Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 499 – CN

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“You’re Chu Yang? King of Hell Chu…?” Yang Ruo Lan looked at this rascal whose front lapel was opened obliquely. This flashy looking Young Master was somewhat unbelievable.

“What’s wrong?” Luo Ke Di mischievously laughed, “Aren’t I very handsome?”

“Very well!” The rage within Yang Ruo Lan’s eyes blazed more and more. She slowly nodded, “Chu Yang, do you still remember what ‘good deed’ you have done in the Lower Three Heavens?”

“Good deed… he he he…” Luo Ke Di was startled. She had genuinely come to carry out a vendetta, “I have done a lot of them. Ha-ha, I generally do good deeds, but I often don’t take the credit. I have noble character and unquestionable integrity. I never demand anything in return…”

Yang Ruo Lan blew her top, “You had thoughtless s*x, and then abandoned the girl. You, filthy man! You are only playing innocent! You don’t have the least bit of conscience! You have committed a sin, you’re utterly heartless! Don’t you have any sense of shame? You even have guts to boast about it?!”

Luo Ke Di became startled at this. He spat out a mouthful of saliva. Then, he cursed, “Nonsense!”

His voice hadn’t even faded when he saw a white shadow flashing. This graceful woman had already arrived near him. And, he was startled by this, [She’s so fast!]

He was about to dodge. But, he felt a tight grip on his neck. After that, his neck was ruthlessly grabbed and pinched.

Luo Ke Di screamed. The ‘smack’‘smack’‘smack’‘smack’ sounds of a dozen or more slaps were heard before he could react. Consequently, Second Master Luo’s head wobbled from left to right in a wildly hysteric manner.

‘Thump!’ a loud sound echoed as he was pounded onto the ground by his neck. Then, he was sent flying in the air by a kick. He hadn’t even fall on the ground by the time he had been kicked more than dozens of feet away in succession. He didn’t even have enough time to scream!

A ‘thump’ was heard again as he finally crashed to the ground. Then, she resolutely stepped on his neck. Luo Ke Di issued a stuffy groan. His face got covered in soil, and some of it even went inside his mouth. He had been overtaken by grieves and pain in this moment…

His limbs twitched for a moment. His eyes rolled back, and revealed the white of his eyes as he issued ‘boohoo’ sounds. And, he kept paddling his legs while being chocked.

“I will show you what happens when you abandon your conscience!” Yang Ruo Lan was so angry that she punched and kicked him to vent her anger. She would also curse him while she thrashed him.

“Senior, please stop! Calm your rage. Let’s talk it out…” Gu Du Xing was watching this from one side. He hadn’t expected that such an unexpected turn of events would take place…

However, there wasn’t enough time to think about how to react since the situation had already gotten into a deadlock. Therefore, saying ‘please stop, let’s talk it out’ wasn’t going to work. So, he also pulled out the sword, and dashed over in an impatient manner.

He was clearly no match for this woman if their martial powers were taken into consideration. But, he also couldn’t see his own brother getting beaten up.

Yang Ruo Lan became angrier in her heart, [They are jackals of the same mound!]

She fiercely waved the sleeves of her robe. And, she used the power of her Emperor level cultivation as she did it. Consequently, the sleeves of her robe went out hitting like a large steel-plate.

Gu Du Xing’s sword pierced the sleeves with a ‘chi’ sound. But, he felt suffocating sensation in his chest the next moment. And, he was sent flying by an incomparable force!

Comparing himself and an Emperor level powerhouse would be like comparing the fluorescence of the sun and the moon. He was sent flying hundreds of feet away. Then, he fell on the ground with a ‘thud’. His whole body ached as he got up. He felt as if his body was falling apart.

However, Yang Ruo Lan also felt gloomy in her heart. In fact, she had been startled. [This was the ‘Drifting Cloud Iron Sleeves’ technique – a ‘master art’ of the Yang Clan. How did it get pierced by the meager sword of a Sword King?] She had also felt a dense ‘sword intention’. And, it left her heart to beat like a drum…

The ten King Level Experts of the Gu Clan rushed over. They surrounded her from all directions, and were about to launch an attack.

