Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 512 – CN

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Chapter 512
Chapter 512: Lan Mei Xian is Shocked!

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A palace maid lifted up the curtain, and Wu Qian Qian elegantly walked in. She wore a phoenix crown on her head, while a phoenix robe was draped over her body. Moreover, the way she walked was a bit strange…

Everyone in the palace knew that the Empress was pregnant. So, Wu Qian Qian obviously didn’t dare to neglect anything. How could she reveal a flaw…

“Your Majesty…” Wu Qian Qian bowed. Her actions and bearing seemed to be impeccable.

“The Empress doesn’t need to be overly courteous.” Tie Bu Tian hastily supported her with his hand. He then waved his hand, “Everyone, step back. I command everyone to stay at least a hundred steps away from here!”

The palace maids and the palace eunuchs drew back and disappeared without a trace as soon as he issued this order.

“Qian Qian, sit down,” Tie Bu Tian stood up. He then said with a smile, “There are no outsiders here anymore. So, you don’t need to pretend to be a pregnant woman. Ha-ha.”

Wu Qian Qian obviously recognized Lan Mei Xian. She had seen her terror before. However, Lan Mei Xian hadn’t seen her before since this graceful and pretty empress was dressed in a black robe when Lan Mei Xian had seen her earlier. After all, she was in the disguise of the sinister King of Hell Chu at that time…

She smiled after she heard this. Then, she sat down in her authentic style.

“Is this the Empress? She is indeed a very beautiful woman.” Lan Mei Xian looked at Wu Qian Qian with a satisfied look. She then praised, “Her eyebrows are bent, but unyielding. Her eyes are full of innocence, and have no trace of evil in them. Her face is like a beautiful flower. Her nose is sharp, and looks graceful… She seems to be stubborn and proud, yet educated and well-balanced at the same time. She looks soft from the outside, but strong from the inside. Very good! She looks absolutely stunning!”

“Senior is overpraising me.” Wu Qian Qian bowed slightly.

“There are wars going around the land right now. However, there’s no scope of any decisive war breaking out in the Lower Three Heavens! The unification of the world under Iron Cloud is inevitable.” Tie Bu Tian said, “Therefore, there would be a great celebration throughout the world after the prince is born! Qian Qian, you must be ready!”

Wu Qian Qian smiled and replied, “This is my duty! Your Majesty, please don’t worry about that.”

Tie Bu Tian laughed out loud. She then began to deliver some life lessons to Wu Qian Qian. Wu Qian Qian learned everything by heart. Lan Mei Xian also added her two cents in between whenever she felt it fit. After that, Lan Mei Xian suddenly became startled. She no longer spoke anything. She only focused her attention on Wu Qian Qian. The more she looked at her… the more she knitted her brows. A look of shock had soon appeared in her eyes as she continued to observe Wu Qian Qian…

Lan Mei Xian suddenly stood up with a leap while Tie Bu Tian was still talking. She then looked at Wu Qian Qian and exclaimed, “Mysterious Yin Female Body?!”

Wu Qian Qian suddenly raised her head, “Huh?”

Lan Mei Xian had already walked to her side with quick steps. She held her wrist, and carefully examined. She exposed an expression of increasing excitement on her face, “Mysterious Yin Female Body! It is indeed the Mysterious Yin Female Body that’s rarely seen in ten-thousand years!”

She inhaled cold air with a ‘hiss’ sound! Then, she turned her head and looked at Tie Bu Tian. She remained silent as she forced a smile, “

This Iron Cloud Imperial Palace has indeed left me speechless… I had come here to find the Icy Heart and Jade Bone. But then, I found that the Icy Heart and Jade Bone was only an empty hope. But, I’ve unexpectedly found the Mysterious Yin Female Body instead…”

“Moreover, the Mysterious Yin energy of your Mysterious Yin Female Body is very dense…” Lan Mei Xian’s cultivation was at its peak at her current age. But, she became so shocked by this fact that she couldn’t regain her calm for a long while. In fact, she felt that she was dreaming even after she had confirmed this fact!

