Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 520 – CN

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“Ha ha ha ha…” Ji Mo’s body twisted as he rolled about. He was laughing out loud while rolling back-and-forth.

“You want to become sister-in-law… Well, we were also waiting to call you sister-in-law… ha ha ha…” Dong Wu Shang was also laughing uncontrollably.

Mo Qing Wu was struck dumb as she looked at these four individuals who had approached closer. Then, she suddenly blushed. In fact, it seemed as if she was shy. She then spoke-up with a stutter, “You… you guys…”

Luo Ke Di pinched his nose and wriggled his hips as he said, “Oh my… I remember you had said to me that you would make me your fiancée after you come over… uh-huh… then, I will become the sister-in-law, ok…? Ok…?”

“You… you guys…! I hate all of you! I hate you guys to death!” Mo Qing Wu became very bashful. She lowered her head and snuggled behind Chu Yang’s back. Her small face had become burning hot. Her legs were hanging in front of Chu Yang’s chest. And, she was continuously kicking with all her strength. But, she wouldn’t raise her head to look up…

“Eh… it’s all right…” Chu Yang was smiling while comforting her.

“Humph!” Mo Qing Wu snorted feebly, and became even more ashamed and indignant.

“Ha ha ha…” Gu Du Xing and the others laughed impudently. All of them had burst out laughing one-after-another.

“Humph! All of you are laughing… you eavesdrop on other people’s conversation… then, you even laugh!” Mo Qing Wu kicked her calves angrily as a muffled sound came from Chu Yang’s back.

“Ahm Ahm… don’t laugh,” Chu Yang was at a loss. But, he had no choice but to use his authority as their Big Brother. He said, “What’s so funny…”

“But, such a tiny little girl… wants to be our sister-in-law…” Ji Mo uttered a loud cry of anguish. His entire body twitched. In fact, he nearly got cramps all over.

A good while passed before everyone restrained their laughter under Chu Yang’s suppression. However, their bodies were still trembling even though they were enduring with great difficulty.

“It’s all right now. See… no one’s laughing.” Chu Yang suppressed his own laughter and patted Mo Qing Wu’s hand.

Mo Qing Wu cautiously stuck out her head from behind Chu Yang, and saw everyone’s distorted faces since they were trying their best to suppress their laughter. She then made a sad face, and spoke-up in a displeased and annoyed manner, “Tell them to stop grinning!”

Then, she again shrunk back with a ‘swoosh’…

Chu Yang tried to coax her for a long time. And, he eventually managed to amuse this cute little girl. She blushed as she lowered her face with a helpless appearance on her face.

“Well, they dare to laugh at you now. So, you become their sister-in-law later, and teach them a lesson!” Chu Yang wrote a bounced check.

“Ok!” Mo Qing Wu nodded her head. She then pouted and angrily said, “You guys… just you wait and watch!”

Ji Mo grinned. He was about to laugh when he was stopped by Gu Du Xing, “This is no time to be laughing! You two fools! The enemy is approaching rapidly!”

The Ou Clan’s people were indeed approaching fast.

They had received the news, and the three Emperor Level Experts had rushed over at the fastest possible speed along with 30 King Level Experts! Later, a team of 6 King Level Experts had branched out to chase down and kill the three runway King Level Experts of Gu Clan.

However… there was a distance of hundreds of kilometers until they’d reach the Chill Wind Forest. So, it wasn’t easy to reach there early.

The morning sun’s light had illuminated the world. And, that was when the Ou Clan’s experts finally managed to arrive at the Chill Wind Forest. They saw the chill winds flourishing and roaring before them. This place looked like the lair of demons and monsters. Everyone frowned when the saw this scene.

“Old Eight and Old Ninth? Where did they go?” The Second Elder knitted his brows. They had received no messages from the Eighth and Ninth Elders on their way here. And, this bewildered everyone.

