Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 522 – CN

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Chapter 522: Ji Mo’s Trap!

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. [Who understands… the language of this person of the Three Stars Divine Clan?]

They were about to speak-up when they saw the pitiful appearance of this guy. But, they then heard the sounds of movements in the thick fog, “Everyone, run away, ah! People of the Ou Clan have come.” Several ‘shua’ sounds transmitted and vanished immediately-after.

The Second Elder and Third Elder angrily rebuked and chased after the sounds. But, they found no one there. They only saw a huge patch of bloodstain on the ground!

“Who are you? You are from the Three Stars Divine Clan, aren’t you?” The Fourth Elder wrinkled his brows. He looked at this strange guy who lay on the ground. He wanted to step forward and touch him. [How does this fellow have such an ugly appearance? He may be from the Three Stars Divine Clan… but, such an appearance is a little ugly even from their standards…]

“I cry! So greasy? I cry! So greasy…? Dog Aunt! Dog Aunt!” that guy shouted in alarm.

It was quite clear that the Elder didn’t understand anything that this guy was saying. Similarly, that guy didn’t understand what the Elder was saying.

They didn’t understand each other. So, they merely looked foolishly at each other for a while…

The Fourth Elder and the people on his side looked at each other in dismay. [His language makes no sense. What should we do now?] No one knew how to interrogate this guy as they listened to his pitiful and hoarse screams.

A King Level Expert of the Ou Clan voluntarily came forward from behind. This guy had a mute younger brother back at his home. So, he knew the sign language very well. Everyone felt relieved when this happened, [How did we forget about this guy? He should be able to interpret to some extent…]

The King Level Expert walked to the front of this freak-show. He then made a gesture to indicate ‘beating’. Then, he made a gesture to indicate ‘injuries’. Then, he extended his hand and pointed out in the direction in which Chu Yang and the others had escaped. After that, he asked, “Uh-huh?”

The eyes of this weirdo of ‘Three Stars Divine Clan’ immediately lit up. He stood up and made a gesture as an indication of ‘beating’. Then, he made a gesture to indicate a ‘sneak attack’. He then resentfully spoke-up in a hubbub manner, “Trouble smell! I cry! Tired… howl repair howl? Dog Aunt!”

That expert nodded in affirmation. He then made expressions of sympathy and understanding. Then, he made an angry gesture and a gesture indicating pursuit and attack. Then, he patted on his chest. He made a gesture of courage and bravery and asked, “Uh-huh?”

It meant, [I will help you take revenge? Alright?]

This weirdo of the ‘Three Stars Divine Clan’ was suddenly incited by this. So, he made a circle using his hand. Then, he drew the people before him inside that circle. Then, he drew a larger circle. Then, he placed a foot in front, and the other foot in the back. He then made the gesture that indicated pursuit-and-attack. Then, he again jumped two steps back to his original spot. He then asked in an enthusiastic manner, “I cry! Tired? Uh-huh?”

“Uh-huh!” That King Level Expert nodded in affirmation. He thought, [We are lucky to have this guy to guide us. He will help us find Chu Yang and his gang.]

“Ahwooh~~ Dog Aunt!” The weirdo of the ‘Three Stars Divine Clan’ jumped in excitement. But then, he started to groan. He looked at the wounds on his body and looked anxious. Then, he raised his head and looked at the Fourth Elder and the others. He spread out his hands while making a contorted and painful face, “Ahwooh! Ahwooh! Dog Aunt…?”

“He means that he’s in a lot of pain right now. He is heavily injured and doesn’t have any strength.” The Expert of the Ou Clan looked at the Fourth Elder. He then interpreted in advance, “This ‘Ahwooh’ must mean ‘being in pain’ in the Three Stars Divine Clan’s language.”

The Four

th Elder looked at this guy from top to bottom… as if he was a worn out sack. After that, he puckered his brows. [The appearance of this guy leaves me to believe that most of the healing medicines that we have with us will be used. Should we waste them on him?]