[This Iron Cloud Imperial Palace should be a place where great scholars of Martial Arts should be most willing to arrive. Why? So that they can easily find disciples with the most satisfying aptitude for themselves, ah.]

Finding a great teacher is very difficult for a disciple. But, finding a disciple who is more able and superior to the teacher is even more difficult for any teacher!

The aptitudes that Tie Bu Tian and Wu Qian Qian possessed were so unique that it wouldn’t even be found in the Upper Three Heavens! However, two of them had appeared here at once!

Wu Qian Qian became somewhat panic-stricken. And, that’s because Chu Yang had told her, [It would be better that you don’t allow anyone to know about your aptitude since doing so would be very dangerous. There would be far more jealous people in the world than the ones who would admire your capabilities.]

“What is your current cultivation level?” Lan Mei Xain stared at Wu Qian Qian. She then nodded, “Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! You’re only one step away from being a King Level Expert… eh! What Cultivation Method do you practice…?”

She was at a loss as she looked at this girl in front of her, “It’s hard to believe that you are a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist at such a young age in the Lower Three Heavens…”

“I, I…” Wu Qian Qian nervously looked at Tie Bu Tian. Tie Bu Tian nodded and spoke-up in a soothing manner, “This is my master. Don’t be nervous. Tell her.”

“It’s… Ice Jade Divine Art,” Wu Qian Qian feebly replied.

“Ice Jade Divine Art…?” Lan Mei Xian tightly puckered her brows. [What kind of Cultivation Method is this? Why haven’t I ever heard of it before?]

How would she have known? After all, Chu Yang had changed the name of this Cultivation Method. In fact, Wu Qian Qian herself was unaware of it even though she was the one to practice it…

“Show me some of your moves. Let me have a look.” Lan Mei Xian held out her hand. A gentle shock-force emitted out of her hand, and all the things that were placed on the floor got shoved to one side. A wide area of the floor became completely empty as a result. In fact, no sound was produced while she did so.

“Tian Tian, you go to one side, and watch carefully,” Lan Mei Xian said.

Tie Bu Tian complied. She went and sat in a corner, “Master, please don’t be too strict…”

“Relax. I only wish to test her limits. We won’t have a fight of life and death. Moreover, would this little girl stand a chance if I wanted to handle her?” Lan Mei Xian confidently smiled, “I will suppress my Martial Power to that of a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist. And then, I will test her out. So, it would be rather a pity if she is following an improper Cultivation Method!”

“Come on! Girl!” Excitement flashed through Lan Mei Xian’s eyes. She had only had this kind of excitement three times in about hundred years – First time when she had seen Yang Ruo Lan… the second time when she saw Tie Bu Tian; and, the third time… was this moment!

“Alright!” Wu Qian Qian took out the small pillow that she had put in her clothes to disguise as a pregnant woman. And, she reorganized her clothes. Then, she looked at Lan Mei Xian. She then shook her arms once, and suddenly released the cold Yin aura!

The color of her eyes turned pitch-black.

“Eh?!” Lan Mei Xian became surprised. She looked-on as Wu Qian Qian’s body changed into afterimages. Lan Mei Xian then felt that Wu Qian Qian was rushing over with her fingers joined together. However, she soon realized that it was a sword move in reality!

She rushed over head-on as her fingertips issued piercing sound wherever they went. It seemed as if sword-energy was producing an air-piercing sound.

Lan Mei Xian became gob-smacked. She hadn’t expected that this little girl’s Cultivation Method would be so special. Her footwork was also very unusual. Moreover, her sword-play was unusually crafty! She tilted her head, and dodged the attack. Then, her hands attacked like two orchid flowers.

She was a highly experienced Martial Artist. So, she would’ve been thoroughly discredited if she were to get attacked by someone from the younger generation.

Wu Qian Qian didn’t know the cultivation level of the woman in front of her. But, Lan Mei Xian wanted to fight. So, Wu Qian Qian had used her full strength to attack. And, her primary aim was to attack! [She isn’t going to hurt me. So, I can just practice my skills…]

Wu Qian Qian unfolded an increasing range of her agility skills since she was being driven by this thought process. Her sword-play also became increasingly sharp. In fact, Lan Mei Xian momentarily fell into a disadvantageous situation by the moves of a mere ninth grade Revered Martial Artist…

She had lived for so many years, and her cultivation had reached to great heights. But, she was still in a difficult situation right now. She snorted. She let her hands loose, and they took the form of orchids at their full blooms.

