Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 495 – CN

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Ou Du Xiao and Xie Dan Qiong helplessly wrote down their IOUs. They felt aggrieved and helpless. Mo Tian Yun also lifted the pen, but it felt as heavy as a mountain to him. And, he couldn’t bring himself to write down those few words.

Could he really afford it? How…?

He had already used up the clan’s fluid funds. The clan had eight big estates, and he had already mortgaged four of them! Mo Clan used to have great wealth and influence, but the clashes between the two brothers had already ruined most of that wealth…

“Brother Mo…” Chu Yang smiled and said, “Write the IOU. It’s only 525 million silvers. Brother Mo, don’t tell me… ha-ha… you are unable to produce such a meager amount?”

Mo Tian Yun’s complexion turned ashen!

He would’ve been able to take out this amount under normal circumstances, but… he had just lost about 2 billion. Moreover, he also had to hand over four properties! So, he was completely broke at this time.

Ao Xie Yun, Xie Dan Qiong, and Ou Du Xiao looked at Mo Tian Yun. And, it seemed as if they were taking pleasure in his misfortune, [Serves you right! You were being greedy! You wanted to hog-up that one billion! Do you like the taste of retribution now?]

“Ha-ha… Brother Chu, you see… if you could show some leniency and extent the time limit…” Mo Tian Yun clenched his teeth, and spoke-up in a submissive manner. He had finally decided to put his pride aside. He was in trouble. So, he had no choice but to lower his head. The other party had already caught his weakness. So, what he could he possibly achieve by trying to hide it further?

“Brother Mo… this is wrong. This isn’t fair.” Chu Yang interrupted unhappily, and bluntly asked, “Don’t you have the money?”

“I’m kind of in a pinch right now…” Mo Tian Yun summoned his courage and confessed.

“I see. Well, I can also tell that Brother Mo is in a financial crisis! You wouldn’t have borrowed that 1 billion if that weren’t the case!” Chu Yang sneered and replied, “But Brother Mo, you must understand that each one of us took a huge risk in this gambling match, didn’t we? And, we were ready to bear the consequences. Maybe I turned out to be smarter than your expectation, but that doesn’t mean that you are some stupid retard, correct?!”

Mo Tian Yun had retreated step-by-step, whereas Chu Yang had continued to press-on harder and harder! [You take a step back, and I will take two steps forward! And, I will do that with an aggressive attitude, a despising look on my face, and a disdainful expression in my eyes! I will use every possible means to pressure you, and I will stop at nothing!]

[I will hound you to death! I will infuriate you! And, I will toy with you to death!]

Chu Yang felt a strong sense of pleasure in his heart when he thought of the pain and suffering that Mo Qing Wu must’ve gone through because of this guy. The young masters who stood nearby were also taking pleasure in others’ misfortune. In fact, they found this very enjoyable!

Who in Jianghu could push the Eldest Young Master of a big aristocratic clan into such an embarrassed state?

Mo Tian Yun’s complexion turned pale. He somehow restrained his rage. He submitted himself to the humiliation and said, “If only Brother Chu could extend the time limit to a fortnight… I would definitely… anyhow arrange the debt amount for you!”

“Ha ha ha…” Chu Yang faced upwards, and laughed heartily. Then, he ruthless replied, “No matter what… you are signing this IOU and handing it over to me right now! I said three days. I won’t extend it even by an hour! I will make you to write the IOU against your will you don’t agree… Moreover, there are plenty of witnesses here. Gambling debt is repaid with life. That’s the established rule of the Jianghu!”

He sneered. A sword-like sharp light flashed in his eyes as he said in a serious tone, “Brother Mo, it’s your choice!”

Gu Du Xing held his sword in his bosom, and causally spoke-up, “I can help Brother Mo if he wishes. I can ensure that you die very happily, and without the slightest pain! My sword is very swift. Nobody in the Middle Three Heavens would deny this!”

A bloodthirsty look flashed in Dong Wu Shang’s eyes as he added, “Mo Tian Yun, I – Dong Wu Shang – can also assist you with this!! My saber is well-known in the Middle Three Heavens!” he gripped the hilt of his saber as he said this, and a strong killing intent surged from his body.

