Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 525 – CN

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Chapter 525: Fight for Life and Death!

The impact of Nine Tribulation Sword’s move had generated formidable power along with the incomparable and acute sharpness of the Nine Tribulation Sword! Moreover, the Nine Tribulation Sword had devoured many rare metals and items of late. So, its power had gone up a notch compared to earlier!

However, the Second Elder was a Third Grade Emperor Level Expert. So, he was nine levels above Chu Yang. His sword-play, sword moves, and sword quality was way below than those of Chu Yang’s, but his spiritual power was not to be trifled with!

The two sword-lights clashed like meteors! The brilliance of the sword lights filled the entire sky with a ‘boom’!

The entire Chill Wind Forest abruptly quivered. The marsh inside the muddy water also splashed up with a loud rumbling sound. Unexpectedly, it rose up to a height of a hundred feet!

Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo let out a wretched groan even though they were separated by a distance. They had been sent flying by this tremendous force, and they had fallen onto the ground!

Chu Yang and the Second Elder shouted loudly at the same time. And, their bodies went flying back in the air. Both of them were bleeding from different places. Both of them had sustained serious injuries during this clash!

Chu Yang’s chest, shoulders, thighs, lower abdomen, and Dantian had been hit by the opponent’s sword blow. The chest, shoulders, thighs, and arms of the Second Elder had sustained injuries, and were bleeding as a result!

Chu Yang was in mid-air when he popped an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill that he had prepared in advance! Chu Yang had already consumed two incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pills in this fight that had lasted merely less than a breath!

Therefore, it could be clearly seen how frigid a fight it was…

One could imagine that Chu Yang would’ve already died at least once by now if he hadn’t had the Nine Tribulations Pills on him.

He had the Nine Tribulations Pills. But, the Second Elder didn’t possess any such magical item. Moreover, the domain-field on the body of the Second Elder had dispersed by the impact of this clash. So, his protective shield of spiritual energy had disappeared without a trace.

Even an Emperor Level Expert needs to consume a great amount of energy to maintain this kind of a life-saving method. So, how could he afford to turn on his domain-field again while he was in the middle of such an intense battle?

The body of the Second Elder hadn’t dropped yet. However, Gu Du Xing had just withdrawn, and was prepared to unite his body with his sword at this time. The sword light shot up high in the sky, and then rushed towards the Second Elder even though the man’s body was still in midair and retreating rapidly like lighting!

The Second Elder sensed the crisis. And, he bellowed loudly. Suddenly, he fiercely circulated the spirit energy in his whole body. Several wounds on his body abruptly spurt out blood when this happened. But, he managed to cope up in one breath. He then activated his spiritual power. And then, he again clashed with Gu Du Xing in midair.

This Third Grade King Level Expert had launched a strike, and had risked his life without thinking of his safety.

The Second Elder had counterattacked with all his might. And, both of them fiercely crashed into each other! They both then yelled and screamed.

Gu Du Xing clenched his teeth. But, he lost consciousness as he was sent flying back in the air. His body was bleeding profusely from three places since the Second Elder had injured him with his knuckles. Seven of Gu Du Xing’s ribs had broken! His entire chest had almost sunken in as a result. But, the Black Dragon Sword in his hand was half-drenched in blood!

His sword had deeply pierced in the right side of the Second Elder’s chest. The Second Elder had been shaken by Gu Du Xing’s counterattack. So, he drew backwards.

The Secon

d Elder noticed that the injuries he had received were very serious once he had floated backwards.

Dong Wu Shang howled like a hungry wolf at this moment. He united with his saber, and rushed over.

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had turned around by now. They also united their bodies with their swords. They then followed behind Dong Wu Shang, and dashed towards the Second Elder to attack him with all their might.

The attacking strategy of these three men was also the same as that of Gu Du Xing’s… They were brave men with no thought of personal safety. They’d put their entire strength, and would attack with their heart and soul. So, they obviously put their entire vitality into this attack.

[We will die if the Second Elder doesn’t!]

They knew it for sure!

Therefore, they wanted to take advantage of his injuries by taking his life!

