Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 515 – CN

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The jade box was originally sealed tightly. But, this bizarre matter was like a pervasive ghost as it passed through things without facing any obstacles. It floated about and infiltrated into the jade box as if there was no barrier…

Ou Du Xiao wasn’t even aware of it. In fact, his heart was brimming with feelings of accomplishment at this time. Moreover, the price that Chu Yang had set for this item was fair and just. So, he straightforwardly replied, “Brother Chu said that he wants. So, 2.5 million it is!” He thought, [The things that you’re buying right now are going to come back to us anyway…]

Chu Yang laughed out loud as he personally moved the jade box. But, he then put it down at the entrance, and said, “Brother Ou, I will put all the items that I wish to buy at the entrance, okay? Then, you get them shifted out later. Also, please give me one big package so that the items can be packed in it. That would be very convenient…”

Ou Du Xiao replied with a smile, “There’s no trouble in this. Everything would happen according to Brother Chu’s desire! But, are you sure you don’t want the jade box? You won’t be able to preserve the herbs you’d buy if you won’t have them…”

“I have my own ways,” Chu Yang forced a smile and said, “I wouldn’t be able to buy a lot of items if I add on the value of these jade boxes.”

Ou Du Xiao smiled back.

The two of them continued to move forwards. Then, he opened the eighth jade box…

The thing that made Ou Du Xiao depressed was that Chu Yang looked at the jade boxes, but he didn’t wish to buy any of the items in them. These divine medicinal herbs were priceless in Ou Du Xiao’s eyes. But, Chu Yang would look at them once to assess, and walked forward.

He looked at ten jade boxes in a row. Then, Chu Yang took fancy to a Dreamy Heart Herb. And, he paid five million silver taels for it. Then, he again passed by five or six jade boxes, and liked the core of a Snow Lotus Herb. However, the amount he paid this time was somewhat bigger. It was twenty million…

Chu Yang slowly looked at 150 jade boxes as time passed. However, he only picked six jade boxes out of them. And, this was very different from what Ou Du Xiao had previously imagined!

However, he wasn’t worried. [No matter how many items you choose… we will snatch them back from you later…]

Then, they walked to the other side. Chu Yang’s nitpicking attitude made Ou Du Xiao’s hair stand up in anger since he only chose two items!

The entire morning had already passed by now.

Luckily, Chu Yang’s speed was good. Otherwise, one day wouldn’t have been enough to look at all the items…

He had seen three hundred jade boxes by now. And, the thing that had made Ou Du Xiao speechless was… [Chu Yang has only spent less than one hundred million in such a precious treasure house! The jade boxes that he has picked were precisely ten.]

Chu Yang looked somewhat disappointed as he said, “Brother Ou… I wish to say something. But, I don’t know if saying that would be appropriate or not…”

Ou Du Xiao hurriedly said, “Brother Chu, there’s no harm in saying what you wish to say.”

“The millennium-old heritage of the Ou Clan… has surprised me. But… he he he… you have many varieties of stuff… but, there seems to be only a few of them… that are genuinely good. It seems that your clan needs to put more effort in enhancing the quality of the items… and not the quantity…”

He shook his head. He let out a sigh of regret and said, “Take my example… I thought that I will return home with a full load when I saw such a big secret treasure house. But, I feel disappointed after having looked at this… This is very different from the reputation of your clan’s millennium-old heritage…”

Ou Du Xiao almost crooked his nose in anger. He thought, [there are so many martial treasures on this side. And, you don’t want them! There are many divine medicinal herbs among them that are almost equivalent to the Nine Great Herbal Medicines. You just fail to appreciate the quality. You have beads for eyes. And, you’re criticizing the heritage of our Ou Clan?]

