Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 513 – CN

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Chapter 513: Murderous Intentions and Conspiracies!

Chu Yang entered the Ou Clan, and he suddenly found it very different from the Xie Clan!

The entire Ou Clan’s estate had a dark hue to it. In fact, one would find oneself sinking into the gloomy and eerie atmosphere even from afar. The gray walls, the gray roof tiles… everything had been constructed with a gray-ish color to it.

Even the surrounding trees were gray in color.

“It is indeed the clan of a thousand poisons,” Chu Yang nodded in silence. [The Ou Clan is famous for their poison techniques. However, poisons are extremely hard to control. Their potency might be terrifying, but one can hurt oneself if they are used in an improper manner.]

[Gray is the typical color of most poisons, but it’s also the color of death!]

[Half of the people would feel gloomy in this color when they’d enter this place. However, the people who make poisons and use them would feel safe and secure…]

Chu Yang suddenly stopped after he had gone halfway in. He then said, “Du Xing, you don’t have to accompany me. You accompany Wu Shang and Ji Mo, and go meet up with the Dong Clan and the Ji Clan. Take the stuff they need along with you when you go. You must hurry and leave. An excessive delay will be very detrimental in this matter!”

Gu Du Xing’s complexion turned cold. He replied in a calm and heavy tone, “Right. This matter should not be delayed if that’s the case. I will overtake them at once.”

He said this and turned his head towards Ou Du Xiao. He then spoke-up, “Brother Ou, I would trouble you to receive Big Brother Chu as a guest for the time being. But, we have some other business to attend to. We will come some other day to pay you a visit.”

Ou Du Xiao was stunned. He asked, “What urgent matter do you have to deal with at this time? My clan has prepared a feast… for all of you…”

Gu Du Xing revealed a profound smile on his face as he said, “Brother Ou, there will be ample time for that later. So, there’s no need to be impatient. Besides, we will only be drinking and having fun at your home. But, I must accompany Wu Shang and Ji Mo to handle a pressing matter. Brother Ou, please excuse me.”

He cupped one fist in the other hand to show respect. Then, he turned around to leave. And, 14 people rushed away with a ‘whizzing’ sound.

Ji Mo waited until they had moved away from there. Then, he anxiously asked, “What important matter do I have? What does Big Brother wish for us to do?”

“Big Brother doesn’t want us to do anything,” Dong Wu Shang replied with a stern countenance, “He doesn’t want all of us to get caught in the enemy’s dragnet and get eliminated in one fell swoop!”

“So to say… is Big Brother in danger?” Ji Mo’s complexion changed as his footsteps suddenly came to a halt.

“Big Brother would’ve been in danger if we had gone in together! But, he’s safe now since we are outside,” Gu Du Xing calmly replied, “There would’ve been no evidence if all of us had died together. And, the Ou Clan would’ve certainly dared to attack us if that had been the case! However, we aren’t with Big Brother, and we clearly know the fact that Big Brother has entered the Ou Clan. So, the Ou Clan will inevitably have to face the anger of our four clans if he doesn’t come out safely! Thus, they won’t dare to injure Big Brother!”

Dong Wu Shang nodded, “They don’t have the courage to do that!”

Mo Qing Wu was silently walking after them. She suddenly raised her head at this moment and asked, “But, how did Elder Brother Chu Yang figure that it can be dangerous?”

Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang glanced at each other. [This little girl has touched the crux of the matter by asking this question…]

“That’s because Ou Du Xiao was being too warm today!” Gu Du Xing solemnly replied, “That ‘over the top’ enthusiasm of his’ seemed somewhat fake to us as well!”

Dong Wu Shang smiled coldly and said, “And, that’s because we don’t share a deep friendship with Ou Du

Xiao! So, why did Ou Du Xiao come to welcome us by himself? Why did he say that they are preparing a feast? Why did he say that he must meet every requirement of Big Brother’s… and, that too ‘entirely’! After all, this is only a business deal, and nothing more than that…”

Mo Qing Wu nodded her head as if she didn’t understand it properly at first. She then said, “So, the excessive enthusiasm gave it away.”

