Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 498 – CN

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Chapter 498: Yang Ruo Lan Arrives

Chu Yang was also very tired. But, he had to endure. This training would end if he were to show that he couldn’t withstand it anymore…

They had a meal in the afternoon. They then rested for more than half an hour. However, the duration of this break-time was insignificant if the bitter torment that these four people had suffered was taken into account.

After that, they started to dash-about wildly in the afternoon again…

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo – these four people had started to strive harder and harder!

And, that was because Big Brother Chu had said – [I was a Martial Master when you guys were Martial Great Masters. But, we are on the same level now. So, I can see how much hard work you people have done!]

[Fifty kilograms of weight would be added on the back of the person who falls one grade behind my cultivation level. Similarly, a hundred kilograms of weight would be added if I were to surpass you by two grades… And, the weight would keep-on adding-up…]

These words left the brothers dumbstruck and unable to reply. Chu Yang’s speed was purely monstrous. Wouldn’t comparing themselves with him feel overwhelming to them? [But, Big Brother Chu has made a good point. He’s also a man. His progress is very rapid because he’s diligent, ah… So, it would be very embarrassing if he manages to surpass us again…]

Consequently, they trained so hard that they almost collapsed…

They had the evening meal. After that, they rested until their bodies were no longer sweating. In fact, Chu Yang showed them a little mercy, and allowed the brothers to put down the Star Iron.

They felt as light as a feather they moment they put it down. In fact, they felt as if they could fly. Luo Ke Di lay down on the ground, and faced upwards. After that, he let out a long sigh of relief and said, “This is pure pleasure, ah…”

Ji Mo looked at him in a disdainful manner. However, he didn’t have the strength to say anything to him. [Motherfu*ker! You don’t even feel happy when you eat exotic delicacies. But, today you feel happy after putting down this big chunk…]

They rested for a while. After that, Chu Yang – the supreme leader of this Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Dong Wu Shang, and Ji Mo went out, and started their journey to become famous.

Gu Du Xing and Luo Ke Di stayed behind in the Gu Clan’s camp.

Gu Du Xing sat cross-legged in meditation, and tried hard to operate his martial power. He could feel that this one day’s training had exhausted him to his limit. He had certainly broken through some limits of his physical strength, but the effect wasn’t that obvious. Instead, he had started to feel that his body had become even heavier…

He recalled what Chu Yang had said, [you wouldn’t be able to adapt to this training in the beginning. But, you will see the progress if you’re able to withstand it for seven days.]

[All that sweat won’t go in vain.]

Luo Ke Di was pacing back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back. Ten King Level Experts of the Gu Clan were looking at their own Young Clan Lord and his friend with expressions of admiration in their eyes.

No one had even dared to think about such kind of training since it would’ve exhausted them to death. But, these youngsters were so determined that they weren’t willing to give up… even if they would have to put their lives into it!

These people used to be fearless when they were younger. However, could they have gone through such a hard training back in the day?

[These youngsters have become King Level Experts at the ages of eighteen, nineteen or twenty. How could we have done that by relying on our meager family status and luck?]

After that, Gu Du Xing started to look for ten King Level Experts of his clan, and started to talk to them one by one. He wanted to understand everyone’s thought process and attitude. After that, he would try to evoke a heroic feeling in


Gu Du Xing had an idea – [Tie up the Gu Clan with the Heavenly Armament Pavilion! This is perhaps the only way out for the Gu Clan.]

Gu Du Xing felt a sense of embarrassment towards the Gu Clan as far as the wider view of the Middle Three Heavens was concerned. Almost all the other clans had an Emperor Level Expert to oversee their respective clans! However, the Gu Clan didn’t. Gu Du Xing was one of the rising stars of the younger generation of the Middle Three Heavens… but, what was to be done if the Emperor Level Experts of the other clans were to attack them?

Therefore, how could he compare himself with the young masters of the other clans? After all, they had strong supports to back them! This had nothing to do with one’s personal cultivation level. Instead, it had everything to do with abundant heritage and backing of the clan!

Heritage and backing! These were the true wealth of a clan. In fact, his clan’s development would become an unrealistic notion if he were to work alone…

However, the Heavenly Armament Pavilion had created an opportunity. And, Gu Du Xing was convinced that Chu Yang would make the Heavenly Armament Pavilion rush to the Upper Three Heavens!

