Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 529 – CN

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Chu Fei Ling took out a purple jade bottle from his bosom as he spoke this. He then handed over this precious treasure to Yan Ruo Lan, “Take it, okay? This is little brother’s gift for you.”

Yan Ruo Lan held the jade bottle, and she felt a kind of peaceful sensation in her whole body. She couldn’t help but exclaim as she said, “It is indeed a very good thing… Why is this little brother of yours so good to you?”

“The kindness of my sworn little brother towards me is indeed as unshakable as a mountain!” Chu Fei Ling sighed with emotion and said, “My sworn little brother has given me two medicinal pills for both of us. He said this medicine can even bring one back to life as long as one’s head hasn’t been chopped off! Moreover, he has given me this bottle of medicines. No one would be able to see your actual cultivation once you’ve taken this medicine. This happens because this medicine covers the fluctuations of one’s internal energy…”

Yan Ruo Lan became speechless since she was in shock. She had never seen or heard of such things before!

[This sworn little brother has given you so many things?]

“Well, my little brother has also given me a sword for you. And, he has also given a saber to me as a present.” Chu Fei Ling carefully took out a sword and said, “I have tested this sword. It can cut iron as if it was mud. It is more than ten times stronger than my previous saber! It can be said that this is the sharpest heavenly weapon I have ever seen if you exclude those treasured weapons of the great nine clans!”

He heaved a long sigh, “The sharp swords and treasured sabers of the Nine Great Ruling Clans are the weapons that the ancestor of the clans have handed down from generation to generation. They are the sacred items of the clans. How can they be found in common places…”

Yan Ruo Lan picked up the sword. She then pulled it out of the sheath, and looked at it. She felt a cold illumination… like the clear-limpid autumn waters on the sword. It seemed as if it was showing the reflection of the world in every possible way.

The weight, length, and style of this sword were gratifying and satisfactory. It was beyond exceptions! She couldn’t help but click her tongue in wonder as she said, “This sworn little brother of yours is so talented. This sword is so much in-line with my preferences.”

“My sworn little brother is a true genius with God-given wisdom. I don’t think that there is anything that he doesn’t know about,” Chu Fei Ling proudly said.

Yang Ruo Lan replied, “Your sworn little brother seems to hold deep affection towards you. Fei Ling, you mustn’t let him down by any means! These things aren’t some ordinary items. Each of them is an embodiment of generous kindness sent from the heavens, and demands profound obligation.”

“This is obvious!” Chu Fei Ling assuredly said, “Take this medicine quickly. Little brother said that it is only effective on Emperor Level Experts, and experts of higher level. It won’t have any effect if someone below Emperor Level takes it.”

Yang Ruo Lan nodded. She gently and carefully opened the purple jade bottle. There was a multi-colored pill inside it. Suddenly, a burst of rich fragrance filled the air. She didn’t dare to delay, and hastily popped the pill.

She felt a huge amount of spiritual power transforming into pure vitality as soon as it went into her mouth. It then madly rushed towards her limbs and bones… She couldn’t help but groan in a low voice. Then, she was made to enter into a mysterious realm by the ferocious medicinal efficacies…

It was early evening time and the lanterns had already been lit by the time Yang Ruo Lan regained consciousness.

Chu Fei Ling had been standing right next to her to protect her this entire time. He hadn’t dare to move away.

Yang Ruo Lan opened her eyes. She circulated her martial power for a while. She felt that several unopened bottlenecks had opened up and linked up together within her body. And, this had given her a thorough understanding of many things. Her consciousness was brightly illuminated. She didn’t understand a lot of martial laws previously. However, she had gained a thorough understanding about everything at this time. From head to toe… from her soul to her physical senses… everything felt indescribably relaxed!

[My cultivation has upgraded very substantially!]