He replied with a forced smile, “Yes, yes. Brother Chu Yang is right.” He thought, [The clan’s decision to get rid of this guy is obviously the right one. Dammit! Being in his company is depressing me to death…]

“Umm… let’s go and take a look over to that side.” Chu Yang considerately said, “Brother Ou, tell your men to move out these ten herbs. Please get them wrapped in packages and loaded properly. Don’t worry… the medicinal efficacies of the herbs that I’ve bought won’t drain out that easily, he he, unlike the rest of the herbs…”

Ou Du Xiao gritted his teeth. He thought, [you think the items you have bought are superior to the others…? I had thought too highly of you earlier… it turns out that you’re nothing more than a country bumpkin who has come up from the Lower Three Heavens. You know nothing…]

“Umm, let’s go out quickly. This is a sealed stone chamber. So, the efficiencies of the medicines drain out once it opens. I don’t like these medicinal herbs, but your clan has gathered them with great effort… So, please close the door as soon as possible, okay…”

Chu Yang had spoken this very casually. But, these words had a secret meaning. And, it made Ou Du Xiao so angry that he almost vomited out blood.

“Brother Chu is absolutely right. I will close the door!” Ou Du Xiao’s complexion was somewhat unpleasant. He personally piled up the ten jade boxes together. Then, he supported them with one hand and walked out first.

Chu Yang chuckled and followed behind him. A ray of light jumped out of the last jade box in the stone chamber at this happened. And, it stuck itself on the hem of Chu Yang’s black robe. Then, it disappeared without a trace in a flash…

Chu Yang felt a strange heat in his Dantian. The Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword had come back after it had eaten its fill. It then burped. After that, Chu Yang took one step forward, and walked out of the door.

Ou Du Xiao pressed the contraction, and the door of the herbal store got locked. He thought, [This God of Disaster has finally come out. He makes me so furious…]

He then called his men to come in and take out the ten jade boxes. After that, the two of them went to the different side of the treasure house.

Inside Chu Yang’s mind…

The Sword Spirit jumped up ferociously, “Crap… Where did so many efficacies come from? This, this, this… this is too much!” Sword Spirit became flustered, “Does this little bastard want me to explode? This is too much… it’s several times more than the efficacies that we had plundered from the herbal storehouse of Diwu Qing Ruo’s… oh no… it’s actually dozens of times more than that…”

However, the Sword Spirit didn’t have much time to complain. So, he hastily made a circle with his hand, and drew an open area in the Nine Tribulation Space. After that, he moved his other hand and huge amount of pure efficacies flooded in.

The Sword Spirit had initially used eighty-percent of the power that he had extracted from Chu Yang’s meridians to absorb the efficacies…

However, the efficacies that were rushing out of the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword surged over more and more…

“Too much… this is too much…” The Sword Spirit gritted his teeth. He then used hundred-percent of that power, and started to absorb even more frantically!


[Keep absorbing!]

[Absorb, absorb, absorb!]

[Crap! It keeps coming…]

Chu Yang entered into the other side of secret treasure house, and his face suddenly turned red. Moreover, his body also became feverish. This had happened because the ferocious efficacy had suddenly attacked Chu Yang’s meridians, and it seemed as if they’d break them apart.

“Brother Chu, what happened to you?” Ou Du Xiao looked at Chu Yang, [It’s so strange. Why did his face suddenly turn so red?]

“Ah! It is really unexpected…”Chu Yang opened his eyes wide, and it seemed as if he was pleasantly surprised. His body slightly shivered. His appearance made it seem as if he had found something incredible, “It’s highly unexpected… it is such a pleasant surprise… Brother Ou, you have so many top-notch materials for forging peerless treasures here… indeed… indeed… it’s very good! Brother Ou, I am very excited… please don’t mind…”

“He he… Brother Chu is indeed a genuine person who can’t hide his feelings. How can I take offence…” Ou Du Xiao suddenly felt greatly pleasured in his heart! [Motherfu*ker! Finally, something made you stunned. Look at your eyes… they are filled with shock. Your face has turned red. Your whole body is shivering in a pitiful manner. Humph! Humph…! And, you were thinking that my Ou Clan doesn’t have any valuable treasures?]

