Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 530 – CN

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Chapter 530: Transcending the Nine Heavens… Starts from Today!

Suddenly, Sword Spirit fiercely flipped over in Chu Yang’s mind. His face filled with excitement. And, this made the entire Nine Tribulations Space shake. In fact, it seemed as if it were dancing.

“Isn’t this the Northern Ice-field of the Middle Three Heavens?” the Sword Spirit asked with limitless excitement.

“Yes,” Chu Yang replied.

“Very good! You’ve finally arrived here!” the Sword Spirit excitedly somersaulted in the Nine Tribulations Space. He then said, “I had been waiting for this day for a long time… for a very… very long time!”

“Huh?” Chu Yang questioned.

“A wisp of my soul is sealed here,” the Sword Spirit burst into loud laughter, “It’s just under this Northern Ice-field. So, I can increase my strength to double or even more if you can find it. Moreover, other functions of the Nine Tribulations Space would be activated! Your cultivation would also increase subsequently! Moreover, I would also be able to help you even more!”

He gladly smiled and said, “And, the most important thing is that the quality of the Nine Tribulations Sword will upgrade by one more level!”

“So, that’s how it is.” Chu Yang got very excited in his heart when he heard this.

The chill entered through the soles of his feet, and went all the way up through his body. The Sword Point of the Nine Tribulations Sword crazily shook in the Dantian. It was in a very excited mood. In fact, its excitement even passed on to Chu Yang’s heart.

“What’s up with this?” Chu Yang’s heart thumped madly. The Sword Point, Sword Edge, and Sword Spine were also throbbing intensely in overexcitement.

“Innumerable martial treasures grow on the Northern Ice-field! This place is extremely cold. So, human presence is almost negligible in this area. Therefore, the herbs here are preserved very well!” the Sword Spirit excitedly explained, “However, the Nine Tribulations Sword will again make advancement if it gets to swallow so many rare treasures and herbs! Moreover, it will also get ready to meet the fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword. And, these opportunities are right here!

“In the Northern Ice-field!” the Sword Spirit continued with a smile, “And, I forgot to inform you! The Nine Tribulations Sword will gain a new ability after it levels-up this time… it would be able to manufacture pills that can upgrade anyone’s martial power! Moreover, this can be achieved without any negative side-effects.”

Chu Yang was struck dumb. He remained startled out of pleasant surprise.

Sword Spirit then said, “That will also upgrade the cultivation of your brothers to the Emperor Level. After that, their mental cultivation will reach to the peak of the Monarch Level at one fell swoop if they take the Nine Tribulations Pill!

“The previous Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword had adopted this method. They had used it to help level up their henchmen. And, that had helped them in forming an unprecedented and invincible force that could flatten the nine heavens! However, this needs a very long process before it can materialize!”

“I see!” Chu Yang’s eyes lit up.

“But, you must be careful. There are several extremely terrifying auras in this northern wilderness. These auras had dispersed into the distance a long time ago. However, the residual auras are still overwhelming me! So, I can’t come out to help you if you run into such a person by chance… And, that’s because they will detect my existence! And, that would be even more dangerous for you,” the Sword Spirit warned.

“Are they that powerful…?” Chu Yang puckered his brows, “How can such formidable people be present in the Middle Three Heavens?”

“These people aren’t from the Middle Three Heavens. They’ve only come here to handle some business,” the Sword Spirit explained in a comforting manner, “You don’t need to be worried. The Nine Heavens Law Enforcement will set into movement in case more than two of such people appear.

I can sense four such formidable auras in this vast wilderness. So, one among them has to be from the Law Enforcement!”

“What is the cultivation level of these formidable existences?” Chu Yang asked.

