Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 531 – CN

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These two people were Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan.

Meng Chao Ran seemed to be very helpless. He frowned, “Tan Tan, Master wants to discuss something with you.”

Tan Tan responded in a ‘shocked’ manner, “Master, please say.”

Meng Chao Ran’s face filled with sullen expression. He then powerlessly said, “Only us master and disciple are here. You don’t need to be shocked, okay? You think I wouldn’t know whether you’re good-looking or not… I have been raising you since the past eighteen years you know? Why are you pretending to be shocked in front of me?”

Tan Tan proficiently combed his hair using his hand. It seemed as if he hadn’t heard anything. Then, he raised his head and flung his hair. After that, he proficiently fished out a mirror from his bosom and shouted in a shocked manner, “Master, take a look. I haven’t looked in the mirror over the past few days. But, I have grown very handsome since then…”

Meng Chao Ran was struck dumb, “I think my words have fallen on deaf ears.” So, he gloomily walked forwards.

Tan Tan looked at his reflection in the mirror very carefully. He then said in a narcissistic manner, “Fu*k! So handsome… that Young Miss Xie Dan Feng would surely go crazy about me if she were to see me now…”

The golden fish’s tail suddenly stretched out and swung twice in his arms.

Meng Chao Ran deeply sighed, [This Divine Chi Gathering Fish makes me feel nauseated…]

Tan Tan sorted and groomed his appearance in the mirror. He crooked his mouth and slanted his eyes, and made a few expressions. Then, he again assumed the look of ‘shock’ in front of the mirror and said, “Say Master, will Chu Yang come or not?”

“He will definitely come,” Meng Chao Ran spoke-up assuredly.

“Yeah… I have heard that the wife-snatching battle was very lively… it’s a pity that I couldn’t get there,” Tan Tan bitterly looked at Meng Chao Ran. “I blame Master for this. You made me break through a bottleneck at that time…”

Meng Chao Ran’s complexion turned black. He turned a deaf ear to Tan Tan’s accusation. And, he sped forwards and left his shameless disciple far behind … [How shameless! You arrived at the bottleneck. You reached at the turning point to make a breakthrough. Then, you wasted time and now you’re saying this… you’re blaming me? Don’t you know that such an opportunity doesn’t come easy to the ones who practice martial arts?]

[What you said is simply outrageous!]

Meng Chao Ran would’ve grabbed this guy and beaten him up if his forbearance wasn’t extremely good!

“Senior Martial Brother won’t recognize me if he sees me.” Tan Tan happily took out the mirror and looked at his reflection again and again. Then, he looked aloof and dejected as he spoke-up, “The super-ugly Chu Yang would think that he has never met such a handsome guy…”

Meng Chao Ran’s shadow flashed. He hurriedly turned around and grabbed Tan Tan’s collar since he had been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. Then, he ruthlessly shouted, “Shut up! I will send you back to practice if you dare to speak half-of-a-word more! And, I will no longer allow you to come out again!”

Meng Chao Ran’s handsome face had gotten somewhat twisted… [This motherfu*ker is unbearable. The days of my life have been sinking into the abyss of suffering ever since this guy has found that a ‘shocked’ expression makes his appearance look better. I really hate it!] Meng Chao Ran would feel that his temples were throbbing wildly whenever he was with this disciple. He was always worried that he might get a headache the next moment…

Tan Tan was flabbergasted as he looked at his master. He wanted to ask something, but didn’t dare since his eyes were filled with shock. However, he didn’t need to pretend being ‘shocked’ because he was genuinely shocked…

Meng Chao Ran only felt powerless when he saw this expression on his disciple’s face. He then slowly let go of his grip and said, “I couldn’t control my bad temper… but, you… can you not be such a narcissist…”

“Master… you are treating me very unjustly…” Tan Tan made a flat mouth since he felt greatly wronged. He felt that he was being treated unjustly. He even somewhat wanted to cry, “…I’m not narcissistic… How can I be a narcissist when I am so handsome…?”