“Amazing!” Yang Ruo Lan was somewhat dumbstruck as she checked her cultivation. It was difficult for her to swallow down her saliva as she said, “I am now… a seventh grade Emperor Level Expert…”

She extended her hand and condensed her martial power. Seven circles of pure-white color appeared on her hand. She couldn’t help but remain in a daze. She then said, “But, my mental cultivation has reached the ninth grade Monarch Level!”

She stood up because she felt that she was still dreaming. Then, she exerted the entirety of her strength and pinched her arm. Then, she spoke-up while still being in a daze, “Is this real? Is this real? Is this really real?”

“It’s absolutely real!” Chu Fei Ling embraced his lovely wife in his arms. But, he found that tears of joy were streaming down his wife’s face.

He hadn’t seen his wife so happy ever since they had lost their son. He couldn’t help but feel gratified in his heart.

Yang Ruo Lan leant on her husband’s bosom. She couldn’t hold back her tears from streaming down. She said, “Back then, if… we had such cultivation level… then, our son, our son… we wouldn’t have lost our son…”

Chu Fei Ling heaved a deep sigh. He hugged her even tighter.

“I want to thank your sworn brother properly!” Yang Ruo Lan wiped her tears and said, “Fei Ling, a person with this kind of genuine affection and friendship is considered as a priceless treasure. And, coming across such a man is very rare. So, we can’t disappoint him.”

Chu Fei Ling deeply nodded. He then spoke-up to relieve the anxious mood of his wife, “I feel weird saying this, but my little brother is only eighteen years old. He looks very handsome… he felt very familiar to me whenever I looked at him. Moreover, his appearance is similar to me in some ways. You tell me… is it not the destiny that the heaven has bestowed upon me?”

He was full of enthusiasm while he had said this. But, he suddenly found that Yang Ruo Lan’s tender body had suddenly frozen in his arms.

Then, Yang Ruo Lan turned around like a whirlwind. Glistening teardrops and hope flashed in her eyes. She then spoke-up while shivering either anxiety, “Your sworn little brother… is only eighteen years old… And, he looks a lot like you? He… he… can he be…”

Chu Fei Ling became startled.

“Can he be our son?” an intense ray of hope erupted in Yang Ruo Lan’s eyes as she stared at Chu Fei Ling’s face in a firm manner.

“It can’t be…” Chu Fei Ling suddenly jumped up in fright. In fact, his face had filled with sweat because of these words. He wiped the sweat and replied in distress, “That’s absolutely impossible! My sworn little brother is brave, and he’s master of strategies. He is aggressive and stern. He murders decisively, and he is flexible in all situations! He is the world’s top genius. I will have no regrets if I die today in case our son… genuinely has the kind of skills my sworn little brother does…”

He thought, [Motherfu*ker! I will die of shame if that boy is genuinely my son… The fact that I became sworn brothers with my own son… perhaps would become the top legend in the entire Nine Heavens. You can’t say this so casually and irresponsibly.]

“What is the name of your sworn little brother?” Yang Ruo Lan didn’t pay attention to his rant. She simply pursued further as she asked.

“It is so strange to tell you that… he is also surnamed Chu… He is called Chu Yang.” Chu Fei Ling coughed twice and said.

“Chu Yang? King of Hell Chu of the Lower Three Heavens?” Yang Ruo Lan fiercely drew a step back. An unbelievable ray of light was issued from her eyes. [How can it be possible? Is it him?]

“Maybe. I haven’t met King of Hell Chu. But, I know it for a fact that my little brother has also come from the Lower Three Heavens,” Chu Fei Ling nodded.

“That’s right…” Yang Ruo Lan murmured. Her face suddenly turned red. She recalled that she had ruthlessly taught a lesson to King of Hell of Chu a short while ago. But, she hadn’t expected that he was the sworn brother of her husband! She hadn’t expected that he was that kind man who had done such a big favor to the entire Chu Clan!

[Would I now be considered a person who forgets favors and violates justice?]

She couldn’t help but feel ashamed as this thought crossed her mind.