He then hesitantly looked that the shivering body of this weirdo of the ‘Three Stars Divine Clan’. Just then, he shouted in despair, “Ahwooh! Ahwooh… Ahwooh ah… Ahwooh…”

Then, he slowly and softly slumped down on the ground… And, his hands and feet began to twitch.

“Heal him!” the Fourth Elder hatefully looked and shouted. And, everyone began apply healing medicine all over the wounds of this guy as a result. This guy was shouting ‘Ahwooh’ on the one hand. However, he would wrinkle his face, while his hands seemed restless on the other. Moreover, he was shaking hands with everyone who was coming over to put medicine on his wounds out of courtesy. In fact, he would continuously shout ‘Ahwooh’ if someone would refuse to shake hands with him.

Therefore, the four King Level Experts held their noses and shook hands with him since they didn’t have a choice.

After that, that King Level Expert who was translating this weirdo’s language also circulated his spiritual power to give him a little treatment of internal injuries. This guy stood up once he had received the treatments. He then issued two ‘Ahwooh’ sounds with a painful look on his face. Then, he fished out something from his armpit. The thing that he had fished out seemed to be a dark pill which was similar to a dirt ball rubbed from the body. Then, he tossed it in his mouth, and chewed it for some time while making loud chewing sounds.

Everyone looked at this act, and couldn’t help but feel nauseated. [Did this guy just rub out filth from his body? And, he then ate it as medicine? Motherfu*ker… I have never seen such a disgusting thing. Three Stars Divine Clan is really Three Star Divine Clan… he is so fu*king illiterate.]

Everyone cussed in rage within their hearts as they resisted throwing up with great difficulty.

However, what occurred before them at that moment left everyone surprised. The wounds on the body of this weirdo started to heal at such a fast speed that the transformation could be seen with naked eyes… The entirety of his wounds had gotten healed, and had turned into scars not long after.

After that, they saw this guy extending his hand and caressing the wounds with his hand. Then, the scars also started to fall off… He exercised his arms and legs a bit thereafter. And, he was unexpectedly able to move them freely by now!

Everyone’s eyes popped out at once. [Can this kind of medicine even exist in this world?]

Then, they suddenly thought, [You had such a good medicine. So, why did you use ours?]

“Ahwooh. Dog Aunt! Beautiful beautiful trouble dog!” This weirdo looked at his own body and nodded in satisfaction. After that, he disdainfully looked at everyone. His gaze meant – [your medicines are too inferior!]

Everyone almost fainted…

[Damn it! A weirdo of Three Stars Divine Clan is looking down on us…]

The eyes of the Fourth Elder lit up. [If we can get our hands on the recipe of this mysterious medicine after this matter is resolved… ah… how would the Ou Clan not make a rapid advancement if that happens?]

[This is indeed a heaven-sent opportunity for our Ou Clan!]

The weirdo turned around. He seemed to be impatient. He then made a gesture, and indicated pursuit-and-attack with his hands. Then, he made a gesture as he cupped his hands on the ground. He was very anxious as he shouted ‘Ahwooh’. Then, he made a gesture by putting his hand in the pocket of his clothes…

The anxious look on his face indicated that he had become late for something.

“Um, he is saying that there is a treasure over there. He fought with those people for the treasure. The treasure is very important. They will take it away if we don’t hurry…” The King level Expert who was translating was indeed very intelligent. He was even able to explain the body movements of this freak…

[Is it a good thing that this weirdo is worried?]

Everyone’s eyes lit up. They then moved forwards with urgency.

This weirdo was very familiar and at ease with the surroundings. In fact, he passed through the dense fog as if it was his home.

The Fourth Elder and his men closely followed behind him. The men of the Fifth Elder outflanked from another direction. The men of the Second Elder diverted a little bit, and took the aerial route as they jumped from tree to tree. Everyone had held their breaths tightly. It seemed as if they were making a three-dimensional attack from three sides! They didn’t wish for those guys to have any chance of running away again.