Meng Chao Ran’s temples bulged up. He heaved a deep sigh. He powerlessly relinquished his grip, and said in a grieved and heartbroken tone, “Just walk… Ok…?”

The battle on Mt. Dingjun had already been over by the time this master-and-disciple duo had thought of going there. In fact, they had been three days late. After that, they had heard that the ninth grade Spirit Beast had appeared in the Northern Wilderness. So, Meng Chao Ran decided to take Tan Tan to help him gain some battle experience.

However, battle experience was only one aspect. Meng Chao Ran’s main purpose was… to deliver Tan Tan in Chu Yang’s care. After that, he wanted to escape to faraway places so that he could immerse himself in his practice. In fact, Meng Chao Ran felt that he would be able to live several years longer if weren’t to get to see this guy for the remaining of his lifetime …

He was genuinely fed up. He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of torment it would be for him if he were to stay with Tan Tan for a long time… For instance, anyone would go crazy in no time if they were to see the infatuated Sister Xie Dan Feng stroking the hair of this narcissist every day…

Meng Chao Ran had already spent a miraculous amount of time in persevering through this!

It had already been more than a year since he had been training him in the Cang Lan battlefront.

Tan Tan’s Divine Chi Gathering Fish had grown more than two feet long. It would obediently stay in Tan Tan’s bosom. It didn’t need to be in water since it was capable of gathering spirit energy and could then make water out of it. Consequently, it didn’t need to worry about eating or drinking.

The Divine Chi Gathering Fish was capable of absorbing the spirit energy of the world. So, it could change the absorbed spirit energy into spiritual power within its body.

Moreover, it was enough for two people to cultivate at the same time.

Therefore, the strengths of this master-and-disciple duo were increasing at a lightning speed these days! However, Meng Chao Ran hadn’t thought that he would be benefitted by being with his disciple and would continuously break through bottlenecks.

Tan Tan had reached the ninth grade of Revered Martial Artist in such a short period of time. On the other hand, Meng Chao Ran had broken through to the eighth grade of King Level!

Meng Chao Ran had discovered a very strange thing during his martial practice – [He noticed that the Divine Qi Gathering Fish absorbed more and more spirit energy as it grew. And, his advancement become quicker and quicker… In fact, the higher the cultivation level, the quicker would be the breakthrough!]

This phenomenon was certainly mysterious.

In particular, the Divine Qi Gathering Fish would use the water congealed from spirit energy to fulfil its everyday requirement of water. Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan would drink the water every day. And then, their cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds!

However, Meng Chao Ran also found a problem. It was – [It is okay if Tan Tan drinks that spirit water condensed by the Divine Qi Gathering Fish. In fact, this fish quickly makes more water even if he empties it entirety. But, the Divine Qi Gathering Fish rolls its eyes to the back of its head and firmly stares at me every time I take a sip of the water…]

[It is as if it is some sort of spiritual wisdom.]

[Moreover, this lousy fish gathers large amounts of spirit energy only when Tan Tan’s practicing beside it. But, it flips around and starts showing its white belly if Tan Tan isn’t present. In fact, it simply stops working in his absence…]

This discovery had left Meng Chao Ran puzzled!

Tan Tan hadn’t mistreated this strange fish any less either. In fact, he had thrown it into a latrine pit the first day when he had obtained this fish. And, this abuse had become increasingly intense with the passage of time. He would frequently hold it tightly to study and to figure out what kind of talent this fish had since it was capable of gathering the spirit energy…

Moreover, Tan Tan was diligent, and never slacked towards this research. In fact, he had released the Divine Qi Gathering Fish in water for the sake of the research one time. After that, he had wrapped the mouth, nose, and eyes of this fish in a cloth. In fact, he had almost choked it to death…

Then, he had fished it up from the water, and had put it under the sun. Its skin had nearly dried to death under the sun. The Divine Qi Gathering Fish would’ve died after some struggle if it didn’t have the skill to make water from spirit energy…

However, he hadn’t made any progress with his research still. So, Tan Tan had cut out the scales of the Divine Qi Gathering Fish, and had crushed them into small pieces. Then, he had researched them as well…

The most unreasonable time was when Tan Tan had scooped out a piece of this fish’s meat using a knife. This had almost killed this strange fish.

