Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 528 – CN

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Chapter 528: My Sworn Little Brother is Very Ferocious!

A man’s shadow flashed. Chu Fei Yan rushed-in at a flying speed, “Big Brother… you have come back… I heard that you have found the Mysterious Yang Jade?” His hands were somewhat shivering with nervousness. He had firmly fixed his attention at Chu Fei Ling.

Chu Fei Ling nodded and smiled, “Yes. I’ve found it.”

“Very good… very good!” Chu Fei Yan jumped up. He then saw that the Second Brother was also present here. So, he hastily greeted him as well, “Second Brother, you’re also here…” he sounded a bit nervous.

Second Brother had always been very kind to him. He had always taken care of him in every possible way. But, he didn’t know why he felt frightened every time he looked at his Second Brother… it was something far worse than a big brother’s affection.

Chu Fei Yan didn’t know what was going on in his heart.

“Third Brother, this impatient temperament of yours never changes.” Chu Fei Long puckered his brows, “You are a fully grown man now, but you still behave like a child. Our Big Brother had personally moved into action. So, was there any reason to lose hope? Is there any need to even raise this question…”

He pulled his younger brother with stern criticism on his mouth. He carefully brushed and patted the dust off his collar. Then, he caressed the messy hair on the head of his younger brother. He was full of love and protective intentions. His face was steady and calm as he rebuked, “Pay some attention to yourself in the future! Look at yourself… what a shabby appearance you have!”

Chu Fei Yang scratched his head, and laughed mischievously. He felt a little embarrassed. [Big Brother is tolerable to an extent. But, Second Brother has always considered me a child… It’s very annoying.]

[However, Second Brother shows such love and affection that it feels good…]

Chu Fei Ling looked-on from a side with a smile on his face. But, his heart heaved a sigh of pain.

Chu Fei Long’s performance was impeccable. It could deceive everyone except Chu Fei Ling. After all, Chu Fei Ling had personally suffered at the hands of Chu Fei Long. So, how could he be deceived so easily?

[My wife and I were chased and attacked repeatedly. And, it has been eighteen years since we lost our son. Then, I was besieged by nine Saber Emperors in the Middle Three Heavens! Could this all be false?]

[Second Brother… What exactly are you after?]

The three brothers sat for a while until the sounds of approaching footsteps were heard. It was Doctor Yu who walked over with quick steps. He had a smile across his face, “Fortunately, I didn’t fail in my job!”

Chu Fei Ling and Chu Fei Yan stood up unison. They were overjoyed to hear this.

A cold light flashed through the eyes of Chu Fei Long at first. But then, he also stood up in great happiness. In fact, it seemed as if he would go crazy. He rushed and grabbed Doctor Yu’s hand, “Thank you, Doctor! Thank you, Doctor! Doctor, you have done a big favour on my Chu Clan. You’ve made this Fei Long shed tears of gratitude! A thank you wouldn’t be enough for the favour that you have done. Please, accept my heartfelt gratitude!”

He knelt down with a ‘thump’ while speaking. Then, he repeatedly kowtowed. His face was filled with grateful expression, and his eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. The feelings that he was showing seemed to be very real.

“There is no need to do this. There’s no need of this. Second Master Chu, I genuinely don’t deserve this.” Doctor Yu consoled him with all his heart. He then hurriedly lent an arm to support Chu Fei Long, and made him stand up.

A hearty laughter was heard. An old man with round eyes and a well-formed forehead walked over from inside. He had a smile of satisfaction on his face. It was the Clan Lord of the Chu Clan – Chu Xiong Cheng. The darkness on his face had cleared up. His whole face seemed to emit a red glaze. One could see that his injuries had healed.

“Um, everyone is here… that’s good! Fei Ling, I survived thanks to you,” Chu Xiong Cheng laughed heartily and spoke-up.

“Father, it’s great that you’ve recovered completely. Your child’s suffering has paid off,” Chu Fei Ling respectfully and sincerely replied.

“Big Brother, has sister-in-law returned?” Chu Fei Yan asked.

“She had gone to the Lower Three Heavens. But, I’ve passed-on the news to her. She should be back in a few days,” Chu Fei Ling replied with a smile.