Gu Du Xing nodded his head, “The so-called ‘friendship’ is accumulated over a long period of time since it takes a while before people gain each other’s recognition. And, the friends can invest energy and time in their friendship in order to further deepen their bond on the basis of this recognition. And, one can go beyond the level of ‘casual friends’ and become a ‘genuine friend’ once this phase is reached. However, this phase is also the most dangerous for that friend!”

“Why?” Mo Qing Wu asked in a confused manner. Even Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di were somewhat puzzled.

“That’s because the friends begin to trust each other after they’ve arrived at this level. And, they begin to consider each other as ‘worth depending upon’. However, none of the friends put forward the idea to do something together. That’s because there will inevitably be a conflict of interests if they do something together… Of course, it’s only a ‘conflict of interests’ for most people. However, it’s a matter of life and death for the people of Jianghu!

“Therefore, real friends will encounter this trial. And, they will eventually come across some situation which will act as a ‘touchstone’. This will happen either by some dark set-up… or their greedy hearts would secretly be at work, and that will eventually cause trouble. But…‘friends’ often become ‘enemies’ after they come across this test, and end up parting ways… And, sometimes they even… hate each until they die!

Gu Du Xing sighed and said, “However, Big Brother does very well in this regard! And, that’s why he now has us brothers by his side!”

Dong Wu Shang deeply sighed, and suddenly recalled the scene in which Chu Yang had his hands pierced by a knife. He couldn’t help but feel warm in his heart as he added in a heavy tone, “That’s true!”

“Let’s go far away from here, and leave the Ou Clan with some scruples! This will make things easier for Big Brother, and allow him to have a smooth business deal inside.” Gu Du Xing said, “Everyone, let’s increase our pace!”

Everyone complied, and they quickly left the place.

“Why has only one person arrived?” a person doubtfully whispered atop the Ou Clan’s gate tower.

“Don’t tell me the situation has changed?” another person spoke-up in a somewhat puzzled manner.

“That’s highly unlikely. The report sent by the informer inside the Xie Clan clearly mentions that Chu Yang and his brothers had entered the Xie Clan together. They had even spent several days there. In fact, they had drunk and had fun. How come their stance has changed so much when they have come to visit us?”

“That report also says that this bastard is filthy rich. I have heard that he has billions worth of gold notes and items. It seems that we can obtain these billions worth of gold notes after we’ve killed him.”

“Nonsense! He has come alone. How can we possibly kill him in this situation?” another person said in an annoyed manner, “We will have to face the retaliation of four big clans if we do that!”

Ou Du Xiao had entered the Ou Clan’s villa with Chu Yang in the midst of these two men’s conversation.

“Ha haha… Du Xiao, is this King of Hell Chu? He’s young and promising as expected! Such a young hero he is!” A middle-aged man in embroidered robe came over with large strides. There were five or six men in gray clothes at his side. They also came over along with him. And, they all sized up Chu Yang.

“Brother Chu, this is my father,” Ou Du Xiao smiled.

“So, it’s the Clan Lord of the Ou Clan. I’m Chu Yang,” Chu Yang smiled and said. He was neither overbearing nor servile.

“Minister Chu is very polite.” Ou Clan’s Lord Ou Cheng Wu gave a straightforward smile, “We are indebted to Minister Chu for extending the deadline. We have already prepared the goods for Minister Chu. Please come in and take a look.”

“Alright,” Chu Yang smiled back.

“What all things does Minister Chu need? We shall do our best to give you a fair deal as long as our Ou Clan has what you need,” Ou Cheng Wu laughed out loud as he accompanied Chu Yang forward. He continued, “I heard that Minister Chu is willing to purchase our goods at a rate 20% higher than the market price. This is indeed a huge favor.”

“It’s no big deal. Money isn’t an issue as long as I like what I am seeing,” Chu Yang replied, “The main point is that I must like the items. I won’t stop until I have spent all my money if the Ou Clan’s Lord has arranged appropriate goods, or medicinal herbs. In fact, I’ll go down to the last piece of silver I have!”