However, the Fourth Elder and his men felt something soft under their feet as they were rushing forwards. They lowered their heads and realized that they were standing in a ‘semi-swamp’ area. Moreover, this area seemed to be covered with dry leaves…

The soles of theirs shoes had become wet as a result.

That weirdo was still taking the lead as he moved forwards. And, the muddy water splattered everywhere along with the splashing sounds.

The Fourth Elder waved his hand, “Speed up!”

Everyone complied and went on following after that guy. It was getting softer and softer under their feet. And, the wetness was also continued to grow until their feet had been inundated. In fact, many water spots had gotten splashed on the calves of their legs.

They ran for a while and their legs were already dripping wet with the muddy water. It had even moistened their skins.

Only the Fourth Elder was wearing special kinds of boots that didn’t get wet. But, the other eight people couldn’t stay dry.

Finally, one of the King Level Experts felt a little itchiness on his calf. He couldn’t help but bend down and scratch a few times. He then unexpectedly found that a big lump of flesh was scratched out from his leg in this process. And, his pale bone was exposed as a result!

However, he didn’t even feel a little bit of pain!

Moreover, the fingers of his right hand had also been reduced to bones while he was scratching. The flesh and blood had evenly fallen off from the fingers as well…

This King Level Expert had shaken hands with that weirdo of the Three Stars Divine Clan a while ago… he immediately looked at his hand in fright. He suddenly felt so frightened that he didn’t even dare to breathe…

[There is deadly poison in this muddy water?!]

“What’s going on here? Boohoo…” This King Level Expert was blank for a moment. Then, he asked while crying.

However, he suddenly looked ahead in the direction of the weirdo of the Three Stars Divine Clan, and suddenly screamed out in fear! His voice was so mournful that it seemed as if he had seen a ghost in front of his eyes!

The Fourth Elder quickly rushed over to look. He saw a big and freshly dug hole under a big tree in front of him! And, the weirdo was pointing his finger towards that big hole, and was shouting in a crazed manner. His complexion was sad and shrill, and his voice was mournful.

“Ahwooh! Ahwooh! Dog one attack. Pigs. Greasy unrestrained spicy! Greasy unrestrained spicy! I cry, tired!” this weirdo turned over, and continued to shout at the Fourth Elder.

The Fourth Elder asked in confusion, “Is it in there?” He pointed his finger to that big hole.

The weirdo repeatedly nodded. He pointed towards the Fourth Elder and shouted, “Greasy unrestrained spicy! Greasy unrestrained spicy! I cry, tired…”

The Fourth Elder puckered his brows.

[This is…] That King level Expert finally regained his senses. He shouted out loud, “Fourth Elder…” He then quickly dived forward to rush over.

The Fourth Elder instinctively turned his head. Suddenly, that weirdo gathered a lot of muddy water from underneath his feet, and started to splash the muddy water on everyone. The face and the neck of the Fourth Elder immediately got stained by the water as a result. He tried to open his eyes, but couldn’t open them.

The Fourth Elder was caught off guard since he had fallen into the trap. He angrily turned his head, “Bastard! You are trying to do…”

However, what appeared in front of him scared him out of his wits. He saw that a bright light had suddenly appeared in front of him. That weirdo of the Three Stars Divine Clan had drawn out his fierce sword, and was rushing over towards him.

The eyes of the Fourth Elder were stained because of the muddy water at this moment. So, he was doing all he could to draw back. The long sword that he had raised in his hand also erupted into a brilliant sword-flower. He had made a counterattack to block the incoming blow!

He was confident that he would be able to block… no matter what kind of attack it would be!

However, the Fourth Elder was unaware that the weirdo would use the force of his counterattack and somersault back in the air. He then landed on a tree that was far away. Then, he laughed heartily, “You weren’t able to understand? A bunch of pigs! Ah ha ha ha… Let me translate this for you — You dogs, you pigs, you all will die! You all will die! I cry, tired means ‘fu*k you, motherfu*kers’! Do you understand it now? Ha ha ha…”


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