Gu Du Xing became greatly alarmed. He suppressed the discomfort in his body, and shouted out loud, “You’re not allowed to attack. Senior, please stop! This is a misunderstanding… he is…”

He had clearly understood that they won’t be able to get away alive from here if he genuinely provoked this woman!

Yang Ruo Lan coldly snorted. This cold snort echoed to the bottom of the hearts of everyone like a great thunderclap. And, everyone’s body was suddenly shaken by its impact. Gu Du Xing was about to speak, but he got interrupted by an incredible sonic wave. He then saw dazzling stars revolve before his eyes.

“A true man must have the courage to accept the consequences of his actions!” Yang Ruo Lan looked at the ‘King of hell Chu’ under her foot. She felt extremely disappointed. She then said, “You’re unworthy of my Junior Sister. A man like you doesn’t deserve her!”

She raised her leg, and kicked Luo Ke Di again. But then, her body floated back, “Today, I’m sparing your petty life for the time being. But, someone would come looking for you and teach you a lesson in future!”

She gently let out a sigh. Then, she turned over in midair, and flew away as lightly as a feather. She then suddenly sped up, and disappeared before everyone’s eyes with a ‘whistling’ sound.

She then turned around, and left straight for the Upper Three Heavens.

Luo Ke Di screamed as he fell to the ground. He knocked against a stump where a horse was tied up. And, he went rolling under the buttocks of the horse. Then, he crawled up while whining. He felt that there was no part of his body that was not aching, “What kind of a sin have I committed, ah…”

Gu Du Xing was speechless.

[How could we have reached an agreement on this matter? The other party had clearly come looking for Chu Yang to carry out a vendetta against him. And, it probable that she had been instigated…]

However, Gu Du Xing didn’t believe that Chu Yang could do such a filthy deed of ‘having thoughtless s*x, and abandoning the girl later’. Chu Yang wasn’t that kind of man!

Luo Ke Di had taken his place in this calamity… as a brother should have done. But, Gu Du Xing thought that there was something wrong about this matter…

This matter was an accident that had arisen from many causes. Chu Yang and Yang Ruo Lan would only have needed to exchange a few sentences if they had met face to face, and he would’ve realized that this lady was his long-lost mother.

Moreover, Yang Ruo Lan would’ve also been able to sense that Chu Yang seemed familiar by using her ‘motherly instincts’… Perhaps she could’ve recognized him fairly early-on. And, she would’ve known that he was her own son when that time would’ve come. Then, would Yang Ruo Lan have concealed that she was his mother?

However… such a big misunderstanding had ended up happening… It could be said that it was providence…

Yang Ruo Lan bitterly went away. It wasn’t known how many months… or how many years she would have to wait to meet her son…

“Second Brother Gu… boohoo…” Luo Ke Di’s snot and tears were streaming down as he inspected his injuries. He almost wailed, “Two of my ribs have broken… the tendons of my both ankles have twisted. My shoulder got dislocated. And, I can’t move my neck… boohoo… my buttocks feel numb. And, my face has also swollen…”

“Awful! That’s so pitiful!” Gu Du Xing was shocked.

“Second Brother, save my life…” Luo Ke Di was in a very tragic state, “I, I… I almost died on behalf of Big Brother, ah. I’ve made this devotion to him. Second Brother, you can take the credit on my behalf when Big Brother comes back, ah… but please save me… Ow Ow…”

Gu Du Xing shook his head, and heaved a sigh. He thought to wait for Chu Yang’s return so that he could tell him about this incident. Then, he went and carefully picked-up Luo Ke Di in his arms. He then went in to heal him.

Chu Yang, Dong Wu Shang, and Ji Mo had made a new discovery.

There was just endless wasteland stretched across. There was no road to be seen!

These three people had decided to go back to the camp after they had looted several people. But, they discovered that some people were covertly coming over from the other direction. Their speed was very quick. These people were more than twenty in number, and they all were experts!

Chu Yang accidently discovered them. And, a big suspicion arose in his heart.