“Minister Chu is very frank and straightforward!” Ou Cheng Wu burst into loud laughter. Then, he made a signal with his eyes and said, “I will let Du Xiao accompany Minister Chu to go choose the goods. Meanwhile, we will arrange the banquet, and wait for Minister in the hall. Let us all get thoroughly drunk!”

“Ou Clan Lord, please do as you wish,” Chu Yang smiled warmly with an amiable expression on his face.

Ou Cheng Wu again burst into laughter. Then, he turned around to leave along with everyone else.

“Clan Lord… this man has come alone. It… It will be a little unsafe to deal with him,” someone whispered after they had walked a certain distance away.

“Why will it be unsafe to deal with him?” Ou Cheng Wu coldly snorted and said, “He has his guard up against us. That’s why he deliberately dispersed his team. But… he is still inexperienced after all. We can’t attack him in our own home. But, won’t he meet up with his team later? And, how difficult will it be to attack them after they meet up?”

“It’s a brilliant idea, Clan Lord.”

The Sword Spirit woke up terrified from his meditation inside Chu Yang’s mind, “Oh Great Sword Lord… what kind of a wolf’s lair have you stepped in? Why is there murderous aura soaring all around us?”

“I’m in the Ou Clan right now. It should be fine,” Chu Yang chuckled.

“There’s a harmful aura aimed at you from every place in the surroundings. Everyone’s divine sense is filled with the greed of a hungry wolf that’s ready to feed on its prey…” Sword Spirit was somewhat anxious, “I suggest you better get out of here without any delay if you can…”

“I know,” Chu Yang calmly replied. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

[I exposed my financial resources in the Xie Clan. I eventually made friends with the Xie Clan, but the news about the things which had happened over there couldn’t be concealed from the Ou Clan.]

[I have financial resources in abundance. And, I also have the entire stock of treasures from the Xie Clan. So, it’s not surprising that the Ou Clan is lusting after my wealth. It seems like the Ou Clan has already made up its mind to act against me and the others…]

[Well, let’s see who deals with whom!]

Chu Yang coldly snorted in his heart.

Ou Du Xiao had a big smile spread across his entire face as he walked forward with Chu Yang. He held out his hand, and pointed at something as he said, “Brother Chu, you see that row of red tables up ahead. There’s a secret door-switch hidden there. There’s tunnel that goes down to an underground secret chamber once that door is opened. And, that’s where the Ou Clan’s treasures are hidden. “

Chu Yang put on an amiable smile and said, “Your clan is genuinely very cautious.”

[This place is located at the center of the entire Ou Clan. It is surrounded by hidden sentry posts that are situated at higher grounds. Such tight security is indeed a little extreme.]

Ou Du Xiao laughed heartily and said, “People who don’t prepare for contingencies are bound to face tragedy in the end.”

They had arrived in front of the switch amidst their conversation. Ou Du Xiao held out his hand, and turned on the mechanism. Two secret pathways – which were going downward – appeared before them with a click-clack sound. Ou Du Xiao asked, “Brother Chu, some rare items are present on this side. And, you will find our storehouse for medicinal herbs on that side. Also, there are many ‘martial treasures’ stored in our herbal storehouse. Ha-ha… Brother Chu, which side do you wish to check out first? It’s your choice.”

Chu Yang’s eyes lit up. He said, “Martial treasures? Brother Ou, you have made me excited now. How about I check out these martial treasures first?”

Ou Du Xiao laughed heartily and said, “Sure, why not. There’s no problem in that. Brother Chu, please come with me.” Then, he turned to the left side, and took the secret pathway to go in.

The 30 feet thick secret door that was made up of some secret metal slowly closed behind them, and shut tightly! The torch in this secret pathway seemed to have received some order as the entrance closed, and they lit up. However, no smoke came out from the torches. Only a sweet fragrance filled the air instead.


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