It could be said that this Divine Qi Gathering Fish would’ve died within three days in Tan Tan’s hands if Meng Chao Ran hadn’t stopped Tan Tan. In fact, it could be said that Meng Chao Ran would continuously stop the ‘atrocity’ of Tan Tan. He had done so many favors on the fish. He had saved the life of this Divine Qi Gathering Fish at least thirty to fifty times.

However, this strange fish never looked at Meng Chao Ran in a pleasant manner. On the contrary, it was full of love towards Tan Tan… regardless of the frequent abuse. It was sometimes depressing for Meng Chao Ran since he was very knowledgeable and well-cultivated – [What’s so good about this brat?]

[But, this fish is hell-bent on serving him?]

Meng Chao Ran recalled all this and sighed. Then, he pointed his finger ahead and said, “Another 250 kilometres, and we will enter the Great Northern Wilderness. Chu Yang must’ve arrived there by now.”

Tan Tan was suddenly filled with great happiness. He hopped up and said in shock, “It’s great. Awesome! I will make that ‘nothing special to look at guy’ Chu Yang startled this time! I’m a man with devastating beauty and the brilliance of sunshine, and I will appear in front of him out of the blue. Ha ha ha…”

Meng Chao Ran suddenly turned his head. And, his complexion turned ashen. He remained silent and walked away in tears…

[I can’t take this anymore. I really take this anymore… Oh God!!!]

Chu Yang and the others heard strange roaring sounds as they approached. Moreover, these sounds were getting nearer and nearer. It seemed that this ninth grade spirit beast was being besieged by people! The roars of this spirit beast were loud and clear. But, the roars weren’t painful in their make. It seemed that this beast wasn’t taking those people seriously.

They turned around an almost-transparent ice wall, but what they saw… left them gobsmacked!

They saw a big monster of several hundred feet in height. It was waving its two gigantic claws; they seemed like small mountains. It body seemed like that of a spirit monkey. It was flexibly jumping around, and its movements were quick.

Many mutilated and rotten corpses were lying in the vicinity. Also, many people were seriously injured. So, they were groaning in pain as a result.

A hundred or so people were still attacking this monster fiercely.

However, their attacks clearly didn’t threaten the ninth grade spirit beast.

“What kind of monster is this?” Chu yang asked in his mind.

Sword Spirit disdainfully looked-on and replied, “It is only an ancient ice bear; nothing more. How can such a mindless brute deserve to be called a ninth grade spirit beast…”

“Ancient Ice Bear…?” Chu Yang asked.

“Yes.” Sword Sprit replied, “The ancient ice bear is known as the Gigantic Bear of Wilderness. It is an eighth grade spirit beast in reality. Its usual height is approximately thirty feet. And, its general weight is about three-thousand pounds. But, its body can expand to ten-times of its normal size in emergency situations. Its strength also increases to ten-times! It’s most effective attacking method is its body. It can puff-out icicles from its mouth, and they can then act as sharp killer-weapons. But, its cultivation decreases greatly every time it spits them out.

“The body of the ice bear is covered with impenetrable fur. So, they can resist attacks very well. An ordinary expert can’t hurt it even with continuous attacks! It is obvious that this ice bear is having fun right now… These people are no threat to it,” the Sword Spirit disdainfully passed the judgement, “But, this ice bear has a big role for a genuine expert. You can eat its left forefoot. And, it is very delicious as well.”


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