“Sister-in-law has gone alone… What if something happens on the way…” Chu Fei Yan anxiously said.

“Your sister-in-law and her master have gone together… So, there is no way that something could happen,” Chu Fei Ling replied in a manner that indicated that there was no need to worry.

“Big Brother had made a well-thought plan,” Chu Fei Long burst into loud laughter, “You requested Senior Lan to go along with sister-in-law. Now… there are very few people in the entire Nine Heavens who can injure sister-in-law if her master is with her. Big Brother loves sister-in-law very much. She is indeed your lovely wife.”

“Ha ha ha…” everyone except Chu Fei Ling laughed heartily.

Chu Fei Ling felt a bit depressed in his heart. But, he had no other choice but to laugh a little along with everyone.

Several days passed. Yang Rou Lan had finally returned to the Chu Clan. But, she had returned alone. She was pulled away by Chu Fei Ling after she had paid her respects to her old father-in-law.

“Why did you return so late?” Chu Fei Ling was somewhat anxious.

“I had something to handle on the way.” Yang Ruo Lan replied, “What’s the matter?”

“The matter is important!” Chu Fei Ling had a serious look on his face, “I encountered Ye Ran Mo in the Middle Three Heavens. He had eight Saber Emperors with him. And, they besieged me in a battle array. It happened on my fifth day in the Middle Three Heavens.”

“Has he started to act again?” Yang Rou Lan’s complexion changed, “He is indeed dead-set on exploiting every opportunity to get to us. Are you alright?”

Yang Rou Lan listened to him, and sensed that this matter was fishy.

“I am okay. Luckily, I had my sworn Little brother on my side. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come back alive,” Chu Fei Ling sighed. He recalled about Chu Yang, and couldn’t help but expose a warm smile on his face.

[He saved my life, and he also gave me so many gifts. This is very…] Chu Fei Ling felt a heartfelt kindness towards his own sworn Little brother.

“Your sworn Little brother…?” Yang Ruo Lan asked in a mocking way, “Are the brothers of your own family not reliable enough… that you had to find yourself a sworn Little brother?”

“He he… My sworn Little brother possesses remarkable abilities,” Chu Fei Ling replied in a mysterious and secretive way. Then, he looked all round with rapt attention and observed the sounds of activities, “Don’t tell anyone what I am about to tell you. My sworn Little brother is the one who gave me the Mysterious Yang Jade Core.”

“Eh? Your sworn Little brother is so generous?” Yan Ruo Lan was flabbergasted, “But, the Mysterious Yang Jade Core is the most valuable treasure in the world! How can someone be willing to give it away just like that?”

“There’s more to it than that. My sworn Little brother gave me many other things as well,” Chu Fei Ling smiled and said, “It’s a pity that the Second Brother has a great popularity in the Clan nowadays. And, he has people who are very close to him. So, I can’t speak about the matter of my sworn Little brother. Otherwise, it will definitely reach his ears… oh dear!”

“What is the cultivation level of your sworn Little brother?” Yang Ruo Lan tightly knitted her elegant eyebrows and said, “Obviously, you can’t speak about him if his strength is low. He has destroyed Chu Fei Long’s plan. So, Chu Fei Long won’t let him off at any cost.”

“Yes. This is what I’m worried about,” Chu Fei Ling nodded and said, “My sworn Little brother is merely a second grade Sword King.”

“That can be a problem. You may not speak anything about your little brother. But, won’t Ye Ran Mo speak-up about it?” Yang Ruo Lan anxiously asked, “He is too dangerous. He might try to catch your sworn little brother. Your sworn little brother has done a very big favour on us. My conscience would be very disturbed if something were to happen to him.”

“It’s all right,” Chu Fei Ling slightly smiled, “My sworn little brother has already killed Ye Ran Mo. And, I have killed those nine Saber Emperors of the Ye Clan with the help of my sworn little brother. None of them survived.”

“That’s good.” Yang Rou Lan let out a sigh of relief. Then, she suddenly became gobsmacked as she realized something extremely strange about this matter. She then lifted her head and opened her eyes wide, “Hold on… What did you say? Ye Ran Mo was killed by your sworn little brother? Your little brother is only a second grade Sword King, isn’t he? And, he helped you kill nine Saber Emperors? And, no one survived?!”

