Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 519 – CN

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One must know that Emperor Level Experts were basically considered at the top in the Middle Three Heavens! The big clans also had higher level experts of the Monarch Level, but those individuals were mostly old monsters of god knows how many years of age. In fact, they wouldn’t even show up once in decades! And, the ones who were somewhat extreme wouldn’t even show themselves in 100 or 200 years…

Moreover, even their own clans had no way to determine whether these people were still alive or not…

Therefore, the invincibility of the image of the Emperor Level Experts had been deeply carved in the hearts of every single person in the Middle Three Heavens for a long time. So much so that there was even a saying in the Middle Three Heavens that ‘A clan which didn’t have Emperor Level Expert couldn’t establish a strong foundation after its expansion’!

The Emperor Level had become the lifetime goal for the youth of Middle Three Heavens. And, they used to strive hard to achieve it! And, this was why the Gu Clan had imprisoned Gu Miao Ling… after all, an elder’s promotion to the Emperor Level had been interrupted by her actions!

It was undoubtedly a driving force. However, it was also an imperceptible shackle! Because… Emperor Level was paramount, and achieving it would be like a dream come true. However, what would happen once this life-long dream was materialized?

Therefore, many experts felt as if their job was done after they had cultivated to the Emperor Level. Mindset is of paramount importance for any martial expert! Therefore, the emergence of this feeling inside their hearts would basically leave them to believe that they had arrived at the finishing line!

Gu Du Xing and the others had also grown up in such clans. So, they were bound to have such a mentality as well. And, Chu Yang needed to smash it for them!

The Ou Clan hadn’t attacked them yet. However, Chu Yang had taken the initiative, and had led his brothers to ambush and kill Emperor Level Experts! And, he had done this to shatter this mentality of theirs! 

[This illusory legend of their hearts will be shattered only when Emperor Level Expert die in front of them… and, that too at their own hands!]

The reason why Chu Yang had arranged for this ambush and killing — his true purpose — was to help them walk past this very notion since it had occupied a very important position in their heart! 

“This isn’t limited to the Emperor Level exerts alone! We can also kill… a Monarch Level Expert in the same manner as long as we make proper arrangements!” Chu Yang smiled slightly. His voice was filled with a fanatical self-confidence. And, this self-confidence was rapidly spreading to his brothers as well!

None of these five people spoke. But, their eyes were shining.

This glow signified a breakthrough from the shackles on one’s mind!

All of them felt that an intense fighting intention was seething within their hearts. In fact, they even forgot about their own physical injuries!

An idea had spontaneously arisen in everyone’s heart. [We can kill Emperor Level Expert even though we are at the King Level. In fact, we could even kill Monarch Level Experts! So, won’t it be possible to destroy Saint Level Experts once we reach the Monarch Level? And, if were to extrapolate like this…]

[A Supreme Level Expert is nothing…?]

Chu Yang let out a sigh of relief. He knew that his brothers had gotten through this notion. So, he finally felt relieved. However, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his body at this moment…

Chu Yang’s pre-emptive attack had been the most important action in that battle! However, the injuries he had received were also very serious. Thankfully, there was no need to worry because he currently had an unlimited supply of medicinal efficacies in his body. He also had the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pills in abundance. So, he had everything he needed.

Every person popped a pill along with Gu Du Xing. And, their injuries healed not long after.

Gu Du Xing heaved a sigh of relief. He opened his eyes and said, “So, this is how it feels to kill a strong enemy! Ha-ha, it’s quite ironical that I had arranged for seven more people to ambush the enemy. And, they would’ve come out to launch the final strike if we had failed. However, I didn’t expect that there wouldn’t be any need to call them…”

Everyone laughed.

“Our preliminary formation for this battle is indeed worthy of being proud of.” Chu Yang summarized, “The aggression of Wu Shang, the strong spirit of Du Xing, and the courage of Ji Mo and Ke Di! This is the most valuable thing. And, this will also be our greatest advantage in the future. You guys must firmly remember the characteristics of each brother. The battle scenarios will be ever-changing in the future. So, we can only maximize our respective strong points in order to bring out our true potential.”