[The people on this route are basically going north. None of them has anything to hide since their target is fairly obvious. So, going stealthily loses its meaning…]

[But, what is going on with this team? Just look at their strength… they don’t need to be afraid of anything, ah. So, what is the need of traveling stealthily in such a hurry in the dark of the night?]

Therefore, these three men signaled to each other, and secretly jumped up to follow this group.

These 22 men were moving while taking advantage of the cover of the trees. Chu Yang and others quietly followed them. There were more than 20 King Level Experts! And, they were being led by two men who had unfathomable cultivations. Such a team could easily intimidate someone at a first glance!

Chu Yang, Dong Wu Shang, and Ji Mo didn’t dare to think about robbing this group…

They themselves would’ve gotten robbed if they had even attempted such a feat…

These people remained silent throughout the entire journey. They didn’t speak a word with each other. They rushed for more than ten kilometers. And, nothing could be heard… except for the sound of their footsteps!

Chu Yang felt somewhat surprised by this. [What kind of a team is this? What mission do they have? They seem to be so cautious!]

Soon, they were about to turn around a corner. Suddenly, one of the men who were leading them issued a ‘whiz’. He stretched his head, and looked ahead. Then, he waved his hand, and the rest of the men bent down and gathered together to listen this man whisper, “There’s nobody ahead. Besides, we are already ahead of everyone except for the Dark Bamboo. So, you guys can relax a little. Take rest here for a while. And then, we will hasten-on with our journey before the dawn breaks!”

The others didn’t say a word in reply. They made four groups of five, and sat down in circles. The remaining two men stood guard behind them.

Dong Wu Shang moved close to Chu Yang’s ear and whispered, “People of Meng Clan…”

Chu Yang was startled. He slowly nodded.

[Meng Luo’s clan?]

Chu Yang immediately understood. He had exposed the evil technique of the Meng Clan, and hence they had become the target of public criticism. However, they still wanted to get their hands on a ninth grade spirit beast. So, they had to separate from the other troops to try out their luck.

[They themselves have caused such circumstances.]

Chu Yang heard that man speak again in a low voice. In fact, his voice was filled with hatred, “It was our bad luck this time. We could have gone with the other aristocratic clans… without having to be ashamed if it weren’t for that little son of a bi*ch Chu Yang!”

Another man puzzlingly said, “But, this matter is somewhat mysterious. It has been several hundred years since our clan discovered this incomplete and damaged technique. No one could ever master it. I’m almost certain that… this technique has never been seen in the Middle Three Heavens. So, no one must’ve known about this, ah! How come that person knew how to crack it even though the Young Master had used it for the first time?”

He pondered and added in a low voice… it seemed as if he was thinking out loud, “Even our Meng Clan doesn’t know how to crack it… How did he know? There’s a lot to think over regarding this matter, ah.”

“Wait for this event to end. After that, we will catch that boy and interrogate him properly,” another man said in a dark manner, “Perhaps we will make some profit out of it.”

“We will encircle and hunt this time… but, it is difficult to say how it would turn out.” That previous man sighed and said, “It’s just that ninth grade spirit beasts have never appeared in the Middle Three Heavens. So, everyone wants to have a piece of it… there will be so many experts over there. And, we may not be able to obtain anything even if we put our lives at stake!”

“I have heard that there are more than one ninth grade spirit beasts,” another man objected and said, “So, we can also get something at least, right? Moreover, we would have the advantage of time over those clans which are far behind if we arrive four or five days in advance. And, we can reap a great profit during this period of time.”

Everyone said ‘yes’ one after another.

Chu Yang silently gave a hand signal, and these three men quietly moved back.

They moved away to a distant section of road. Then, Chu Yang stopped. He thoughtfully stroked his chin.

[Meng Luo is obviously present in there.]

[It’s good that the people of Meng Clan are counting their chickens before the eggs have hatched. They are hastening-on with their journey without sparing day or night. They also want to arrive a few days earlier to gain the advantage of time and make profits… Humph! Humph! But, you have allowed me to find out about this plan of yours. How can King of Hell allow you to have your wish?]

[Your Meng Luo dared to target my Mo Qing Wu! Wouldn’t I be unfair to myself if I allowed you to have a comfortable life?]


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