have a choice?” Minister Chu was helpless. He touched his nose and unwillingly said, “Never mind. I accept it…”

Great Young Master Chu wanted to cry as he said those words. [Would someone be this depressed after receiving other’s treasure?]

This had happened clearly because their extreme desire for the Heavenly Orchid. In fact, it looked as if a maiden had been sold to a brothel. So, she had no other choice but to receive the old patrons and get tortured…

“That’s like my good brother!” Young Master Yu immediately turned happy from angry. He heavily patted on Chu Yang’s shoulder. Then, he rubbed his hands and said eagerly, “Do you want to pick it out by yourself? Or… do you want me to pick it out for you? We must take decisive action in complex situations like this. The sooner you take it… the sooner I will feel relaxed.”

“You can certainly relax now. But, I have begun to get worried in my heart.” Chu Yang aggrievedly replied back. He felt very wronged in his heart.

“You’re very boring. I am about to give you this peerless and out of the world precious treasure! Yet, you’re feeling wronged for some inexplicable reason… Such a strange thing is happening for the first time!” Young Master Yu had managed to receive the ‘big favor’ that Chu Yang had finally ‘agreed to’. Therefore, he felt so happy that he was in a mood to crack jokes.

“I… I am fu*king happy! I am so fu*king happy that I’m only an inch away from dying!” Chu Yang rolled his eyes in misery. He was feeling wronged, but had nothing to say. He was at a loss and depressed, “I am so happy that my heart will explode… fu*k!”


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