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others nodded in a profound manner.

“Also, killing an expert… isn’t an easy task. You can kill an expert, but what matters is how you do it! You can have self-confidence, but the one who is conceited and blinded by overconfidence… will inevitably weigh us down and drag everyone to hell! We must keep this point in our minds!” Chu Yang profoundly added.


“The Ou Clan’s people should be arriving soon. Everyone, get ready,” Chu Yang issued an order. The brothers’ bodies flashed as they went floating into the Chill Wind Forest.

Chu Yang picked up Mo Qing Wu, and strode into the forest as well.

However, he felt that something was off once they had covered some distance. Mo Qing Wu seemed to be somewhat silent compared to her usual self…

“Qing Wu, what’s wrong?” Chu Yang asked, “Were you scared?”

“No.” Mo Qing Wu pursed up her lips and shook her head with all her strength. But, her small mouth didn’t say anything else.

“Don’t tell me… are missing your home?” Chu Yang continued to probe.

“Definitely not,” Mo Qing Wu shook her head again.

Chu Yang continued to make several guesses in quick succession. However, Mo Qing Wu would only shake her head in response.

Mo Qing Wu eventually pouted in an aggrieved manner and asked in a timid fashion, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, is Xiao Wu very useless?”

“Useless…?” Chu Yang was startled, “Where did that come from?”

“But… but, I always feel… that I have become a burden on Elder Brother Chu Yang,” Mo Qing Wu made a sad face. She then said as she started to cry, “I can only hide and watch from the sidelines every time Elder Brother Chu Yang fights. You may win or lose, but I can only watch… I want to help you, Elder Brother Chu Yang. But, I don’t have the strength… I don’t have the strength… boohoo…”

Mo Qing Wu had spoken this while crying. She then used her small hands to wipe her tears, “I’m so useless…”

“How can Qing Wu be useless?” Chu Yang anxiously said, “Having Qing Wu by my side is the most useful thing ever. Elder Brother Chu Yang’s mood gets better when he see Qing Wu after the fight. It’s always fun to be around Qing Wu. Qing Wu’s usefulness is beyond anyone’s reach!”

“But, I am so weak…” Mo Qing Wu’s mood suddenly brightened up as she whispered. In fact, the sad look on her face had also disappeared by now.

“So what if your strength is low…? That can be increase by practicing. Besides, Qing Wu is injured right now. Just you wait for 10-20 days. We will find Young Master Yu and take that stuff from him. Then, I can cure Xiao Wu’s Three Yin Meridians. And, you will be able to cultivate once your Three Yin Meridians have been cured. And then, you will even surpass Elder Brother Chu Yang in a few days.”

Chu Yang added with a gently smile, “Later, Elder Brother Chu Yang will even start to count on Qing Wu to protect him.”

“Really?!” The cute little girl opened her eyes wide, and her eyes started to glisten with teardrops, “You aren’t lying to me… are you?”

“Of course not!” Chu Yang vowed solemnly.

Mo Qing Wu had faith in him. So, her mood suddenly got a lot better. In fact, she even began to sway from side to side while riding on Chu Yang’s neck. She then spoke-up in a merry tone, “Humph, humph, wait till I am able to cultivate again. I will protect Elder Brother Chu Yang. I won’t let anyone bully him!”

She bent down to face Chu Yang, and looked into his eyes. And, her black hair suddenly fell over Chu Yang’s neck. She blinked her eyes, and spoke-up in manner that made it seem as if she was taking a vow, “Elder Brother Chu Yang can relax. I will protect you for a lifetime!”

“Eh… protect me for a lifetime…” Chu Yang was suddenly taken aback. In fact, he even let his imagination roam. [For a lifetime…]

“Yes! For a lifetime!” Mo Qing Wu nodded with all her might as she replied in a firm manner.

“That’s great!” Chu Yang laughed and said, “Then, I shall remember this. Qing Wu will protect me for a lifetime.”