And, his clan would no longer be a lone army that struggles without support if some experts of the Gu Clan were to enter the Heavenly Armament Pavilion. Moreover, this could also be considered as a repayment to his foster father for everything he had done…

Therefore, Gu Du Xing wanted to put up his painstaking efforts into the ‘Heavenly Armament Pavilion’. [It would be great if it succeeds! But, I would at least struggle along with my brothers if it doesn’t.]

[I will gain life experience regardless of whether we succeed or not. And, that will be a magnificent feat in its own way. Moreover, I will have my brothers by my side. So, I’ll have no regrets in life!]

News had recently come from the clan, and it had conveyed that his Elder Sister Xiao Miao’s situation had improved a lot. His Elder Sister Xiao Miao had been released from the Dragon Prison Cave since his fame had risen. She was in house-arrest now. But, she wasn’t allowed to show her face in public.

It was obvious that the residual anger of those old fogies in the clan hadn’t faded-away yet.

However, Gu Du Xing’s heart was very satisfied by this. In fact, he felt relieved. [I will reach the Emperor Level. After that, I will immediately marry Elder Sister Xiao Miao and take her as my wife!]

[As for those old and stubborn fools in the clan… they will enjoy a good life in retirement!]

Gu Du Xing was progressing with great effort, but Chu Yang and others were wantonly plundering and robbing. Anyone who was going to the North on this road wasn’t mediocre by any means. And, everyone had valuable belongings with them. So, they obviously weren’t poor either.

They would go alone sometimes, and sometimes in the teams. After that, they would capture and loot! However, they were frank and honorable robbers. They would wear strange masks, and would throw the name – ‘Heavenly Armament Pavilion’. And then, they would turn and leave in an abrupt fashion…

They would leave the ones they would rob with a desire to cry… but no tears to shed.

Some resistances were relatively more intense. People had even put their lives in danger…! Everyone had soon been doomed to panic at the slightest sound, and had started to treat everyone as their enemy along their journeys!

The popularity of the Heavenly Armament continued to increase. And, the rumors of the acts of these robbers spread overnight like forest-fire. One rumor even said that a seventh grade King Level Expert had been robbed by them! And, this had left everyone shocked and astonished…

[Heavenly Armament Pavilion?! What in the world is this organization?]

It was already dark in the night. Everyone was quiet, and at rest. A faintly discernable and graceful white shadow came over at this moment. She arrived so smoothly that it seemed as if a fairy had suddenly come riding the wind… after having fallen from the ninth heaven…

This person was a graceful woman. And, it was obvious that she had arrived here after having pursued her target from Mt. Dingjun. In fact, she had already gone after the barracks of a few clans. She had charged in, and had only asked one thing, “Who knows Chu Yang? Is Chu Yang here?”

However, she could get only one explanation in reply, “He’s the one who uncovered the evil technique of the Meng Clan.”

Most of them didn’t know where Chu Yang was. Therefore, she went asking throughout the entire journey. And, she eventually tracked down and chased after the people of the Ao Clan during nightfall.

The cultivation level of this woman was very high. The experts of the Ao Clan couldn’t withstand her formidable aura. Therefore, Ao Xie Yun personally appeared to negotiate with her.

“Chu Yang?” Ao Xie Yun wrinkled his brows, “Why are you looking for him?”

“I’m looking for him to settle an account!” that woman snorted and replied.

“He isn’t here with us. Go and look for the Ji Clan, Luo Clan, Gu Clan and Dong Clan if you want to find him. Brother Chu would certainly be in one of those clans,” Ao Xie Yun showed her the clear direction in a refined and courteous manner.

The white-robed woman departed immediately-after. She continued to look for Chu Yang, and went to the slowest clan first… this was obviously the Ji Clan. The Eldest Young Master Ji Zhu had sleepy eyes and a drowsy look. It was obvious that he didn’t know where Chu Yang was. Therefore, she left and pursued forward…

This woman was Yang Ruo Lan. She had returned from the Lower Three Heavens.