Xie Dan Qiong couldn’t bear anymore. He stepped forward and said, “Brother Chu…”

Chu Yang turned around. He then said with an affable smile on his face, “What? Brother Xie also wants to repay his debt right now? No problem. I certainly wouldn’t mind if Brother Xie can take out the amount right now.”

“Eh… no no no. Never mind. It’s nothing.” Xie Dan Qiong awkwardly wiped his sweat, and retreated. [I almost got dragged into this. This King of Hell Chu is like the King of Hell who chases after debt. He is using simple words to reveal the true colors of the creditors. Motherfu*ker, I can’t afford to provoke him… or I will also end up getting in trouble…]

Ao Xie Yun was the only one among these four Young Masters who was debt-free at this time. It could be said that Ao Xie Yun and Mo Tian Yun didn’t like each other. So, he would never help Mo Tian Yun. However, Ao Xie Yun was a conscientious guy who would never hit a person who is down…

[There could be a conflict here. But, I would only have Ou Du Xiao and Mo Tian Yun on this side… whereas the other side would have Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo… plus this unpredictable and unfathomable King of Hell Chu!]

[That would be like courting death!]

[Not to mention that they still owe the other party… So, I would have to carry this infamy for a lifetime if I take part in this conflict!]

He was motionless. Ou Du Xiao was obviously motionless as well. After all, there was no friendship between Ou Du Xiao and Mo Tian Yun. So, why would he be willing to offend his creditor for this guy?

Luo Ke Di shouted loudly, “Mo Tian Yun, I tell you motherfu*ker… you either fu*king repay the debt… or commit suicide and be done with it…! Don’t beat around the bush! Hurry up and speak what you want! Everyone here is busy. This Second Master Luo’s each moment is worth billions, you know. You are wasting my time…”

Ji Mo turned his face the other way. His body twitched, [Motherfu*ker, each moment is worth billions he says. This Luo Ke Di really knows how to exaggerate when it comes to bragging… I think his time isn’t even worth a few pennies when I look at his appearance…]

Mo Tian Yun had been put in a very difficult situation. These four people were glaring at him from four directions like a tiger would watch his prey. It seemed as if they would prance at him any moment, and would rip him to shreds. When had the Eldest Young Master of the majestic Mo Clan faced such humiliation in his life?

Mo Tian Yun wished he could die right now and rid himself of this humiliation. This was too humiliating! It was too disgraceful and embarrassing!

However, he also had a dark and hateful thought in this heart at this time. [How can this King of Hell Chu be so disrespectful? Who in Jianghu would handle matters in this way? How can he humiliate an honorable and prestigious person like me…?]

He was unaware that Chu Yang was deliberately driving him into a corner. In fact, Chu Yang was deliberately pushing him further and further against the wall in order to make him more and more uncomfortable. And, this was making Chu Yang feel more and more pleasurable! How could Chu Yang possibly be willing… to forgive him?

Mo Tian Yun kept turning white and then green… he kept switching back and forth between those colors. In fact, he felt like yelling out loud, [Yeah! So what, you wanna fight?! You think I am afraid?! You guys want to take my life? Fine, I’d like to see you try. Bring it on!]

However, he then thought of the possible consequences of the conflict and his inevitable doom. He imagined the frightening spectacle after the intervention of Young Master Yu, and ultimately didn’t dare to think along these lines anymore…

He thought for a long time, and finally clenched his teeth as he said, “Ok! I’ll give you an IOU! Three days! Three days it is!”

“Good, that’s the spirit of a great clan’s young master! This is the boldness of the future Clan Lord of the Mo Clan! This is Mo Tian Yun — the great young master.” Chu Yang said in a mystical tone at first. Then, he ridiculed him to his heart’s content, “Brother Mo genuinely knows how to adapt to a particular situation. He can be soft, and he can be hard. He can be firm, and he can be tender. He can push forward, but he can also retreat. He can go up, but he can also go ‘down’. He’s that kind of a character!”