“…it’s hard to say.” The Sword Spirit remained silent for a moment and said, “They are the so-called geniuses of this world. They have shunned the world, but they are absolutely brilliant. They have their own way of doings things. They often live a simple life, and they often possess a very high cultivation. But, nobody knows their names…

“Moreover, these existences appear once in a thousand years! And, their attacks can be world-shaking!” the Sword Spirit sighed and said, “The Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword have been revered in the Nine Heavens since ancient times. But, don’t forget this one little thing… the Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword have been considered extremely powerful since the ancient times, but the thing that was actually powerful… was the Nine Tribulations Sword… and, not the Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword themselves!

“However, the tyrannical power of these formidable existences lies within themselves!” the Sword Spirit spoke in a serious manner, “These people are no match if all the fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword are collected to make it a whole. But, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will undoubtedly be defeated if he uses some other sword to fight with these people…”

He then warned in a heavy manner, “And, he will most-certainly die at the end of it!”

“These people respect the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. So, they won’t create any trouble because of the reputation of the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword. However, they don’t respect the current Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword… they only respected that extraordinary man who has created the Nine Heavens!”

Sword Spirit continued, “You haven’t gotten hold on the Nine Tribulations Sword… And, you haven’t succeeded in obtaining all the fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword yet. So, you must be very careful if you run into such people. That’s because you lack the ability to protect yourself! Remember that you’re still young! So, you must be very careful!”

“So such kinds of people actually exist in the world.” Chu Yang murmured. He suddenly felt that his understanding of the world was becoming more brilliant and varied.

“Such people are very few… but, they certainly do exist.” The Sword Spirit replied, “For example… Chen Feng and Liu Yun used to be two Supreme Experts… It has been ten-thousand years, but they probably haven’t died yet… The concept of ‘lifespan’ doesn’t apply on Supreme Experts. They have the ability to slow-down their aging infinitely…”

“So, you are saying that these Supreme Experts have followed the Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword in the past, and that they are still living till this day. Then, the cultivation of the Masters of the Nine Tribulations Sword should’ve been at the Supreme Level as well? So, perhaps they haven’t died either…?”

Chu Yang had asked this since he was at a loss.

However, the Sword Spirit suddenly became silent. He refused to answer this question, and sank into a kind of absolute silence. Even Chu Yang couldn’t sense what was going on in his mind, “I won’t tell. Kill me if you want but, I won’t tell.”

Chu Yang helplessly shook his head and smiled.

Then, he rearranged his train of thoughts. And, he quickly turned it away from these fantastical stories. He thought, “It’s not so easy to come across these kinds of people anyway.”

[The Sword Spirit’s soul fragment will return. And, the Nine Tribulations Sword will be upgraded when that happens. Then, I can make the strength of my brothers increase by a lot.] This news had made Chu Yang very happy!

The brothers saw Chu Yang in such a happy mood. So, they came-over to interrogate about the reason in quick succession.

Chu Yang laughed out heartily. He was in a very cheerful mood.

“There are friends in this Northern Wilderness! And, there are enemies as well! There are cold-blooded murderers, but warm-blooded saviors are also present! There are brothers! And, friends!” Chu Yang laughed heroically, “Brothers, you must know that this Northern Wilderness will bring the biggest transformation among us!”

“Biggest transformation? What transformation?” The brothers were somewhat puzzled.

“There aren’t many enemies in the Northern Wilderness. So, the killing intention is very faint here. This is an unexplored land of the Nine Heavens,” Chu Yang added as he recalled the Sword Spirit’s warning. The Nine Tribulations Sword became excited in the Dantian. He looked up, and shouted out loud. He then said, “There are countless opportunities here! The fish will have transformed into a dragon by the time we leave this place!

“This is a heaven-sent opportunity. How can it be missed?” He laughed out loud. Then, he faced upwards and howled. The howl was intense, sky-piercing, and cloud-tearing. He then fiercely said, “Transcending the Nine Heavens! It starts from today!”

A sharp and cold light was issued from Gu Du Xing’s eyes. He then muttered, “Transcending the Nine Heavens starts from today…” Suddenly, he felt a profoundly heroic feeling in his heart!

A loud shout came from a distance. Then, a loud and clear voice was heard from the faraway place as it said, “Transcending the Nine Heavens. That’s indeed a positive outlook. And, this is a good way of expressing this!”