“Yes, ah… incredible, right?” Chu Fei Ling felt somewhat proud as he said, “My sworn little brother is very ferocious!”

Yang Ruo Lan was struck dumb. Her mind was blown since she couldn’t imagine how a Second Grade Sword King could help a ninth grade Saber Emperor kill nine Saber Emperors…

“Yes, this is true. My sworn little brother is crafty and full of tricks… He didn’t use his true skills when he killed Ye Ran Mo.” Chu Fei Ling didn’t have any other option but to tell everything about what had happened on that day. He was smiling while speaking. He then said, “Even I was very shocked when this happened…”

“That’s a given…” Yang Ruo Lan had a dull look in her eyes.

“Just guess… What is my cultivation level right now…” Chu Fei Ling asked in a mysterious manner.

“Aren’t you hiding your real cultivation level of Ninth Grade Saber Emperor? What is there to guess?” Yang Ruo Lan coldly glanced at him and said, “Now tell me properly… how did you come to know your sworn little brother?”

“Check this out.” Chu Fei Ling extended out his hand and grabbed. Suddenly, the whole spirit energy in the air got caught in his hand. Then, a white light issued out from his hand. And, four perfectly round small halos of pure white-color flashed in his hand.

“Ah!” Yang Ruo Lan suddenly stood up. She looked at her own husband in disbelief. Her eyes got filled with astonished look, “You… you… you… a fourth grade Saber Monarch? You are… a fourth grade Saber Monarch. But, why are your ‘Sovereign Monarch Rings’ white in color?”

“Well, my present cultivation level is of a fourth grade Saber Monarch. But, my mental state cultivation is at the peak of ninth grade Saber Monarch,” a light flashed in Chu Fei Ling’s eyes as he explained, “Therefore, the Sovereign Monarch Rings are pure white.”

“How… how is this possible…?” Yang Ruo Lan covered her mouth in shock, “How… can you possibly be so quick… And, what’s up with this mental state… this…”

Yang Ruo Lan was an Emperor Level Expert. So, how could she not know what this meant? The cultivation level of a fourth grade Saber Monarch possessed the mental state cultivation of a ninth grade Saber Monarch! This meant that he wouldn’t face any bottlenecks on the path that led to the ninth grade Saber Monarch. Therefore, it could be said he would automatically become a Ninth Grade Saber Monarch as long as he continued to practice!

Wouldn’t it be very easy to increase one’s martial power while cultivating under these circumstances? The most important key during cultivation was the mental state! In fact, it was possible to remain stuck at the bottleneck for a lifetime if the mental state couldn’t make a breakthrough.

For instance… someone’s cultivation level is at third grade, and another person is at fourth grade. They both practice together. The third grade person would only be able to consolidate energy after a certain extent. He would absorb a lot of spirit energy, but it would scatter soon after. On the other hand, the fourth grade person would be able to make the spirit energy enter into the body, and would be able to turn it into his cultivation.

This is the importance of the breakthrough of mental state! That is… the existence of the so-called ‘bottleneck’!

However, it had become a piece of cake for Chu Fei Ling!

“I didn’t believe it at first. I initially thought that I would stay trapped on ninth grade Saber Emperor Level for a long time. But, my sworn little brother gave me a medicine. And, it made my cultivation upgrade by five levels in a sudden manner. I broke through the bottleneck without any problems. Moreover, it made my mental state cultivation level-up to a ninth grade Saber Emperor’s!” Chu Fei Ling’s eyes flashed. He had expression of gratefulness on his face as he slowly explained.

“What kind of medicine?” Yang Ruo Lan felt her breath becoming faster.

“I don’t know about this medicine either.” Chu Fei Ling mysteriously smiled and said, “But, my sworn little brother has given me two. I have taken one of them and made this advancement. And, the other one is for you. Your condition of heartache would also vanish once you eat this. Moreover, your state of mind would also be able to upgrade to ninth grade Monarch Level… And, your martial power cultivation would also be able to level up by a lot. You will see it for yourself.”

“Such an elixir exists in the world?!” Yang Ruo Lan was so shocked that she was at loss for words.

“Didn’t I just tell you? My sworn little brother is awesome!” Chu Fei Ling had a proud smile on his face.


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