Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 517 – CN

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Chu Yang took out a water pouch, and threw it towards Gu Du Xing as they rushed, “Du Xing, give it to everyone, and tell them to take a sip from it. I can’t be certain when the enemy would come up to attack us!”

“Alright!” Gu Du Xing didn’t know what this was. But, he knew that Chu Yang had given this… so there must’ve been some purpose. He raised it, and took a sip first. Then, he tossed it towards Dong Wu Shang. Then, Dong Wu Shang took a sip, and passed it to Luo Ke Di.

They kept passing the bag, and everyone took a sip of the drink.

Then, Gu Du Xing asked, “Big Brother, what’s the use of this drink?”

“One sip of this will make you immune to all kinds of poisons!” Chu Yang softly replied.

“I expect that this is because of the Ou Clan!” Gu Du Xing became furious. His eyes turned cold in an instant.

[An antidote… It’s being used to guard against the Ou Clan. Why else would we need it?]

“I guess the Ou Clan wants to plunder the resources that you possess?” Dong Wu Shang spoke-up in a deep voice. He was usually a quiet and reserved fellow, but he had accurately pointed out this issue.

“You’re right,” Chu Yang nodded.

“The Ou Clan is truly ungrateful!” Ji Mo furiously spat and said, “Big Brother, Ou Du Xiao would’ve been thoroughly discredited on Mt. Dingjun if you hadn’t helped him out. And now, he’s biting the hand that has fed him. That man has no principles!”

Gu Du Xing smiled and said, “The Ou Clan thinks that they are too smart. They would’ve had smoother chances of success if they had intercepted us directly. But, they’ve acted too smart for their own good. And, they only sent Ou Du Xiao. They wanted to lure us into their manor so that they could eliminate us all in one fell swoop. They wanted to have best deal at the cheapest rate…”

“However, it’s a pity because God’s plans supersede our own. Big Brother had detected it, and he made us leave before they could act. Then, Big Brother went in alone to have the business deal. They must’ve flown into a rage, but couldn’t dare to act… Ha ha ha…” Dong Wu Shang had understood the matter. And, he couldn’t help but laugh in pleasure as a result.

“Big Brother, you must’ve plundered somethings after you entered their clan, right?” Luo Ke Di asked with curiosity.

“Not much. I only spent eight billion in the Ou Clan! I bought a large part of the rare and precious items the Ou Clan had,” Chu Yang smiled, “And, I may have conveniently stolen a few things from their herbal storehouse as well…”

“Great…! Big Brother, you’re indeed great…” the four brothers showed thumps up at the same time, and adulated him.

[Going to other people’s homes… then, going to their secret treasure houses… and then, stealing things from there… it’s also a rare talent!]

These people obviously didn’t know that Chu Yang had stolen many things. They thought that he had only stolen a few items. However, they were unaware that this Big Brother of their’ was rather greedy by nature. So, they obviously didn’t know that he was carrying all the items of the entire herbal storehouse of the Ou Clan…

His so-called ‘a few things’ weren’t ‘just a few things’ in reality…

In fact, there was nothing left in the herbal storehouse of the Ou Clan at this time… except for the empty Divine Incense Jade boxes…

Well… there must’ve been some ashes in the jade boxes…

“There should be the Chill Wind Forest 150 kilometres ahead. The Chill Wind Forest will be a good place to hide!” Gu Du Xing said, “The terrain over there is complex. So, it would suitable for us to travel stealthily.”

He paused and said, “However… we need to take note of one thing. The Ou Clan wants to attack us, and they must already know that we can easily defeat ordinary King Level Experts! So, they will definitely dispatch Emperor Level Experts. Moreover, there will be more than one!

“Therefore, this fight would be extremely dangerous. And, they will probably try to wipe us out. So, there would certainly be casualties even if we were to be a little lucky! Everyone must be well prepared for the situation!” Gu Du Xing said, “If you wish to turn back — then you may do so right now. No one will stop you if any of you wishes to walk in the other direction. We won’t force you to stay!”

He had obviously spoken these words for the ten King Level Experts of his own clan since he knew that his brothers weren’t going to withdraw at any cost.

No one responded for a long while after these words were said.

Gu Du Xing felt heavy in his heart. He said, “You guys don’t have to feel forced. After all, you can’t be careless when it comes to life and death. So, you can leave if you want. But, please inform my clan in case we brothers happen to meet any mishap. And, we would still be grateful to you!”

[This is a valid reason. And, it’s the most just and honourable reason to get out of this situation!]

Most people see the profit and forget morality. Most people are greedy for life, and afraid of death. Most people wish to escape from death. And, they need any such reason to escape. And, Gu Du Xing had himself thrown out the reason at this time.

This reason had obviously made some people restless.

Three of them signalled each other with their eyes. They then suddenly spoke-up, “We three people wish to go in a different direction in accordance with the Young Clan Lord’s words. We can also attract some enemies away for the Young Clan Lord…”

A cold light flashed in Gu Du Xing’s eyes as he said, “Take care!”

He didn’t even turn his head as he continued to speed-along with the other people. So, only these three people remained there as a result…

The three of them looked at each other at first. They then chose another direction, and started to proceed forward.

“Boss, would we genuinely attract some enemies for them?”

“You’re foolish, ah… The Ou Clan will attack from all sides from their base camp. Those guys are screwed. How can we three help them? Hurry up, and run for your life!”

“We can’t go to the Gu Clan after we’ve abandoned the Young Clan Lord since that will also be a dead end for us. So, it’s pointless to give the news to the Clan. Let’s just run away!”

The shadows of the three men vanished in the dim of the night.