The Third Elder said, “It is possible that those two have gone into the Chill Wind Forest to chase after the enemy.”

“Could it be that something has happened to them?” the Fourth Elder spoke-up with some uncertainty.

“Ha-ha…” the Second Elder calmly laughed and replied, “Old Fourth, do you think… 20 or so King Level Experts are capable of killing an Emperor Level Expert?”

“But… 20 or so King Level Experts are perhaps capable of killing an Emperor Level Expert in a fight to the death if they were to go all-out at once. That’s certainly a possibility,” the Fourth Elder seemed startled as he replied.

“You mean those two…? One of them is a Second Grade Emperor!” Traces of disapproval flit across in the Second Elder’s eyes.

“That’s not possible,” Fourth Elder said.

“Then, what are you still skeptical about?” The Second Elder scoffed. He then waved his hand and said, “Go in! There’s a vast empty ground on the other side of the Chill Wind Forest. So, there’s basically nowhere to hide! We have our men over there, and they are monitoring the situation from there. And, no news has come from there so far. This shows that those little bastards are still hiding somewhere in the Chill Wind Forest. So, there’s no time to lose! We must go in and kill them.”

“I believe that Old Eight and Old Ninth are also anxiously waiting for us in there,” he continued with a brutal smile, “Kill the enemy as soon as you find them! Don’t leave any witnesses alive! We are only responsible for bringing things back!”


“We will break into three teams. The three of us will each lead a team that comprises of eight people. These three teams will take three different routes to search. Let out a long and loud shout to inform others once you’ve found them,” the Second Elder made a prompt decision and said, “Assume the fan-shaped advancement formation. Ensure that the gap between the teams doesn’t exceed 1000 feet! Also, the gap between people mustn’t exceed 100 feet!”


“This matter shouldn’t be delayed. Let’s act immediately!” The Second Elder waved his hand, and the 27 people stealthily entered the Chill Wind Forest.

“There are signs of fighting here!” They had barely entered when someone discovered some traces.

“Look at this. It seems that the fight must’ve been very tragic. The bloodstains are concentrated. That means… the speed of attack must’ve been very fast! The fight would’ve ended in a very short period of time,” The Second Elder lowered his head and inspected, “There are sword fragments here. This place seems to have been cleaned, but the fragments can still be seen…”

He raised his hand in the air, and carefully examined a piece of fragment he had pinched between his fingers. He then said, “This fragment has a cloud pattern on it. Moreover, its bright luster indicates that this sword was doped with Star Steel! It is such a marvelous high-quality sword. How did it break into pieces?” He was suddenly startled as he spoke this. In fact, he had been scared by his own words.

[Isn’t Old Eight’s sword also doped with Star Steel?]

Third Elder and Fourth Elder also thought of this, and their complexions changed as well.

The three people looked around, and soon found several tiny fragments. Their faces became increasingly unsightly…

“Some of these sword fragments are exuding black vapor. This indicates that the sword is doped with Nightmare Steel… this is clearly Old Ninth’s sword!” The Second Elder’s countenance had turned more and more solemn.

“Those two men’s swords were apparently shattered into small pieces here. Then… it means that they fought here. Then, whose blood is this?” There was fear in Third Elder’s expression.

“Second Brother, you said that the fighting time must’ve been very short. And, their swords have been shattered. Then…” the Second Elder and Third Elder glanced at each other as the Fourth Elder spoke this. And, they saw shock in each other’s eyes!

There was only one possibility… [Some people launched a surprise attack here. The Eight Elder and Ninth Elder had their swords shattered when confronted with this attack. And, both of them perished!]

“There are traces here!” someone shouted.

“Here too!”

These three inspected those nearby spots, and their faces sank thereafter.

There were specific traces left behind by someone leapfrogging with the entirety of their strength at those spots.

Moreover, the point of view of battlefield positions suggested that this must’ve been a premeditated sneak attack!