A blue shadow of a man came from the sky. The shadow flashed like a meteor in the sky, and landed in front of Chu Yang. He then spoke-up with a smile, “King of Hell Chu, I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

It was Young Master Yu!

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up. He said, “My debtor has finally come. Young Master Yu, where are your white crystals?”

Young Master Yu put on a ‘dumbfounded’ expression. He didn’t know whether to laugh to cry, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time. And, you want to settle the account now that we are meeting again? Do you think that I – Young Master Yu – am not trustworthy…?”

“How can you be trustworthy when you haven’t paid your debt yet?” Chu Yang coldly stared at him and said, “Be quick. I need them urgently.” He couldn’t help but become anxious. The cute little girl had been quiet since the past few days. And, her heart would feel more and more bitterness whenever she would look at Chu Yang and the others practicing.

Chu Yang felt distressed about it. The most immediate method to untie the knot in this little girl’s heart was to make the Nine Tribulations Sword join with Nine Tribulations Pill and cure her Three Yin Meridians at one fell swoop.

Mo Qing Wu would be able to continue with her practice if this were to happen. And, her chest would no longer ache every time she would practice…

However, the key to the enhancement of the Nine Tribulations Sword was the white crystal ore that was in Young Master Yu’s possession!

Young Master Yu coldly snorted and said, “Fine, come with me then. Young Master Yu will first repay the gambling debt to you.” he sprang up while speaking, “Come with me…”

Chu Yang carried Mo Qing Wu on his back, and followed him closely. Gu Du Xing and the others also went after them. And, this big string of people went whistling through the wind and snow.

They were moving swiftly on the slippery ice field. So, they covered a distance of dozens of kilometres in a flash. The winds and snow were getting denser and denser.

Suddenly, a strange howl came from a distance in the front from amidst the wind and snow…

“It is a ninth grade Spirit Beast!” Young Master Yu suddenly stopped even though he was going at a lightning speed. In fact, he halted in the slippery ice like a nail on the ground. He didn’t put least bit of effort, and changed his direction immediately, “Let’s go over and have a look.”

His blue robe fluttered with ‘shua’ sound as he went away more than five hundred feet.

Chu Yang couldn’t stop himself in time, and ended up slipping for a thousand or so feet on the slippery ice. Then, he turned around to come back. However, he couldn’t help but cuss in his heart, [This bastard. Why did he change the direction halfway? Is it possible that he wants to renege on the debt?]

Everyone rushed in that direction.

Everyone except Chu Yang was very interested in this mysterious ninth grade Spirit Beast. After all, this was their main aim of coming here.

Two men’s shadows were walking several dozen kilometres outside this ice field.

These people were walking together. However, their movements, their expressions, their elegance, their appearance… their anything-and-everything was completely different from each other!

Anyone would feel the same thing when they’d look at these two people – [These people are from two different worlds! They absolutely are!]

One of them was moving steadily on foot. And, the other’s feet were rushing quickly while spinning. One had a calm complexion, and exuded elegance. And, the other had stuck out his head, and was looking around with impatience. One’s black robe was fluttering as if he was taking a casual stroll in a courtyard. And, the other’s black robe was making gurgling sounds… as if he was struggling for his life.

One had regular facial features. And, his bearing was refined. He looked like a modest gentleman. The beard on his lower jaw was fluttering in the air… like that of an immortal. His expression was tranquil and calm. It seemed as if his heart had been released from the worries of this world.

But, the other one… damn! His appearance couldn’t be described. It simply couldn’t be described… the man looked extremely ugly. In fact, he was so ugly that such an ugly person had never been seen in the entire Nine Heavens! Such an ugly appearance of a man had appeared for the first time in the ninety-thousand-years-old history of the Nine Heavens!

He flared-up his nose as they walked. Then, he suddenly turned around and said in great ‘shock’, “Master, there’s a tree over there. Don’t you wish to take a piss?”


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