Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 533 – CN

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Young Master Yu floated ahead. Then, he insipidly said, “Chu Yang, you come with me alone. Rest of you wait here, alright? After all… I owe only to Chu Yang, and not any of you.”

Chu Yang made a signal to make Gu Du Xing and the others to wait here for a while. After that, he followed behind Young Master Yu alone. Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang looked at each other, and saw an expression of understanding in each other’s eyes.

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo were somewhat indignant. But, Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang were loners themselves. So, they had understood Young Master Yu. Although they hadn’t faced such twists and turns that Young Master Yu had faced in his life, but they had felt the same kind of feelings before.

Moreover… the kind of position and strength one has… decides one’s habits and moods.

Therefore, Gu Du Xing felt a sense of understanding as looked at the back profile of Young Master Yu. He felt envious, but he also took pity on him. He felt envious of Young Master Yu’s strength, and he pitied him because of his loneliness.

It’s quite easy for a person at the lowest level to make friends. One can talk to his friends anytime-anywhere, and play with them all day. Of course, it’s only because there are too many people who are like him. But, the number of one’s genuine friends begins to reduce if one attains a dignified status. Moreover, the person starts to build walls of guard in his heart without any particular reason, and subconsciously starts to maintain distance from other people… So, the word ‘friendship’ turns into a natural moat.

Whereas, the ones who are in a superior position than common folk… remain as his allies and subordinates. The word ‘ally’ is often perceived as ‘friend’. But, one’s allies can turn into worse than one’s enemies if they let their guard down around their allies.

Therefore, it would seem that a dictator has no other choice but to be lonely.

This is also the reason why all the kings of the past dynasties had no other choice but to be lonely. It’s because their position decided the absoluteness… that they couldn’t have friends! In fact, they had no other choice but to stay lonely even if their heart would long for a friend. And, that’s because nobody would dare to be friends with such people. And, this was the harsh truth.

This matter made Chu Yang melancholic in his heart. It wasn’t impossible to have strength and friends at the same time. However, one would need to become someone like Chu Yang… who works hard with his brothers, progresses together, and reaches the pinnacle together! This was so because the friendship becomes instinctive when this association becomes a habit. And, that is what eternalizes the friendship…

Chu Yang decided that he would never be as lonely as Young Master Yu… no matter what phase would come.

He could sense that Young Master Yu’s emotions were obviously very intense at the moment. Therefore, the outburst would be as terrible as a volcanic eruption if he were to be provoked at this moment!

However, Young Master Yu’s mood was unstable because that Ancient Ice Bear had appeared all of a sudden. And, it had elicited his resentment towards the ninth grade spirit beast!

[So, how is a ninth grade spirit beast so useful to Young Master Yu? It must be of huge use, right? Otherwise, Young Master Yu wouldn’t have lost his mind like that.]

[Young Master Yu has grown up here. He can kick a huge spirit beast who is at the peak of eighth grade, and send it flying for dozens of feet… but, he has never seen a ninth grade spirit beast? Or… is it that he has seen one, but couldn’t do anything about it?]

[How terrifying can a ninth grade spirit beast be?]

[It’s a difference of one grade. Is it that such a big difference?]

Chu Yang was pondering over these things in his heart. He seemed to have come up with a theory. In this theory, [It seems that the difference of one grade must be a great difference. But, why don’t the spirit beasts of lower grades have such a big disparity?]

[Could it be that this grade difference of spirit beasts is similar to what cultivation is for humans? Going up the grades becomes more and more restricting, and so the disparity also increments exponentially…?]

He remained silent along the entire way. And, he entered into the icy mountain peak as he followed after Young Master Yu.

Young Master Yu’s robe was fluttering as he arrived at the foot of the mountain. Chu Yang suddenly discovered that this icy mountain peak was a little different than the other mountain peaks. It was completely vertical in reality! In fact, it would be better to call it a ‘thick mass of mysterious ice or a glacier’ from ancient times rather than classifying it as a ‘cloud piercing peak’!

“This is my home.” Young Master Yu stood in front of this sky-touching icy mountain peak with his hands clasped behind. His back was towards Chu Yang. He then solemnly said with a strong undertone of vicissitudes to his tone, “You’re the first guest at my home in many years!”

He shook his sleeves and exposed his fair hands while he spoke that. Then, he flew high in the air, and collected some ice and snow. Then, he wiped his fingers clean with it. He then gave a command with his thought, and the snow and ice covered his whole body with a howling sound. Then, they dissipated with a ‘thump’ sound.

Chu Yang couldn’t help but feel that – [Young Master Yu is a lot cleaner than before!]

[He actually washed his whole body before he entered his house! It’s obvious that he cherishes his ‘home’ a lot!]

“I need to clean myself before going in, and before coming out of my home. No stain of the world should be there on me while I enter my house. And, I mustn’t leave any dirt behind while going out.” Young Master Yu softly said, “Only I can enter my home. Only I can enter… even after I get married. No one can enter my house… even if it is my wife or children.”

He softly smiled. It seemed that he was full of reluctance as he said, “But, one more person can go in now. And, that person is you.”

He extended his hands as he spoke. Then, he put them on his chest. After that, he separated his hands. Suddenly, a pure and holy white light appeared between his hands. The white light flashed and fiercely shone on the wall of the icy mountain peak. A pure and heavenly energy suddenly emitted out from the wall of the icy mountain peak. And, Chu Yang felt a strange comfort and peace in his whole body as a result.

After that, a door silently appeared on the wall. There was a gentle white light in the gate.

The process of appearance of this gate seemed to be as natural as the very existence of this icy mountain peak!