However, she recalled the time when she had met King of Hell Chu. She recalled the image of a dandy, frivolous, rowdy, and hoodlum of a man. Then, she recalled what her husband had said, ‘He is brave, and he’s master of strategies. He is aggressive and stern. He murders decisively, and he is flexible in all situations!’ These two images didn’t match at all.

Moreover, her husband had also said, ‘the appearance of my sworn little brother resembles mine’… [But, that King of Hell Chu doesn’t have the least bit of resemblance to my husband…]

[Could it be that they are two different people?]

Yang Ruo Lan felt confused in her heart.

“I had to handle a matter. That’s why I came back late… And, the name of my target was Chu Yang.” Yang Ruo Lan thought for a while, and then told everything regarding this matter.

Chu Fei Ling became startled as he carefully listened to everything. His face suddenly changed colors to show his displeasure as he listened-on. He then said, “He had an illicit se*ual relationship and abandoned the girl later? My sworn little brother wouldn’t do that at any cost! You are certainly mistaken! Your master handles things arbitrarily. She is selfish. She doesn’t care about the feelings of others… Moreover, did that junior sister of yours seek you and yours master to vent out her anger? She willingly and gladly sacrificed herself for him. What does this have to do with you two? Who asked you to go and teach lessons to others’ boyfriends? This is simply irredeemable!”

Yang Ruo Lan’s face turned red as she said, “I indeed… acted a bit rashly in this matter.”

“What ‘acted a bit rashly’? It was simply absurd!” Chu Fei Ling said angrily, “We still don’t know whether the person you dealt with was my sworn little brother or not… How would we face him in future if it’s really him?”

Yang Ruo Lan’s face had reddened. She said, “But, this Chu Yang was somewhat flippant and insincere. Moreover, he seemed to be rowdy even though he was a mere 18-year-old King Level Expert. There wasn’t the least bit of resemblance of you in his appearance. Moreover, he wasn’t a calm boy… Perhaps, these are two different individuals. It can’t be said for sure…”

Chu Fei Ling puckered his brows and said, “This can also be a possibility.”

He pondered for a moment and said, “However, I somewhat don’t feel relieved… I will go and confirm after I’ve dealt with the matter of ninth grade spirit beast and Three Stars Divine Clan.”

Yang Ruo Lan said, “Well, we both will go together when the time comes. We will express gratitude to your sworn little brother in person. And, I will personally apologize to him and seek for his forgiveness if I have treated him unfairly.”

Chu Fei Ling nodded. He thought, [My sworn little brother is very skilled. So, how did he get beaten by you so easily? This isn’t possible! One person can’t pull this off by himself. His wisdom and cultivation are enough to enable him to be unimpeded and unhindered in the Middle Three Heavens.]

In the Middle Three Heavens…

After Chu Yang and the others went through a long and difficult journey, and they finally felt that they had arrived in the Great Northern Wilderness.

The more they approached… the more cold they felt. After all, they had arrived in the Great Northern Wilderness. Everyone sucked in cold air since they were only getting to see big glaciers and snow-capped mountains as far as their eyes could reach!

The peaks of the mountains seemed to be wrapped in jade. Only one color could be seen across a vast stretch of thousands of miles. It was a world of ice and snow! It seemed boundlessly grand.

Chu Yang had never been to this place in his past life. He had believed that many people of great clans of the Middle Three Heavens would’ve arrived here in the past few days. So, shadows of people should be seen flying here and there in a chaotic manner. But, he found out that he was grossly mistaken now that he had arrived here himself.

Strangely, there wasn’t a single soul in sight.

Moreover, he didn’t know where those people had gone off to. However, one would look tiny-enough to be easily overlooked even if one were to be standing openly and fearlessly on the top of a glacier…

“We have finally arrived!” Chu Yang’s black robe fluttered in the wind as he set footing and walked slowly in the ice field. He felt that the chillness of the air blowing head-on was seeping into his bones. There were snowy clouds in the sky. It was boundless. Suddenly, they could feel a heroic feeling raging in their hearts!


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