Chu Yang let out a loud shout in the distance. His body turned over as he jumped up. The Nine Tribulation Sword flashed. Then, he again unleashed the move ‘What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’! The sword attack came down from high up in the sky!

A strong sense of regret emerged in the Second Elder’s heart.

[I should’ve retreated and escaped after I had discovered that this was an ambush! I hadn’t imagined even in my wildest dreams that these five youngsters would turn out to be so abnormal!]

[But, I am Third Grade Emperor Level Expert!]

[A Third Grade Emperor Level Expert dammit!]

[And, I am in the danger of losing my life!]

However, he didn’t have time to regret. Dong Wu Shang had arrived in front him while being untied with his saber!

The Second Elder bellowed in despair. He once again gathered the remaining strength in his body, and crazily clashed! Dong Wu Shang yelled out loud, and unloaded his heavy Black Saber as his body went flying and whirling in mid-air.

However, this Third Grade Saber King had made the strike with all his might! And, he had also succeeded. And, this was like adding hail to the snow for Second Elder. Blood fiercely spurt out from his body once again as a result!

The Second Elder couldn’t suppress the bleeding and the injuries this time around. So, blood continued to spout out from his mouth. Even the look in his eyes had become bleak…

His left hand had become limp. It then drooped down with clattering sound. This had happened because the heavy Black Saber had smashed it into bits!

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di shouted loudly at this moment, and rushed over while synchronizing their sword attacks.

The Second Elder screamed loudly. He only had his right hand to defend. He suddenly emitted out dense poisonous fog of black gas from his body! This was his last strategy to save his life – Burn my own Poison Cultivation, and strive for an opportunity to escape from here!

The poison art that he had been practicing for his entire life would be deposed after this kind of combustion. And, he wouldn’t be able to use it anymore…

This was the last moment to use this martial art. He would’ve never thought of doing this if he hadn’t been stuck in a situation where he had nowhere to go!

However, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di didn’t fear this in the least. In fact, they actually used their bodies to force their way into the fog of poison!

“You guys aren’t afraid of the poison?!” the Second Elder screamed in despair. Both of them slammed into his body with their swords as two ‘thump’ sounds resounded. The Second Elder screamed. Blood splashed out of his whole body in the same manner that juice splatters out from a smashed fruit. He sustained more than hundred fresh wounds on his body. And, his flesh and blood started to whirl around as a result.

Snapping and crunching sounds resounded from his chest. The number of bones that broke was unknown…

However, he still managed to escape. There was a tree behind him. He used his feet, and used his final strength to pedal up the tree. He would be able to fly away from here as long as he could land on the trunk of that tree.

However, it was already too late!

A splendid sword light rushed over like a meteor, and cut off all the hopes of the Second Elder!

Chu Yang!

Nine Tribulations Sword!

What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!

Chu Yang smashed-open a big and bloody hole in the Second Elder’s chest with his sword, and came out from his body on the other side with a loud ‘Bang’!

The light in the eyes of the Second Elder went dark. He powerlessly remained standing on the summit of the tree. Then, he let out a long sigh. He lowered his head, and his head unexpectedly tumbled down from his neck. Then, his tattered body fell down from the tree. His body had fallen only halfway when it fell apart and turned into a pile of minced meat.

Chu Yang and the others wiped-off the poison from the tips of their weapons only after he had fallen to the ground. The poisoned had played its part. This pile of meat decayed, and turned into black fluid in an instant…

Chu Yang let out a loud scream, and withdrew his sword. He then arrived at Gu Du Xing’s side. Gu Du Xing was unconscious at this time. He then fed Gu Du Xing an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulation Pill. However, Chu Yang didn’t waste any time, and he immediately jumped up with a whistling sound to assist the others. Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di also rushed to the fighting circle of the six King Level Experts of the Gu Clan.

The outcome was already determined at this time…

The Experts of the Ou Clan were wiped out very quickly. Unexpectedly, not a single person managed to escape!

Everyone contemplated for a long time after the fight was over…

Because, this was the real meaning of a desperate fight on which lives depended!

[Our bodies would’ve been lying here instead of theirs if there was even a little bit of remiss or lack of cooperation on our part!]


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