Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 521 – CN

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“This is a dark and gloomy forest. There are great mountains on its left and right side. And, the mountains block everything from both sides. But, there is a mountain-pass dead-ahead. The mountain-pass is so narrow that even a weak wind makes very loud sounds when it blows through this mountain-pass. However, the factor that plays the most important role is a towering Iron Wood Forest that comes on the way from here to the mountain-pass. The sound of wind along with that of the movements of branches and leaves changes into intense sounds of ghost-like wailing when the wind passes through the Iron Wood Forest. This is the reason why this forest is called the ‘Chill Wind Forest’.

“And of course, there are people who exploit the natural conditions of this place. There is groundwater in the subterranean territory of this forest. Moreover, it is a hot spring. The water vapours rise, but they don’t get dispersed in the surroundings. They only get consumed within this forest, and remain gathered there. So, this forest continues to get denser and denser year-after-year!

“So, the positional set-ups play a decisive role under these circumstances!”

Chu Yang was explaining these things while making his strategies. His explanation was so detailed that the people who had been living in the Middle Three Heavens for a long time might not know so much about this forest.

This left Gu Du Xing and the others to feel a bit embarrassed. They also found it somewhat unimaginable, [Big Brother has recently come up from the Lower Three Heavens. How does he know this area far better than we do?]

“And, these factors prove as favourable conditions for us! It may be disadvantageous at first, but it would be advantageous as long as we exploit it well! And, that’s because it would be as disadvantageous for us as it would be for our enemy! You guys must remember these words under all circumstances!” Chu Yang insipidly concluded.

He was making use of his time to teach the theories he knew to his brothers!

Many of these theories were clichés. However, Gu Du Xing and the others were listening to Chu Yang very earnestly!

And, that’s because there are some things which sound convincing only when they are said by the leader of the group instead of some ‘random nobody’ who merely believes in himself. This is a universal psychology of humans. For instance… everyone has heard the saying “it’s only when it comes time to apply knowledge that you regret not acquiring enough of it” from a very young age. However, one realizes the true meaning of these words only after decades of years of experience when one has experienced the setbacks…

However, it has already been late at that time of realization.

“The most effective way to deal with the Ou clan is to ambush them and use poison against them!” Chu Yang calmly said, “So, we have to set a trap…”

“Slow down!” Ji Mo raised his hand. He didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he asked, “Use poison…? Use poison against the Ou Clan? Big Brother, what are you thinking? They are experts in using poisons, ah.”

“Um, it is unimaginable for you. So, it would be even more unimaginable for the Ou Clan!” Chu Yang sneered, “They have long been famous for using poisons. So, they have always been conceited. Therefore, they wouldn’t be as cautious as an ordinary person if someone were to use poison against them! However… the only important thing is to think of some kind of poison that the Ou Clan hasn’t discovered yet.”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes lit up. He was beginning to feel increasingly incredible about the steps Chu Yang was taking. This wasn’t because his strategy was too brilliant or anything… It was because Chu Yang was attempting to exploit the blind spot of the enemy. And, this was something that the others simply couldn’t think of!

Just this point itself had put them at an invincible position!

Perhaps nobody in the entire Middle Three Heavens had ever thought of using poison to deal with the Ou Clan.

In fact, he was continuously thinking while Chu Yang was talking, [what poison should be used to deal with the Ou Clan? Using an ordinary poison would be akin to making a fool of ourselves. We must use a poison that they can’t detect. Moreover, we must make a clever plan…]

“There are 700-800 pounds of Poisonous Flood Dragon’s meat!” the Sword Spirit spoke-up in Chu Yang’s mind, “I can extract the poison… Moreover, this poison… is very deadly. However, it will contaminate the place where it would be used. And, that place will remain a poison land for a long time, and that will inevitably harm the innocents.”

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up as he replied, “That won’t be an issue. I can smear the poison on our weapons and bodies. So, it would be limited to these two parts that way. Then, we will kill the enemies and clean up. But, it’s a pity that the original trap will go to waste… So, let’s do it this way… we will still use our initial plan. But, we will put up a warning sign to warn people that this is a poisonous area…”

The Sword Spirit became silent for a while. He then said, “This decision is yours to make. The Middle Three Heavens is one massive landscape. And, there are only a few innocents among the people of Jiang Hu… Moreover, the ones who may enter the Chill Wind Forest are most likely not going to be good people anyway. So, it doesn’t matter even if they die.”

Chu Yang nodded and replied, “Let it be that way if that’s the case.”

Chu Yang didn’t feel anything towards this. [Just as Sword Spirit said… How many innocent are there among the people of Jiang Hu? The Middle Three Heavens adheres to the law of jungle more strongly. Which men have come here and haven’t submerged in the cluster of blood debt?] Chu Yang had always assumed a decisive stance whenever it came to making decision to kill.

It was soon informed that Luo Ke Di had made the preparations on his end.

The Sword Spirit promptly reminded, [The Ou Clan’s people aren’t far away.]

Chu Yang immediately kick-started the plan, “Ji Mo! Get into action!”

Ji Mo shouted in a strange manner, “Don’t worry… Ahwooh~~~ Dog Aunt!”

Everyone laughed.

The Ou Clan’s people were spread out in a big fan-shaped formation. Three elders were in the middle of their respective troops. And, they were advancing forward as a slow pace.

They felt more and more gloominess and moisture as they went deeper into the forest. Although it was broad daylight, but clouds and mist were still curling up all around. So, the line of sight had become extremely hazy. In fact, their eyes were almost useless since nothing could be seen beyond twenty or thirty feet.

Therefore, everyone had become more alert. In fact, no one dared to be negligent.

They continued to go deeper, and half-an-hour had passed soon-enough. Suddenly, faint sounds of fighting were heard from a distance.