“He he… hee hee hee hee…” Mo Qing Wu laughed merrily. Her calves were swinging in front of Chu Yang’s chest. Chu Yang lowered his head, and started to daydream. He couldn’t help but laugh foolishly when he recalled that part where had she said ‘I will protect you’.

Neither of them spoke afterwards. There was a long period of silence before she asked in an apprehensive manner, “Elder Brother Chu Yang… you see, um… can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

Mo Qing Wu smiled in a pitiful manner as she asked in somewhat imploring way, “Whose hair is stitched… inside your clothes?” She diffidently looked at Chu Yang’s face. She further added in a feeble voice, “Elder Brother Chu Yang’s complexion looked so ugly that day…”

Chu Yang was suddenly rendered speechless.

He hadn’t expected that this cute little girl would bring it up again. She had seen it that day, but she had held herself back until now. In fact, it must’ve been extremely difficult for her to hold-it-in for this long. However, the answer to this question was even harder to say…

“Well…” Chu Yang wanted to explain, but hesitated…

Mo Qing Wu seemed broken-hearted as she whispered, “Is it Elder Brother Chu Yang’s wife?”

“Eh… no, no… eh… no, no, no, no, no…” Chu Yang’s body shook as he denied with all his might. [Fu*k… this is totally baseless. How did my wife come into this little girl’s imagination… damn it, this matter is bullshit…]

“So it’s not… phew…” Mo Qing Wu let out a sigh of relief. And, she immediately felt somewhat light in her heart. She didn’t know why, but she felt happy when Chu Yang denied this.

Then, a snorting sound was heard. And, this was followed by a few words which seemed intended to investigate in detail, “Then… there is no sister-in-law?”

“What sister-in-law! There’s no sister-in-law!” Chu Yang’s breathing got louder. [Why is this little girl stuck with the word ‘sister-in-law’?]

“There’s no sister-in-law… great!” The little girl rolled her eyes once. Then, she spoke-up in a lovable manner, “Elder Brother Chu… I remember you had said to me in the Lower Three Heavens that you would make me your fiancée after you come over…”

The little girl had begun to turn over old accounts. Moreover, she had ‘closed in on him’ in a very rhythmic and systematic manner. She continued to pursue relentlessly before the final strike.

“Eh… uh…” Chu Yang rolled his eyes in a dispirited manner.

Meanwhile, Gu Du Xing and the others had held their breath for fear that they might get heard by Chu Yang. In fact, they had covered their mouths with all their might. And, their entire bodies were twitching…

“What ‘eh’‘uh’…” the little girl spoke-up with a displeased pout. Then, she anxiously questioned, “Do you remember? Do you remember?”

“I remember. I remember,” Chu Yang replied in an ambiguous manner. He was sweating profusely since he felt that… [Gu Du Xing and the others aren’t far. So, they can definitely hear this conversation. But, I am being forced by this little girl to confess…]

One should think about this situation… An eleven-year-old little girl was constantly interrogating him, and was asking sensitive questions like fiancée, sister-in-law, and such. And, he had no choice but to muster his courage and face the questions. Meanwhile, everyone else in the surroundings was eavesdropping…

“Do you admit or not?” Chu Yang didn’t elaborate. So, this little girl flipped out and grabbed her Elder Brother Chu Yang’s ears to make him confess…

“I admit! Of course, I admit!” Chu Yang nodded like a ‘chicken that was pecking rice’.

“Humph. That is to say that there’s genuinely no sister-in-law…” Mo Qing Wu pouted her little mouth in a victorious manner since she had a habit of pouting regardless of whether she felt wronged or happy. She then lowered her head. However, the expression on her face was entirely different by the time she faced upwards again…

“Of course not,” Chu Yang hastily replied as he wiped his cold sweat.

“So, I will become the sister-in-law, ok…?” The little girl started to blush. Her vision was as clear as water even at such a young age. Chu Yang was shocked by this. He raised his eyes, and saw a bashful face that had a strong feminine touch to it…


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