She was passing through the Middle Three Heavens. And, she obviously wanted to find the heartless youth who had abandoned her junior sister. She wanted to teach him a lesson since she had never seen such a heartless man. He had gotten up, and left in a very selfish fashion. He didn’t even know anything… he didn’t have any tender sentiments or sweet intentions. Instead, he wasn’t even aware of the situation!

[Its fine for you to not be aware of many things in life. But, how can you be irresponsible-enough to not know about this?]

[That’s your child!]

She recalled that she had lost her child, and had been depressed for years as a result. She had constantly been frowning in worry ever since. She had wanted to find her child, but couldn’t. Yang Ruo Lan was completely unaware that the man who she hated, and thought was very irresponsible… was actually her own child!

[This is such an enviable domestic bliss, and you’re actually going to abandon this?]

Yang Ruo Lan wanted to capture Chu Yang so that she could ask him – [Are you not a man?! Don’t you have the least bit of conscience left?]

She went through the troops of the Luo Clan and the Dong Clan as well. And, Yang Ruo Lan eventually set a clear-cut target – [He must be in the Gu Clan! It would be an easy task from here on]. So, she started to approach random troops, and asked them only one sentence, “Are you the people of Gu Clan?”

She would continue the pursuit if they weren’t…

She continued to pursue until it was the middle of the night. At last, she saw the location of a camping area ahead!

Yang Ruo Lan swiftly landed, and walked towards the camp.

Luo Ke Di had slipped away, and had gone for a stroll. He was returning from his stroll at this time. And, he was waiting for Chu Yang and the others to return. In fact, he was even fantasizing in his heart, [Loots, ah! This is so amazing, ah. I don’t know what all things I would get in my share after they come back…]

He would become very excited whenever he’d think about it. So, he’d go out on a stroll from time to time to see if they had come.

Soon, the moon was at its peak in the sky. But, they hadn’t returned yet. So, he thought of going to bed.

A pleasant voice was heard from the outside at this moment. It clearly, yet coldly asked, “Excuse me, is this the camping area of the Gu Clan?”

Luo Ke Di was startled. So, he reflexively replied, “Yes, it is. Who are you?”

“I finally found it!” Yang Ruo Lan let out a sigh of relief, “Is the man called Chu Yang here?”

Luo Ke Di laughed heartily and said, “Ahwooh~~~ who is looking for m… e…” He wanted to say, ‘who is looking for my Big Brother?’ But, Gu Du Xing had already woken up by now. And, he had also heard that someone was looking for Chu Yang so late in the night. So, he couldn’t help but have a cold feeling in his heart. He managed to stop Luo Ke Di by holding his arm. He then hurriedly whispered to him, “Don’t leak Big Brother’s information. First, ask her who she is.”

However, Gu Du Xing was too late to stop him. Luo Ke Di had already spoken half of it.

Therefore, it should’ve been ‘who is looking for my Big Brother?’ But, Luo Ke Di had swallowed half of it. And, it became, ‘who is looking for m… e…?’

This obviously wasn’t what he had intended to say.

In fact, it was contextually opposite of what Luo Ke Di had wanted to say. However, that was all irrelevant!

The person outside seemed to be startled at first. Then, she said, “You are Chu Yang?” her voice had already become cold. And, her berserk and murderous aura was on the verge of exploding.

[Such intense murderous aura…? Has she come to carry out a vendetta against Chu Yang?]

Luo Ke Di felt a deep heroic feeling surging inside himself, [Motherfu*ker! Big Brother isn’t here. Let me take his place and make her leave! She came to us to carry out a vendetta against our brother. Damn! She’s very courageous!]

[How can I – Second Master Luo – demonstrate my matchless military glory if I don’t even teach her a lesson?]

Luo Ke Di lifted the curtain of the tent. Then, he walked out of the tent in a proud and carefree manner with his nose held high. He then asked arrogantly, “Ahwooh, Ahwooh… Wa ha ha ha. Beautiful woman, why are you looking for me – Chu Yang? Ha ha ha ha…”

[This is Chu Yang…? So, this is that bastard?!] Yang Ruo Lan became so angry that she nearly fainted… [Junior Sister, ah! Junior Sister, ah! What kind of a taste do you have…]


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