Young Master Yu hung down his hands. He felt very nostalgic as he saw this gate. Then, he softly let out a breath and said, “Come in, Chu Yang!”

Chu Yang hesitated for a while and said, “Even your wife can’t enter your home. So, wouldn’t it be inappropriate if I enter? Therefore, I would rather wait outside for you.”

“Not necessarily. My wife can’t enter. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enter either.” A brilliant light flashed in Young Master Yu’s eyes. He then said, “I too don’t wish to let you in. But, I have a feeling that you should come in.”

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “Alright!”

He entered this mystical icy mountain peak as he followed after Young Master Yu.

He turned his head before he entered the door to look back. He looked in the direction of Gu Du Xing and the others. But, he couldn’t see anything apart from snowy-wind. It seemed as if Gu Du Xing, Mo Qing Wu, and the others had disappeared.

“They can’t see in here, and you can’t see them.” Young Master Yu coldly said, “Others can’t see my residence without my permission… even if the person is a Supreme Level Expert!

“And, this has nothing to do with cultivation. It is the world of truth in reality! The world of privacy!” Young Master Yu smiled. Chu Yang couldn’t tell the reason, but he felt that this smile of Young Master Yu’s was filled with a sense of ridicule. And, it also seemed to be brimming with coldness and anger.

It seemed as if he himself disagreed with his own words –‘it is the world of truth and the world of privacy’.

They vanished the moment they stepped inside the gate. Then, this gate suddenly disappeared from the world. Only the icy mountain peak was left in the world, and it didn’t seem to be different from the other peaks!

It stood erect in the silence.

Chu Yang became startled as soon as he entered. [This mountain peak is a whole entity! But, the space in-here looks as if it was made by the heavens.]

White light was coming all around, but its place of origin was unknown. It was gently shining and making insides of this place look subtly illuminated. Chu Yang felt as if he was walking in a dream…

This place was entirely built inside the icy mountain peak. But, the air inside was unexpectedly fresh and clean. In fact, it was as warm as the air is in the spring season.

Even Heavenly Orchids were growing in abundance on the side of the passage. In fact, almost half of the stone-wall was covered with them! He looked at the appearance of these Heavenly Orchids. It seemed as if the leaves were made of the most delicate jade. Only one flower was growing in the middle of those leaves. Moreover, it had already attained nine colors. Chu Yang fiercely smacked his lips. [This Heavenly Orchid has already matured for ninety-thousand years!]

The Heavenly Orchid changed appearance every 10,000 years. And, it acquired one new color in every ten-thousand years!

One color was added on a Heavenly Orchid every ten-thousand years! It was a supreme spiritual medicine of the world. But, this spiritual medicine was of no use to an ordinary person.

In fact, it was a deadly poison! Even an Emperor Level Expert would immediately explode to death if they took it!

It was rumoured that a Saint Level Expert or higher level only needed to take a petal of the Heavenly Orchid, and his soul would become permanent thereafter! Moreover, a person would reincarnate with all of his memories intact if the said-person were to die after he had taken Heavenly Orchid. Moreover, even thirty-percent of his cultivation would be restored at re-birth…

So to considering this, if a Saint Level Powerhouse having the ‘memories of Saint Level’ and thirty-percent of his previous cultivation were to become an infant again… wouldn’t he become a terrifying expert when he would cultivate once more with such a profound base-foundation?

Thirty percent of the strength of a Saint Level Expert would be at the Monarch level at the very minimum!

A person’s soul would exist forever if they were to consume the Heaven Orchid in the face of a certain death. Therefore, the-said person would be resurrected.

Therefore, this Heavenly Orchid… wasn’t useful to a living person despite being the most wondrous medicine of the world. It was only useful to a deceased person! Or… it was only useful for a spirit!

However, such a huge utility also had an equally harsh condition. That was – the Heavenly Orchid must have achieved ten colors!

In fact, it wouldn’t even work on an immortal if it was consumed before it had reached the ten-color-mark.

But, ten colors…? That would mean the period of a hundred-thousand years! Who would wait for such a long time? Therefore, it merely existed in legends. However, Chu Yang hadn’t expected that he would see a ninety-thousand-years-old Heavenly Orchid right after he had entered this place!

The Sword Spirit’s breathing-rate became faster in the Nine Tribulation Space. In fact, it seemed as if he was bellowing. His lips quivered in excitement, “Chu Yang, oh great sword master… you must take hold of this Heavenly Orchid! This… this item has the biggest utility for both of us…”

Chu Yang knitted his brows, “Eh?”

“It can provide eternal soul, ah!” The Sword Spirit stared blankly as saliva drooled down from the corner of his mouth, “Am I not also a soul, ah…? In fact, I’m a residual soul… I definitely need this thing, ah!”

“This… perhaps, this isn’t the right thing to do…” Chu Yang was very much hesitant. [Young Master Yu cherishes his home so much. So, he obviously wouldn’t wish for anyone to take away this priceless 90,000 year old Heavenly Orchid from here… It’s too difficult, ah!]

[Moreover, I can’t steal…]

[If people respect me— I respect them ten-times more than that. Young Master Yu invited me in his house. Do you want me to steal from him? My heart wouldn’t be able to live with this burden even if I take it without telling him. Also… there’s nothing I can do to make Young Master Yu feel sympathised with me.]

The Sword Spirit begged in an unprecedented manner, “You must do it… even if it’s not the right thing to do… you must do it even if you are unable to… You must do it at any cost… This Heavenly Orchid has grown to ninety-thousand years, my God… I will make use of fifty-percent of my spiritual power to accelerate its ripening if it enters into the Nine Tribulation Space…”


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