“However, sneak attack from these two sides shouldn’t have worked. There must’ve been a strong opponent on the opposite side. He must’ve attacked head-on to block those two, and must’ve pushed them back! And, only that could’ve allowed the people who were hidden on both sides an opportunity to strike! Moreover, the person who must’ve come from the opposite direction to launch a surprised attack should’ve had a cultivation that couldn’t have been weaker than those two!”

The Second Elder gritted his teeth and bitterly said, “In other words… there’s an enemy of First or Second Grade Emperor Level… or higher in this Chill Wind Forest.”

[Damn! Old Eighth and Old Ninth must’ve suffered a great loss in an ambush like this! They may have even… died by now!]

Everyone’s complexions changed!

“We move further as planned! Make noise to give us a warning signal if any of you discover the presence of this expert! The three of us will have to do our best to get rid of this bastard in a spurt of energy. Otherwise, we will inevitably incur heavy casualties today,” the Second Elder said.

“The enemy has such a person in their ranks. So, why should we separate?” Fourth Elder asked, “Shouldn’t we go in together?”

“Fool! Why would the enemy resort to a sneak attack if they had enough strength to kill us all in one fell swoop? This shows that this individual can only cope with one or two Emperor Level Experts even with a sneak attack’s help! His assurance isn’t that big! Thing about it…! Do you think that will he dare to show up if all three of us are together?”

The Second Elder seemed disappointed in him. So, he continued in a teaching manner, “You must lure him out first!”

“I see.” The Fourth Elder nodded.

The three teams entered the Chill Wind Forest immediately-after, and proceeded slowly according to the prior agreement. Everyone was cautious and solemn as this time. They had arrived brimming with confidence. However, they had completely lost it by now.

A team composed of such experts had become quite jittery at this time.

“They’ve entered the forest,” the Sword Spirit said in Chu Yang’s mind.

“How many people?” Chu Yang asked.

“27 people. One Third Grade Emperor Level Expert, two Second Grade Emperor Level Experts, seven Ninth Grade King Level Experts, and the remaining King Level Experts are at either fourth or fifth grade. They are divided into three teams, and are coming from three directions. Each team is being led by a respectable Emperor Level Expert. The leftmost team seems to be the strongest,” the Sword Spirit carefully explained each and every detail.

However, the Sword Spirit suddenly felt somewhat aggrieved once he had said this… [Respectable Emperor Level Expert…? Motherfu*ker, since when have I started to call this group of trash as ‘respectable’?]

“The Ou Clan really isn’t holding back,” Chu Yang sneered in his heart. [It can indeed be called as ‘overkill’ that they’ve dispatched troops of such capacity to deal with us youngsters.]

“The cloth diversion formation at the entrance must’ve aroused their vigilance. And, that must’ve succeeded in making them think that there’s a high level expert among us. Therefore, they haven’t dared to come in rashly. In fact, they are advancing very cautiously,” the Sword Spirit spoke-up somewhat jokingly.

“Well, our chances of winning are very big as long as they don’t swarm around us!” Chu Yang nodded. A sinister smile appeared on his face.

“How are the preparations going?” Chu Yang turned his head to ask.

“Nearly done,” Gu Du Xing seemingly replied without even listening to the question. Then, he further said, “Only the trap Luo Ke Di is working isn’t ready yet. But, it should be done soon.”

“Good,” Chu Yang whispered, “They’ve entered the forest.”

Gu Du Xing nodded, and silently moved back.

Dong Wu Shang and Ji Mo looked at each other from far away. And, they only saw each other’s twinkling eyes in the midst of the roaring chill winds. The murderous intent was flaming in their hearts.

[The Ou Clan wants to deal with us purely by encircling us. They intend to hunt us down. However, they would’ve never thought that their prey has already transformed into the hunter!]

[And, they themselves have become the real prey. Moreover, the prey is willingly walking towards the hunter’s trap…]


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