[Could it be that some people are already fighting here?] The Second Elder and the others were startled. They rapidly went towards the place from where the sounds were coming. The more they moved forwards… the more intense the fight felt to be…

The Second Elder puckered up his white eyebrows. He then said in a low and deep voice, “It seems that many people are besieging a person!”

The other people looked at each other. They then started to move forward more carefully.

[Who is fighting? Is it one of the men that we are chasing after? It would be very good if that’s the case!]

The faint sounds had turned into loud sounds of cussing by now.

“…Kill this freak! Quickly! The Ou Clan is about to reach…”

“Everyone attack!”

“Let’s attack him all at once!”

The Second Elder smiled. It seemed as if he had been relieved from a burden. He exposed cruel killing intention in his eyes, “Brats! We finally overtook you!”

[But, who are they fighting against?]

An odd rumbling sound came along with a furious voice at this moment. It seemed as if the person who was speaking was extremely angry. Moreover, it seemed that he was extremely aggrieved, and couldn’t take it anymore.

“This… what is he saying?” an expert of the Ou Clan leant his ear in puzzlement, but he couldn’t understand anything that he heard. However, he wasn’t the only one. The other people of the Ou Clan were puzzled as well. They also tried to hear closely, but couldn’t understand anything. In fact, they were unable to make any sense of what they heard.

They went a few steps in. Suddenly, several metal clanging sounds echoed along with loud cries.

Then, an odd and extremely furious voice was heard, “… Dog in dog! Mi mi ta! Sister-in-law hometown! Wow, wait! Dog Aunt…!”

The Second Elder looked left and right in confusion. And, he found that everyone else also had a puzzled look on their faces.

“Is it possible that he’s cussing at the other people?” an expert of the Ou Clan cautiously and solemnly guessed.

“The tone of this voice doesn’t suggest that he’s speaking words of praise…” another man knitted his brows and said, “But, what did he just say? How come I’ve never heard that before?”

A loud explosion was again heard at this moment. And, that voice again furiously said, “Sister-in-law hometown! Trash oil mud rice… woo this, woo that, wow howl? Whip chirp pout mommy Ou he nun wind and rain monkey! Wow, wait! Dog Aunt! Wow, wait! Dog Aunt!”

“Whatever he’s saying sounds really bizarre!” An expert of the Ou Clan scratched his head, “I don’t understand anything!”

Another expert also had a depressed look on his face. In fact, he was staring blankly… like a duck that was listening to the sounds of thunder.

The Second Elder, Third Elder and Fourth Elder were very experienced and knowledgeable. But, they couldn’t make sense of these words either. However, they could sense the urgency in the voice of this man. Moreover, the fight had also become increasingly intense by now. Suddenly, a scream was heard, “Sister-in-law hometown! Dog Aunt, ah…”

The cussing sounds continued to be heard. Then, a scream was again heard. And, it seemed that the fight had shifted towards the left side. The man seemed to have broken the siege. Then, it again seemed to have shifted to the right side…

“This man is injured,” the Second Elder spoke-up with certainty.

“Second Elder, it’s a very wise observation. You have made the exact judgement of the situation of the fight with the help of these small clues. That is indeed godly!” An expert who was standing next to him had a look of admiration on his face. The Second Elder stroked his beard and nodded in a flattered manner.

However, everyone else looked at that guy disdainfully. [Motherfu*ker, this guy’s cry was so pitiful. He is obviously injured. Even a child can deduce this… And, this is a wise observation in your opinion? Would you shout like that in normal situations if you were at that man’s place…?]

[To think that you’d flatter him like this… how very disgusting!]

“Go and encircle! Don’t make any sound!” the Second Elder made a prompt decision and waved his hand as he gave the order.

His voice hadn’t even faded yet, and the Fourth Elder’s men went over there and surrounded the area.

They went flying over. However, they didn’t get the time to begin the attack when they suddenly saw some movements up ahead in the thick fog. They saw a person’s shadow falling down. This person appeared to be in an extremely distressed state. Then, this person flew over to several hundred feet. He then fell down on the ground again. Then, he stood up… but again collapsed. He then cussed in a loud voice, “Slight squint! Together gang up! Sister-in-law hometown! Wow, wait! Dog Aunt… Dog Aunt…”

Everyone looked at this. They couldn’t help but suck in cold air.

This person’s stature appeared to be thin. He wasn’t tall. And, he looked grotesquely shaped. His hair was colorful. And, he had a strange horn sticking out from his hair. His nose was sticking upward, and it seemed somewhat twisted. Surprisingly, one of his eyes was red and the other one was blue.

The flesh wounds on his body were so twisted that it was too horrible to lay eyes on them. He had wounds all over his body, and blood was gushing out of them. The strangest and most surprising thing was that the blood which was flowing out of his body was sparkling and translucent. In fact, it seemed as if starlight was flashing out of the blood from his wounds. Moreover, there was an eye-catching symbol on his forehead. This symbol seemed to resemble a golden star…

“This is a person of Star Race of the Three Stars Divine Clan!” the Second Elder was indeed worthy of being called ‘experienced and knowledgeable’. He had managed to recognize this even while looking from afar. Everyone exclaimed in admiration at the same time. [The Second Elder is genuinely erudite and informed.]

However, the Second Elder’s mind was still filled with suspicions, “No wonder we couldn’t understand what he was saying… that’s because it is a person from the Star race of Three Star Divine Clan. But, why will someone from Star race appear here?”

That strange person lay on the ground. He raised his head, and realized that he had been encircled by many people. And, his eyes immediately emitted a panic-stricken look as he realized this. He then started to crawl back. He seemed to be stuck in a dilemma as he said, “Dog in dog! Sister-in-law hometown! Sister-in-law hometown! I cry! Tired… Dog Aunt!”


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