Chu Yang was trying his best to control his body’s reaction. But, it had become hard to keep it in control since the efficacies were madly surging within him. He let out a strange cry, and broke into the material storehouse of the Ou Clan. His eyes were shining, while his hands shook in a chaotic manner. His entire body shivered as he caressed one item. Then, he gently caressed another item one more time…

“Crap, Star Iron, ah…”

“Ah! Nightmare Steel, ah!”

“Wow! Red Cloud Steel, ah!”

“Wow, you have Mysterious Golden Sand here!”

“It’s wonderful! Is it Nine Heavens Silver?”

“It’s truly incredible!”

“This has baffled me!”

“I’m very excited…”

“Oh Gosh…”

He ‘excitedly’ checked the stuff on one hand. And, he secretly prayed in his heart on the other…”Crap! Sword Spirit, my dear uncle… just hurry up already… I won’t be able to bear this for long…”

The Sword Spirit was doing his utmost to extract the efficacies, “Almost! I’m almost done… Just hold on for a while…”

“But, I can’t continue to hold on…” Chu Yang screamed in his mind.

[Crap! The efficacies here can’t be compared to the ones that we stole from Diwu Qing Rou in the Lower Three Heavens. How can the stuff in this colossus treasure house of the Ou Clan be ordinary?]

[Each of these herbs can instigate a fight among people!]

[Chu Yang had incited the Sword Point to steal these treasures. It seemed very cool at first, but the consequences are out of control.]

[After all, he’s being followed by the Future Poison Spirit…]

[This guy isn’t an idiot. Things would certainly turn for the worse in case he finds out that Chu Yang’s excitement is being caused by the efficacies…]

Fortunately, the heat inside Chu Yang’s meridians gradually began to subside when he was almost unable to control…

And, the efficacy that the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword was outputting eventually began to grow smaller in amount…

The Sword Spirit also let out a sigh of relief as he continued to extract the efficacies with a whistling sound. He said, “It’s alright. It’s fine now. Everything is finally under control. The efficacies were flooding like tsunami waves before… so much so that even a knowledgeable and experienced person like me also jumped out in fear…”

Chu Yang finally let out a sigh of relief. His complexion also gradually became normal.

Ou Du Xiao had felt a dark pleasure in his heart when he had seen Chu Yang’s excitement. But, he couldn’t help but feel suspicious in his heart when he saw that Chu Yang was somewhat excessively excited. [It doesn’t seem right. He shouldn’t be this excited, right?]

He was about to say something. But then, he saw that Chu Yang had already turned around. Chu Yang embarrassedly smiled and said, “Brother Ou, I couldn’t control myself after I saw so many rare materials at once. Ahm Amh… I am really ashamed… I made a joke out of myself in front of Brother Ou…”

“It’s no problem. This is human nature. Brother Chu, you are the very manifestation of genuineness. You are someone who can’t hide his feelings. How can I laugh at you?” That strand of doubt had suddenly vanished from Ou Du Xiao’s heart. And, he said with a bright smile, “Brother Chu is very pleased with the items on this side?”

“Yes, yes… I’m very pleased!” Chu Yang burst into loud laughter. His complexion had regained its normal appearance by now. The Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword still continued to output the efficacy. But, the Sword Spirit was able to absorb it effectively at this time.

They haggled over the prices, and Chu Yang selected some comparatively more precious items. However, he wasn’t miser in the least, and he threw away eight billion! Ou Du Xiao opened the door and made the Ou Clan’s servants come in one-after-another. They then took out the items that Chu Yang had selected.

Also, he arranged ten big horse-drawn carriages in response to Chu Yang’s request.

However, it was already night time by now. Chu Yang ate and drank as much as he liked at the Ou Clan, and it seemed as if he wasn’t cautious at all. In fact, there was literally no stopping him. Then, they talked about random stuff. Moreover, the conversations had been very exciting. However, this made those experts of the Ou Clan whom Chu Yang had met after Gu Du Xing and the others had left impatient.


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