“Young Lord, we shouldn’t ignore the decrement of our manpower,” An old King Level Expert of the Gu Clan looked-on as his subordinates fled. In fact, he had flown into a rage because of it. He was about to chase after them so that he could execute them with his own hands. But, Gu Du Xing had stopped him.

“Third Uncle, you’re being overanxious. The danger is huge at this juncture. So, we needed to ensure that our team was honest and pure!” Gu Du Xing profoundly smiled and said, “These men threw away the friendship and fled. So, there’s no guarantee that these men wouldn’t have beheaded us to save their own lives. And, we can’t take such a risk right now. Therefore, it was better that we made them leave beforehand.”

“Du Xing is right,” Chu Yang added, “Besides, these people have run away. And, it’s obvious that the Ou Clan knows that there are sixteen people in our party. So, the news of these three people running away would definitely reach the Ou Clan. Therefore, the Ou Clan won’t allow them to slip away since they would find it hard to avoid the road to disaster even though these three guys have secretly absconded. Moreover, they have unintentionally become another target of the enemy’s pursuit!”

“You’re right. That is indeed the case,” The old King Level Expert named Gu Qing Feng carefully thought over what he heard. And, he couldn’t help but be frightened in his heart. He then looked at Chu Yang and his brother. However, he noticed that they didn’t seem worried. He knew that these brothers had already thought this through. He couldn’t help as he drew a long sigh and muttered, “These youngsters will surpass us in no time!”

The two elders of the Ou Clan got distracted by Chu Yang’s cloth-diversions, and wandered around for a long while. Then, they eventually found the right direction. But, they were already four-hundred kilometres behind Chu Yang and the others by now!

“Send the news to the clan without delay, and inform them that they’ve gone into the Chill Wind Forest! They were initially sixteen in number. But, there are three less now. They must’ve gone to seek help. It’s important to kill those three men as well! They mustn’t be allowed to get away since their survival will cause a lot of trouble,” the Eighth Elder hurriedly spoke-up while flying forwards.

The Ninth Elder took out a little golden falcon from his bosom. He wrote several words, and hung the paper on its leg. Then, he loosened it from his hands, and the little falcon hurriedly flew away. It hovered in the sky, and disappeared without a trace.

The two elders gave a quick look to each other, and accelerated the pace of their chase.

“This is the Chill Wind Forest in front of us!” Gu Du Xing extended his hand, and pointed forward. They could only see darkness in the front. There were dark clouds and mists gathered all-around. The chilly wind was roaring. And, the cold Yin energy was blowing in a range of several kilometres.

“This Chill Wind Forest has an unusual climate. And, terrain here is very unique because of this. In fact, one can’t even see the sun in broad daylight since the clouds and mist are always gathered here. Moreover, one can’t even see the person who stands opposite to them when the situation becomes extreme…”

Dong Wu Shang feared that Chu Yang might not understand this since he had just come up from the Lower Three Heavens. So, he was constantly explaining these aspects.

“It’s a good place!” Chu Yang’s eyes lit-up.

“Two men are chasing after you at the back. It seems like there’s a first grade Emperor Level Expert among them. And, the other must be a second grade Emperor Level Expert,” the Sword Spirit hurriedly uttered and reminded him inside his mind, “They are the ones who were chasing after you earlier.”

“So quick…” Chu Yang muttered to himself.

“These two men must’ve been sent out as an advance party. So, there must still be time for the main troops to arrive,” the Sword Spirit reminded.

“So to say… there are only two people right now?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and exposed a cold murderous aura on his face.

“Du Xing, we will enter the Chill Wind Forest, and lie-in-wait to ambush them!” Chu Yang whispered as they dashed forwards, “Two Emperor Level Experts of the Ou Clan are chasing after us. And, this is the only opportunity to attack them since they are alone!”

“Alright!” A sharp light flashed in Gu Du Xing’s eyes. He waved his hand and shouted, “Speed up!”

Everyone crossed two-or-three kilometres like dark clouds with a few whooshing sounds, and entered the Chill Wind Forest. The cold winds and the gloomy fog that prevailed in the air swallowed everyone’s figures as they entered the forest…

Gu Du Xing issued an order as soon as they entered, and everyone came to a halt. After that, he started to make arrangements since there wasn’t enough time to explain anything. He placed the remaining seven King Level Experts together in a relatively safer place.

Chu Yang put Mo Qing Wu on a tree in a distant place. However, Mo Qing Wu felt an increasing amount of pain in her heart as she watched Chu Yang turn around and leave. [I want strength! I want strength! I want strength, Ah! I must be at Elder Brother Chu Yang’s side to help him whenever he fights. I don’t want to see him from afar and be worried, ah…]

Mo Qing Wu felt a very strong urge in her heart…

Chu Yang was obviously the one who positioned the brothers.

“Du Xing, Ji Mo, you stay in the left… Wu Shang and Ke Di, you stay in the right… And, I will be in the middle!” Chu Yang looked at the four brothers in a commanding manner, “I will use a method as powerful as thunderbolt, and I will make them fall into a defensive situation in one fell swoop. Then, you guys will seize the opportunity and attack them! You must land a decisive blow on the enemy in the first strike itself. Our opponents are two Emperor Level Experts. Don’t let them have the slightest opportunity to counter-attack!”


The four people complied in unison.

They drew their swords and sabers out of the sheaths, and held them in their hands. They would’ve made sounds if they were to draw their swords and sabers when the time for the attack would be upon. And, those sounds could’ve alerted the enemy. Therefore, they took out their weapons ahead of time!

“They want our wealth, and we want their lives!” Chu Yang coldly said, “This is only the beginning!”

Chu Yang made a signal with his hand, and everyone held their breaths.


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