Luo Ke Di held his tummy and laughed wildly, “Big Brother, your description is so vivid. I even imagined Second Brother Gu…” Gu Du Xing got furious and launched a kick at once. And, he sent this bastard flying far away from there. Second Young Master Luo begged for mercy whilst in midair, “Forgive me… I was talking about Second Brother Gu’s second brother…”

Ji Mo and Dong Wu Shang trembled…

Ao Xie Yun, Xie Dan Qiong, and Ou Du Xiao tightly pursed-up their lips, and held their tongue as they tried their best not to burst into laughter. The dignified Eldest Young Master of the Mo Clan had been described… as a ‘di*k’?

It was already beyond the point of humiliation for a person of Mo Tian Yun’s status. This could be considered as a big anecdote in the Middle Three Heavens!

Mo Tian Yun lowered his head, and scribbled in a rapid manner. He had an endless sense of humiliation in his heart. He felt as if his chest would explode of anger. His complexion had nearly turned purple. And, it seemed like blood would seep out from his face. However, he firmly clenched his teeth, but didn’t say a word.

He was done writing the IOU after some time. Chu Yang took it, and carefully blew air on Mo Tian Yun’s ink-seal. He smiled complacently, and shook it against the wind. Then, he carefully folded it into two, and put it into his bosom.

Then, he politely smiled and said, “Brother Mo, I only wish to remind you. There are only three days, ok…?” he said this and clicked his tongue to show his disappointment. Then, he further added in a tone so frivolous that it could infuriate anyone, “I must say that Brother Mo’s handwriting is pretty good. It’s a pity that it’s worthless. This writing itself isn’t enough to pay off the debt.”

Mo Tian Yun’s lips trembled a bit. He looked at Chu Yang with an unwavering determination. His eyes had almost turned red in their entirety. He clenched his teeth and said, “Three days means three days… I – Mo Tian Yun – will not forget that!”

“No, no, no… I meant… the man who will come to look for you if you don’t show up with the debt’s amount at the end of three days won’t be me. It will be Young Master Yu! Don’t forget that he is the notary! So, who else would I turn to for help?”

Chu Yang made a hypocritical show of affection as he sighed, “Things may turn ugly if Young Master Yu doesn’t like this. I won’t be irresponsible for that. Who made him to be the notary?”

Mo Tian Yun’s face suddenly lost all its color.

“However, I have another solution if Brother Mo is genuinely unable to return the debt’s amount…” Chu Yang faintly smiled.

“What solution?” Mo Tian Yun suddenly raised his head.

“I have heard that recently… Mo Clan has obtained a peerless and treasured saber!” Chu Yang’s smile seemed to have a bloody feel to it. He then gently said, “The exact time should be… a year-and-a-half ago? Correct? Isn’t that so?”

Mo Tian Yun suddenly went three steps back. He stared at Chu Yang with a stupefied look, “You… how do you know?”

“Ha-ha, that’s none of your concern. I only wish to remind you. Give me that saber in a month’s time if you can’t return the debt’s amount within three days. And, I will consider dropping the debt.” Chu Yang added, “I won’t mind suffering some losses for it.”

The time limit of three days wasn’t enough. So, the entirety of Mo Tian Yun’s hopes would be on the saber now.

This was indeed a deal of loss for Chu Yang. That was because he could always create such a saber within half-a-days’ time as long as there was enough material. Moreover, he wouldn’t even need to spend any money on it. However, he had been listening to Mo Qing Wu talk in her sleep. And, she had been dreaming of her saber every day, [my saber, my saber…]

Chu Yang wasn’t heartless-enough to not understand that the saber held unmatched significance for Mo Qing Wu.

But, how could Chu Yang’s plan merely be to take-back that saber? This was a sinister and ruthless trap aimed at Mo Tian Yun in reality!

Mo Tian Yun clenched his teeth. He had never felt this depressed in his entire life. He replied, “But, that saber… is my Mo Clan’s family heirloom…”

Chu Yang put on a profound smile, “Family heirloom? Ha ha ha, family heirloom? Ha ha ha…”

Mo Tian Yun’s face turned red as he shouted, “Why are you laughing?”

Chu Yang’s countenance changed as he replied in a cold and gloomy tone, “I don’t care whether it is a family heirloom or whatever. You only have four options — First, give me 525 million taels within three days! Second, the amount doubles after every three days and the interest keeps adding up. This will only continue for a month at the most! Third, I want that saber! Fourth, you repay the debt with your head!”


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