Wu Qian Qian’s feet staggered. She dodged Lan Mei Xian’s attack using a strange move and went out of her attack range. In fact, she completely drew back away from the attack.

Lan Mei Xian shouted, “Good!” She then rushed forth and launched a fierce attack.

Wu Qian Qian clumsily moved to her left and right. However, she was eventually unable to keep up with Lan Mei Xian. After all, it was the first time that she was using her newly learnt skills in a fight. So, there were still many things that she hadn’t mastered yet.

Lan Mei Xian sensed that she wasn’t fully proficient. So, she slowed down the speed of her movements, and gave her enough time of respite so that she could get used to this fighting style.

A good while passed before Lan Mei Xian floated away and sat down on a chair, “Enough.”

She moved her eyes to size Wu Qian Qian up, and it seemed as if she was looking at a peerless treasure.

And, that’s because she had clearly felt that Wu Qian Qian was progressing every moment during this short fight! Moreover, her spiritual power was also constantly increasing.

[I have never seen such a practice speed!]

[She’s perfect in every way… whether it’s her aptitude, power of understanding, or her temperament!]

Wu Qian Qian appeared like a jade that hadn’t yet undergone the process of polishing, but still managed to emit impeccable radiance! Her radiance would be so bright if she were to undergo the process of polishing that it would shock the universe. And, she would then transform into a treasure that couldn’t be challenged!

“It’s such a pity that both of you with such great aptitudes are here in the Lower Three Heavens,” Lan Mei Xian muttered, “Tian Tian, how about I take away your Empress with me after your delivery?”

“Take away…?” Tie Bu Tian and Wu Qian Qian asked in amazement.

“That’s right.” Lan Mei Xian took a deep breath and said, “It would be a waste of her abilities if she were to stay in the Lower Three heavens! However, she would be able to progress in a very short time in the Upper Three Heavens! Moreover, her accomplishments would be limitless if I were to be her teacher!”

Tie Bu Tian hesitated for a while. Then, she turned her head around and said, “Qian Qian, what do you say?”

Wu Qian Qian pondered for a long time. Then, she said, “I want to go. However… I want to finish this matter of yours before I go!” [Wouldn’t I get to hear about Chu Yang after I go to the Upper Three Heavens? I may not be in the same place as him. But, I would be able to help him after my strength would increase!]

[There would be no need for him to know even if I ended up sacrificing my life for him.]

[Also, I – Wu Qian Qian would be most willing to do so.]

Tie Bu Tian nodded and said, “…you pretend to be sick for some time after the baby is born, okay? Then… I will declare that the empress passed away after giving birth once everything settles down… Then, you can go to the Upper Three Heavens.”

Wu Qian Qian exposed a grateful expression in her eyes, and replied, “Alright.”

“Not just her — you too!” Lan Mei Xian looked at Tie Bu Tian, “Do you think that I received you as my disciple so that you can be a mere emperor in the Lower Three heavens?”

“Me?” Tie Bu Tian started blankly. She forced a smile after a good while, and said, “How would I be able to go? How can I throw away my duties?”

“You obviously can’t leave for the time being! But… won’t you be able to go after the one in your belly grows up a little…?” Lan Mei Xian smiled, “You would obviously need a little longer to make the necessary arrangements if you give birth to a princess. But, if you give birth to a prince…”

Tie Bu Tian started breathing heavily.

She had never thought of it. Or perhaps, she had deliberately avoided thinking about it. She had avoided this thought altogether because she wanted to believe that she had done it to save the man she loved. She didn’t want to have some purpose attached to her actions. But, she had realized something in this moment, [The birth of my baby will solve the major problem of the Iron Cloud Empire since it will no longer lack a male heir!]

“Let me think about… this matter.” Tie Bu Tian stroked her underbelly, and felt the little life pulsing inside her. She murmured, “How would I be able to leave you…”


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